Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project: Blount County, Tennessee

Sherm left a comment on the Slave Name Roll Project page last month, which included an extraction of named slaves in a will related to one of his ancestors. Sherm doesn't blog but wanted to contribute to the Slave Name Roll project. This is just one way people may contribute. Thank you, Sherm!

If you would like to volunteer, please message me on Facebook or leave a comment on the project page. I have been getting more contributions from people who do not blog.

Named slaves in the will of Matthew H. Bogle, dated 29 May 1847. The will was filed in Blount County, Tennessee.

To my wife Mary Bogle, CHARLES and his wife ANN
To daughter Malinda Caroline Bogle, ELIZA, MARY, and LISA's infant girl child LUCINDA
To son Joseph L. Bogle, Mulatto ALLEN and his wife HANNAH and girl child RACHEL
To son Matthew A. Bogle, ALFRED sometimes called TOBI, SILVA
To son Guilford Bogle, BETSY, FANNY

Malinda and Guilford died before reaching their majority so they never gained full ownership of their inheritance.

If you find a named slave while researching one of your ancestors, I hope you will take the time to contribute the information so that others, with slave ancestors, may one day in the future breakthrough the brick wall that is often the period prior to the 1870 census.

Slave Name Roll Project

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