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Revolutionary War Chaplain, Rev. Samuel Blair (Jr.)

Rev. Samuel Blair (1712-1751) was my six times great grandfather. He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Philadelphia in 1730. Eventually, he became the minister at Faggs Manor, where he began a college for the classical and theological studies for pastoral training. One of his students, Samuel Davies, considered the Apostle of Virginia, thought Blair the finest preacher on two continents -- "none was better than he at the exposition of God's word."

Rev. Blair took as his wife and helpmate, the granddaughter of an early New Amsterdam settler, Francijnke "Frances" Van Hook. Their first son, Joseph Blair, died at the age of 13. Their second son, also named Samuel Blair followed his father into the ministry. He was considered by many to be the "most accomplished and promising young minister in the Presbyterian church" and known as Dr. Blair.

Rev. Samuel Blair, Jr.; courtesy Wikipedia

Rev. Samuel Blair, Jr., attended the College of New Jersey (now Princeton,) and graduated with honor at 19 years of age. He remained in Princeton where he tutored for several years before being licensed to preach by the Presbytery of New Castle.

He was called to Old South Church in Boston in 1764. On the journey north, he was shipwrecked. Though, he survived, he lost all his clothes and sermon manuscripts and suffered health problems as a result. He remained one of two pastors at Old South Church for two years until ill-health forced him to resign.

Old South Church, circa 1835; courtesy of Wikipedia

He moved to Germantown (now part of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, planning to devote the rest of his years to study and married Susan Shippen in 1767. She was a descendant of Edward Shippen, considered the first mayor of Philadelphia under William Penn's 1701 charter.

But Rev. Blair's active, public life was not yet completed. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a chaplain to a brigade of artillery. From 1790 through 1792, he was the chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, the second minister to ever serve in that capacity. Rev. Blair died on 23 September 1818 and was interred at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Rev. Samuel Blair, Jr., headstone; courtesy of Find A
Grave member Crypt Tonight

Rev. Samuel Blair, Jr.'s older sister, Mary Blair was my five times great grandmother. She married another Presbyterian minister, Rev. David Rice, who became known as the Apostle of Kentucky.

[1]Sprague's American Presbyterian Pulpit, The Log College, by A. Alexander

Apostle of Kentucky

Friday, May 27, 2016

Killed in Okinawa

During the Battle for Okinawa, U.S. Marine Corps PFC Jay Welba Whitaker, Jr., was injured and died from his wounds. He was 19 years old.

Jay enlisted in the Marine Corps sometime before October 1943 because he reported to the Marine Corps Base Recruit Depot in San Diego on 1 October and was assigned to the 9th Recruit Battalion, Training Regiment. His basic training and specialty schools likely lasted until the end of the year.

He was sent overseas to the Pacific theater about 1 January 1944 and assigned to the 35th Replacement Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, in advance of his permanent assignment. By April 1944 he had been assigned to to Co. M, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, but by September 1944, he had been transferred to Co. K where he remained until he died. The 1st Marine Division is the oldest active duty division in the Marine Corps today.

When Jay joined the 1st Marine Division they were heavily involved in the long-running Eastern New Guinea campaign, which lasted from January 1942 until August 1945, and the Battle of New Britain, which lasted from December 1943 until August 1945.

1st Marine Division during the Battle of New Britain; courtesy of Wikipedia

The division fought on New Britain until February 1944 at places named Suicide Creek and Ajar Ridge. Following the battle, they were sent to Pavuvu and Russell Islands for rest and refitting.

The next battle for the division was Peleiu, they landed on 15 September 1944. Their commanding general predicted the fighting would be "...tough but short. It'll be over in 3 or 4 days..." The actual fighting was certainly tough. In the first week alone the division lost 3,946 casualties. It wasn't short either, lasting some three months. 1st Marine Division fought on the island for one month before being relieved. It was some of the bloodiest fighting of the war and the division lost 6,526 casualties before pulling out to rest and refit.

First wave of landing craft approaching Peleiu at the onset of the battle; courtesy
of Wikipedia

The final campaign for the division was Okinawa. If Jay would have survived it, he would have returned home after the war, but it was not to be. He was one of the 14,009 battle deaths, succumbing to his wounds while the battle was still raging.

Alabama, WWII Military Dead and Wounded, 1944-1946; courtesy of

The battle for Okinawa lasted from 1 April through 22 June 1945 -- 82 long days. The battle has been referred to as "typhoon of steel" by the Americans and "rain of steel by the Japanese. There were intense kamikaze attacks and the sheer number of Allied ships and armored vehicles was mind boggling. The severity of the fighting on an island so close to the Japanese home islands was one of the factors President Truman considered when he gave the okay to drop atomic bombs.

Jay Welba Whitaker, Jr.'s body was returned home and was interred at Forest Hill Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama. His name is engraved on the Alabama Hall of Honor at the Alabama Veterans Memorial Park.

My connection to Jay Welba Whitaker, Jr., is convoluted but I thought it was important to tell his story. He was born on 25 November 1925 in Alabama to Jay Welba Whitaker, Sr., and Lorraine Marion Jones. His parents divorced before he was five years old and his mother married Daniel Stuart Carter in 1933 in Bay County, Florida. His first wife, Bessie Bane Beasley, was my 3rd cousin once removed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Worldwide Genealogy: 7 Tips When Researching U.S. Army World War II Soldiers

After nearly 30 years of researching my father-in-law's WWII military service, which began on 7 April 1941 and ended on 18 June 1945, I now know where he was on almost every day of that time. My husband and I have taken many terrific trips visiting those places and learning more about where he served. So it's no surprise I like to write about the war experiences of my ancestors. To skirmishes with Native Americans prior to the Revolutionary War right through the Global War on Terrorism. However, I write most frequently about my Civil War, World War I and World War II veteran ancestors' experiences. Today, I'd like to share with you what I've learned about researching U.S. Army World War II veteran ancestor -- one of the millions of citizen soldiers Tom Brokaw called the "Greatest Generation."

My seven tips are:

1. Order his military service record
2. Learn about the specific unit in which he served
3. Understand the role he played in his unit
4. Record the awards and decorations he earned
My father-in-law's ribbon "rack;" built using EZ Rack Builder[1]

5. Learn about the campaigns in which he served
6. Use unit societies' websites and books about units
7. Don't forget your women ancestors

To read the details behind each tip and the resources to use and how to find them, click over to 7 Tips When Researching U.S. Army World War II Soldiers at Worldwide Genealogy -- a Genealogical Collaboration.

Understanding the U.S. Army World War II Infantry Division
Army Campaign Streamers

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Unrelated Riggins?

I had considered my three times great grandfather Alfred Riggin a space alien for some time. He dropped into Madison County, Illinois, in 1836 when he bought land, then pulled a disappearing act after the 1850 census was enumerated. The scant records about him indicated he was born in Tennessee about 1811 and that he married Sarah "Sally" Piper in Madison County.

I had one DNA match to a living descendant, and after communicating we both confirmed through records we had collected our shared common ancestor was Alfred, the space alien. I had four other matches that included the Riggin surname in their pedigree charts.

One DNA match particularly excited me as it was a descendant of a Teague Riggin, who came to the American colonies in the 1640s after he was exiled from Ireland by Oliver Cromwell. He married the boss' daughter and died a rich plantation owner in Somerset County, Maryland, in 1707. One of his descendants became a circuit-riding minister and settled in Sevier County, Tennessee. Three of his sons made their way to Madison County, Illinois -- one even founded the town of Troy where my space alien lived and another lost a state legislative election to Abraham Lincoln. Alfred must be the reverend's son. How many Riggin men would travel from Tennessee to one county in Illinois about the time the territory became a state and not be related? The exiting part for me was 1640 would be the furthest back in time for any direct ancestor in my tree. I even blogged about old Teague Riggin several times.

From the Centennial History of Madison County, Illinois; image
courtesy of Internet Archive

I would poke at the problem from time to time looking for definitive proof. I finally read about a reference to a book about the Riggin surname that was supposedly housed in the Los Angeles County, California public library. Unfortunately, they no longer had a copy. I did find it, however, on the website.

Harry Riggin, co-founder of Troy, Illinois, copyrighted image
purchased by my from Historic MapWorks for
non-commercial use in publications. It may not be reused
by others
The good reverend, who settled in Tennessee, had a son, who wrote a short biography about his father. It was included in the book! He had four sons, all were named...and none were named Alfred. This caused me to go back and review everything I had collected about the Riggin family. And staring out from my family tree was the proof that Alfred came from a different Riggin line. Since Rev. Riggin's son, John, married Elizabeth Reid, this had to be another John. And I knew Alfred's mother was Margaret Farris. I'd had that "proof" for several years! Argh!

Snippet from the Centennial History of Madison County, Illinois (John
Riggin and Margaret Farris are Alfred Riggin's parents); image courtesy
of Internet Archive

I now know who Alfred's daddy was and and I now know why one Riggin line disclaims the other (Alfred's daddy was more than a bit of a scoundrel), but I still believe the two lines are related in some way. How else do you explain the DNA match?

This post was written for the Little Bytes of Life May 18 blog party.

Finding Alfred's Daddy
Who's Your Daddy, Alfred Riggin
Lost an Election to Abraham Lincoln
On the High Road to Ruin
Indentured Servant to Landed Gentry

Monday, May 23, 2016

Honor Roll: Town of Hyde Park (New York) War Memorials

The Town of Hyde Park, New York, is in Dutchess County, just north of the county seat of Poughkeepsie. It is most famous for being the hometown of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the location of his summer residence, Springwood.

Springwood, Hyde Park, New York; courtesy of

The town hall is located at 4383 Albany Post Road and on its grounds is a small park with several honor roll memorials.

Three of the four Hyde Park Honor Roll memorials; personal collection

World War I
Township of Hyde Park World War I Honor Roll;
personal collection

Honor Roll

The following men from the
Township of Hyde Park
Have answered the call of their country, serving  in the military
or naval forces in the War declared by Congress on April 6, 1917

Asher, Harry E.
Barner, Allen W.
Bennett, William A.
Bernardi, Felice
Bodenstein, Charles H.
Bromhed, Albert H.
Campion, Hubert
Carter, William J.
Crapser, Clarence L.
Crapser, Douglas M.
Crapser, J. Raymond
Crapser, John M.
Crapser, Sterling B.
Crispell, Walter J.
Cronk, James Monroe
Cronk, Walter J.
Cross, William H.
Desantis, Cesare
Dickinson, Sterling
Duke, Harvey H.
Farrell, Edgar T.
Forman, George E.
Foster, John T.
Foster, Thomas B.
Freer, Henry M.
Gilbert, Victor J.
Green, Robert E.
Halpin, Arthur L.
Halpin, Cecil H.
Harmon, Charles E., Jr.
Hawkins, Henry J.
Herman, William F.
Hess, Orville
Hewlett, Orie H.
Hobson, Ira W.
Hopper, Richard
Horan, Walter L.
Horn, Edward R.
Hover, Lewis A.
Hover, Linwood B.
Hoyt, Lydic
Huntington, Robert P.
Huston, Edward T.
Jones, Chester A.
Jones, Ralph L.
Kearney, John
Kebert, Steve
Knauss, William G.
Kunze, John F., Jr.
Lagarce, Fred
Landon, Harold M.
Lasher, Clifford
Lasher, Marshall
Leeum, Charles
Leonard, George
Lourtelle, Natele
McPhee, Claude
Marcinello, Peter
Marshall, William T., Jr.
Martin, Alfred
Marx, John H.
Miller, Norman J.
Mills, Ogden L.
Moore, William A.
Morgan, Gerald L.
Morgan, Thomas J.
Musgrove, William E.
Myers, Roph W.
Neil, Maurice F.
Ostrom, Roy Wixey
Overfield, John M.
Parker, Cecil C.
Parker, Thomas E.
Pendell, Robert G.
Pendell, Thomas F.
Plain, Ezra
Prees, George
Press, Harry
Prees, Richard
Rogers, Archibald
Rogers, Edmunc P.
Rogers, Herman L.
Rowe, George E.
Schouten, Eugene K.
Seiner, Albert
Simmons, Ralph
Simpson, Frank
Simpson, William
Stone, Clarence F.
Stoneman, Lewis F.
Taber, Emery B.
Terpening, William A.
Tillou, Edwin B.
Traudt, Frederick
Traudt, John L.
Trimlett, Bertram
Upright, George L.
Upright, Richard S.
*Vail, Charles
Vail, John W.
Van DeWater, DuBois
Van DeWater, Howard
Van Wagner, Floyd M.
Van Wagner, Pells
Van Wagner, Raymond
Wales, Edward H.
Ward, Charles C.
Warren, Roosevelt
Welch, Raymond
*White, William T.
*Wicker, William C.
Wilson, Nelson W.
Wood, Ernest I.

World War II and Korean Conflict

Town of Hyde Park World War II and Korean Conflict
Honor Roll; personal collection

Honor Roll
of those who served in
World War II and Korean Conflict
from Town of Hyde Park

Those who made the supreme sacrifice

Brannon, Edward
Bircher, Thomas
Chase, Russell S.
Collins, Raymond
Dubois, William M.
Gelermino, Alfonso
Hammond, John
Hover, Newton
Ingersoll, Herbert
Lister, Donald
Nittiskie, Vincent M.
Roeper, Frederick E.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Sherrod, Joseph
Short, William
Sonberg, William
White, William A.
Wood, William A., Jr.
Young, James B.

Ackerman, John F.
Ackert, Earl E.
Allen, Charles L.
Allen, Raymond
Allt, William, Jr.
Alquist, Robert O.
Andros, Frank G.
Andros, Phillip
Anson, Arnold
Anson, Raymond L.
Appleton, Robert
Atwater, Hiland M.
Atwater, John F.
Avalear, Albert F.
Avalear, John T.

Babcock, Howard
Bahret, John P.
Bahret, Robert W.
Baker, Adelbert J.
Baker, Earl
Baker, James E.
Baker, Harry
Baldwin, Clayton
Ball, Woodrow W.
Banks, Raymond
Barber, Harry H.
Barrett, Archibald R.
Barrett, John F.
Bartley, Ralph
Bartlow, William F.
Bass, Robert
Bauer, Carlton W.
Bayless, James
Beese, Gerald
Belding, Raymond
Benigan, Martin
Bennett, Robert O.
Berrian, Brewster
Berrian, Charles
Berrian, Donald
Berrigan, Martin
Bie, William T.
Bircher, Lewis L.
Bishop, John J.
Bishop, Wilford J.
Blackbird, Ira K.
Bliesener, Edward Q.
Bliesener, Robert
Bodenstein, Charles H.
Bodenstein, George
Bodenstein, Robert
Boice, Charles W., Jr.
Bomba, William C.
Borner, James
Bowe, John
Bradley, Donal W.
Breed, William
Briggs, Floyd
Briggs, Fred B.
Briggs, George C.
Briggs, Harry A., Jr.
Briggs, Reginald H.
Briggs, Stephen
Brooks, Arlene
Brooks, Vincent D.
Brower, Arnold
Brower, Donald W.
Brower, Harry J.
Brower, Milton H.
Brown, Ernest N.
Bruder, Joseph A.
Bruder, Wynfield J.
Bruzgul, Raymond
Budd, Donald W.
Burgess, Frank W.
Burke, Arvid
Burns, Stephen J.
Byrd, Preston H.
Balis, William
Barrenger, Bernard

Campbell, George
Card, Charles
Card, John
Carroll, Robert
Carpenter, George
Caruso, John B.
Caruso, Paul J.
Cassidy, Vincent
Cassidy, Charles J.
Chase, Edwin W.
Chase, George
Chase, Howard R.
Chesley, Edwin
Cizma, John J.
Clark, George H.
Clay, Franklyn
Clay, Raddock
Cleveland, Orley
Clonton, William
Coats, Frederick
Coats, Gordon
Coats, Harold
Collins, Raymond
Collins, Ruth E.
Colwell, Ralph J.
Conforti, Charles C.
Conforti, Frank A.
Conrad, Howard
Constable, Arthur
Cookinham, Paul T.
Coons, Chester E.
Cooper, Dexter
Cooper, Elizabeth
Corey, Stanley
Corrigan, George
Coughlin, Daniel J.
Craft, Bertha
Craft, Norman F.
Crapser, Douglas M., Jr.
Creeden, Albert
Creeden, Charles W.
Crispell, Clifford
Crispell, Kenneth
Crispell, Walter, Jr.
Croft, David
Crusius, Harold J.
Cruzan, Charles
Cunningham, Fred E.
Cunningham, William
Curnan, Albert F.
Curnan, Charles
Curnan, Edward
Curnan, John R.
Curran, Edward
Cusumako, John F.
Campbell, Earl
Campbell, Richard
Crittsroxer, G. Y., Jr.

Dakides, Telemachus
Dakides, George
Daley, John
Davis, George
Davison, John R.
Davison, Theodore
Dean, Edward J.
Decker, Charles S.
Decker, Leslie
Decker, John
Decker, Theodore, W.
DeGroff, John
DeGroot, John
DePew, Robert E.
Devereaux, Rexford
Devine, Vincent J.
DeVor, Russell A.
DeVor, Jack L.
Dettmar, Radcliffe
Distel, Donald
Dodd, William
Donegan, William H.
Donlon, Charles
Douglas, Edward
Douglas, Frank H.
Douglas, Laurence
Downes, Ave Marie
Downes, Lenore
Driass, Donald W.
Driass, Frederick J.
Driass, Kenneth C.
Dungan, Jesse W.
Dufour, Earl H.
Dufour, George A.
Dufour, James A.
Dugan, Thomas
Dugliss, John
Duseenstry, John
Dykeman, Harry M.

Eastwood, Donal E.
Eastwood, Robert S.
Edgar, James I.
Edge, William S.
Ellsworth, Sterling R.
English, Charles
English, Robert H.
Elmendorf, George

Fairbanks, Roswell
Farley, Harold E.
Ferris, Harry, Jr.
Finan, Joseph
Fitzpatrick, Edward
Fitzpatrick, James
Fogg, Edward
Fontaine, Bernard F.
Forman, Charles
Forman, James
Fowler, Chester F.
Fowx, Calvin E.

Fowx, Charles, Jr.
Fowx, LeGrand I.
Fratz, Floyd
Fritz, Carl G.
Froats, Leon J.
Funk, Harold
Funk, Hearley

Gardner, Clayton
Gilbert, Robert S.
Gilbert, Thomas L.
Gillespie, William
Gilnack, Morton W.
Givison, John T.
Glenny, Hoyt
Golden, Doris J.
Golden, John W., Jr.
Golden, Roger J.
Goldforb, Paul
Goring, Oliver S.
Gorman, William
Graham, Lawrence
Green, Walter
Greene, Leslie
Griffin, Edward D.
Griffen, William H.
Griffen, Stanley B.
Grossman, Frederick
Guerico, Benjamin
Guerico, Joseph C.

Hagadorn, Albert R.
Hammond, Wallace
Hansen, Harold E.
Hart, Patrick
Hatfield, Robert
Haug, George
Haug, Richard
Hay, Peter D.
Hayes, James
Hayes, Martin
Henion, Edward
Henion, Sheridan
Henion, Walter
Herrington, Theodore
Herrmann, Harold
Herrmann, James
Hess, Harry
Hess, George R.
Hess, Winfred
Hey, John W.
Hicks, Laurence
Hoban, John P.
Hogan, Robert
Honiak, Walter
Hoosier, Albert P.
Horan, Francis
Horan, Kenneth D.
Horan, Warren
Hornbeck, Everett
Hornbeck, William L.
Hornyak, John E.
Horrocks, Ralph
Horrocks, James P.
Houghtaling, Donald
Houghtaling, Elmond
Homer, John L.
Hussard, William A.
Huntington, Robert D., Jr.
Hutchins, John

Jackson, Robert W.
Jago, Howard
Jenney, Robert
Johannessen, Karl G.
Johnson, Edward R.
Johnson, Frank
Jones, Barclay
Jones, George
Jones, William F.
Joyce, Lester E.
Justus, Clayton

Kearney, Hugh
Keeley, William J.
Keller, Arthur J.
Kelly, Joseph R.
Keller, Herbert G.
Keller, Robert L.
Kelly, Gerald F.
Kelly, Phillip P.
Kelly, Raymond
Kendall, Alyda
Kendall, Charles
Key, William H.
Kidder, Fred
Killmer, Edward F.
Killmer, George D.
Killmer, Rolin
Kimlin, Donald

Kimlin, Harry T., Jr.
Kipp, Calton P.
Kipp, Harold F.
Kirby, Kerion D.
Kirby, William L.
Klima, Frances
Klima, John
Knapp, Arthur J., Jr.
Knapp, Edward
Knauss, Alexander M.
Knox, Arthur J.
Kohls, Lester A.
Kohnke, Walter E.
Kuhn, Francis
Kuhn, John C.
Kuhn, Gerald
Kuhn, Walter L.

Lake, Harold
Lamberston, Charles D.
Lane, Romeyn B.
Larson, Christian
Lasher, Frederick
Lasher, Henry
Lasher, Howard W.
Lasher, Marjorie
Laurenti, Earnest
Leadbitter, Edward L.
Leadbitter, William
Leroy, Howard, Jr.
Leroy, Howard, Sr.
Lester, Ronald C.
Linaka, Russell
Lindros, William R.
Linsig, George E.
Logan, Anna
Logan, James
Long, Walter
Losee, Ralph T.
Lovelace, Theodore
Lowe, William
Ludwig, John J.
Ludwig, Isador I.
Lloyd, Ross
Lyman, Laurence A.

Marin, Richard F.
Mackin, Joseph
Macy, Alan C.
Madsen, Henry
Maher, Joseph D.
Maher, William T.
Markle, Harry
Marshall, Wilson
Martin, Albert
Martin, Benjamin L.
Mason, Floyd J.
Mastin, Claude W.
Mastin, George C.
Mastin, Sterling
Matuk, Frank A.
McAllister, William
McConnell, William A.
McCormack, Edward
McCormack, Thomas T.
Meara, Richard
Mearing, Roy J.
Melville, John N.
Merrihew, George B.
Merte, Elnora
Merte, Lenard
Merte, Hearmn
Miller, Charles A.
Miller, David H.
Miller, Nairn
Miller, Walter
Moehrks, William
Monroe, Edward
Monroe, James, Jr.
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, George
Morgan, Gerald, Jr.
Morris, Lawrence B.
Morris, Ralph
Morse, Arthur S.
Morton, Harry E., Jr.
Moore, John
Murray, James F.
Murray, John D.
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Richard
Muth, Russell J., Jr.
Myer, James E.
Myers, Ellworth
Myers, Elmer
Myers, Ollie
Myers, Ralph

Nelson, Elmer T.
Newman, Yale J.
Newton, Earl W.

Nittiskie, Anthony J.
Nittiskie, Edward J.
Noonan, James R.
Norton, Leslie W.
Norton, Mary H.
Nott, Walter E.

O'Callaghan, Claude
O'Dell, Raymond
Oakley, John S.
Oakley, Warren
Olah, Frank
Olson, Pete
Olson, Russell
Osika, Martin R.
Osterhoudt, Irving
Osterhoudt, James D.
Osterhoudt, Ralph J.
Osterhoudt, Richard H.
Overfield, James, Jr.
Overfield, John M.

Pardee, John
Paul, Kenneth A.
Pells, Earl F.
Pendell, William F.
Pendell, Donald E.
Penny, George
Pink, Wallace
Pink, Walter
Plann, Robert
Pollard, Bartlett G.
Prentice, John
Prince, William

Qualls, John F.

Radcliff, Remington S.
Reed, Robert M.
Richel, Harold W.
Richter, Wallace E.
Robbins, James
Roberts, Henry W.
Rob, George F.
Rogers, ALfred S.
Ronk, Edward
Rose, Earl R.
Roosevelt, Elliott
Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr.
Roosevelt, James
Roosevelt, John
Rossback, August H.
Rossback, Charles
Rossback, John
Rymph, Carlton L.

Salerno, Thomas F.
Sampson, Lee
Schellig, John J.
Schmidt, Henry
Schmidt, Henry o.
Schryver, Russell
Schryver, William P.
Schuloff, James R.
Scofield, Arthur E., Jr.
Secor, Alfred
Secor, William
Scott, Dorothea K.
Sharpe, Melvin
Shea, Eugene J.
Sheldon, Donald U.
Sheldon, Wallace V.
Sheridan, Edward J.
Sherow, George
Sherrod, John H.
Shipley, George C.
Shook, Edwin, Jr.
Sievers, Fred
Silvernale, Hulet A.
Simmons, Ralph J.
Simmons, Robert H.
Simmons, Walter J.
Sinibaldi, Angelina
Sleight, Louis
Slee, Frederick G.
Smith, Abram
Smith, Alfred
Smith, George
Smith, Lloyd
Sinibaldi, Tony
Smith, Raymond A.
Smith, William C.
Sririg, John J.
Spratt, James, Jr.
Steen, Everett J.

Steenson, Thomas
Stokes, James E.
Stone, Harry
Stone, Russell V.
Stone, Edward S.
Storms, Vincent A.
Storms, William F.
Swenson, Robert

Taber, Gerald
Taber, Kenneth
Taber, Truman F.
Tarkos, Joseph J.
Tallmadge, Stanley
Taynor, Melvin
Terpening, Charles E.
Terpening, William R.
Terpening, George, Jr.
Terwillegar, Benjamin F.
Terwillegar, Ralph R., Jr.
Todd, Franklyn K.
Todd, James L.
Todd, Orville A.
Tompkins, Henry A.
Toomey, William R.
Traver, Charles L.
Traver, Evert C.
Trabolt, Ludwig
Traudt, Frederick M.
Traudt, James L.
Traudt, Randalph C.
Trowbridge, Jerry
Trumbul, Gordon
Tynan, Vincent

Upright, Gerald M.
Upright, James

Vail, David O.
Vail, James W., Jr.
Valentino, Frank
Valentino, Minzio L.
Vanackooy, Dirk
Vanackooy, Lillian
Vandyee, John W.
Vankirz, Warren
Vaneleeck, Dudley R.
Vanrenseelear, Tompkins
Vanwagner, Addison
Vanwagner, James
vanwagner, Marie Louise
Vanwagner, Ross
Vanwagner, William O.
Veach, Frank E.
Veach, Kenneth G.
Veach, George W.
Velie, Howard
Vess, Harvey J.
Vess, Milton M.
Vess, William R.
Vitale, Emanule
Voce, Edward

Wager, Elmer K.
Walburgh, Charles E.
Waldon, William
Waldron, Vincent
Walsh, Perry J.
Ward, Clifford
Ward, Louis
Welch, Frank
Welch, George E.
Welch, James E.
Welch, John M.
Welch, Robert E.
Welden, Robert W.
Wentworth, Ross
Whelen, Edwin F.
Wheeler, Kenneth G., Jr.
Whiten, Whity
Wicker, Henry J.
Wigg, Evelyn
Wiggett, Clarence
Williamson, Charles
Williamson, James
Wilson, Frank, Jr.
Wilson, Rev. Franz, Sr.
Winslow, Park M.
Wiseman, Harry
Wood, William, Jr.
Woodard, Russell
Wyatt, Thomas J.
Whiten, John A.

Young Harold W.
Young, Clifford J.

Zahtila, Joseph K.

Vietnam War

Town of Hyde Park Vietnam Honor Roll; personal

Honor Roll
of those who served in
the Viet Nam War
from Town of Hyde Park

Those who made the supreme sacrifice

Cardinal, David C.
Koob, John P.
Minnard, Earl
Trani, Fredrick E., Jr.

Ackerman, Albert A.
Alata, Robert J.
Albertson, Carl N.
Andros, Brian T.
Arkills, John C.
Armstrong, Thomas
Athanas, Michael
Banks, Richard R.
Battillo, Robert A.
Berryann, Charles
Beyer, Thomas W.
Bialosuknia, Henry J.
Bomba, Stanley
Borgos, William J.
Brandl, Thomas W.
Breed, Robert D.
Brogan, Randolph F.
Burke, Thomas
Bush, Edward, Jr.
Byrum, Robert L.
Cables, Charles J. Jr.
Cady, Stephen J.
Cannon, Dan
Caron, Leo
Carroll, Christopher P.
Carroll, Dennis P.
Carroll, Timothy M.
Carswell, Peter N.
Cassell, Allen M.
Cerasaro, David M.
Cerniglia, Dominic
Ceruti, Michael O.
Clark, Theodore A.
Clarke, Larry
Cole, Richard J.
Cole, Stephen W.
Croshier, Charles H., III
Croshier, John W.
Croshier, Wayne
Decker, Russell
Delor, Daniel
Dewitt, Donald C.
Doe, Ronald A.
Douglas, Kenneth L.
Doyle, David J.
Dressel, Thomas G.
Duke, James K.
Duke, Robert L.
Dymond, Walter, Jr.
Elderkin, William H., Jr.
Elmendorf, David J.
Elwell, Michael
Ernisse, Milton, Jr.
Erts, Thomas F.
Firman, Terrence G.
Flynn, William J., Jr.
Foerschler, J. Edward, Jr.
Fulmer, James
Fulmer, Jeffrey Y.
Gannon, Robert
Gannon, William
Gilnack, Thomas R.
Golonka, Michael
Goodrich, James
Gordon, William
Hunt, William

Gorinc, James O.
Grega, Richard M.
Grey, William
Grifen, Gary W.
Hackbart, Martin J.
Haug, George N.
Hay, Bruce W.
Heady, William B., Jr.
Herrman, James B.
Holt, Gary A.
Honeywell, John R.
Houston, Thomas F., Jr.
Johnson, Warren
Johnson, Wayne
Jones, Ralph L.
Kane, Henry A.
Keeling, Vance
Kiernan, Colin M.
Kilmer, Jurgen G.
Kirby, William
Knapp, Paul G.
Knauss, Alexander G.
Knoth, Richard P.
Kolias, Constantine G.
Kowalski, Thomas F.
Krazinski, Gary
Kwant, John
La Regina, Frank
Lawless, James H.
Lawless, Matthew T.
Lehan, Daniel E.
Lewis, Stephen
Long, Charles H.
Lord, Wayne D.
Lowe, Michael R.
Lucas, John M.
Luhmann, James
Lyvers, Peter A.
MacDonald, Leon
MacLeary, Richard A.
Magee, Richard
Magee, Robert
Marin, Robert H., Jr.
Martin, Robert S.
Maxfield, Eugene H.
McCullouch, Darcy J.
McDermott, Thomas F.
McPeck, Michele R.
Meddaugh, Michael R.
Millard, Gary
Miller, Richmond C.
Minholz, Donald
Moshier, Michael
Murphy, Denis J., III
Myer, James E., Jr.
Myer, WIlliam M.
Neville, Gary
Neville, Michael
Nicholson, Richard
Nowik, William J.
Palmer, Gary R.
Palmer, Herbert D.
Parmelee, Robert E., Jr.
Pells, Roger A.

Peluso, Leonard R.
Peterson, James C.
Pottenburgh, Bryant Y.
Precious, Daniel E.
Qumby, John L., Jr.
Quinlan, Michael, M.
Rack, Ernest H., III
Relyea, Peter S.
Rembisz, Michael D.
Renzo, Harold
Roosa, Peter H.
Rossbach, Charles
Sammarco, Valentino T.
Schneider, Kenneth
Schwinger, Kurt A.
Scofield, Jeffrey A.
Scoma, Louis T.
Scott, Raymond C.
Serafinowicz, Ronald P.
Sharpe, Michael
Sheedy, Robert M.
Sheehan, Lawrence P.
Sherwood, Michael A.
Shurts, Norman
Simmons, Gary
Simpson, James W.
Simpson, Robert L.
Skelly, Edmund J., Jr.
Smalley, William H.
Smith, Allen D.
Smith, David E., Jr.
Smith, Gary A.
Smith, William R.
Snyder, Mark E.
Staffa, Michael
Staub, Robert K.
Stone, Lawrence A.
Swenson, Louis H.
Taber, Kenneth
Takacs, Peter A., Jr.
Takacs, Stephen J.
Tarantino, Nicholas J.
Tobias, Harold A.
Tompkins, James H.
Trip, Robert
Turcan, Charles F., Jr.
Turner, James
Van Dyke, John, Jr.
Van Slyke, Herbert
Van Steenburgh, Joseph
Van Tassell, Dwight C.
Venne, Arthur H.
Waite, Thomas E.
Wasney, Stephen M.
Wermter, Joseph G.
Whiteley, Mark E.
Whittaker, Russell V.
Wiands, Leslie J.
Winslow, Clive, III
Winslow, Jeffrey
Wittenberg, Allan M.
Yetman, C. Wayne
Zanetti, Albert H.
Zanetti, Henry
Zwecker, Louis W.

This memorial was to the right of the main grouping.

Add caption

Those Who Served


Berryann, George W.
Cruger, James B.
Devons, Clarence B., Sr.
Dupilka, Michael J., Jr.
Frank, Ernest W., Jr.
Gaffney, John F.
Gaffney, George R.
Gaffney, Patrick I.
Gross, Paul ?, Jr.
Hayes, Martin W. Jr.
Herrmann, Ralph, Jr.
Horton, ? W.
Holtzman, Robert D.
Holtzman, Ronald R.
Kearney, Raymond B.
Kilmer, Gerard F.
Kipp, Alfred D.
Kipp, Edwin G.
Kipp, Webster
Marin, Robert H., Sr.
Murray, Gerald F.
O'Connell, Lawrence D.
O'Rourke, Ronald
Pardee, Charles L.
Siewert, Ronald E.
Syler, Frederick W.
Syler, Robert L.
Veith, Donald F., Sr.


Baliszewski, Donald
Bomba, Vincent S.
Dressel, Thomas G.
Lasher, David W.
Lynch, Cornelius J.
Moshier, Michhel E.
Platter, Lawrence
Preuss, Guy J.
Quimby, John L., Jr.
Reynolds, John R.
Sammarco, Valentino T.
Shaughnessy, James J.
Timmons, William P. III

World War II

Daley, Daniel J.
Daley, William J.
Davis, George J.
Dykeman, Harry M.
Griffin, Herbert W.
Lane, Frank
Whelan, Edward F.

Persian Gulf

Beneway, Sandra
Costello, Susan B.
Floughton, Scott T.
Greene, Joseph W.
Martin, Sean L.
McClure, Daniel J.
Opdenbrouw, Thomas W.
Tierney, Brian P.
Winternburg, Christopher T.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Honor Roll: Town of Berne (New York) World War II Honor Roll

South of Albany, New York, are the hill towns of southern Albany County. They include Berne, East Berne, Gallupville, Knox, and West Berne. It is beautiful rolling mountain country which includes many well maintained farms. Over 20 of the farm owners have painted what are called barn quilts on their barns or outbuildings. We downloaded a self-paced driving tour map and had a wonderful afternoon discovering this area of Albany county that seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of the state capital.

A "barn quilt" of the Dutch Puzzle design on a barn near Berne, New York;
personal collection

As we drove through the outskirts of Berne on Helderberg Trail (State Route 443), we passed the town park, which included a World War II Honor Roll.

Personal collection
Town of Berne World War II Honor Roll; personal collection

In honor of those that served our country
Town of Berne

World War II
Town of Berne
Honor Roll

Adams, Clark
Adams, Seth
Adriance, C.
Becker, Eugene
Bray, William
Breunig, Frank, Jr.
Brooks, Paul
Brown, Floyd
Brownell, Herbert
Brownell, Robert
Brownell, Wallace
Buckenberg, M.
Bunzey, Kenneth
Burgoyne, Everett
Burnett, Leo
Buson, Michael
Buzon, Stephen
Cleveland, Grover
Combs, George
Conklin, Clyde
Conklin, Ervin
Conklin, Robert
Countryman, Norman
Deitz, DeForest, Jr.
Deitz, Herbert, Jr.
Deitz, Norma
Deitz, Robert
Deitz, Walter
Denecanl, J.
Dibble, Spencer
Domino, Fred
Ebel, Walter
Ecker, Ernest
Filkins, Clyde
Filkins, Thomas
Filkins, Warren
Fuller, Burton, Jr.
Furman, Arthur
Garvey, George
Gerry, Joseph
Giebitz, Henry
Giebitz, Paul
Giebitz, Robert
Gilbert, Charles
Gross, Herbert
Haluska, Frank
Haluska, John
Hammet, Stanley
Hart, Milton, Jr.
Hayden, Thomas
Hempstead, Arthur
Hempstead, Leo
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Leroy
Hoelser, Edmund
Holmberg, John
Holmberg, Theodore
Johnson, Edward
Jones, Charles, Jr.
Jones, Frances
Jones, Robert
Keetney, Anthony
Kinnaird, Frank
Lendrum, Frederick
Mangan, John
Mangan, Michael
Mangan, Robert
Mangan, Thomas
Maslowski, Roland
Mattice, Earl
Mattice, Richard
Mattice, Wallace
McCauley, Frederick
Miller, Chester D.
Milner, Issac
Northrup, Harold
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Leo
O'Kesson, William
Parsons, Frederick
Pitcher, Harry
Porter, Harmon
Porter, Harold
Rapp, Arthur
Rapp, Edward
Remley, Frank
Roney, William
Schaffer, Arthur
Schoonmaker, Walter
Simons, Van
Smith, Charles
Smith, Melvin
Sisson, Read, MD
Skinner, Allen
Snyder, Donald
Swart, Henry
Swint, Giles
Swint, James
Swint, William
Taber, Lloyd
Teeling, Ruth
Tefft, Robert
Tompkins, Edgar
Tompkins, Sherman
Van Denburgh, Arnold
Van Denburgh, Donald
Warner, Albert
Warner, Frances
Warner, Frank
Way, Harvey, Jr.
Wideman, Vincent
Willsey, Clyde
Willsey, Warren
Worner, C. F.
Wright, Milton

The names have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

City of Kingston (New York) Remembering Pearl Harbor

The City of Kingston, New York, is the county seat of Ulster County and slightly more than 100 miles north of New York City up the Hudson River. Soon after the British colonies declared independence, Kingston became the first capitol city of the Empire State.

First New York Senate House, Kingston, New York; personal collection

The British were not amused and burned the town a month later.

City Hall was built in 1873 on the top of a hill between the former villages of Kingston and Rondout, which are now both part of the city. On the steep front lawn are several memorials honoring the service of military men and women.

Kingston City Hall; courtesy of Wikipedia

However, only one memorial marker includes the name of an individual service man. He lost his life on 7 December 1941, a day President Franklin D. Roosevelt said "will live in infamy."

Memorial marker honoring the service man killed during Pearl Harbor;
personal collection

Pearl Harbor
Lest we forget
Robert J. "Red" Flannery
7 December 1941

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Honor Roll: Town of Otis (Massachusetts) World War II Honor Roll

Otis, Massachusetts, is a town in Berkshire, the westernmost county in the commonwealth. In front of the library and museum building is the Otis World Ward II Honor Roll Memorial.

World War II Honor Roll in the Town of Otis, Massachusetts, personal

Dedicated to those
Men and women living or dead
who have served and are
serving in any branch of the
armed forces of the United
States of America from the
Town of Otis. A sincere thanks
to all those for keeping
our country and others free.

In honor of
the men and women of
who served their country
in World War II

Barton, George R.
Barton, William E., Jr.
Besaw, Paul L.
Bittman, Louis M.
Bliven, Francis L.
Bristol, Norman R.
Budner, Silas
Cowell, Ray D.
Cowell, Leon A.
Crittendon, Richard H.
Crittendon, William S.
Dillman, George F.
Edwards, Thomas G.
Gage, Charles B.
Gage, Daniel W.
Hall, Arnold D.
Harrington, Reginald J.
Hood, Edward P.
Hood, Howard D.
Jones, Clifford E.
Judson, William D., Jr.
Kaminsky, Alexander
Kaminsky, Kenneth
Kaminsky, Ray
Langdon, George W.
Moberg, David E.
O'Donnell, John H.
Pelletier, Harvey
Perry, William P.
Pillman, Howard J.
Pyenson, Maxwell
Snow, Lawrence
Somes, Barbara J.
Soule, Robert L., Jr.
Tacy, Donald D.
Tacy, Elwin N.
Tacy, Nelson C.
Tacy, William P., Jr.
Worden, Ralph R.

The names have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Honor Roll: Town of Lee (Massachusetts) James Burt Veterans Memorial Park and World War I Honor Roll

Lee, Massachusetts, is a town in Berkshire County. During the Shays' Rebellion in 1786 about 250 followers of Daniel Shays encountered state troops near Lee. The Shays partisans paraded a fake cannon and the troops fled. But the town is better known for its marble, which was first quarried in 1852. Marble from Lee was used in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City and the Capitol building in Washington, District of Columbia.

James Burt Veterans Memorial Park on Main Street near Academy Street. The park was named for Captain James M. Burt, U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient and includes an honor roll memorial for World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War.

James Burt Veterans Memorial Park Honor Roll; personal collection

James Burt Veterans Memorial Park
In Memory of Those from Lee Who Died During War
For Their Country

World War I (1917-1918)
Bossidy, James R.
Carty, John T.
Crerar, Thomas M.
Fanning, Thomas J.
Griffin, Russel R.
Gross, Harry F.
Noonan, Charles T.
Parker, Harold M.
Parker, Milton D.
Roberts, Ivan D.

World War II (1941-1946)
Arioli, Eugene
Armstrong, James
Bonafin, Eugene L.
Brace, Harold M.
Burt, Thomas
Carpenter, Thomas F.
Corey, Herbert
Cory, George E.
Cross, Harry
Davis, Joseph
Gage, Ralph A.
Leahey, John L.
McGoldrick, Peter
Murray, Francis
Pera, Aldo
Pezzotini, Victor J.
Richmond, John W.
Turner, Donald L.
Whalen, Donald

Korean War (1950-1955)
Abderhalden, William
Turner, Kenneth

Vietnam War (1961-1975)
Cummings, Charles R.
Stevenson, Bruce
Termini, James M.
Whalen, Michael

Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
We honor the veterans of Lee
who served in the Persian Gulf War
and are thankful that they
returned home safely

This Memorial is Dedicated To All Veterans. In All Wars.
A Grateful Nation Salutes You.

This World War I Honor Roll is also on Main Street near the intersection with
Franklin Street (or slighly south) of James Burt Veterans Memorial Park;
personal collection

World War I Honor Roll

To the Men of Lee Who Gave All in the War for World Wide Liberty

Bossidy, James R.
Carty, John R.
Crerar, Thomas M.
Cross, Harry F.
Fanning, Thomas J.
Griffin, Russell R.
Noonan, Charles T.
Parker, Harold M.
Parker, Milton D.
Roberts, Ivan D.

Erected by Ausotunnoog Chapter D.A.R.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Honor Roll: Berkshire County (Massachusetts) Vietnam War Memorial

Memorial Park is in the center of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the county seat of Berkshire County. At the east end of the park is the county's Vietnam War Memorial.

Vietnam War Memorial 1961-1975; personal collection

Vietnam War Memorial 1961-1975

Dedicated to the men and
women from Berkshire
County during the Vietnam
War and in memory of
those who gave their

"To those who died
honor and eternal rest.
To those still in bondage
remembrance and hope,
to hose who returned.
Gratitude and peace."

Berkshire County Vietnam War Memorial; personal collection

Berkshire County Remembers

Aldam, Kevin G.
Benjamin, Gary T.
Bissaillon, Francis H.
Borey, David C.
Casey, Michael J.
Coakley, William F.
Conner, Paul A.
Cook, Peter A.
Cronk, Paul M., Jr.
Cummings, Charles H.
Davis, Richard S., Jr.
Foote, Peter W.
Hartlage, John P., III
Hayes, Tristan W.
Henneberry, James C.
Jaquins, Charles E.
Jarvis, Edward C.
Krzynowek, Paul S.
Luscier, Howard H.
Malloy, John J.
Muraca, Patrick J.
Pratt, John L.
Roulier, Russell R.
Shufelt, George J.
Termini, James M.
Whalen, Michael C.
Witanek, Chester L., Jr.

Names have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Honor Roll: City of Pittsfield (Massachusetts) Civil War Honor Roll

Pittsfield is the county seat of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, the westernmost county in the commonwealth and it is a short but scenic 45-minute drive from the outskirts of Albany, New York, where my husband works two weeks out of every month.

In the center of town is the Memorial Park at the intersection of South, North, East and West Streets. At each end of the park is a memorial.

Pittsfield Soldiers Monument, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; personal collection

The front, or west, facade includes the following inscription:

For the dead
A tribute.
For the living
a memory.
For prosterity
an emblem
of loyalty to the flag
of their country.

The rear, or east, facade includes the following inscription:

With grateful recognition
Of the services of all her
Who upheld the honor and
Integrity of our beloved
The town of
Erects this monument in
Loving Memory of those
Who died that the
Might live

The north and south facades include the names of Civil War soldiers from Pittsfield, who died during that war:

Pittsfield Civil War Honor Roll Plaque; personal collection

2nd Regiment
Mullany, Michael
Robbins, Charles W.

8th Regiment
Broad, Charles C.'Morgan, Daniel S.

10th Regiment
Burbank Samuel D.
Cassidy, James
Corliss, Richard S.
Duffee, Thomas
Grippen, Nelson N.
Harris, Charles, F., Jr.
Hemenway, Alfred C.
Heminway, Haskel
Hibbard, Gardner B.
Hogan, Michael
Noble, Henry
Ryan, Richard

20th Regiment
Lt. Lansing E. Hibbard

Bates, Oliver S.
Carough, James
Francis, Jonathan
Goodwin, Charles
Kelly, George F.
Merchant, John
Morey, James K.
Noble, Wilbur
Sloan, John A.

21st Regiment
Capt. William H. Clark

Chamberlain, Henry F.
Cressy, Justin S.
Garlick, Evelyn A.
Jarvis, George W.
McIntosh, Hobart R.
Menton, George E.
Wright, Samuel
Woodworth, Charles L.

27th Regiment
Bentley, James S.
Bolic, David
Davis, Charles H.
Donlin, James
Goddit, Joseph
Merry, Willard L.
Monnier, William H.
Wilbur, Eleazar
Williams, James
Wilson, John

31st Regiment
Capt. William W. Rockwell
Daily, Louis H.
Holder, Henry
Quigley, Edward E.
Martin, George L.
Ross, John B.
Tute, James
Harrington, Jonathan F., Jr.

Other Regiments
Shepardson, Charles M.
Kellogg, Byron, W.
Johnson, Isaac

Pittsfield Civil War Honor Roll Plaque; personal

34th Regiment
Lt. James L. Dempsey

Casey, John
Clark, Noah A.
Dill, Charles H.
Donnelly, William E.
Fairbanks, Edgar P.
Grady, John
Harned, Nelson
Leeson, Thomas
Shaw, John

37th Regiment
Blood, Miles H.
Hooker, Oliver C.
Hussey, Patrick
Reinhart, Robert

39th Regiment
Hemenway, Elbert O.

49th Regiment
Bull, James B.
Davis, Luther M.
Dewey, Allen M.
Jones, Seth R.
Joyner, Daniel M.
Noble, Samuel G.
Platt, Charles E.
Taylor, William
Videtto, Charles F.

54th Regiment
Bird, Levi
Franklin, Eli
Van Blake, John
Wilson, Henry

57th Regiment
Bourne, George H.
Daniels, Chester H.
Daniels, Lowell
Danyon, Horace
Hodge, George H.
Monney, Peter
Thornton, Patrick
Tyler, Lester

61st Regiment
Beebe, Thomas D.
Mallison, Martin F.

1st Regiment Cavalry
Chapman, Charles T.
Gray, Hiram S.
Hanly, Michael
Hills, John F.
Ober, John P.
Roberts, Edward O.
Taylor, Giles

3rd Regiment Cavalry
Ollinger, Charles
Pritchard, Allen

2nd BL [illegible]
Reardon, Timothy

Other Regs.
Capt. Henry H. Sears

Donahue, James
Smith, John W.

Names have been alphabetized by surname within the regiment headings.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Honor Roll: Town of Sharpsburg (Maryland) Patriot Memorial

As my husband and I were driving through Sharpsburg, Maryland, on a beautiful, 70+-degree day in December on our way to the Antietam National Cemetery, I spotted a memorial monument in front of the town hall.

Patriot Memorial in Sharpsburg, Maryland; personal collection

Erected by
Citizens of
Sharpsburg Dist.
In recognition of the
Patriotism shown by
All, who answered our
Country's call in the
World War
1917 -- 1919

C. Elmer Benner
Bentley H. Benner
Everett Benner
*Alvey Benner
Samuel H. Bender
Samuel J. W. Burtner
William H. Boyer
Otha Burgas
Milton Cook
*Lloyd Crampton
Henry W. Crampton
Arthur H. Dorsey
*Earl Gardner
Oliver F. Grice
Earl Gross
George R. Herbert
Carny H. L. Hoffmaster
Leon E. Highberger
Earl Hetzel
John Hetzel
Howell Hetzel
Thomas G. Houser
Walter Jamison
Raymond Jamison
Charles R. D. Knode
Gardner H. Knode
Peter S. Kretzer
Harry N. Kretzer
Oliver Kretzer
Allen F. Liskey
John Lowman
Arthur Gordon Mellot
Noah W. Mills
Clarence Monroe
John Monroe
William D. Monroe
Thomas J. Moore
Charles Mose
Lester M. Mose
John T. Murphy
John W. Myers
Harry Payton
George W. Otzelberger, Jr.
J. Evans Poffenberger
Clyde A. Powell
Russell F. Powell
*Howell Reel
Lester J. Reel
Victor Alfred Reel
Ralph D. Renner
Ralph R. Ritter
Roy R. Row
Leo M. Smith
John D. E. Starliper
Arthur Stottlemeyer
*C. Russell Stull
Bertram Swain
James B. Tall
Charles E. Thomas
Gardner Tucker
Enoch Earl Vickers

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Honor Roll: Wayne County (West Virginia) Revolutionary War Plaque

Thanks to Brandi Proffitt, who I met virtually in the Sevier County Tennessee Genealogy Active Sharing Facebook group, I am able to share her photograph of a Revolutionary War plaque presented by the Westmoreland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and transcribe their names for the Honor Roll project.

Wayne County, West Virginia, Revolutionary War Soldiers plaque; courtesy
of Brandi Proffitt

Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Wayne County

Valentine Bloss
Charles Burt
James Asher Crockett
Adam Crum
Lazarus Damron
Daniel Davis
Samuel Ferguson
Macajah Frasher
Dr. Cory Henry Hapton
Samuel Hatten, Sr.
Josia Marcum
James Maynard
John Stephenson
Bennett Wellman

Presented by the Westmoreland Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of The American Revolution, April 1978

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Honor Roll: Craven County (North Carolina) Honor Rolls

New Bern, North Carolina, located at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent rivers, was first settled by Swiss and German Palatine immigrants in 1710. It later became the first permanent seat of colonial government in North Carolina. Tyron Palace, the British royal governor's mansion was completed in 1770. After the Revolutionary War, New Bern was named the state capital. In the 1800s, it was the largest city in the state, developed on the trade of goods and slaves.

Tryon Palace; courtesy of Tryon Palace

New Bern is now the county seat for Craven County. The court house is located at 302 Broad Street. On the grounds of the courthouse are several monuments, including two honor rolls.

Craven County World Wars Honor Roll; personal

Sacred to the memory of Craven County dead
01 World War No. 1 & 2

World War [Note: This is World War I]
Adams, Danie
Bennett, J. F.
Civils, Ben O.
Daughterty, J.E.
Daughtery, John C.
Donnerson, W. Van
Evans, John
Everington, D. R.
Havens, Alonza
Hawkins, Raymond
Henry, Castello
Hill, James Arthur
Ipock, Jodie
Jenkins, Emmett
Lancaster, H. L.
Mitchell, William R.
Parrot, Sam
Price, William G.
Rea, Kenneth
Rowe, Deppe
Skinner, George T.
Spruill, Joe
Stallings, Wyatt
Stilley, Bert
Tilley, F. L.
Toler, W. H.
Weatherly, W. J.
Wilson, George Felton, Jr.
Wise, Sherman

World War II
Allen, Moses
Ballenger, Clyde A., Jr.
Banks, Leroy T.
Bland, Jesse M.
Bowden, Edward Daniel
Caton, Francis C.
Caton, James H.
Cherry, Julian C.
Cleve, Wallace R.
Conderman, Robert J.
Connor, Woodrow W.
Cook, Charles E.
Coward, Radford
Daughtery, David L.
Daugherty, Marcus Cicero
Dill, Hal L.
Faulkner, Thomas D.
Hardison, Charles W.
Hardison, James R.
Harper, Joe N.
Hawkins, James Cleveland
Heath, Guion V.
Herring, Elvin Allen
Herring, Harvey V.
Herring, W. Toler
Ipock, George Alfred
Jackson, Solomon Claudius
Jones, Walter F.
Jones, Walter Ralph
Laughinghouse, Ed S.
Lewis, James J.
Manning, Carl L.
Marshburn, Clennie
Mason, Charles Percy
Meadows, Wade, Jr.
Mills, Paul F.
Mills, Sam N.
Mitchell, William M.
Moore, Hardy Perry
Morris, Richard Gray
Patterson, Donald F., Jr.
Peek, Douglas
Pipkin, George Phillip, Jr.
Powles, John M.
Rouse, Joseph
Ryman, Donald Ivar
Simmons, Furnifold M.
Smith, Ben L.
Stallings, Joe
Stapleford, Richard
Tilghman, H. Edward
Tolar, Ollen B.
Tripp, Zeb, Jr.
Wetherington, Harold
Wetherington, Thomas
Whitehurst, Henry Purefoy, Jr.
Williams, Wilbur, Slade
Willis, Fred P.

NOTE: The names on this memorial have been alphabetized.

Craven County Korea, Vietnam, War on Terrorism Honor Roll; personal

Erected in honor and memory of the men and women who served in defense of our nation.
Erected by the Craven Count Veterans Council

Brinson, Ephrian L.
Fenner, James H.
Jones, Lisburn H.
Lamar, Thomas C.
Lupton, Leo
Mumford, Erwin R.
Taylor, William R.
Wade, John G.
Wright, C. W., Jr.

Colglazier, Donald Robert
Davis, Kinsey Arthur
Faulkner, James Thomas
Gaskins, Darrell Frederick
Johnson, Jack Daniel
Lovelace, Charles Kennedy
Martin, Frederick L.
Sexton, Clarence Lee
Toler, Stanley Gray
Tyndall, John Harvey, Jr.
Wilson, Woodrow

War on Terrorism (Persian Gulf)
Underwood, Reginald C.
Ware, Bobby M.

War on Terrorism (Iraq)
Simmons, Leonard II
Jewell, Steven R.

War on Terrorism (Afghanistan)
Honaker, Christopher S.

Honor Roll: Pamilco County (North Carolina) Honor Roll

In 1978 my parents and two younger brothers moved from northern Virginia to Pamlico County, North Carolina, beginning my love affair with the eastern part of the state and the Inner Banks area in particular. It is an area rich in history with wide open Carolina blue skies and lots of broad expansive bodies of water.

The county seat of Pamlico is Bayboro and the courthouse is located there. In front of the courthouse is the Pamlico County Honor Roll monument. I have driven by that courthouse countless times and even met with county officials there, but until my brother told me the monument existed I never knew it was there!

Pamlico County Honor Roll monument; personal

World Wars I and II

Thomas Elwood Aldridge
Randolph Allen
Zeb Elwood Banks
Milton L. Bennett
Lonnie Cahoon
Henry E. Carawan
Bonnie R. Caroon
Lawrence Cooper
Fred Davis
Leroy Davis
Glenn Hunter Dawson
Howard Dixon
Marshall Fisher
Wilbert G. Gaskell
C. M. Gaskins
Elijah Hawks
Ervin Johnson
Elisha Jones
Lewis Mann
Lewis S. Midyette
T. Coleman Miller
John Muse
Vernon Newton
James O'Neal
Edward Dill Paris
Robert Popperwill
Connor Richardson
Wilbur Robinson
Leon Woodard Rowe
Hood Stephens
Daniel B. Voliva
Noel Mayo Whealton
Joseph W. Williams


Benjamin F. Carr
Jasper W. Lee
Bobby A. Tingle


Elbert A. Ballance
George D. Bennett
Linwood M. Holmes
Bennie F. Jones
Willis L. Midgette
Terry L. Quigley
Loyd H. Sanders
Ernest M. Hodges

Merchant Marine

Floyd T. Ireland
Bruce C. Lupton
Sherman E. Lupton
Murray C. Mason

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Honor Roll: Mecklenburg County (Virginia) Veterans Memorial

The Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Veterans Memorial is located in Clarksville, Virginia, which is located on Buggs Island Lake, a 50,000-acre man-made lake which built to bring electricity to the area and control flooding along the Roanoke River. Clarksville was incorporated in 1818. Settlers flocked to the area as the soil was so good for growing tobacco. By 1832 it was recognized as one of the fastest growing towns in Virginia. The Clarksville Tobacco Market was considered so important to the commonwealth's economy, the Roanoke Navigation Company was formed to transport tobacco to Petersburg. Now the town is known for its historic district, which includes many 18th, 19th and early 20th century buildings and for recreational opportunities on the lake and nearby Occoneechee State Park.

Clarksville, Virginia, Veterans Memorial Park; personal collection

Center of the memorial wall; photograph
courtesy  of Lake Country Online

Revolutionary War

Andrews, William
Booker, Richard
Boswell, Robert
Burton, Hutchins
Burton, Noel H.
Singleton, Christopher
Smith, Robert
Thomas, John

War of 1812

Barbee, William
Bland, John
Ferguson, Joseph
Scott, George L.
Waller, Edward

Mexican War

Drumright, Green
Love, Hugh

Civil War

Adams, Robert L.
Allgood, John D.
Ames, Thomas S.
Apple, Lewis C
Arnold, P. H.
Bailey, William T.
Baisey, Mark A.
Baisey, Thomas L.
Banks, Hartwell R.
Barbour, William T.
Baskerville, George T.
Belcher, James
Bennett, James P.
Bennett, Silas J.
Bevel, James T.
Binford, James L.
Binford, Rowland G.
Bowen, James E.
Bowen, Richard F.
Bowen, Thomas J.
Bowers, Giles S.
Boyd, Francis W.
Boyd, John B. 
Bracey, Andrew J.
Bracey, John R.
Brame, John B.
Brame, Peter W.
Brewer, John
Brooks, Benjamin
Brummell, Adomium D.
Bugg, Robert H.
Bugg, William H.
Burnett, Edwin H.
Burroughs, Robert 
Burton, James
Burton, Paul G.
Burton, Robert
Burton, Samuel G.
Burwell, Charles S.
Burwell, John S.
Burwell, Richard B.
Byasee, John
Carter, Edmund T.
Carter, Hillard W.
Carter, Robert A.
Carter, Robert H.
Chandler, William H.
Clack, Richard H.
Clarke, Reuben H.
Cleaton, John G. 
Cleaton, Thomas P.
Cliborne, Howell M.
Cliborne, John
Cole, Isaac B.
Cole, William T.
Coleman, Augustus H.
Coleman, C. A.
Coleman, Conrad P.
Coleman, Samuel T.
Coleman, William B.
Coley, Richard C.
Collis, James R.
Cook, James R., Jr.
Cook, James R., Sr.
Cook, Thomas
Cooper, Edmund
Couch, John S.
Cox, Edward
Cox, Eli
Cox, Elijah H.
Cox, Peter B.
Cox, Thomas 
Cox, William E.
Creedle, Drury P.
Crow, Benjamin L.
Crow, R. H.
Crow, William E.
Crowder, George G.
Crowder, Green A.
Crowder, Henderson
Crowder, Jams H.
Crowder, R. S.
Crowder, Wesley D.
Crowder, William
Crutchfield, John R.
Crute, Samuel V
Culbreath, John
Cumbie, William E.
Cunningham, James
Curtis, Benjamin F.
Curtis, Green
Curtis, James C
Curtis, Jasper J.
Curtis, Robert L.
Curtis, William E.
Daniel, William
Davis, H. M.
Davis, John B.
Davis, Rufus W.
Davis, William S. Jr.
Dedman, Thomas J.
Dedman, William H.
Dodson, Benjamin F.
Doggett, Asa D.
Drumwright, James R.
Dunkley, Charles H.
Easley, Frederick B.
Edmondson, Edward P.
Elam, Richard
Elam, Thomas F.
Elliott, John 
Ellis, Andrew J.
Ellixson, James B.
Evans, James J.
Evans, Robert H.
Evans, Wilson E.
Ezell, Benjamin J.
Ezell, John W.
Farrar, John P.
Fields, John S
Fitts, Robert
Floyd, William
Floyd, Wyatt
Forlines, George P.
Forlines, Hiram
Forlines, J. R.
Garner, James A. 
Garner, John L.
Garner, William A. 
Gayle, Peter A.
Gee. Benjamin C.
Gee, Jesse
Gee, Leonidas
George, Matthew
Gilchrist, Alexander J.
Gillispie, Richard O.
Glasscock, James Jr.
Glasscock, James Sr.
Glasscock, Thomas B.
Godsey, William H.
Gold, Charles T.
Goode, James
Goode, William O. II
Gordon, Charles G.
Graves, Madison
Green, Eli T.
Gregory, Richard H.
Griffin, Andrew J.
Griffin, Cornelius
Griffin, William L.
Guy, James
Hampton, R. F.
Hardy, Thomas J. 
Harold, Daniel B.
Harris, Richard
Harris, Samuel T.
Harris, William O
Harvey, John H
Haskins, John L.
Hendrick, Joseph B
Hendrick, Robert L.
Higgins, Edmund K.
Hite, William O.
Hodges, Daniel
House, Alexander W.
House, George W., Jr.
House, George W., Sr. 
House, James O.
House, Marcelles
House, R. J.
Hunter, William H.
Hutcherson, J. H.
Hutcherson, William A.
Hutcheson, John V.
Hutcheson, John W.
Insco, Isaac
Insco, Robert O.
Jackson, Charles S.
Jackson, Robert A.
Jackson, William C.
James, Richard
Jefferson, George
Jeffries, Henry G.
Jeter, William D. A.
Johnson, Benjamin G. 
Johnson, James W. 
Johnson, John
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, John L. 
Jones. James Y.
Jones, Thomas B.
Jones, Thomas J.
Jones, William H.
Jones, Williamson
Keeter, James 
Kidd, Bartlett M.
Lambert, Andrew J.
Lambert, William H.
Langley, William
Lawson, John S.
Lawson, William J.
Leaker, W. D,
Legin, Alexander
Lett, Thomas B.
Lipscomb, Alpheus B.
Loafman, George W.
Loafman, Hillary H.
Lyle, Samuel
Malone, Clairborne
Mason, Robert F.
Matthews, Alexander K.
Matthews, J. Kemp
Matthews, John H.
Mayfield, John W.
McCan, Reuben
McGuire, Benjamin H.
Meachum, Lewis A.
Moore, Henry M.
Moore, John B.
Morgan, Williiam G
Morris, Daniel J.
Morris, John G.
Moseley, Edwin J.
Mosely, W. J.
Murray, R. A.
Murray, Thomas
Nash, David H.
Neal, William R.
Nelson, Thomas B.
Nelson, William G.
Netherly, James W.
Netherly, Richard T.
Newton, Henderson
Newton, James J.
Newton, John 
Nicholson, Richard H.
Norwood, Bennett
Norwood, Jesse
Oliver, John M.
Oliver, William M.
Overbey, David B.
Overbey, Patrick H.
Owen, C. M.
Owen, R. T.
Owen, William J.
Painter, James O. K.
Parham, George L.
Patillo, Samuel G.
Patillo, William A
Pearson, John J. D.
Phillips, Bird P.
Phillips, John T.
Phillips, Samuel S.
Piercy, Samuel C
Piercy, Thomas
Pinson, Allen 
Pool, John E. P.
Powers, John W.
Prulley, Hutchins M.
Pully, Richard H.
Puryear, Benjamin F.
Puryear, Giles R.
Puryear, J. P.
Puryear, James A.
Puryear, John A.
Puryear, John J.
Puryear, John R.
Puryear, Reuben A.
Puryear, Richard H.
Puryear, Ruffin
Puryear, Rufus A.
Puryear, William H.
Puryear, William M.
Rainey, Herebert B
Rainey, John J. 
Rainey, Joseph N.
Rainey, Madison L.
Rainey, Mathew J.
Rainey, P. L.
Ramsey, Chappel
Ramsey, Warren 
Ramsey, William B.
Read, Thomas A.
Reamey, W. Asbury
Reese, Edmund
Reese, Joseph M.
Reese Matthew A.
Reese, Sylvanus
Rice, Jesse
Riggins, Edward T.
Roberts, Anderson H.
Roberts, David J.
Roberts, John J.
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Samuel P.
Robertson, Henry 
Roffe, Charles S.
Russell, J. William
Ryland, William H.
Saddler, Archer C.
Scott, Robert G.
Scott, William W.
Sculthorpe, A. M.
Simmons, Benjamin W.
Simmons, Robert H.
Singleton, George W.
Sizemore, Eli D.
Smith, Albert J.
Smith, Edward A.
Smith, George W.
Smith, John A.
Smith, William A. 
Smith, William C.
Smith, William H.
Smithson, Percy S.
Stegall, George W.
Stone, William 
Strange, John A.
Summerhill, James
Talley, Peyton R.
Talley, William J.
Tanner, Andrew J.
Tanner, John E.
Taylor, H. C. 
Taylor, Isaac H.
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Robert A.
Taylor, Robert J.
Terrell, Thomas 
Tharp, William S.
Thomas, Benjamin J.
Thomas, Charles W.
Thomas, John O.
Thomas, Robert W.(i)
Thomas, Robert W.(ii)
Thomas, William D.
Thomason, Andrew J.
Thomason, Joseph R.
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, Green
Thompson, Richard C.
Thompson, Robert H.
Thompson, Thomas C.
Tisdale, Christopher C.
Toone, John R.
Tucker, George T.
Tucker, John M.
Tucker, William R.
Tudor, William H.
Vaughan, James T.
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, John L.
Vaughan, Martin
Vaughan, Peter G.
Vaughan, William J.
Vaughn, Enoch
Wade, William
Wagstaff, W. K.
Walker, Alfred W.
Walker, Benjamin W. L.
Walker, Charles E.
Walker, James M. 
Walker, John B.
Walker, M. H.
Walker, Robert W.
Waller, Isaac D. 
Waller, John J.
Watkins, Alfred W.
Watkins, Henry S.
Watkins, James M.
Watkins, John D.
Watkins, Joseph W
Watson, J. L.
Watson, Littleberry Jr.
Weaver, James
Webb, Thaddeus P. 
Webb, William E. 
Wells, James T.
West, John 
White, Hugh L.
White, William H.
Whittemore, Archer P.
Whittemore, William H.
Wilkins, William R.
Willard, Benjamin B.
Williams, Henderson S.
Williamson, Edmund J.
Williamson, William
Wilson, James 
Wilson, William G.
Winckler, Matthew T.
Winfree, John J.
Winn, Horatio
Winn, James W.
Wood, W. G.
Wortham, George H.
Wright, Albert J.
Wright, Amasa P.
Wright, James A.
Wynne, William H.
Yancey, A. C.
Yancey, Joseph S.
Yancey, William H.

World War I

Alexander, Robert M.
Allen, Leftwich P.
Barnett, Alva B.
Blanks, S. Bernard 
Bryant, A. Dudley
Burwell, Leftwich P.
Burwell, Samuel L.
Cook, Adolphus
Cox, John W.
Crews, Eddie B.
Dailey, Charlie I.
Eastwood, Henry
Epperson, Edward A.
Fowlkes, Herbert W.
Gregory, Mack
Harper, Gee
Harper, George 
Harper, Langston
Harris, William H.
Hester, Benton R.
Hester, Hazel W.
Hightower, A. Logan
Homes, Peter P.
Hubbard, Rufus R.
Hughes, James B.
Jeffress, Barnwell
Johnson, Henry E.
Jones, Percy H.
Jones, Perry
Payne, Maurice L.
Pecke, Burnwell M.
Pettus, John D.
Puryear, Wilton S.
Riggans, Julian D.
Rinda, Eddie
Rockwell,, William L.
Russell, Robert
Sculthorpe, Thomas L.
Short, Mitchell
Smith, Graham M.
Stewart, Bryce W.
Stone, Sam
Tanner, Thomas A.
Taylor, Charlie L.
Thomas, Frank
Tillerson, Willie B.
Tudor, Otis C.
Wagstaff, R. Earl
Walker, Moses 
Walton, Mevin A.
Wells, Ernest P.
Winn, James E.
Yancey, Arthur L.
Zabel, Emil F.

World War II

Allen, Lloyd T.
Allgood, Eddie W.
Ashworth, Garland B.
Baisey, Dillard B. Jr.
Blalock, Geroge T.
Brown, Ralph B.
Buchanan, Amos R.
Bunn, James W.
Burton, James E.
Bushell, Albert M.
Cabaniss, Walter A.
Carey, Samuel D.
Carter, Charles Jr.
Clark, Hammie B. Jr.
Clarke, Arthur N.
Cole, Joseph N.
Collier, Allan T. 
Cooper, Clarence L.
Crowe, Johnnie W.
Crowe, William H.
Davis, Scott
Douglas, William J.
Ezelle, William H.
Farrah, Kenneth E.
Gauldin, Calvin E.
Gordon, James S. Jr.
Gregory, Clarence J.
Gunn, John W.
Gurley, Durham
Hamilton, Harry P.
Hammond Stanley B.
Hatchell, Charles P.
Hayes, James E.
Hendrick, Cornelius B., Jr.
Hendrick, Edward
Herndon, James C., Jr.
Hite, Jesse Jr.
Hoyle, John L.
Hudson, Arnold G.
Hudson, Samuel G.
Jackson, Carl W.
Jarrell, Jessie F.
Johnson, Lawrence H.
Jones, Douglas H.
Jones, Thomas B
King, Hailey W.
Kizer, Walter F.
Lambert, Willie B.
Leach, William A.
Lipscomb, Henry P.
Lockett, Thomas P.
McGuire, George E.
McNeely, Carlton W.
Meredith, Willie A.
Mills, Henry W.
Moore, Albert A.
Morse, Clarence G.
Newell, Carlton S., Jr.
Newton, Hammett Jr.
Newton, Irby L.
Northington, John A.
Oliver, Jesse
Page, George A.
Park, Robert A.
Perks, Charles L.
Ragland, Julian C.
Robertson, John H.
Ross, Ned
Sizemore, Andrew G
Sizemore, Thomas W.
Stembridge, James W. 
Stone, Herman L.
Taylor, James P.
Thomas, Warren H., Jr.
Thomas, Alfred
Thompson, Henry T., Jr.
Tuck, Andrew J.
Tuck, Robert C. 
Tudor, Charles A.
Vaden, Robert L.
Vaughn, William P., Jr.
Walters, Edison H.
Watson, James H
Webb, John L.
Wilmoth, Johnnie R., Jr.
Wilmoth, Reubin M.
Wilson, C. Harvey
Wood, Donald E.
Wooden, Warren W.
Wortman, Sidney F., Jr.
Wright, Ollie M.
Wright, Silas M.
Yeates, Mahlon R.
Young, Beltram W.
Young, Winfred H.


Hall, Earl L. Sr.
Harrison, Shirlee D
King, Thomas W.
Long, R. Sidney
Moore, Raymond L.
Peebles. Cecil M.
Simmons, Billy L.
Simmons, Robert J., Jr.
Winckler, James F.


Bing, Allen L.
Blanks, Tony P.
Buchanan, Charlie B. Jr.
Burton, Fred D.
Clark, Danny T.
Coghill, Milo B.
Daniel, Charles L.
Dunn, Morris G.
Harris, Jackie L.
King, Robert L.
McKinney, David L.
Morris, Gilbert
Parrish, Samuel J.
Stovall, Calvin
Tapp, Marshall L.
Thomas, Wilson D.
Venable, Westovel
Watkins, Charles H., Jr.
Williams, Christopher

War on Terrorism

Billings, Robert J.
Dix, William T.
Newton, Michael A.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.