Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project: Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Christine Johnson-Williams sent me several electronic mail messages, earlier this year, which included images of wills related to her ancestors. Christine doesn't blog but wanted to contribute to the Slave Name Roll project. She very graciously included a transcription of the images, which helped tremendously. This is just one way people may contribute. Thank you, Christine!

If you would like to volunteer, please message me on Facebook. I have been getting more contributions from people who do not blog. Sometimes, like Christine, they send a transcription, which makes creating a blog post quite easy. Other times, they just send the images, which then need to be transcribed into a blog post. Either way, they will eventually make their way onto the Slave Name Roll Project.

On 16 April 1842 Miles Hill signed his last will and testament in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. His will was pretty simple as wills went. He left everything to his wife, Tabitha; after her death, his real and personal property was to be left to his five children. If any of the children predeceased his wife, their children were to receive their parent's portion.

On 13 January 1845 one of the witnesses to Miles Hill's signing of his will testified that he was of sound mind when he did so.

On 19 August 1852 an appraisal of the slaves owned by the estate of Miles Hill was filed with the court. The document was transcribed by Annette Hudson Rose in August 2003:

Cooper Joe, age 72, $50
Dan, 69, $50
Shade, 46, $400
Corey, 52, $500
Tom Cooper, 40, $750
George, 36, $800
Moses, 18, $850
Henry, 16, $850
Charles, 15, $750
Hopkins, 12, $650
Abram, 11, $500
Burwell, 8, $450
William, 7, $450
Miles, 5, $400
Cassus*, 3, $250
Albert, 2, $200
Ephrem, 3, $250
Old Cynthy, 60, $100
Tiller, 60, $100
Jenny, 55, $275
Maryanne, 40, $450
Sidney, 31, $500
Caley, 25, $600
Amy Ann, 22, $650
Anny, 13, $600
Partheny, 11, $500
Matilda, 8, $400
Sarah, 5, $300
Tabitha Ann, 1, $150
Lena, 1, $100
T. Cynthy, 23, $10

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