Monday, May 29, 2017

How I Find Memorials for the Honor Roll Project

My husband and I enjoy car trips. In fact, when he retires, we are driving the loop across the contiguous 48 states, stopping at places we have not yet visited. It's not that we are afraid to fly. Pete has been flying to commute to work every week since 2013 and I just hate being treated like cattle or held captive in a hot plane. So whenever possible we drive. Since we began participating in Heather Rojo's Honor Roll Project, we've taken the road less traveled and discovered some truly quaint small towns, wonderful eateries, and talked to many interesting strangers. So how do I find all the honor roll memorials we photograph and transcribe?

World War II Honor Roll, Frederick, Maryland, personal collection
(I still transcribing this one; there are names on the back, too!)

Once we've determine the basic route of our trip, I look for honor roll memorials along the way. I use two main resources:
  1. Memorial Day Foundation -- The War Memorial Registry is a crowdsourced database of veteran and war related monuments and memorials across the country. Just don't try to enter a Confederate memorial; they will delete it. To find honor rolls, I navigate in the following manner: Memorials >> War Memorial Registry >> Search Registry. Then I select the state for which I am interested and scroll down to the Type of Memorial Search dropdown and select War Memorial Honor Roll Plaques and Panels and Stones. 
  2. -- This is another crowdsourced website. Unfortunately, it does not have a category for honor rolls, but I've found entering "Honor Roll" in the Find Waymark search box works most of the time. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to search by state or county as the Near Location search requires an address or postal code. So you will have many, many search results to wade through.
  3. American Memorials Directory -- (Thank you Rob Gumlaw!) This is a database of all types of memorials in the U.S. I select a state and scroll through the listing to determine if there are any honor rolls in the state through which we plan to travel.
Before I finish searching, I'll Google Search the names of the towns along our route along with the keywords "Honor Roll." I'm always surprised at what I learn. Next, I check the list of honor roll memorials I've compiled against Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project website. If someone else has already photographed and transcribed the memorials, I cross that possibility off my list.

Then, I use Google maps to locate the city or town in which the memorials I found on my two main sources are located to determine how close they are to our route of travel and select likely candidates to photograph and transcribe. If we stop to photograph a memorial when we are hungry, I use TripAdvisor to find a highly rated place to eat.

Heather's Honor Roll Project has enriched our travel experiences and enabled us to honor our veterans in some small way. I hope you will consider contributing, too.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Honor Roll: Scott County, Virginia, Gate City High School

Scott County, Virginia, formed in 1814 from parts of surrounding counties, is just north Kingsport, Tennessee, and south of West Virginia. It's about as far away from where I live and still be in the same state. Gate City is the county seat and the Gate City High School, a public school, was built in 1956. On an exterior wall of the school is a plaque commemorating the service of the county men and women who served in World War I and World War II.

Scott County Honor Roll, Gate City, Virginia; courtesy of


In Memory of Those Who Made
The Supreme Sacrifice

World War I

Artrip, George Dewey
Berry, William W.
Bishop, Beverly B.
Booher, Albert T.
Calhoun, James
Coley, William T.
Collins, Moscow
Dorton, James B.
Duncan, William B.
Fletcher, Charles Claren
Flecther, Earnest A.
Gilliam, Echol L.
Hammonds, Clayton
Hensley, John E.
Innis, Henry W.
Jenkins, Luther Kelly
Jessie, Joe W.
Keys, John P.
Lambert, Connie
Lane, Herman
Lane, Samuel D.
Maddux, Elbert
McNew, James E.
Meade, Houston Lee.
Meade, John W.
Moneyhun, Ralph C.
Neely, Wilburn P.
Palmer, James Malcolm
Pendleton, Robert W.
Porter, Walter D.
Powers, Charles B.
Price, Arthur
Rhoton, Benjamin
Salyer, William H.
Wells, Clyde
Willis, William Sterling

World War II

Alvis, Burley
Atkinson, Edgar Blannem
Babb, James H.
Baker, James E.
Baldwin, Eugene F.
Bartlett, Willie Edward
Beard, Byron Franklin
Berry, Kay L.
Bishop, Houston
Bledsoe, Ray
Blevins, Earnest Garfield
Bowen, Carl E.
Bowen, Vestel R.
Carter, Arnold Lee
Carter, Robert R.
Cassell, John H.
Castle, James S.
Cowden, Claude Gilmer
Cox, John Carmack
Culberston, Fred H.
Dishner, Dual F.
Dishner, Roy G.
Dockery, Conley E.
Dorton, Bobbie
Dykes, Malcolm Kelly, Jr.
Edwards, Troy O.
Elliott, Iver Preston
Falin, Arthur V.
Fields, Clarence
Ford, Owen H.
France, Robert H.
Fraysier, Delmer V.
Frazier, Edd C.
Gardner, Rubin J.
Gilliam, Carl Fred
Gilliam, James Calvin
Gilreath, K. H.
Goins, Charles E.
Grizzle, Raymond O.
Hall, Clyde H.
Harden, Howard
Harris, Glenn C.
Hartgrove, Loranza E.
Haynes, Clinton Edward
Herron, Kenneth R.
Hillman, John Wesley
Howington, Claude S.
Hughes, John F., Jr.
Jones, Carl B.
Jones, Edgar A.
Keith, Earl L.
Lane, Carl B.
Lane, Herman Quillen
Litton, John Alexander
Luster, Cecil A.
Lyons, Ballard J.
McConnell, Paris Edward
McConnell, William F.
McConnell, Willie E.
McDavid, Lewis L.
Marshall, Arthur A.
Moore, Clarence
Morrison, Charlie Canary
Noel, Roy G.
Osborne, John Kermit
Osborne, Worley Z.
Pendleton, Emmerson R.
Ramey, Logan B.
Roller, Burley Gaines
Ross, Alva Blaine
Sandidge, Edgar Ryland
Sandidge, Vernon Walker
Scott, Carl L., Jr.
Shelton, Hubert C.
Smith, Frederick R.
Strong, Carl E.
Thompson, George F.
Upchurch, Charlie B.
Whitley, Stewart
Winegar, Ernest John
Wolfenbarger, Benjamin
Wood, Claude Clayon

Erected Nov. 11, 1950 by Scott County Post No. 65

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Honor Roll: Prince William County, Virginia, World War I

At the intersection of Lee and Grant Avenues in Manassas, Virginia, is an honor roll commemorating those county residents who lost their lives during World War I.

Prince William County, Virginia, World War I Honor Roll;
courtesy of Paul Crumlish

World War I

Dedicated to the Citizens
Prince William County
Who Lost Their Lives in
The Service of Their Country in
1917 -- The World War -- 1919

Fewell Athey
Carrington Bailey
Maurice Beavers
John Blackwell
John C. Blight
Melvin Cornwell
Vernard Cornwell
Hugh Corum
Archer Crawford
McKinley Dodd
Randolph W. Fair
Wilson D. Garner
Frank Green
Harry Hatcher
Perry Herring
Champ L. Jones
M. M. Lake
G. O. Lynch
Clarkson Mayhugh
William Nickens
Eugene Ross
William Shaffer
Omer Smith
Melbourne Varner
Floyd Whetzel
Kemp Williams

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Honor Roll: Alexandria, Virginia, George Washington High School

There is a World War II Honor Roll for former George Washington Middle School students who lost their lives during World War II. When the school opened in 1935 it was a high school and consolidated two former schools into one. In 1971 in the wake of integration, the City of Alexandria reassigned all high school juniors and seniors to T. C. Williams and freshmen and sophomores to Francis C. Hammond and George Washington. In 1979 grades 7-9 were added to the student population and the schools became middle schools. Later, grade 6 was added.

George Washington High School World War II Honor Roll;
courtesy of Mak Bruton

World War II

George Washington High School

to the
Memory of
Those of
Our Boys Who
Served in
World War II
And Did Not
Come Back

Erected by the
Graduating Classes
1943, 1944
1945, 1946, 1947

Harlan Eugene Amandus
Alphus Eugene Arthur
Edward Ralph Barclay
Eugene A. Barry
Elmer R. Bartlett
Elwin Irving Brawner, Jr.
Robert Phillip Brawner
Frank Dudley Cahill
Donald G. Covey
Dabney M. Cruikshank
Douglas R. Drake
William Francis Deeton
George Frances DuFrane, Jr.
Charles Alvin Dunm
Ralph W. Fleming
Samuel Hobart Fleming, Jr.
Joseph M. Gay, Jr.David Lester Gillett
Robert B. Gills, Jr.
Joseph Leonard Goodrich
Charles Herbert Grimm
J. D. Guill
Robert Hatfield
Carlin G. King
Israel Kleinman
James Sinclair MacLean, Jr.
John Duvall May
Hirst Mayes
Richard McGowan
Robert Dunn McIlwrine
Samuel Haslett Meeks
John B. Myers
Archie  Baynes Norford
Milton Rand Norton, Jr.
Winfred Amos Perrson
Herbert Joseph Petrello
Edmund Hunt Roberts, Jr.
Robert Rumshin
George William Rutledge
Stewart Delaney Saffelle
Lyman Stephen Schlesser
Charles Thomas Scott
Ossie F. Snellings
Joseph Anthony Tull
Earl N. Tutt
Benjamin J. Vos, Jr.
Lifford Henry Wayland
Raymond Carlyle Wood
Charles E. Woodruff

The name have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Honor Roll: Falls Church, Virginia, New York Memorial Stone

The brick Episcopal Church in Falls Church, Virginia, dates to 1769 and was designed by Colonel James Wren, a vestryman at the original church. George Washington was appointed a church warden and tasked with raising funds for the new church building. The church takes its name from a nearby road that led to a ferry below Little Falls in the Potomac River.

Falls Church Episcopal Church, Falls Church, Virginia;
personal collection

In the church cemetery is memorial stone commonly called the New York Memorial Stone.

New York Memorial Stone; personal collection

(I certainly have an uncanny knack of showing up to photograph a memorial when time of day and sun are completely wrong!)

In Memory
Of the Civil War Soldiers
Who Were Buried in this
Hallowed Ground

Edward Boweman, 21st New York Volunteer Infantry
John Decker, 20th New York State Militia
Patrick Doyle, 20th New York State Militia
Horace Dougherty, 144th New York Volunteer Infantry
Franklin E. Dunham, 20th New York State Militia
Curtis Fagan, 144th New York Volunteer Infantry
James H. Fleming, 16th New York Cavalry
William B. Hallenbeck, 20th New York State Militia
Abraham C. Hinkley, 20th New York State Militia
Amasa L. Hoyt, Jr., 144th New York Volunteer Infantry
Ananias Hyatt, 20th New York State Militia
William Keator, 20th New York State Militia
William H. Lee, 14th New York Volunteer Infantry
Smith McCoon, 20th New York State Militia
John M. Mowers, 23rd New York State Militia
Thomas Paine, 144th New York State Militia
Hiram Risedorf, 20th New York State Militia
Charles Schoonmaker, 20th New York State Militia
Isaac Smith, 20th New York State Militia
Ira M. Stevens, 20th New York State Militia
Josiah Upright, 20th New York State Militia
Eliphalet S. Webb, 144th New York Volunteer Infantry
James R. Wilson, 21st New York Volunteer Infantry

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Honor Roll: Macon, Georgia, Coleman Hill Park

The 151st Machine Gun Battalion memorial commemorating those in the battalion who lost their lives during World War I is located at Coleman Hill Park in Macon, Georgia.

The 151st Machine Gun Battalion was part of the 42nd Rainbow Division.

151st Machine Gun Battalion Honor Roll, Coleman Hill Park, Macon,
Georgia; courtesy of U.S. World War I Centennial Commission

In Memory of Those of the
151st Machine Gun Battalion

* Killed in Action + Died in Service

That Their Names May Live
With Their Valor

Company A, Macon Hussars

Thomas H. Blissett*
Jesse D. Bridges *
Robert D. Collins*
Edgar Coots+
Herman K. Davis*
Frank Enters*
Bernard F. Greene*
Normand H. Hawkinson+
Paul Hearn*
Thomas W. Hollis*
Frank M. Hunt*
Otis Knight*
Ernest P. McWilliams*
John Morteson+
Clifford I. Phillips*
Delbert W. Sawyer+
Jack Taylor*
Melvin Wilson+
Ben Whitt+

Company B, Macon Volunteers

Frank L. Adkins+
Chambers L. Bunting*
Calvin C. Climer*
Otis E. Cook*
Clifford Evans*
James J. Guerry*
Daniel P. Hudson*
Charles B. Long*
Emmett L. Martin*
James G. Mason*
Paul B. Minter*
Willie C. Murray*
Gussie Rich+
George F. Robertson*
Guerry J. Temple*
Homer J. Terry+
Madie R. Ware*
Thomas G. Whittaker*

Company C, Floyd Rifles

Troy D. Barnett*
Harry C. Deanor*
Clarence D. Fordham*
Delmere M. Howard*
Freeman C. Mills+
Jarvis W. Moore*
Mark Mosco*
James M. Oliver*
Roy S. Ratley*
Carl Thompson*
Joseph E. Tucker+
Earl S. Wadsworth*
George L. Weeks*
Ira Wilkinson*

Company D, Lancaster Penna.

Abraham Breitigan*
Raymond Bryson*
Martin Cover*
Frank Cramblett*
David T. Davis*
Carroll Fanus*
John A. Harkcom*
Aaron Jenkins*
Julius M. Lyons*
Martin L. Moore*
Ralph W. Olds*
Charles J. Reamsnyder*
George A. Rodman*
George Smith*
Sylvester Sullivan+
John G. Walter*
Fred White*
Harry White+
Harry Wright*


(Translation: It is sweet and glorious to die for one's country)

Erected by
The Ladies Auxiliary
151st Machine Gun Bn.
Assisted by the Men
Of the Battalion

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of Guilford, Connecticut, Guilford Green

The Town of Guilford, Connecticut, is located in New Haven County. The land that became Guilford was purchased from Indian leader Wequash in 1639. It is considered the third largest collection of historic homes in New England. The Henry Whitfield House is the oldest dwelling in Connecticut and the oldest stone house in North America. It dates to 1639.

There are several war memorials on Guilford Green -- another reason for my husband and I to return to this lovely town!

Town of Guilford, Connecticut, Guilford Green, World War I Honor Roll;
personal collection

World War I

In Honor of our Men and Women
Who Served in the World War

John R. Alcorn
Murrie Alcorn
Elmer Anderson
Frank E. Barlow
David B. Beattie
John B. Beattie
Clyde G. Beckwith
Henry S. Beers
George V. Bishop
R. Walter Bishop
LeRoy L. Blake
J. Alden Blatchley
Emil Bremmer
Frederick G. Burdette
Paul L. Butler
Albert F. Calhoun
Agnes T. Carlson
Earle Chapell
Fred Chello
Gabriel A. Chello
Cecil G. Clayton
Laurence H. Clayton
Edward C. Conway
William F. Conway
George Demorest
Aime Douliett
Howard E. Dudley
Raymond A. Dudley
Robert W. Dudley
Shelton W. Dudley
Harold C. Fowler
Watson O. Goldsmith
H. Stanton Griffing
Charles R. Griswold
Ernest W. Griswold
Paul M. Griswold
F. Daniel Hackett
Alice Hanrahan
Louis Harrison
Herbert W. Herman
Dennis C. Horan
Wilber P. Hotchkiss
James R. Hubbard
John B. Hubbard
Walter T. Hubbard
William G. Hubbard
Earl F. Jacobs
E.  Eugene Jacobs, Jr.
Percy R. Jacobs
Rudolph L. Johnson
Alfred Josephson
Frederick T. Knowlton
Cleveland LeMontangue
Clifford E. Lewis
Paul W. Lucas
Bertha Miller
Earl F. Miller
Edward Miller
William J. Millest
Herbert A. Miner
Anthony J. Moleske
Bradford H. Monroe
John A. Monte
John Moran
George Neowatni
Earl D. Norton
William J. O'Neill
Burton Page
Angelo Parollo
Hazel A. Potter
Angelo Parollo
Hazel A. Potter
Ray D. Roberts
Raymond H. Rolf
Dennis Ryan
Alvah J. Ryerson
Charles R. Sanborn
Jeremiah A. Shea, Jr.
Cornelius F. Smith
Lewis A. Spencer
Leverett C. Stone
F. Leland Stowe
George D. Sullivan
George F. Sullivan
Peter H. Sullivan
James P. Sullivan
John J. Sullivan
Paul J. Sullivan
Howard J. Travers
John Robert Walker
Harry W. Weld
Ernest J. White
Harold G. Wingood
George Wise
Max R. Woodson
Antonio Woop
Frederick A. Woop

These Gave Their Lives
Frank H. Bishop
Charles F. Darrow
Herbert H. Hall
Burton M. Lee

Erected by the Citizens of Guilford

Guilford World War II Honor Roll, Guilford Green; personal collection

World War II

World War II 1941-1945

On the top of the center stone are the names and dates the names of the men who lost their lives while serving in the Armed Forces during World War II:

Peter D. Carrado
Robert J. Commeau
Pascoe C. Deaton
Nicholas J. Gervasoni
Arthur C. Hofrichter
John C. Larkin
Earl M. Lemley
Carl W. Lytle
Philip R. Mancini
Robert M. Newcomb
Edward A. Norton
Joseph P. Offredi, Jr.
John C. Rebuzzini
Donald C. Rood
Leroy W. Scranton, Jr.
James F. Spencer

On the top of the two stones on the right and left are these words.

Guilford was home to over five hundred men and women who served in every branch of the United States Armed Forces during the period of December 7, 1941, to September 11, 1945.

Our citizens warriors fought and endured in every battle on Land and sea and in the air, from Pearl Harbor to Toyko Bay in the Pacific Theater and from Northern Africa to Berlin in the European Theater.

Scores of our men were wounded in combat. Sixteen Lost their lives.

We, the citizens of Guilford, establish this memorial as a place of reflection for future generations, that they forever remember the sacrifices and services made by their forebears [sic] during the period of our history known as World War II.

The citizens of Guilford who served on the home front labored intensively in support of the war effort. Over one hundred farms produced dairy, poultry, fruits and vegetables, beef and pork products for our service personnel, our allies and Americans all across our land.

Many men and women worked the three shifts at New Departure, producing ball bearings that turned the treads of tanks, the propellers of aircraft and the intricate mechanisms of the Norden Bombsite, several Guilford foundries, such as I. S. Spencer, produced metal products for the war effort.

Older men and women served as airplane spotters and air raid wardens.

Young boys and girls scoured the fields and yards for old tires and scrap metal.

We worked as a community in unison with people all around the world to preserve democracy and the dignity of mankind.

Guilford Vietnam War Honor Roll; photograph courtesy
of Michael Herrick and the Memorial Day Foundation

Vietnam War

Each Peaceful Dawn
In This Place We Are
Reminded of These
Men Who Died for
Their Country

Stephen J. Brennan, PFC
Ara Crosby, Jr., WO
Frederick W. Dauten, Jr., MAJ

May 28, 1984
Town of Guilford, Conn.

God * Duty * Honor* Country

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of Southington, Connecticut, Veterans Memorial Park

The Town Southington, Connecticut, is in Hartford County. When it was first settled, the community was known as Panthorne, which was settled in 1698. As the settlement grew, the name was changed to South Farmington, which was later shortened to Southington.

Southington has honor roll memorials in two locations. My husband and I only photographed the memorial in Veterans Memorial Park. We will return to Southington to photograph and transcribe the memorials.

Southington World War II memorial; Veterans Memorial
Park; personal collection

World War II

In Memory of
Southington Men
Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice
In the Service of Their Country in World War II

William U. Bailey, PFC
Lawrence Bowers, CAPT
Rudolph Cabata, MG
John Calvanese, SSGT
Leonard Cyr, SGT
Donald Dorman, TSGT
Paul A. Fiondella, PVT
Paul H. Flynn, Jr. SGT
Stanley A. Folcik, SSGT
Norman J. Fritz TSGT
Peter Guardzdowski, FPC
Francis Gura, PFC
Roger Jurglewicz, TSGT
Albert C. Kinney, PFC
Peter Kizilski, MM
Edward Kleszcz, PFC
Harold L. Limmer, LT
Victor J. Mastrianni, SSGT
Mario Mirando, AMM
Robert R. Moon, CPL
Horace E. Nichols, CWO
Carmen Palumbo, PFC
Charles C. Parker, LT
Anthony Pasquale, SSGT
Joseph Perry, CPL
Stanley Putala, TSGT
Paul Reussner, SSGT
Peter S. Spratto, PFC
Walter Stasilowicz, SSGT
Stephen Suchar, J., SSGT
Joseph Sullivan, LT
William C. Tilde, PFC
John A. Ziemba, PFC

This Plaque Donated by
Southington Lions Club

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of Manchester, Connecticut, Munro Park

The Town of Manchester in Hartford County, Connecticut, was part of the City of Hartford and then East Hartford until 1823. The Cheney family started what would become the world's largest silk mill in 1838 and the E. E. Hillard Woolen Mills, founded in 1780 by Aaron Buckland, is the oldest woolen mill site in the United States.

Cheney Brothers Mills, South Manchester, 1920; courtesy of

Munro Park includes several memorials but only the World War II memorial is an honor roll.

Memorials at Munro Park, Manchester, Connecticut;
personal collection

Manchester World War II Honor Roll, Munro Park;
personal collection

World War II

PVC Walter J. Adams
LT William Anderson
PFC William T Anderson
PVT Ernest E. Bartley
S 1/C Olin F. Beebe
PFC Arthur L. Benoit
PVT Henry J. Bensche
GM 3/C Ernest A. Berggren
SGT Francis W. Blow
PVT Paul D. Botticello
PVT Walter F. Brandt
PFC John J. Brennan
AV RA M 2/C George E. Briggs
PFC Everett E. Brown
PFC Errol Burton
A/S Albert J. Busky
PFC William Chamberlain
SGT Donald Chapman
SSGT James F. Civiello
PFC Robert Claughsey
SGT Frederick Collings, Jr.
A/S Thomas C. Collins
AM M 1/C Donald L. Cross
PVT Nelson E. Darrow
LT Arthur B. Davis
ENSIGN Vincent E. Diana
PFC John Dirgo, Jr.
CPL Joseph A. Doherty
F/O George P. Eggleston
PFC Dillio Falcetta
SGT Hugh Farrington
1st LT Joseph R. Fizgerald
PVT Oscar Geanette
2nd LT Herbert R. Gilman
CPL Thomas Gleason
PVT Peter F Gochee
SGT Eric H. Gothberg
PVT Edward J. Gozdz
SSGT William E. Groot
CPL Alexander Gurski
2nd LT Michael Haberern
PVT John M. Haggart, Jr.
PVT Robert J. Hall
LT William C. Hall
SGT Robert W. H. Hamilton
LT Edward F. Hraburda
PVT Alton Hare
AM 2/C Alvin P. Harrow
PVT William Henry
F 1/C Charles W. Heritage
SSGT Robert Herrick
SSGT Kenyon G. Hills
PVT David R. Jack
PFC Edward C. Jaglinski
LT Arthur H. Keeney, Jr.
PFC Lester O. Keeney
SGT Donald King
PVT Francis J. Kirka
SGT Michael Kokoch
PVT Stanley Kulpinski
PVT Raymond G. LaGace
LT Arthur Lawrence
LT Richard LeBarron
PFC Edmund F. Leber, Jr.
PFC John R. Lee
SSGT Joseph Lennon, Jr.
PFC Walter B. Liss
LT Robert W. Lucey
A/S Donald Madden
MM 2/C Bruno C. Mankus
PVT Frank J. Mansfield
A/S Arthur E. Miller
PFC Fred H. Miller, Jr.
LT William M. Miller
PVT John J. Mitchell
PVT Gregory Monaco
LT John C. Moriarty
PFC Norman A. Mosher
SGT Clifford M. McKinney
SSGT Wesley F. McMullen
SGT Rudolph W. Nelson, Jr.
PVT Alfred Newall
PFC John I. Nowak
PVT Edward J. Olcavage
PVT Thomas J. Patricca
SGT John Perotti
PFC Albin J. Peschik
SGT Edward S. Plocharczyk
GM 1/C Mario Quey
PFC William Roberts
PFCConell C. Rushworth
PVT Joseph Sebula
SSGT Pat Serratore
PFC Victor Skoneski
PFC Timothy S. Smythe
SGT Ernest A. Squatrito
PFC Peter W. Stamler
GM 1/C Joseph A. Staum
1st LT Jesse J. Stevens
PFC W. Stark Taylor
LT Gordon E. Thrall
PVT Rocco C. Toce
SGT Douglas J. Turkington
CAPT Gordon T. Wells
AV CADET Orville H. Whitney
1st LT John G. Wilson
1st LT John E. Winzler
SC 3C Lewis H. Wolger
PFC Angelo Zito

Manchester Korean Conflict Honor Roll, Munro Park;
personal collection

Korean Conflict

Korean Conflict 1950-1953

Ernest W. Steinberg
Howard C. Flavell, Jr.
William Bolduc
Howard M. Higley

Not Forgotten

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of Bloomfield, Connecticut, Town Green

The Town of Bloomfield is in Hartford County, Connecticut. Today, it is mostly a bedroom community of the City Hartford. It was originally settled by Europeans in 1660 in Wintonbury Parish. It was incorporated as the Town of Bloomfield in 1835.

Bloomfield, Connecticut, Town Green; courtesy of Wikicommons

There are several other memorials on the town green we did not photograph. The Civil War monument had these words inscribed:

The Town of Bloomfield
Dedicates this Memorial
To the 129 Men Who Signed to
Serve in the Union Army
During the Civil War 1861-1865
A Grateful Town Thanks Them
Dedicated Memorial Day
May 28, 2012

The Korean War monument had these words inscribed:

Korean War Memorial

Dedicated to the Memory of
Those Who Served for America
As Part of a United Nations
Team to Establish a
Foothold for Democracy at
The Thirty-Eighth (38th)
Parallel in Korea

Special Attention is
Given to Those Who
Gave Their Lives
While Performing Duties
For the United States
Armed Forces between
1950 and 1953

Peace Together

Bloomfield World War I Honor Roll, Town Green;
personal collection

World War I

Roll of Honor
Town of Bloomfield
World War

Harry Emanuel Johnson*
Patrick J. Lane, Jr.*
Willard Delmont Mason*

Alfred Arndt
Philip A. Auben
Raymond H. Barnard
Arthur G. Beebe
Rev. Howard W. Benedict
Harold F. Bidwell
Tudor W. Bradley
William Breining
Clifford O. Butler
Rocco Casullo
Frank Cawte
Ernest A. Christ
Harold C. Christ
Patrick Connors
Horace Cox
Prince A. Davis
Anthony DeGotis
Martin R. Dexheimer
Edward A. Dumas
Charles R. Duncan
Howard A. Filley
Luther H. C. Gibson
Joseph M. Gorton
Robert H. Guilmartin
William H. Hadden
Kenneth R. Haley
Edward A. Hansen
Frederick F. Herbek
Herman C. Hertzsch
John J. Hood, Jr.
James Jamieson
William A. Jamieson
Harry P. Johnson
Henry O. Johnson
John O. Johnson
Oliver I. Johnson
Arthur F. Joyce
Thomas H. Joyce, Jr.
John G. Kastner
Norwood H. Keeney
Waldo W. Kendall
Charles E. Kingwell
Tony Lapinski
Thomas L. Leary
William J. Loughlin
Rev. Winfield S. Manship
George Marks
Michael Murray
William E. Miller
 Arthur J. Nash
William L. Nash
Edward J. O'Connor
Frank A. Partridge
Charles E. Peniston
Leon E. Perry
Rederick E. Pinney
Gionfreddo Polo
Paul L. Putnam
Samuel J. Putnam
Hrry M. Rathbun
William Reiner
Rev. Emile P. A. Replate, M.S.
Amos L. Rhoades
Stanley L. Rooke
John H. Scudder
Alfred J. Simpson
George F. Smith
Henry A. Smith
Reginald W. Smith
Albert C. Snyder
Joseph D. Staph
Clyde R. Stickles
Martin Stukyhka
Llewellyn A. Tobie
Harry L. Traver
Joseph Trewasky
Willis J. Turner
Gilbert C. Walters
LeRoy B. Watkins
James G. White
Claude L. Williams
Owens C. Wolfe
Edna A. Woodford
Harold L. Woodford
Benjamin H. York
Herbert York
John H. York
Raymond A. York
Anthony Zack

Town of Bloomfield Vietnam War Honor Roll, Town
Green; personal collection

Vietnam War

Vietnam Veterans Monument

George C. Kosovich, Jr., 11-1-65
Edward L. Bieber, 10-23-67
Robert S. Bagnall, 1-13-68
David H. DeForge, 3-8-69
Barry Jackson, 3-18-69

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of East Granby, Connecticut, South Main Street & Memorial Drive

East Granby was first settled by Europeans in 1664. It was incorporated in 1858. The first copper mine in America was located in East Granby and it later became Old Newgate Prison, a Revolutionary War jail and the first state prison in the U.S. in 1790.

World War I

Town of East Granby, Connecticut, South Main Street
& Memorial Drive, World War I Honor Roll;
personal collection

East Granby
Roll of Honor
World War

Christian H. Ahrens
George H. Ahrens
Rena Ahrens
Stanley Bazyk
Charles W. Bishop
Eugene Bolden
Stanly Boultrish
Steve Brozatsky
Harry Whitehead Case
Coulter M. Cook
Richard M. Davis
Wilbert W. Denslow
John A. Eagleson
Frank Farrell*
Jesse G. Farren
Douglas Merrell Gay
Simon Gualewski
William Harris
Ralph H. Hemenway
Owen E. Johnson
Frank Kamiensky
Adam Kiniski
Michael Kleacha
Jasper LaFleur
Michael Letcher
George D. Lloyd
Frank Magoski
William Maxwell
Joseph May
Charles McCray
James R. Miller
George Molosky
Myron S. Pease, Jr.
Ernest A. Peters
John Ocinnae
James A. Sailor
Frank Schremon
Chester R. Seymour
Clarence W. Seymour
Kenneth M. Seymour
Percy M. Seymour
Herbert R. Sharp
John F. Sweeney
Asa Paul Thompson
George Winslow Tucker
Fred W. Viets
James F. Viten
Lily Watts

World War II

Town of East Granby, Connecticut, South Main Street
and Memorial Drive, World War II Honor Roll;
personal collection

East Granby
Roll of Honor
World War II

Aldrich, Howard E.
Alexander, George
Archambault, Lloyd L.
Barnes, George F.
Bartkus, Edward A.
Bartkus, Ernest F.
Bartkus, Ferdinand*
Bates, William E., Jr.*
Bazyk, David F.
Bishop, Roy
Bracket, Leland M.
Bracket, Vernon M.
Brazaitis, Frank A.
Brazaitis, Peter P.
Bruce, James L.
Burke, Louie C.
Bernell, Charles F.
Burns, James H.
Castle, Basil C.
Castle, Ernest H.
Castle, George E.
Castle, Herbert R.
Castle, Robert W.
Cheney, Alvin
Clifford, Jack
Cowles, Bertram H.
Cowles, Spencer W.
Curtis, Raymond L.
De Gray, Douglas F.
De Gray, Chester M.
De Gray, Earl H.
De Gray, Lorston B.
De Gray, Wesley J.*
De Gray, Winfield S.
Dobruck, Walter V.
Dolson, Claude V.
Doody, Thomas D.
Dorman, Irvin T.
Douglas, Robert F.
Dyjak, Joseph J.
Famms, Hilda F.
Farley, Leslie F.
Farrell, Robert H., Jr.
Faron, Bernard W.
Fontaine, Armond A., Jr.
Fontiar, Albert C.
Fox, James
Franke, Robert C.
Frick, Otto
Galbrice, Frank S.
Geilbrt, Harry P.
Goddette, Clarence N.
Hanger, Frank A.
Hill, Walter D.
Holden, Samuel J.
Hudson, Harry
Jameson, Nathaniel R.
Jensen, Herbert H.
Jock, Donald L.
Johnson, Clyde
Kaiser, Charles A.
Krips, Archie E.
Krock, Theodore L.
Lucavich, Anthony J.
Lucavich, John F.
LaFountaine, Carl
Lampson, Albert W.
Lapine, Alfred A.
La Plant, Paul H.
LaTonie, Victor
Leathem, Thomas H.
Le Mire, Alfred J.
Le Mire, Henry
Lipinski, Joseph W.*
Lipinski, Mary R.
Liss, Edward
Maurice, Joseph F.
Mayville, Bernard
McGuire, Francis M.
McGuire, John J.
McGuire, Joseph E.
McGuire, Martin B.
Merz, George E.
Mickiavich, Vincent W.
Millea, Edward D.
Miller, Daniel W.
Misiak, Albert Jr.
Misiak, Joseph A.
Modzeleski, Edward F.
Modzeleski, Henry L.
Moar, Fred T.
Mulamouzeus, George L.
Myette, William H., Jr.
Nicholson, Irving H.
Nicholson, William J., Jr.
Oksys, Alex C.
Olden, Fred A., Jr.
Olingsy, Peter
Osluno, Axel C.
Padelskas, Anthony B., Jr.
Padelskas, Joseph P.
Padelskas, Leon M.
Patch, Louis R.
Peters, Edward L.
Power, Agustin F., Jr.
Russell, George A.
Rutowicz, Stanley
Salvatore, Louis M.
Sanford, Frederick F.
Scruse, Herman L.
Scruse, Rollin
Sharris, Stanley V.
Sosneski, Walter H.
Southworth, Robert J.
Stone, Frank M.
Swanson, Stanley R.
Talbot, Everett W., Jr.
Taylor, Norman John
Tobin, Donald*
Trzcinske, Stanley
Versurah, Vincent V.
Viets, Kenneth W.
Viets, Robert L.
Viets, Sterling H.
Viets, Tomas W.
Viets, Warren A.
Wheeler, Russell L.
Wheelock, Lewis A.
Williams, Willis J.
Woodworth, Richard B.
Zera, Constantine L.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, World War I Memorial

The Town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in Berkshire County, includes the villages of Van Duesenville and Housatonic. Great Barrington was first settled in 1726. During the Revolutionary War, Henry Knox passed through the town while transporting the canon from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston during the siege of Boston. He was so impressed, he later established agricultural interests in the area.

There are several war memorials, but we only photographed the one honor roll. The War Memorial had these words inscribed:

You Stand Free because They Served

In Everlasting Memory and Tribute to the
Men and Women of Great Barrington
Who, in Defense of their Country and the
Human Rights of Mankind, Served with Honor
and Distinction in the Armed Forces of the
United States of America

World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam

May their Devotion to Duty Remain
an Inspiring Legacy to Future Generations

The Civil War Memorial had these words inscribed:

A Tribute of Honor
And Gratitude to Her
Citizens Who Fought
For Liberty and Union

Erected by the Town
of Great Barrington

World War I

The World War I honor roll is located on the courthouse grounds.

Great Barrington and Housatonic World War I Honor
Roll; personal collection

Erected November 11th 1936
by the School Children
of Great Barrington and Housatonic
in honor of the 359 Men and Women
Who Served Their Country
in the World War

Abel, Harrison G.
Ackerman, Arthur P.
Adams, Ernest W.
Alcott, Bruce
Alcott, Darrell
Alcott, Hillard
Ambach, Raymond G.
Andrews, Harry
Arienti, Charles P.
Arienti, Henry L.
Atwood, Wallace E.
Axtell, Edward W.
Axtell, Howard C.
Bailey, Francis A.
Bailly, George A.
Bailly, Henry J.
Banach, Keonery
Barszez, Frank
Barnum, Clarence
Barnum, Elson Frank
Barry, Francis E.
Baumann, Thomas E.
Bell, Charles R.
Bellows, Paul R.
Benjamin, Andrew K.
Bennett, George
Benton, Stanley P.
Berridge, John F.
Bertoli, Jesse
Bertolini, Antonio
Besanceney, Eugene
Bignal, John Clandis
Bignal, Walter A.
Billings, Harry L.
Birdsey, Charles E.
Black, Harry H.
Bourke, William J.
Broderick, Douglas T.
Broderick, John P.
Broderick, William J.
Brochon, Emile J.
Brochon, Eugene L.
Brochon, Louis E.*
Broggio, John
Brown, Cleveland C.
Brown, George T.
Brown, Nelson L.
Brown, William J.
Buczinski, Sigmund
Caligari, Eugene B.
Cannon, James H.
Carlotto, John
Carraher, Francis B.
Casey, John E.
Cavanaugh, Dr. M. T.
Cerati, John L.
Church, George
Clark, Robert E.
Cleary, John M.
Cobb, Charles W.
Coleman, Alfred H.
Coleman, Hugh H. L.
Collins, Sheldon C.
Comstock, F. G. T. J.*
Comstock, Fred G.
Comstock, Glenville
Comstock, John P.
Condon, Charles
Condon, William H.
Condry, James C.
Connelly, Timothy J.
Connelly, William J.
Cornell, Fred H.
Costello, Ludwig A.
Crine, John E.
Crine, Wallace
Cronin, John J.
Cronin, Joseph H.
Crotty, Charles H.
Crotty, Edward J.*
Curran, Matthew J.
De Bell, John M.
Dell'Ava, Eugene
De Mouge, Seb'n P., Jr.
Dewey, William F.
Dezak, Wladyslaw
Dindinger, John Louis
Donovan, John K.
Donvan, Russell J.
Doon, James, Jr.
Dovey, William D.
Drumm, Earl H.
Duncan, Guy C.
Dunn, Francis
Dunn, Joseph C.
Durant, George Church
Egan, James
Eichorn, Clarence P.
Elsden, Robert W.
Evans, George E.*
Everison, Chris
Ey, George C.
Faivre, Herman H.
Faivre, Louis
Faivre, Marcel J.
Faivre, William
Farr, Joseph
Farrell, Thomas J.
Ferguson, Raymond M.
Ferry, William H.
Finkle, Ernest M.
Foley, James F., 2nd
Foster, Karl M.
Foster, Paul W.
Franklin, William T.
French, Charles M.
Fuller, Robert D.
Gearity, John
Genebra, Vivian
George, Amen B.
Gianesini, John
Giddings, Frank E., Jr.
Gillette, Newman V.
Gillette, Walter F.
Geowey, Ralph H.
Goodyear, W. V.
Goccia, Alfred*
Graham, William M.
Grant, Harold E.
Gregory, Charles N.
Grehan, Charles N.
Grehan, Daniel
Grehan, John
Grotti, Anthony C.
Hackett, Ives A.
Hanna, James David
Harlinski, William
Harmon, George A.
Hatch, Jay A.
Hayes, Joseph Benj.
Hessler, William F.
Hewitt, Clarence N.
Hewitt, S. Ferris H.
Hicox, Herman
Hines, Patrick J.*
Hobrandleur, Frank
Holmes, Charles H.
Holmes, John H.
Holohan, Edward P.
Hopkins, Edward F.
Houghtaling, Allen H.
Houghtaling, Irving K.
Howley, Michael J.
Iemolini, Camillo
Iemolini, Louis A.
Johnson, Henry E.
Joyner, Herbert N.
Judd, John L.
Kastner, Edward
Keefner, Benjamin
Kelly, Francis J.
Kerner, oward S.
 Kimberley, Ralph W.
Kinne, Horace M.
Kinne, W. Earle
Kinnell, Alexander
Kline, Floyd M.
Knight, Cyrus L.
Knox, John O. B.
Lambert, James A.
Lamont, Raymond
Lamont, William A.
Lane, John E.
Lane, Mortimer
Lape, Leo W.
Larkin, Thomas M.
Lawrence, Archibald
Leary, Timothy H., Jr.*
Leavitt, H. W.
Lee, Florence I.
Lekas, Peter
Lester, Harold G.
Ley, Louis A.
Lindley, Franklin G.
Love, David
Luscian, Andrew L.
Mackie, Thomas T.
Mahar, Edmund T.
Mallory, C. T. J.
Malumphy, Edward J.*
Malumphy, Thomas L.
Malumphy, William M.
Mancini, Quint
Marquis, Marcel
Martin, Robert W.
Masten, Henry J.
Mazur, Adam
McComb, Malcolm
McCormick, Harold
McCormick, John E.
McCoy, Terence J.
McDermott, Chester E.
McDermott, John B.
McGowan, James W.
McGraw, Edward T.
McGuire, Henry E.
McHugh, Joseph E.
McTigue, Michael
McTigue, Thomas R.
Mead, Edward
Mercer, Allen M.
Metcalfe, Fred
Miascek, Henry
Milani, William D.
Mitchell, Donald
Mitchell, Russell
Mizzoni, Marco
Mogan, James F.
Montague, Richard B.
Moore, Lionel R.
Mulally, John W.
Muller, Louis C.
Murphy, Harold S.*
Murphy, John E.
Murphy, John F.
Murphy, Timothy
Murray, John J.
Murray, William J.
New, John C.
Nicholas, Charles M.
Nielsen, George T.
Nocher, Peter
Noonan, John T.
Norton, Charles P.
Norton, Harry J.
O'Brien, Richard J.
O'Brien, Wallace A.*
O'Connor, Dr. A. M.
O'Hara, Charles H.
O'Neill, Michael J.
Osterling, William
Palltini, Quinto
Palmer, Oliver
Paris, Alfred*
Parks, Silas H.
Parsons, William R.
Pautot, Emil
Pendergast, Wm. L.
Pendlebury, Earl
Pendlebury, Theo. G.
Peretti, Peter
Perry, Lester
Frank, Peruff, Frank
Peters, Dr. John D.
Peterson, Clyde
Peterson, John M.
Pfeiffer, Karl N.
Phelps, Arnold C.
Phelps, Sanford W.
Pierson, Donald
Pixley, Robert H.
Poppe, H. F.
Potter, John E.
Powell, Mildred
Pratt, Dwight Harold
Proper, Myron P.
Rathbun, Harry
Reed, Alfred S.
Reed, Charles
Reed, Harry L.
Remington, D. Colman
Rewey, Ralph A.
Richard, Vincent W.
Richards, Edward W.
Richards, William H.
Riche, Leon L.
Riche, Paul J.
Richmond, Donald E.
Richmond, Howard K.
Roche, Almon K.
Rohan, James F.
Rohan, Joseph
Rohan, William J.
Ross, Edward
Roy, Raymond A.
Safaholm, Joseph S.
Salzmann, Artur
Schulze, Otto K.
Scott, Edward J.
Seeley, Harold K.
Smith, Jennie A.
Smith, Joseph F.
Smith, Morton A.
Smith, William H.
Spencer, William J. B.
Stachilek, Stanislaw
Stanley, Clarence
Stanley, Gilbert
Stanley, Leonard L.
Stanley, William W.
Stansbury, Henry G.
Stephenson, Charle L.
Stephenson, Eliz. J.
Sterl, Carl W.
Stevens, Michell L.
Stickles, John L.
Stiles, W. Burling
St. James, Robert P.
St. John, George Edw.
St. John, Robert J.
Stoddard, Louis G.
Story, Harold E.
Sullivan, Thomas
Supernaugh, Robert J.
Sutton, Allan
Syskonski, Peter
Tanner, Fred
Teggi, Thomas L.
Thatcher, Carl D.
Thompson, Harold
Tomcikoski, Antonio
Toolin, Thomas F.
Trumpfeller, Herb. M.
Trumpfeller, Rob T. J.
Turner, William A.
Van Alstyne, W. G.
Van Deusen, Charles A.
Van Deusen, George W.
Vigezzi, John
Viola, John F.
Vosburgh, Roy D.
Washaleski, Tony
Welch, George J.
Welch, James T.
Welch, John H.
Welch, William C.
Wells, Roy
Wexson, Herman Jr.
Whalen, M. Curtin
Wheeler, Merritt J.
Wheeler, Morgan L.
Wheeler, Robert K.
Whitcomb, Robert
White, Frank Halroyd
White, George L.
White, Paul C.
Wilcox, Everett
Winchell, Ellis
Wolcott, William B.
Woodstock, Daniel
Wool, Joseph
Wright, David S.
Wylie, Alexander, Jr.
Wylie, James Kerr
Zaski, Adolph
Zaski, Bruno
Zegata, John
Zerbato, Angelo V.
Zucco, Angelo L.

*Died in service

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Honor Roll: Town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts: Village Green Veterans Memorials

The Town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in Berkshire County, was first settled in by English missionaries in 1734 as a mission to the Mahican Indians. The land for the town had been set aside for the tribe as a reward for their their assistance in the French and Indian Wars. The town was incorporated in 1739 and named Stockbridge after Stockbridge in Hampshire County, England. The agreement with the Indians that the land would never be sold was rescinded and despite the tribe's assistance in the Revolutionary War, they were relocated first to New York and then to Wisconsin. Stockbridge became a resort town with the advent of the railroad and has a long tradition as an art colony.

Personal collection

The honor roll memorials commemorating the service of the men and women who served in the military during times of war are located on the village green near the golf course.

World War I

Stockbridge World War I Honor Roll; personal collection

I apologize for the quality of the photograph. It was impossible to block the sun at the time of day we were in Stockbridge. As a result, I have the names but have not transcribed the text surrounding the names.

Franklin S. Adams
Klaas Akerboom
Albert B. Ames
Edward E. Backus
Nesbit H. Bangs
Louis D. Barnes
James W. Barry
Karl F. Bechtel
William H. Belden
Charles A. Bidwell
Edward W. Bligh
Harold H. Bolton
Edward W. Carey
Charles A. Clapper
Matthew F. Clapper
Walter L. Clark, Jr.
Henry Colleric
Clarence R. Cooper
Richard J. Corbett
Earl Crosby
Albert B. Cummings
Fred J. Cummings
William J. Cusack
John F. Daley
Ernest F. Doherty
Richard G. Donaldson
Edward M. Dooley
Martin Dooley
Fenton D. Drumm
Harold E. Drumm
Samuel W. Duffy
John T. Durkin
Archie Easland*
Joseph C. Farley
John F. Farrell
Thomas Farrell
Charles E. Fellows
James F. Foley
James F. Foley, Jr.
John T. Foley
James M. Gallagher
Michael F. Gallagher
Earl Gardner
Roy Gardner
Frank Gavin
Peter J. Gavin, Jr.
Philbert Germain
William J. Gilchrist
Frank Grande
Charles R. Gunn
Clifford W. Gunn
William B. Harkema
Allen W. Harrington, Jr.*
Arthur P. Healy
Carl J. Heath
Lorenzo Henry
Abner J. Higgins
Samuel J. Huggins
George Huyck
Charles E. Jones
William E. Kenny
Wenzel H. Krebs
Alfred E. Louison
John E. Lynch
John M. Lynch
Joseph F. Lynch
James L. Macken
Joseph V. Macken
Michael F. Macken
Harold W. Markham
Robert W. Martin
Felix J. McCann
Francis Meaney
Allan M. Mercer
Henry J. Moran
John P. Morse
Thomas J. Mucahy
James F. Mullaney
John J. Mullaney
Harold S. Murphy*
John F. Murphy, Jr.
Timothy Murphy
Loyall A. Osborne, Jr.
Emily Bates Patterson
Irving H. Peck
Russell Pixley
Frank E. Punderson
Roland Rathbun
Walter N. Schneyer
William E. Schneyer
George G. Searing
Harry M. Searing
John W. Sliter
Harry L. Smith
Thomas J. Sullivan
Francis J. Tracy
Heaton I. Treadway
Wolcott C. Treat
Charles W. Wade
Nelson S. Wade*
Arthur M. Walker
Frank H. White*
Harold L. Williams
John Willis
William Wolfe
William P. Wookey
Howard Wright
Walter Wright
Leroy Ziegler

World War II

Stockbridge World War II Honor Roll (first stone); personal collection

Charles H. Acton
Rachel T. Adams
Robert E. Adams
George J. Anderson
Warren Anderson*
William J. Anthony
Richard Atherton
John Bergen
Bolton Bangs
Nesbitt H. Bangs, Jr.
William L. Bangs
Adam M. Barenski
Joseph P. Barenski
Sadie Barenski Marcus
George H. Barnes
Hugh L. Barnes, Jr.
Max A. Barnes, Jr.
Henry M. Bartlett
Ernest Beacco
John A. Beacco
William A. Beacco
William T. Belden
Frederick W. Bell
Louis H. Bell
Neil L. Bentley
Leo Blunt
David H. Bodnar
Alexander D. Bonak
Benjamin F. Bonak
Chester Z. Bonak
Stanley J. Bonak
Charles E. Bonniver
William C. Boyd
Robert E. Bracknell
David F. Braman
Ernest T. Brazee
Kenneth H. Brazee
Francis F. Brazee
Francis J. Brazie
Richard I. Brazie
William H. Breed*
Walter J. Brennan
Ruth A. Buck
John T. Budzinski, Jr.
Daniel J. Cahill
Donald E. Campbell
Paul M. Campbell
Henry E. Church
Charles Clucas
Donal B. Coleman
Patricial Coleman Warner
Andrew Cooper
G. Ruel Cooper
Karl G. Cooper
Raymond M. Cooper
William P. Cooper
Henry J. Cordes
Harol F. Corson
Norman Crandell
Ronald K. Cummings
Maurice M. Decker, Jr.
William A. Deppe
Charles C. Derrick
Ira M. Dixson
Franklyn Downing*
Frederick W. Downs
Francis J. Drake
Donald R. Drew
Jeannett I. Dupuy
Edward C. Ebitz
Francis J. Ebitz
Paul Eckenfels
Lyle J. Erdmann
Solomon Ewing, Jr.
Clarence W. Finkle
Frederick V. Finkle
William J. Flynn
Milliage S. A. Forbes*
Clement O. Ford
Edward Forfa
Edward L. Forrest*
Philip Forsythe
Edwin D. Fountain
Wellington A. French
George M. French, Jr.
Charles J. Glavin, Jr.
James I. Glavin
Daniel A. Gleize
Julian F. Gleize
William J. Gorman
Jay Gould
F. Myron Gray
Vaughn S. Gray
Alfred E. Green
Primo J. Grossetti
A. George Guerrieri
Mario A. Guierrieri
Douglas R. Hall
Ernest W. Hall
Enneth M. Hall
Lloyd E. Harkema
Stanley E. Harrod
Warren J. Haywood
Cortland F. Heath
Matt W. Hellman
Lorenzo Henry
Clarence Hopkins
Dwight E. Hopkins
Woodrow W. Hopkins
Allen E. Huggins
Joseph L. Huggins
William R. Huggins
Edward A. J. Johnson
Owen D. Johnson
Clarence C. Kickery
Weyman W. Kickery
William H. Kickery
William N. Kickery
James F. Kiley
Bernard D. Killfoile
Daniel Killfoile
Edward L. Killfoile
Edward M. Killfoile
Eugene E. Killfoile
Lawrence D. Killfoile

*Died in service

Stockbridge World War II Honor Roll (second stone); personal collection

Elford A. King
Robert J. King
Bernard M. Kinsella
Gordon J. Kinsella*
Raymond C. Kinsella
Paul Klein
Philip A. Klein
Stanley B. Koldys, Jr.
Anthony S. Koloski
Charles J. Koloski
Frank W. Koloski
Eugene Kraszeski
Leo Kraszeski
George J. Lake
Everett F. Lapham
Durwood S. LaPointe
E. James Lawton
Gordon E. Lewis
Harold E. Lewis
William F. London
Stanley P. Loomis
Gilbert S. Love
Lawrence Love
Mason B. Love
Myron M. Love
Robert B. Love
David L. Luke, III
John Luke
Lohn C. Lynch
Gilbert MacClintic
James L. Macken, Jr.
William M. Macken
William E. Mahan
Joseph T Malumphy
Howard  S. Manning
Carlyn W. Markham
Clayton W. Markham
Irving F. Markham
John D. Martin
John L. McCabe
John P. McDonnell
M. Charlotte McDonne
Francis J. Meany, Jr.
Dwight A. Merrell
John A. Miller
Charles Richardson Moffatt
Veron R. Morley
Franklin W. Munn*
Thomas H. Murphy, Jr.
Edward E. Murray
Allan R. Noble
John C. Obanhein
William J. Obanhein
Charles E. O'Brien
Howard C. O'Brien
Lawrence A. O'Brien
Marshall R. O'Brien
Edward W. Opperman
Kenneth A. Opperman
Norman V. Opperman, Jr.
Adam J. Osak
Theodore H. Osak
Hugh I. Page, Sr.
Bernard J. Perri
Francis L. Pilling
Glenn D. Pilling
Frank R. Pixley
Goerge R. Pixley
Gordon J. Pixley
Harold G. Pixley
John F. Pixley
Oliver W. Pixley
John T. Post
Robert C. Ranig
William E. Rathbun
Witold Rodzinski
John W. Rose
Henry G. Roucoulet
McA. Donald Ryan
William H. Ryan
Paul E. Roy
Anthony M. Slavadore*
George W. Schneyer
William A. Schneyer
Harry L. Searing
Nathan M. Shaw, Jr.
William J. Sheridan
William E. Smith
Joseph E. Snelgrove*
Irwin R. Prott
John P. Stafford
John Stanish
Richard D. Stephenson*
John F. Stern
Louis B. Stewart
John Sweet
Joseph W. Sweet
George F. Tansey, Jr.
Seldon I. Taylor
Charles E. Tenney
Raymond M. Tenney*
Robert E. Tenney
Ralph H. Tinker, Jr.
Lawrence V. Tolle
Marcel E. Touponce
Raymond A. Touponce
J. Murray Tracy
Royal W. Teadway
Edward Trepcynski
Harry Trepcynski
George A. Truran
David Van Deusen
John Van Nagell
Nelson S. Wade
Wilfred H. Wagner
Gerald Wellspeak
Alfred L. White
Edmund G. Wilcox
Grahm D. Wilcox, Jr.
Philip C. Wilcox
H. Edwin Williams
Robert G. Williams
Edward R. Wilson

* Died in service

Korean Conflict

Stockbridge Korean Conflict Honor Roll; personal collection

Donald Carr
Richard J. Clemens
John J. Davis
Elton A. Drummond, Jr.
Robert W. Dunne
George E. Emerson, Jr.
Julian F. Gleize
L. John Green
David L. Gunn, Jr.
Robert A. Hall
Bruce L. Decker
Donald H. Haywood
Michael Homich
Reginald J. Huggins
Victor J. Kulas
Donald W. Lawrence
Chauncey Loomis
John McL. Loomis
Alvin N. McCann
Carlton E. McCormick
Gilbert E. McCormick
Charles R. Mercier
Cornelius J. Obanhein
Stanley J. Osak
Bartlett A. Pitney, Jr.
William E. Rathbun
David A. C. Richardson
David B. Ross
Timothy F. Soule
Orville M. Trepania, Jr.*
Ernest H. Wade
John C. White, Jr.

Vietnam War

Stockbridge Vietnam War Honor Roll; personal collection

Peter A. Acly
Donald A. Beebe, Jr.
Bruce J. Brazee
Dighton M. Brazee, III
Gary A. Brazee
Robert J. Brazee
George Brazie
Charles T. Bryden
Barry B. Bunnell
Frederick J. Bunnell
Michael Burow
Paul V. Campbell
Bruce S. Campetti
Donald Carr
Joseph T. Carr
William R. Codwise
Donald W. Coleman
Frederick B. Coleman, II
Joseph J. Czaja
F. James Dolson, III
Kenneth F. Dunne
Raymond Ebbets
Brian J. Flynn
Henry R. Ford, Jr.
Harold P. French, Jr.
William E. French
Julian F. Gleize
Donald F. Goudey
John J. Goudey
Thomas P. Goudey
Kenneth W. Hadsell, Jr.
Peter B. Hadsell
William R. Hall
Douglas A. Hamling
Gerald E. Hamling
R. Ira Hare
Robert A. Holmes
William B. Holmes
John G. Hopkins
Edward W. Iacobacci
Robert L. Kay
Richard D. Killfoile
Richard H. Mauke
Andre J. Mercier
Cyrus C. Moore
Raymond B. Murray, III
Thomas Bateson Musgrave
Arthur M. Nelson
O. James Noon
Dennis M. O'Brien
Clement M. Ogden
Edward W. Oppermann, Jr.
Louis J. Peyron
Glenn D. Pilling, Jr.
Gregory M. Pilling
Eugene T. Pitney
William T. Price
Dale T. Read
David Robertson
J. Martin Salvadore
Clinton E. Schneyer, Jr.
George W. Schneyer, Jr.
Bernard J. Shaw
Robert L. Sinico
Gordon D. Soule
Dixon S. Sprott
Kevin L. Warner
Lawrence N. Webster
William E. Whitaker
Bruce D. Wilcox
Richard B. Wilcox
James Williams
Alexander Williamson
Charles D. Williamson
Donald R. Wood, Jr.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.