Monday, August 25, 2014

Worldwide Genealogy: Sharing a Small Success

Yesterday was the 25th of the month so it was my day to contribute a post to Worldwide Genealogy -- A Geneaglogical Collaboration; and this month I am sharing a small success I had recently, discovering a "new" first cousin once removed and her trove of old photographs!

This photograph is of my cousin's parents and some of her siblings:

My newly discovered cousin's family

I hope you'll click over to read my post entitled, Sharing a Small Success.

Researching Robert Muir (1875-1956), my great grandfather, has been a challenge that has taught me genealogy is a collaborative endeavor. I learned from my new cousin Robert Muir did not die in Tennessee, but rather in Tazewell County, Virginia, which explains why Tennessee could never find his death certificate!

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