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Harry Evans, Margaret McCully and the Marriage that Wasn’t

A few months ago I was contacted by someone about the Frew, Wilson, Bowie, and Ross families in Appanoose County, Iowa. I looked in my family tree and found Anna Frew and her husband William Bowie. In my family tree, they were the parents of Harry Evans, who married Margaret McMully on 1 February 1906 in Appanoose County, Iowa. What? Why does Harry have a different surname than his father.

After looking at Harry and Margaret's facts pages in my family tree, it got more weird.  Margaret had married John Bowie on the same date. He was also a son of William Bowie and Anna Frew. Which one was correct?

Harry Evans

Further research indicated Harry was Henry "Harry" George Evans born on 30 March 1883 in St. Louis, Missouri, to Henry Evans and Alice Yeels.[1] Both his parents emigrated from England about the time of their marriage.  By the time Harry was 17 years old his family lived in Wayne County, Iowa, and he, his father and old brother worked as coal miners. Harry married Robena Bowie, daughter of William Bowie and Anna Frew, on 30 April 1905 in Appanoose County. They settled in Seymour, Iowa, and Harry worked as a miner for the Prairie Black Coal Company. By 1920 they moved to Centreville, Iowa, and Harry continued working as a miner. By 1930 Harry and his family lived in Milwaukee and he worked for a railroad as a mechanic's helper. He died on 18 February 1938 at the age of 54. His obituary was printed in the Milwaukee Sentinel the same day. He was interred at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Cincinnati, Iowa. Harry and Robena had two daughters, Lorene and Charlotte.

Information about Harry G. Evans (groom) on the marriage registration record
for the marriage between he and Robena Bowie; courtesy of

Information about Robena Bowie on the marriage registration record for the
marriage between she and Harry G. Evans; courtesy of

Margaret McCully

Margaret McCully was my 3rd cousin twice removed. Her great grandmother, Margaret (Semple) Scott, was an aunt of my great great grandmother, Margaret (Semple) Muir. Margaret McCully was born on 27 Nov 1883 in Oskaloosa, Iowa to Robert McCully and Margaret Wilson. Her father had emigrated from Ireland and her mother from Scotland before they married in Illinois the year before Margaret's birth. By the time Margaret was 12 years old her family moved to Appanoose County. Her father was also a coal miner. She married John Stuart Bowie on 1 February 1906 in Centreville, Iowa. John worked as a miner in Appanoose County until sometime before 1930. When that census was enumerated, they lived in Des Moines, and John worked as a watchman for a motor plant. Margaret died on 26 June 1954 and was interred at Glendale Cemetery. Her obituary was published in the Centerville Iowegian and Citizen on 30 June 1954.

Index entry for John Bowie and Margaret McCully marriage registration;
courtesy of FamilySearch

Suspect Marriage Record

On there is a marriage registration record for the marriage of Harry Evans and Margaret McCully which took place on the same day as the marriage between John Bowie and Margaret McCully. And there is no marriage register record for that latter marriage. The only record of it I could find was an index record on FamilySearch (shown above).

Information about the groom who married Margaret McCully. He should be
John Bowie; courtesy of

Information about Margaret McCully on marriage register; courtesy of

If you look closely at the witnesses on the above image about Margaret McCully, you will notice one of the witnesses was Mrs. Harry G. Evans. Several pages of the register before and after this entry are written in the same hand. I believe the compiler simply made an error regarding the groom's name. Everything else, including the names of his parents and place of birth would be correct if the groom's name were John Bowie, not Harry Evans. I have seen many marriage records with incorrect information; however, this is the first time I have seen the wrong groom! I call it the marriage that wasn't.

[1] Alice's maiden name was variously spelled Jill, Yuls, Yilde in the source documents.

Honor Roll: Veterans Park, Schenectady, New York

Pete and I have been taking drives on Sundays, exploring our new home state of New York. After Thanksgiving, we explored north and west of Albany County and drove through Schenectady, New York. When Dutch settlers arrived in the area, they learned Mohawk Indians called one of their settlements skahnéhtati, meaning "beyond the pines." Eventually the word entered the Dutch language as Schenectady. Connected to the east and west via the Mohawk Valley and the Erie Canal, the city developed rapidly and was home to General Electric and American Locomotive Company. The Depression, corporate restructuring in the later half of the 20th Century, and the decline in the railroad industry brought economic hardship and loss of population. Lately the city has been reshaping it's economy based on renewable energy and it's population is growing again.

Veterans Park in downtown Schenectady, courtey of Synthesis Architects,
the company that created the redevelopment plan for Seward Place

As Pete and I drove through downtown Schenectady we noticed several memorials in a park across the street from the courthouse. The park is bounded by U.S. Rt. 5, Lafayette, and State Streets and Veeder Avenue.

World War I

Schenectady World War One Honor Roll; personal collection

For God and Country
1917 -- U.S.A. -- 1919

Be it our task to save.
In memory of the life you gave.
Those rights for which
Your blood was shed.

William H. Fuller
Earl W. Maxson
William J. O'Conner

Band Leader
Henry H. Leland

Albert P. Bramer
Wilfred F. Bressette
Byron M. Chamberlain
Elmer J. Herzog
Wesley D. Karker
John J. Maxwell
Robert M. Murray
James O. Sutcliffe
Herman Veeder

James Allen
George R. Barton
Arthur V. Grego
Harold A. Haslett
Ambrose E. Patnode
William Vanderhoof
Charles W. Yetto

Maroley J. Hilderbrand

Raymond L. Boone
Edward J. Broderick
Albert W. Clement
Donald Clune
James C. Costanzo
Harry V. Davis
John Delekta
Marcel C. Fontaine
John J. Gunning
Wavel A. Hart
Cesare Mancini
Dominick Mele
Paul H. Nunm
Earl A. Park
Frank E. Robinson
Daniel T. Sack
Harry J. Shieley
Henry Smith
Joseph R. Stevens
James G. Strugnell
Jeremiah J. Sullivan
Frances E. Van Buren
Arthur E. Way
Redmon A. Willis
Frank Yozzo
James O. _______

Veterans Honor Roll Memorial #1
(this memorial was nearest the courthouse on the Smith St. side of the park)

Schenectady Veterans Honor Roll Monument #1; personal collection

Side A

John Aragona, PVT, 1943-1943, USA Medics, WWII
Anthony J. Barber, SSGT, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Sophie Barber, PO 1st C, 1944-1946, USN WAVE, WWII
Richard E. Barker, SGT, USAF, Korea
Robert J. Barr, CPL, USA, WWII
Robert E. Becker, Sr., SGT, USA, WWII
Robert E. Becker, Jr., 1st SGT, 1960-1984, USMC
Maurice J. Bennett, SGT, USA, WWII
Arthur R. Bertini, TSGT, 1941-1945, WWII
Robert Berrian, PFC, 1951-1953, USA, Korea
Louis Bonitatibus, 3rd C, 1943-1946, USN, WWII
Thomas R. Burke, PFC, USA, WWII
Thomas Burton, T-4, USA Airborne, WWII
Anthony Campino, Seaman 1st C, 1944-1946, USN
Anthony L. Caputo, CSM, 1950-1986, USA, Korea
Bruno J. Carhidi, MSGT, USA, WWII
Donald J. Cerniglia, Airman, USAF, Vietnam
Salvatore F. Cerniglia, SSGT, USA, WWII
John E. Chamberlain, SSGT, 1940-1945, USA, WWII
Americo Cicchelli, PFC, 1944-1945, USA, WWII
Joseph Cintula, SK3 Seabee, 1944-1946, USN, WWII
Steve Cintula, Medic, 1943-1946, USA, WWII
Tony Cintula, OS2, 1976-1981, USN
Willie Clayton, PVT, 1951-1954, USA, Korea
George J. Cody, PFC, USA, WWII
David V. Connell, Sr., 1946-1947, USA, WWII
James A. Cromer, Jr. 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Thomas G. Culligan, SP-4, 1955-1963, USA
John J. Cummings, Lt. Merchant Marine, WWII
John W. Cunningham, PFC, 1941-1945, USA Infantry
Em Ernest E. Cupernall, 1939-1945, USN Submarines, WWII
Nicholas R. De Gasperis, T-5, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Domenico De Lorenzo, PFC, USA, WWI
Dominic De Lorenzo, USA Infantry, WWI
Nicholas De Martino, USA, WWI
Victor De Milio, PFC, 1944-1944, USA
Robert Della Villa, A 2nd C, 1958-1962, USAF
Dominic Di Carlo, 1939-1945, USN, WWII
Joseph J. Di Carlo, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
John R. Di Giorigo, PVT, 1943-1946, USA, WWII
Michael Debrino, Sr., SGT, 1941-1945, WWII
Gordon R. Decker, 1st SGT, 1948-1974, USMC
Anthony Degennardo, Capt., 1956-1974, USMC, Vietnam
P. Degennardo, GSGT, 1984-2004, USMC
Robert A. Deuell, 1944-1946, USN, WWII
John S. Dicristofaro, SGT, USAF, Vietnam
Douglas D. Dillenbeck, LT, USA, WWII
Frank M. Dillenbeck, CPL, USA, WWII
Wallace Dillenbeck, CPL, USA, WWII
Henry John Dudziec, SSGT, 1942-1945, USAAF, WWII
Dennis J. Eagan, 1976-1979, USMC
James P. Eagan, 1943-1946, USN, WWII
Vivian Messier Eagan, 1943-1946, USN, WWII
Michael R. Esposito, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Thomas E. Frank, E-5, 1965-1966, USA, Vietnam
Louis Frascatore, CPL, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Ernest C. Friedow, Fireman 1st C, 1945-1946, USN, WWII
John P. Friello, USA, WWII
Robert J. Gabrych, CWO, 1984-2004, USMC
Jesse C. Gaige, ETM 2nd C, USN, WWII
Carl Gaworecki, MM 3rd C, USS Ticonderoga CV, USN
Louis Giammatteo, PFC, 1963-1969, USA
Louis Giammatteo, Maj., 1989-2005, USA, Desert Storm
Louis J. Giammatteo, CPL. USA, Korea
Peter A. Giammatteo, Seaman, USN, WWII
Robert L. Girol, T-5, 1945-1947, USA, WWII
Frederick C. Goodwin, SSGT, 1954-1976, Vietnam
Robert V. Griffin, SP-4, 1955-1961 USA & USAR
*Anthony Harasimowicz, EMC, USN, WWII, KIA
Gary L. Harlan, PVT, USA, Korea
Edwin James Hickok, 1954-1976, USN
James M. Hichok, Jr. 1942-1945, USN, WWI
Richard C. Hogan, SP-5, USA Airborne, Vietnam
Raymond Lee Hyson, LCPL, USMC, Vietnam
H. "Tiny" Jackson, MSGT, 1942-1967, USA, WWII
Donald Keft, CPL, 1970-1976, USMC
*John W. Kehoe, 1st LT, USAF, WWII, KIA
*Joseph E. Kehoe, PFC, USA, WWII, KIA
Thomas F. Kehoe, PFC, USA WWII
William H. Kelly, SSGT, USA Infantry, WWII
Richard P. Kewley, Capt. 1968-1972, USA, Vietnam
Charles B. Kingsbury, T-5, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
Fred F. Kinsbury, 2nd LT, 1942-1944, USAAF, WWII
Mark Kishton, PFC, 1943-1945 3rd Div. USA, WWII
"E. J." Knapik, PDC 21, 1945-1947, USN, WWII
Ferdinand H. Knaup, PFC, 1956-1960, USA
Kenneth T. Lamp, 1942-1946, USN, WWII
Nicholas S. Leone, SP-5, 1954-1956, USA, Korea
Harry L. Leroy, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Gary A. Lestage, SP-5, MSTG, 1968-1969, USA, Vietnam
Walter W. Lewis, CPL, 1951-1953, USA, Korea
Ronald P. Longo, S SGT, 1967-1971 USAF, Vietnam
Frank R. Mackenzie, SGT, 1939-1945, USA, WWII
Attilio Maitino, SGT, USA, WWII
Dennis M. Manning, Capt. 1983-1986, USMC
John B. Manning, CPL, 1955-1960, USMC
Timothy J. Manning, Capt., 1982-1988, USA
Charles A. Manuli, Seaman 1st C, USN, WWII
**Joseph Mare, PFC, 1942-1945, 45 Infantry Div. 157, WWII, POW
Charles J. Margas, Seaman 1st C, USCG, WWII
Richard C. Martin, PFC, USMC, WWII
Sam A. Mazzotti, E-5, USA, WWII
Richard McConville, CPL, 1959-1963, USMC
Albert J. Micco, MSGT, 1963-1984, USA, Vietnam
John H. Miller, 1942-1946, USMC, WWII
Morton R. Miller, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
George A. Milliman, PFC, USA, Korea
Charles A. Monarch, PVT, USA WWII
Alexander Montanarelli, Coxswain, 1942-1946, USN
Joseph Monticolo, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
Ross F. Moody, Gunners Mate 2nd C, 1942-1946, USN, WWII
John W. Morrett, MM 3rd C, USN, WWII
Louis R. Morrett, CPL, USA, WWII
James Moscardini, 194101945, USA, WWII
Louis G. Moscardini, Jr., SGT 1st C, USA, WII
Fred E. Muscanell, T-5, 1943-1946, USA WWII
Vido-Red Muscanell, PFC, USA, WWII
William A. Muscanell, PFC, USA, WWII
William J. Mutryn, PFC, 1942-1945, USAF, WWII
**Arthur Myers, SGT, 1942-1944, USAF, WWII, MIA
Joseph Notar, Major, USMC, Korea
Myron Nazar, AMM 2nd C, USN, WWII
Laurence E. Nyland, T-5, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
George V. Palmer, USAF, WWI
James A. Palmer, Combat Engineer, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
Valentino D. Palmer, 1944-1948, USA & USN, WWII
William N. Palmer, Tank Corps, USA, WWII
Edward C. Pangburn, PFC, USA, WWII
Angelo C. Pedone, Sr., PFC, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
Fred A. Pedone, Sr., CPL, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
Vincent L. Pedone, SGT, USA, WWII
Bruce Robert Pelts, CS2, 1967-1971, USN
Robert Fred Pelts, MOMM 3rd C, 1943-1945, USCG, WWII
Anthony Pidgeon, PFC, 1946-1947, USA, WWII
Frank Felix Pidgeon, SGT, 1945-1945, USA, WWII
Ralph A. Pidgeon, 1960-1963, USN
Leonard F. Porcharo,  CPL, 1952-1954, USA
George Prehoda, SSGT, 1943-1946, USA Infantry, WWII
Martin E. Radliff, CPL, 1951-1953, USA, Korea
Fred A. Randall, SFC, USA WWII
David L. Ransom, PFC, 1950, USA
William J. Ransom, TSGT, 1957-1972, USN & USAF, Korea & Vietnam
Jerome "Harry" Razewzski, SGT, USAAF, WWII
Maurice A. Reese, 1947-1950, USA, WWII
Anthony F. Renna, 1943-1947, USA Infantry, WWII
Lester A. Rockwell, 1945-1946, USA, WWII
Frank Rosin, CPL, 1944-1946, 104th Infantry USA, WWII
Cassio M. Rossetti, SGT, USAF, WWII
Edward L. Rourke, USA, WWII
Joseph F. Rubinski, PFC, USA, WWII
Robert E. Ryan, Jr., 1943-1946, USMC, WWII
Vincent Sapone, SSGT, 100AAF Bomb Gp., WWII
Ronald Salvador, PVT, 1954-1956, USA
G. N. Seifer, QMS 2nd C, USN, WWI and Korea
James Shaw, TSGT, 1949-1979, NYARNG, WWII
David L. Skumurski, PFC, USA, Vietnam
Arnold L. Smith, SEAMAN, USN, 1968-1971, Vietnam
Henry G. Smith, USN Seabees, USMC, USA
*Joseph B. Smith, PFC, 3-5-1968, USMC, Vietnam, KIA
Robert E. Spaulding, PFC, 83rd Infantry Div. USA, WWII
Albert J. Semerad, Corpman, 1945-1950, USN, WWII & Korea
Milton A. Spencer, TSGT, 1954-1976, USAF, Vietnam
James A. Spina, SGT, 1943-1946, USA, WWII
Sesto J. Spina, 1943-1946, USA, WWI
David Stafford, PVT, 1862-1863, GAR
Robert F. Steiner, Sr., SSGT, USA, WWII
Robert F. Steiner, Jr., PN2, 1972-1977, USN
John F. Suski, PO 1st C, USN, Desert Storm-Iraq
Nicholas Tedisco, TSGT, USA WWII
Raymond D. Trombley, PFC 1914-1918, USA Infantry
Raymond J. Trombley, PFC, 1941-1946, USA, WWII
Henry S. Urban, PFC, USA, WWII
Clifford M. Van Buren, CPL, USMC, WWII
Richard E. Van Buren, PFC, USMC, WWII
Kurt Von Maucher, ST3 SS, 1964-1967, USN SW2 SS; 1979-1985 USNR
Edward Villano, Green Beret, 1953-1956, USA
Rudy Vojnar, CPL, 1944, USMC, WWII
Louis F. Votino, T-4, USA, WWII
Edward A. Wantuck, PHMIC, 1943-1946, USN, WWII
George R. Watts, CPL, 1944-1946, USMC
Richard A. Watts, SGT, 1966-1969, USMC, Vietnam
**Gordon J. Wesstervelt, PFC, WWII, POW
Francis J. Willeg, SSGT, USA WWII
Harley A. Wilty, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
Stephen J. Wrzesinski, SSGT, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
John T. Yanis, PFC, USA, WWII
Thomas J. Yanis, SP-4, 1969-1971, USA
Edward J. Yost, T-5, 1946-1947, USA
William A. Zeglen, TSGT, USAAF, WWII
Steve Zelezniak, Jr., 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Michael T. Zotta, SSGT, 1943-1946, USA, WWII

Side B

Emanuel Adams, Sr., SPC, USA, Vietnam
Albert Alicea, S Airman and E-4, USAF, 1986-1990
Eloy A. Alicea Alvira, E-8 and MSGT, 1962-1986, USA
Robert A. Ashline, FRM 1st C, USN, WWII
Henry S. Bakowski, T-4, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
John C. Balko, PFC, 1943-1946, USA, WWII
**Michael J. Barranco, PFC, 1943-1946, USA, WWII, POW
Virginio Bianchi, PFC, 1956-1962, USA
Elmer Bigelow, PFC, 1940-1945, USA
Elmer A. Bigelow, SP-4, 1970-1972, USA
Samuel L. Bigelow, SP-4, 1977-1980, USA
Thomas M. Bigelow, SSGT, 2000-2006, USAF
Gerald Blackstone, T-5, USA, WWII
Phillip Blackstone, SGT, 1963-1967, USAF, Vietnam
Henry E. Blaize, SSGT, 1954-1966, USAF
Charles Blake, CPL, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
William Bogert, Capt., 1957-1959, USA
Noe F. Boilard, Jr. SP-5, 1968-1969, USA, Vietnam
Fred S. Borogen, 2C, 1942-1945, USN, WWII
William Bowne, LCDR, 1942-1953, USN
Alan F. Bristor, Jr., MAJ, 1945-1960, USAAR
Roger F. Brown, CPL, USMC, Vietnam
Leonard J. Brudzienski, CPL, USMC, WWII
Robert L. Bussman, PFC, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
Angelo Capobianco, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Henry J. Caputo, S 2nd C, 1946-1947, USN
Soloman J. Carpentier, PFC, USA, WWII
George H. Castle, III, Capt. 1968-1969, USA, Vietnam
Vincent James Cerniglia, USA, WWII
Vito A. Cerone, SSGT, 1965-1974, USMC
James T. Commarto, 1945-1946, USA, WWII
Samuel J. Commarto, 1972-1974, USA, Vietnam
Thomas J. Commarto, 1975-1977, USA
Wilbur I. Coons, CPL, 195-1953, USA
Frank P. Coppola, LT, 1964, USN, Vietnam
Richard J. Cuff, PFC, 1956-1959, USA
John Cunningham, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
Anthony J. D'Alessandris, PFC, USMC, 1947-1950
Carlo O. D'Archangelis, LTC, USA, Korea and Vietnam
Amy M. Neuhaus Evans Davis, MSGT, 1969-2005, USAF
John T. Davis, MSGT, 1963-1995, USAF
Richard De Paula, 1C, USN, WWII
Angelo De Scisciolo, FCS2, USN, WWII
Robert M. Decoste, Seaman, U.S. Merchant Marine and PVT, USA, WWII and Korea
*Thomas W. Decoste, Capt. USA, WWII, KIA 10-18-1950
Neil J. Demar, SSGT, USA, WWII
Samuel J. Denisoff, CPL, USAAC, WWII
Salvatore Dominick, PFC, USMC, WWII
Arthur C. Donahue, SGT, 1965-1968, USAF
Paul E. Donahue, SP-4, 1966-1968, USA, Vietnam
Thomas L. Donahue, SGT, 1969-1973, USAF
Lawrence Donati, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Victor E. Dube, Jr., E-6, USA, Vietnam
Arthur J. Faraone, PFC, 1945-1946, USMC, WWII
Kurt Finster, E-5, 1966-1969, USA
Roland V. Fitzroy, Jr., TSGT, 1942-1946, USA
Walter R. Fonda, TSGT, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
William S. Fyvie, LCDR, 1963-1993, SS USN
Dominick J. Gagliardi, HOSP1C, USN, WWII
Anthony John Gallo, Sr., Chief, 1988, USN
Robert L. Garner, Elec Mate 2nd C, USN Seabees, WWII
Dario D. Gervasio, T-5, 1945-1947, USA, WWII
Harold Hal Gray, Jr., CW2, 1968-1970, USA, Vietnam
Albert N. Greco, CPL, 1950-1953, USA
Frederick Greenwood, T-4, 1943-1945, USA
*Douglas P. Hallock, LCPL, USMC, Vietnam, KIA 4-30-1967
Arthur L. Harvey, PFC, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Stanley B. Hilliker, SGT 1st C, WWII
Raymond A. Jankowski, PFC, 1945-1947, USA, WWII
Frank T. Jeffes, TSGST, 1950-1954, 1972-1976, USAF and NYANG
Charles F. Juracka, Sr., 3C, 1944-1946, USN
Ronan Morel Joubert, SSGT, 1942-1945, USA WWII
Edmund Kos, SGT, 1946-1947, 1953-1954, USMC, Korea
Fioravanate La Malfa, E-1, 1946-1947, USA
Giro A. La Malfa, SGT, 1942-1945, USA
John A. La Malfa, CPL, 1943-1946, USA
Stephen La Malfa, CPL, 1947-1950, USMC
Saverio Lasorsa, PO3C, USN, Korea
*Michael D. Laymen, E-3, USMC, Vietnam, KIA 8-31-1967
Henry R. Liedkie, Jr. PFB, USMC, WWII
John H. Lontrato, SGT, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
John O. Lubiniecki, AME 2, 1969-1973, USN
John E. Mageean, 2C, USN, WWII
Dominick J. Mancini, PFC, 1951-1953, USA, Korea
Nicholas Markopoulos, SSGT, 1943-1946, USA
Thomas Marotta, CPL, USMC, WWII
Cyril Marr, PFC, 1942-1946, USA, WWII
Louis J. Mauro, CPL, USMC, WWII
Michael J. Maryea, LCPL, 1969-1973, USMC, Vietnam
Lonnie B. McKinnis, SP 3rd C, 1954-1956, USA
Francis W. Meier, 2nd C, 1943-1946, USNR, WWII
Frederick H. Meier, 1st C, 1943-1952, USNR
Otto F. Meier, 3rd C, 1944-1946, USNR, WWII
David J. Mennillo, Sr., PFC, USA, WWII
Nichola A. Morello, SGT, 1942-1945, USAF
Edward H. Morini, PVT, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
Donald L. Mortimer, 1C, 1944-1946, USN, WWII
Stephen Montone, PFC, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
A. J. Mountain, A 1st C, 1952-1956, USAF, Korea
Leno Mozzi, MM 3rd C, 1943-1946, USN, WWII
*Vincent J. Musco, SGT, USA, Vietnam, KIA 8-18-1969
Brian F. Neuhaus, SSGT, 1974-2000, USAF
Frederick R. Neuhaus, SSGT, 1943-1946, USANG, WWII
Jeffrey T. Nuzzaco, PO/IC, 1984- , USN
Christopher R. O'Connor, LCPL, USMC, 1984-1987
Patrick K. O'Connor, PFC 1971-1973, USA
Thomas P. O'Connor, Jr., PO3 1969-1973, USCG, Vietnam
Thomas P. O'Connor, Sr., TSGT 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Richard Olszowy, Sr., SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Valentino D. Palmer, Seaman, 1944-1947, USN and PFC, 1947-1948, USA
Andrew S. Peck, SSGT, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Arcangelo Piccirillo, PFC, USA, WWII
Joseph A. Piccirillo S2C, USCG, WWII
Anthony Pirrone, SAJWR3C, 1944-1946, USN
Raffalele Pirrone, PVT, 7-25-1918/ 12-23-1918, USA
*James S. Pittman, PFC, USA, KIA 10-1966
Frank Pochobradsky, CPL, MPC USA, Korea
Fred Puliafico, SGT MAJ, USMC, Vietnam
Jeff Quivey, SPEC, 2002, USANG, Iraqi Freedom II
Leland Q. Quivey, T-5, 1942-1946, USA
Charles K. Relihan, SSGT, USA, WWII
Edward J. Relihan, SGT, USA, WWI
Matthew P. Relihan, SGT, Union Army, Civil War
Lewis Riccitello, MMSN 1942-1944
Michael Riccitello, SGT, 1966-1970, USMC
Joseph R. Rispole, CPL, 1952-1960, USA
Walter E. Roberts, 2C, 1948-1952, USN, Korea
Kenneth H. Rockwell, TSGT, USA, WWII
Edward W. Rogers, 1st SGT, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Ernest R. Romanofski, CPL, USMC, WWII
Dominick A. Salvione, SGT, 1952-1953, USA, Korea
Eleanor M. Sawicki Sarnacki, LT, 1942-1945, USA, WWII
Joseph A. Sarnacki, TSGT, 1941-1945, USA, WWII
Carl S. Scavello, SISN, USN, WWII
William E. Scholtz, 1950-1954, USN, Korea
William L. Scholtz, 1918-1919, USA, WWI
Larry Scripa, EM3C, 1943-1947, USN, WWII
Louis Scripa, E-9, USAF, Vietnam
James V. Scripa, E-3, USN, WWII
James V. Scripa, Jr., E-4, USN, Vietnam
Annie T. Seypura, DN, USN, Korea
Frank Seypura, PFC, USA, Korea
Joseph T. Seypura, SGT, USAF, WWII
Kenneth Seypura, SGT, USA, WWII
William T. Seypura, CPL, USA, Korea
Charles E. Shannon, SSGT, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Otto A. Shannon, PFC, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Robert D. Shave, SP-4, 1966-1967, USA, Vietnam
Joseph V. Siggia, CPL, USMC, WWII
Bruce O. Sleeper, CPL, 1952-1954, USA, Korea
Stephen H. Smida, Seaman, 1917-1919, USN, WWI
J. F. Spanbauer, SGT, USAAF, WWII
Anthony J. Stanley, MM1C USN, WWII and Korea
*Victor F. Stasiukiewicz, SGT, USA, KIA 3-2-1944
Robert Stealey, SGT, 1969-1975, USMC, Vietnam
Peter A. Steinborn, Capt. 1943-1946, USA, WWII
Arthur L. Stillman, Jr., S 1st C, 1945, USN, WWII
Samuel S. Stratton, Capt. USN, WWII
Dominick P. Tatangelo, SSGT, USAAC, WWII
Andrew Thomas, MSGT, USA, WWII and Korea
Frank Thomas, CPL, USA, WWII
John Thomas, CPL, USA, WWII
Julius Thomas, SGT, USA, WWII
Augustine A. Thompson, 3C, USN, WWII
Dominick Tiscione, PVT, USA, WWII
Carmen Trifilo, TSGT, 1944-1946, USA
Edward J. Trojan, PFC, USA, WWII
*Herbert L. Tuttle, Jr., E-3, USMC, Vietnam, KIA 5-9-1968
Kathleen Neuhaus Van Iderstyne, MSGT, 1969-1999, USAF
Douglas F. Van Iderstyne, MSGT, 1969-1994, USAF
William L. Varrone, Sr., TI5, GR USAC, WWII
Ferdinand P. Vasko 1943-1946, USA, WWII
Anthony Vellano, PRI, USN, WWII
Anthony J. Vianna, SGT, 1950-1973, USA, Korea
Philip A. Visco, Seaman 1st C, USN, WWII
Bernard T. Waldron, CPL, 1943-1945, USA, WWII
Robert P. Walliman, CPL, USMC, Iwo Jima
Thomas D. Walliman, SSGT, USMC, WWII
*Robert J. Wells, Jr., PFC, USMC, Vietnam, KIA 4-16-1968
Donald N. Wemple, Sr., E-6, 1942-1945, USN, WWII
Harold J. Willette, Jr., CPL, USMC, Vietnam
Harold J. Willette, Sr., PFC, USA, Korea
Billy D. Williams, 2C, USN, WWII
David A. Wood, FA 3-2, 1973-1975, USN
Donald E. Woodman, S 2nd C, USN and E-5 USA, 1946-1959
Frank R. Zadlo, Capt, 1968-1971, USMC, Vietname
Peter V. Zannitto, Top SGT, 1942-1945, USMC, WWII
Raymond C. Zanta, PVT, USA, WWII
Ernest C. Ziobrowski, Jr., PFC, 1961-1967, USA
Margaret T. Zotta, CPL, 1979-1983, USMC

Veterans Honor Roll Memorial #2
(this memorial was nearest the courthouse on the State St. side of the park)

Schenectady Veterans Honor Roll Monument #2; personal collection

Side A

Angelo M. Aldi, Jr., CPL, USMC, WWII
Michael S. Aldi, SSGT, USA, Vietnam
Samuel V. Aldi, 1C, USN, WWII
James A. Bailey, CAPT, 1962-1963, USAF
Edward A. Balga, SSGT, USAC, WWII
Joseph A. Ballone, SGT, USA, Vietnam
Herbert J. Barhydt, Jr., EMP-3, USN, WWII and Korea
John Battaglia, MM2C, USN, WWII
Frank Beretz, 1LT, USMC, WWII
Robert L. Bilewicz, LT COL, USA, WWII
John S. Black, CPL, USA, Korea
Richard J. Bond, PFC, USA, WWII
Albert G. Bottieri, CPO, USN, WWII
Reginald G. Bouton, PVT, USA, Vietnam
Ralph F. Boyd, Sr., SSGT, USA, WWII
Edward H. Bradley, PFC, USA, WWII
Henry J. Brady, SP-4, USA, Iraq
David W. Buddenhagen, SGT, USA, Vietnam
Wilson E. Buddenhagen, PFC, USA, WWII
Francis T. Bulger, SGT, USMC, WWII
William J. Butler, 1LT, USA, WWII
Leonard Caldaro, PFC, USA, Korea
Robert L. Calkins, MSGT, 1951-1971, USAF and USN
Joseph A. Carota, LCPL, USMC, Vietnam
John J. Casey, PFC, USA, WII
Liberatore Cestra, SP4, 1954-1956, USA
Abele Cerniglia, CPL, USA, Korea
John J. Chakas, PFC, USA, WWII
Wayne M. Collins, SGT, 1971-1972, USAF
Milio Di Cocco, PFC, 1957-1960, USA
Louis Comanzo, PFC, USA, Korea
Anthony Conti, SK2C, USN, WWII
Salvatore V. Costanzo, GM3C, USN, WWII
Lafayette C. Cox, Sr. Chaplain, USA, WWI and WWII
Albert Dagostino, CPL, USA, WWII
Joseph Dagostino, CPL, USMC, WWII
Raymond Dagostino, S1C, USN, WWII
William Dagostino, TSGT, USA, WWII
Louis C. De Felice, PVT, USA, WWII
Vincent De Santis, SGT, USA, Korea
Nicholas D. De Simone, SSGT, USAF, Korea
Robert J. Decarlo, SGT, USA, Korea
Raymond Del Greco, SK3C, USN, WWII
John P. Della Villa, 12C, 1961-1964, USAF
Michael R. Demidio, SSGT, 1943-1946, USA
Joseph Di Pietro, SP-4, 1955-1961, USA
Wallace J. Disco, CPL, USA, Korea
Richard J. Farry, SGT, USAF, Vietnam
Robert F. Farry, T-4, USA, WWII
Bruce Fay, SGT, USMC, Vietname
Albie S. Ferrucci, P/O Q3C, USN, WWII
Frank Ferrucci, Seaman 1C, USCG, WWII
Joseph F. Ferrucci, SGT1C, USN, WWII
Mary L. Corrigan Ferrucci, P/O SK2C, USCG, WWII
Nicholas A. Ferrucci, PVT, 1938, USA
Charles Field, CPL, USA, WWII
Joseph T. Gabriele, T-5, USAAF, WWII
Daniel G. Gardner, CWO4C, USN, WWII and Korea
Richard E. Gizzi, CPL, USA, Korea
Edward P. Gross, SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Robert C. Gross, PVT, 1960-1962, USA
David J. Gunn, GM3C, USN, WWII
William T. Haines, MSGT, 1965-1995, USAF
William T. Hains, MSGT, 1965-1995, USA AG
Kenneth S. Hamil, SGT, USA, WWII
James D. Hanaway, YN3C, 1975-1979, USN
Thomas Hanaway, RD3C, USN, Korea
William S. Harper, SSGT, USA, Korea
Philip B. Hawkes, SSGT, USA, WWII
Hayden F. Heaphy, SGT, USA, WWII
John T. Heaphy, CPL, USMC, WWII
Richard Hebert, SGT, 1963-1966, USA
John S. Hemstreet, PVT, USA, WWII
James M. Hickok, III, 1965-1969, USN AN
David A. Hicks, COL, 1950-1978, USA
James E. Hicks, PFC, USA, Korea
Edward Higgins, CPL, USAF, WWII
Timothy L. Holland, MM3C, USN, WWII
Philip E. Hosegood, LT COL, ANG, WWII and Korea
Millard P. Jeffes, Jr., S2C, 1950-1953, USN
Millard P. Jeffes, Sr,. SGT, USNG, 1927-1938
Felix A. Jiusto, TSGT, USA, WWII
Charles F. Juracka, SC3C, USN, WWII
Francis J. Juracka, SSGT, USAAC, WWII
Joseph W. Kaczmarek, SP-4, 1955-1957, USA
Alexander E. Kosinski, FL, USN, WWII and Korea
Benjamin Kowobus, SGT, USA, WWII
Gerald O. La Salle, PVT, USA, WWII
Stanley J. Laniewski, T-4, USA, WWII
Robert J. Laurance, Sr., PFC, USA, Korea
Paul M. Leviker, LCPL, USMCR, Afganistan and Iraq
David J. Lucier, MSGT, 1983-2005, USA
Richard J. Lukasiewicz, CPL, USA, Korea
Orlando R. Lupe, PVT, USA, WWII
William D. Mannix, YM2C, USN, WWII and Korea
Thomas C. Marchesani, SK2C, USN, WWII
Chester N. Mauro, Sr. T-5, USA, WWII
August T. Maura, PFC MP, USA, WWII
Bruce L. May, S1C, USCG, WWII
Glen B. May, PFC, USMC, WWII
Anthony Mazzone, SGT, USMC, Persian Gulf
William J. McCarthy, CPL, 1944-1946, USA, WWII
Robert C. Meeker, PFC, USA, WWII
Louis A. Mell, WT2C, USNR, WWII
Thomas Middleton, SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Joseph P. Mienaltowski, PFC, USMC, WWII
Edward N. Mitchell, SGT, 1958-1962, USAF
John J. Murphy, T-5, USA, WWII
Edward F. Nagy, Jr., S1C, USA and USN
Thomas A. Nappi, SGT, USAF, Vietnam
Myron Nazar, AAM2C, 1942-1946, USN
Joseph J. Nebolini, CPL, 1943-1945, USAF
George A. Newton, PVT, USA, WWII
Robert E. Nolte, LT, USNR, WWII and Korea
Gaetano S. "Tom" Nuzzaco, T-3, USA, WWII
Anthony R. Pacelli, SSGT, USAC, WWII
John H. Pauley, SGT, USA, WWII
Eric J. Peters, SP-4, 1955-2001, NYANG
Joseph A. Peters, III, SP-4, 1963-1965, USA
Joseph A. Peters, IV, CAPT, 1989-1998, USA
Nicholas A. Parisi, CPL, USA, WWII
James C. Petraski, SSGT, USA, WWII
Peter M. Petta, PFC, USA, WWII
Edwin J. Pike, SGT, USA, WWII
Raymond A. Porter, CPL, USA, WWII
Lafe A. Pottala LT, USN SEALS, Persian Gulf and Desert Storm
Treavor A. Pottala, Corpsman, USN, Persian Gulf and Desert Storm
Carl E. Przekop, EM3C, USN, WWII
Edward L. Pulaski, 1LT, USAAC, WWII
John R. Pulaski, PVT, USA, WWII
Leonard L. Pulaski, SSGT, USA, WWII
Robert J. Pulaski, CPL, USA, WWII
David C. Purdy, ET2, 1982-1988, USN
Floyd E. Purdy, SSGT, 1967-1970 and 1982-1995, USMC and USA
Floyd W. Purdy, PFC, USMC, WWII
Gilbert E. Purdy, PVT, USA, WWII
Jack G. Purdy, SGT, USA, VIetnam
Jack S. Purdy, LCPL, USMC, Desert Storm
Ralph T. Purdy, SSGT, 1952-1953, USA
Robert O. Purdy, SP-4, 1970-1972, USA
Francis R. Rakvica, Sr., PFC, USA, WWII
Frank Raucci, CPO, USN, Vietnam
Robert H. Rhodes, T-4, USA, WWII
Jerry Sabatini, T-5, USA, WWII
Jacob H. Sager, PVT, Co. C15 Reg NYHA, Civil War
William J. Sanderson, SSGT, USA, WWII
Zygfryd Sawicki, SGT, USMC, WWII
Earl D. Sedaker, ACMM, 1936-1940, 1942-1945, USN
Armand Severino, S1C, USN, WWII
Frank P. Severino, CPL, USA, WWII
Joseph T. Severino, S1C, USCG, WWII
Orando L. Severino, 2LT, USA, WWII
William J. Severino, SGT, USA, WWII
Edward L. Shave, Jr., SP-4, USA, Korea
Edward L. Shave, Sr., PVT, USA, WWII
Walter E. Shults, SM2C, USN, WWII
Dana C. Smith, S1C, USN, WWII
George E. Smith, Jr., SSGT, USA, WWII
Robert G. Smith, SSGT, USA, WWII
William C. Spencer, T-5, USA, WWII
Willard H. Stearns, T-5, USA, WWII
Willard S. Stearns, Seaman, USN, WWI
Paul B. Struys, Jr. SGT, USA, Persian Gulf
Eugene A. Tatarek, CPL, USA, Korea
F. John Taylor, LT COL, 1987-2009, USA
Earl B. Tenney, PVT, USA, WWI
Dorwin R. Terrell, EM3C, USN, WWII
Attilio J. Terrenzio, SGT, USAF, WWII
Anthony J. Teta, PFC, USA, WWII
Paul Teta, SGT, USA, WWII
Robert Teta, 2C, USN, WWII
George Teta, SGT, USA, WWII
Anthony P. Teta, QM2C, USA, Korea
Daniel Teta, CPL, USA, WWII
Gabriel Teta, Seaman, USN, WWII
Paul J. Teta, CPL, USMC, Vietnam
Valentino A. Teta, SP-4, 1966-1968, USA
Wilbur Townsend, PFC, USMC, WWII
John J. Treanor, TSGT, USA, WWII
William J. Tuccillo, 1C2, USN, Vietnam
Robert O. Tulloch, PFC MP, USA, WWII
Charles B. Valentino, T-4, USA, WWII
Joseph R. Valentino, T-5, USA, WWII
Lewis J. Valentino, T-4, USA, WWII
Dominick F. Villanova, PVT, USA, WWII
Donald J. Wait, TSGT3C, USA, WWII
John M. Wallace, SGT, USAF, Vietnam
James C. Ward, SGT, USA, Vietnam
Davis J. Willoughby, Jr. Sr. Chief and MSGT, 1972-2008, USAF and NYANG
Carl A. Wolf, PFC, 1943-1948, USA
Louis J. Wurster, T-5, USN, WWII
Robert L. Wurster, SM3C, 1967-1971, USN
Paul S. Zonderman, CAPT, USMC, Vietnam
Gene Zotta, SP-3, USA, Korea

Side B

John Aho, PO2C, USN, WWII
Garrett J. Aldershoff, PFC, 1942-1945, USA
Henry F. Aldershoff, T-5, USA, WWII
Richard S. Alena, CPL, WWII, USMC
Armand G. Amedore, PFC, USA, WWII
Charles A. Amoroso, PFC, USMC, WWII
James T. Angerami, SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Hugo A. Bach, CPO, USN, WWII
Mark F. Baird, S2C, USN Seabees, Vietnam
Wilson J. Barnes, CPL, USA, WWII
Frank F. Baron, S1C, USN, WWII
Walter M. Barton, S1C, USN, WWII
Richard Beaudette, USN Seabees, WWII
Thomas O. Beloun, T-5, USA, WWII
John J. Bennis, PFC, USA, WWII
Stanley J. Bernan, MM3C, USN, WWII
Donald H. Beyer, A1C, USAF, Korea
James M. Bleser, QM1, USN, Vietnam
David C. Bradt E-9, 1932-1972, NYARNG SGM, WWII
William Broland, USNR, AGAN, Korea
Michael Broland, SGT, 1981-1985, USA
Harold J. Budge, SGT, USA, WWII
Howard W. Budge, T-5, USA, WWII
Thomas W. Budge, EM2, 1954-1958, USN
Thomas F. Bulman, Jr., BT3C, USN, Vietnam
Bernard H. Burke, CTSN, 1953-1955, USN
Charles J. Burke, Jr., MM2C, 1943-1945, USN
Richard G. Burke, SGT, 1950-1952, USA
Robert J. Burke, CPL, 1946-1949, USA
Parker C. Burns, TSGT, 1943-1945, USA
Ralph C. Calkins, CPO, 1948-1958, USN
George C. Capelianis, CPL, 1944-1946, USAF
Constante F. Cappiello, AR3C, 1944, USN
Dante Cappiello, SSGT, 1939-1945, USA, WWII
Edward A. Cardinal, PFC, USA, WWII
Karl Cernik, SSGT, 1941-1945, USAF
John Cetofanti, CWO, USA and USAF, WWII
Thomas J. Coughlin, E-8, USCG, Vietnam
Clarence R. Craver, CPL, USA, WWII
Martin J. Cribbs, SGT, USA, Vietnam
Donald J. D'Avignon, SSGT, USMC, 1948-1952, USMC
Richard T. D'Avignon, A1C, USAF, Korea
Robert L. D'Avignon, CPL, USMC, WWII
William E. D'Avignon, 2LT, USAAC, WWII
George J. Daley, Ur., M/CHIEF/ETCM, 1941-1968, USN
Milton Danko, RDM2C, USNR, WWII
William E. Darling, SSGT, USA, WWII
Salvatore Davi, FN, 1956-1962, USN
Ernest J. Daviero, Sr., PFC, USA, WWII
Allen S. Day, PFC, 1944-1945, USA
Joseph M. Deamer, Jr., A1C, 1956-1960, USAF
Louis J. Demeo, PVT, USA, WWII
Nicholas R. Demeo, PFC, USA, WWII
Raymond W. Demkowski, BM2C, 1943-1946, USN
Richard A. Dicristofaro, SK-5, 1957-1960, USN
Carl M. Digiuseppe, PVT, USMC, WWII
Ralph J. Dimeo, CPL, USA, WWII
George J. Dipley, CPL, USMC, WWII
Alvino Disarro, BW, USMM, WWII
Lillian Nisco Doucet, Nurse, 1LT, USA, WWII
Leslie M. Dubb, A1C, 1951-1955, ISAF
Joseph L. Dunn, SGT, USAAF, WWII
David T. Ellis, PFC, USA, WWII
John E. Ericson, EM3C, USN, WWII
Alfred J. Fantini, SP-2, 1954-1957, USA
Mary A. Fantini, SP-3, 1953-1957, USA
Ward L. Fellows, SP-3, 1956-1958, USA
Nelson E. Fournier, SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Harry P. Foust, E-6, 1950-1952, USN and USCG
John L. Fox, T-5, USA, WWII
Raymond J. Franklin, 1LT, USAAF, WWII
Michael F. Gillooley, SP-4, USA, 1961-1967
Tomas F. Gillooley, S-5, 1965-1967, USA
Raymond H. Godlewski, 1LT, USA, WWII
Angelo Goffredo, Jr., ET3, 1946-1950, USN
Chester W. Granato, Cook 2C, USN, WWII
James T. Grandy, SK-3, USN, Korea
Stanley A. Grant, PFC, USA, Korea
Douglas E. Gray, EO4, USN Seabees, Vietnam
Gordon "Bud" Gray, CAPT, USAAC, WWII
George L. Gullotta, SSGT, USAF, Korea
Robert Habance, SURG-TECH, USA, WWII
Cyril E. R. Harris, E-5, 1948-1968, USN
Russell P. Hartman, SGT, USAAF, China-Burma
John Henricks, PVT, USA, Civil War
Edward E. Hogan, PVT, USAF, WWII
Lauretta V. Holland, CPL, USA, WWII
Harvey H. Holmes, CPL, USA, WWI
Byron L. Hotaling, SSGT, USA, WWII
Carmine Isabella, EM3C, USN, WWII
Joseph W. Jamro, TSGT, 1942-1945, USA and USAF
Michael W. Karl, SGT, 1964-1966, USA
Durward M. Kelton, CAPT, USA, WWII
David A. Kenyon, SSGT, USA and ANG, Iraq
George King, Jr., SSGT, 1966-1968, USAF
Francis R. Kilgallen, T-5, USA, WWII
Paul J. Kinzel, Sr., GM2C, USN, WWII
Henry R. Knefley, PFC, USA, WWII
Robert R. Koprowski, PFC, 1942-1946, USA
James Krause, SGT, USMC, Vietnam
Robert L. Krieger, BTG1, USN, WWII
George A. Krone, PFC, 1955-1957, USA
James J. Krone, 1SGT, USA, WWII
Chester J. Lachanski, S3C, USCG, WWII
Curtis A. Lane, SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Robert Lane, PFC, USA, WWII
Fredeick P. Lockwenz, S2C, USN, WWII
William J. Luberda, E-5, USN, Vietnam
Robert A. Lupe, CAPT, 1956-1965, USA
Wade Lupe, T-3 and SGT, USA, WWII
Louis R. Lupi, PFC, 1945-1946, USA, WWII
Arthur A. Lyman, SP-4, 1972-1974, USA
Joseph W. Macejka, SSGT, USA, WWII
Donal N. Macherone, Jr., E-5, 1977-1981, USAF
Patrick J. Magagnos, SP-4, USA, Vietnam
Anthony G. Malin, CPL, USA, WWII
James D. March, MM2, 1989-2006, USN
John E. Marciniak, SSGT, USAF, WWII
Pierrino F. Marinucci, T-5, USA, WWII
**William E. Marshall, PFC, USA, WWII, POW
Sylvester M. Martin, PVT, USMC, WWII
William B. Matern, MSGT, 1944-1946, USA
James E. McCreesh, LCPL, USMC, Vietnam
Raymond F. McMahon, T-5, USA, WWII
Anthony J. Meluch, T-5, USA, WWII
Paul A. Meluch, A1C, 1960-1963, USAF
Arthur T. Merchant, Jr., S-5, USA, Vietnam
Robert W. Middleton, EM2C, USN, WWII
Leo S. Montenaro, SGT, USA, WWII
Patrick A. Montenaro, SSGT, USAF, Vietnam
Stephen L. Montenaro, PVT, USA, WWI
Douglas A. Moran, A2C, 1956-1960, USAF
Larry C. Moran, S-4, USA, Vietnam
Malcolm G. Moran, A1C, 1963-1969, USAF
Edward C. Moynihan, Jr. PVT, USA, WWII
Chester A. Nebolini, PFC, USA, WWII
Albert L. Nisco, CPL, USMC, WWII
John H. Nisco, CPL, USMC, WWII
Nicholas Y. Pallotta, TSGT, USA, WWII
Richard A. Palmieri, SGT, USA, WWII
Robert L. Pitts, SP-4, 1959-1962, USA
James L. Poirier, MR3C, 1958-1962, USN
Robert L. Poirier, Jr., MM3C, USN
Dominic A. Ragucci, CPL, USA, WWII
Jess J. Raguci, TSGT, USA, WWII
William C. Ramlow, CPL, USA, WWII
Douglas C. Regnier, 1955-1959, USA and ANG SGM
Wilbur T. Relyea, PVT, USA WWII
Donald E. Rickson, T-5, USA, WWII
Herbert J. Roes, SSGT, 1952-1954 and 1962, USAF
Marcus D. Rolfe, WT3C, USN, WWII
Costondo A. Romano, MM2C, USNR, WWII
Edward J. Rosiak, PVT, USA and USN, WWII
Walter A. Rosin, T-5, USA, WWII
James Rotunda, 1LT, USAAF, WWII
Frank Santoro, CPL, USMC, Vietnam
Donald J. Sayles, SGT, USA, WWII
Dominic Scavia, Jr. PFC, USMC, WWII
Dennis W. Scofield, PFC, 1964-1967, USA
William E. Scofield, CPL, USA, Korea
Clifford R. Semerad, SGT, 1955-1959, USMC
Gerald J. Smith, A1C, USAF, Korea
Alexander Smolenski, EMC3, USN, Korea
George O. Siegel, PFC, USA, Korea
Joseph A. Sindoni, SGT, USA, WWII
Warren M. Starr, A1C, 1962-1966, USAF
Walter J. Stepnowski, SSGT, USA, WWII
Roland A. Stringham, MMM2C, USN, WWII
Joseph S. Suhocki, CPL, USA, Korea
Edward F. Sulzer, SSGT, USA, WWII
William J. Sulzer, PFC, USA, WWII
George Sykala, S-4, 1967-1969, USA
Stephen J. Sykala, PFC, 1970-1972, USA
Paul M. Tasselmyer, E-2, 1957-1961, USN
John B. Thomas, PFC and E-3, USA, Vietnam
Mathew B. Tully, Major, NYNC, Iraq
Betty Clark Deel Turnbell, A2C, USWAF, Korea
Arthur G. Urbanski, MM3C, USN, WWII
Harry Van Laak, SGT, USA, WWI
John W. Van Laak, CPL, USAAF, WWII
Donald R. Van Woeart, S1C, USN, WWII
Rudolph J. Wainwright, Jr. PFC, USA, Korea
Robert C. Warner, S1C, 1944-1946, USN
John L. Warzala, SSGT, 1941-1945, USA
Raymond J. Wilson, SP-2, 1957-1962, USA
H. Edwin Woodworth, MAJ, 1952-1982, USAF
D. Whitney Wright, PVT, USA, WWII
Darrell P. Yawn, 1SGT, 1943-1959, USMC
Robert J. Young, USA, PVT, WWII
Gregory F. Zannitto, CPL, 1964-1967, USMC
Joseph L. Zanta, SH2, 1953-1957, USN
Stephen E. Zelazny, SGT, USA, WWII
Anthony D. Zito, PFC, 1972-1975, USA
Nicholas J. Zito, PFC, 1942-1945, USA

*killed in action
**missing in action or prisoner of war

The names on the monuments have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Honor Roll: Washington Park, Troy, New York

Washington Park was established in Troy, New York in 1840. It is one of only two privately owned urban ornamental parks in New York State. Along the wrought iron fence is an honor roll memorial to the men of the city's Eighth Ward who served in World War I.

World War I

World War I Troy 8th Ward Honor Roll, Washington Park,
Troy, New York; personal collection

Roll of Honor
Tribute to the
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines
from the
Eighth Ward
Who Served their Country in the World War

Augustus T. Battaglio
Myer Bellman
Simon Bickweat
Louis Bobbin
James F. Boyland, Jr.*
Edward Bowe
John Bracken
Thomas Brennan
George Burke
Chester Burkin
John Burkin
Frank Carey
Joseph Carey
James F. Carroll
John Carroll
Edward Case
James Castle
Vincent Chileo
Alfred Cohen
Ellis Cohen
Eugene R. Collins
John Conners
Joseph Conners
Edward Cooper
Richard Conkery
Joseph L. Creagan*
George Croker
Henry Cushing
Morris Cushing
Samuel Cupo
Edward Degan
Jacob Dembo
George Demers
John Demers
Gioseppe Di George
John Dinowitz
Benjamin Dolgoff
Joseph Donaldo
Raffaello Donaldo
James Donnelly
William Downey
Andrew Driscoll
Thomas Driscoll
Joseph P. J. English

James Flanery
Richard Flanery
Thomas Flanery
James Foley
Edward H. Freeman
Raymond H. Freeman
Theodore H. Freeman
Joseph Germain
Ralph J. Germain
Joseph Godson
William Godson
Jacob Gordon
Saul Cantor Gordon
William Gorman
Lawrence Gregg
Thomas J. Gregg*
James E. Hall
John Hanlon
William Hanlon
Louis Harris
Frank Hartman
Thomas Hatcher
Marin Hayes
John J. Healy, Jr.
Francis A. Healy
William G. Healy
Leo I. Healy
Richard Henikie
Frank Hoffman
Fred Hoffman
Walter Hoffman
John J. Hynes
Joseph I. Jaffs
Benjamin Jersky
David Jersky
Morris Jersky
Philip Karp
John J. Kennedy
James F. F. Kennedy
Timothy Kennedy
John Kilfoyle
Thomas LaViolette
Adolph Lasker
John Lahane
W. A. Lee

Michael Lynch
Robert McCarthy
Thomas McCarthy
Thomas McGovern
James McNamara
Joseph McQueen
Charles A. MacArthur
Rupert J. Mahoney*
Patrick Malone
G. Mantello
Michael Maritz
Joseph E. Matera*
Dominick Mangione
William Mangione
Charles E. Markhan
Chester F. Markhan
Dominick Melo*
Samuel Mennen
Joseph M. Mesnig
William Miney
Edward A. Minogue
John Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell
John J. Moore
James H. Morrissey
William Morrissey
George H. Mulholland
Joseph B. Mulholland
Thomas Mulholland
Treanor Murray
Thomas Nevelle
William O'Brien
Daniel O'Day
Stephen O'Neil
Anthony Panza*
Louis Paul
Marice Pickett
John Pignatelo
Fred Popps
Charles Popps
Francis Powers
John J. Powers
George J. Plunkett
Bernard A. Roarke
John Roarke

Frank L. Roche
Benjamin Rosen
David Rosen
Benjamin Rosenthal
Anthony Rosenallo
Joseph L. Rosenholtz
Patrick H. Ryan
James R. J. Ruff*
Israel J. Sachnovitz
Harry A. Saperstein
Philip Saperstein
Irving J. Sharlot
Samuel Sharlot
John Sheary
Edward Sheeran
Harry Shaughnessy
George Subert
John E. Slattery
Joseph Stack
Samuel Stein
Edmund G. Spenard, Jr.
Peter Stellate
Hugh Taggart
Samuel Terk
Thomas Tunney
Anthony Tucci
William Turner
James C. Treanor
Louis F. Van Vleck
Alexander S. Van Santvoord
George Van Santvoord
Richard S. Van Santvoord
John J. Van Santvoord
Constantino Vescie
Salvetore Viole
Frank Walsh
Chester Ingersoll Warren*
James Waugh
William J. Weaver
Stanley Weiss
John T. Whalen
Michael F. Whalen*
Walter T. Whalen
Frank Woods
Arthur Zetto

*Died in service

"That Government of People,
By the People, for the people shall
Not Perish from the Earth."

A. Lincoln

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Honor Roll: Riverfront Park, Troy, New York

Troy, New York, is the county seat of Rensselaer County and is known as the "Collar City," due to its history in shirt, collar and cuff manufacturing and other textile production. At one point the city was second only to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in steel production. Today it is home to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and The Sage Colleges.

Vietnam POW-MIA Memorial

Rensselaer County Vietnam POW-MIA Memorial, Riverfront Park, Troy, New
York; personal collection

1959 -- 1975

Honor the Warriors, Not the War
Vietnam Memorial POW- MIA
Rensselaer County

Left Panel

We Shall be Remembered:
As Children We Played, As Men We Fought
As Brothers We Will Always Be Together

James Masotti, 28 May 1965, Troy
John Dingwall, MIA, 8 July 1965, Troy
Bernard Kolenberg, Civilian Photographer, 2 October 1965, Wynantskill
Robert Felter, 11 December 1965, Troy
Bernard Wait, 29 January 1966, Wyantskill
Raymond Ranellucci, 15 March 1966, Rensselaer
Robert Cummings, 17 September 1966, Rensselaer
Karl Schmidt, 25 September 1966, Troy
Bruce Ducat, 2 December 1966, Troy
William Shorts, 4 December 1966, Rensselaer
Donald Egan, 12 February 1967, Wynantskill
Joseph Milos, 5 March 1967, Troy
Eric Barnes, 25 March 1967, Troy
Robert Dwyer, 23 May 1967, Troy
Richard Hawthorne, MIA, 12 September 1967, Troy
Stephen Barrett, 25 January 1967, Troy
Glenn Brust, 30 January 1968, Troy
Timothy Hammond, 5 February 1968, Grafton
Bruce Carey, 18 February 1968, Troy
Thomas Falk, 22 February 1968, Troy
Charles Majer, 10 April 1968, Troy
George Quamo, 16 April 1968, Averill Park

Right Panel

Angelo Aprilliano, 26 April 1968, Valley Falls
Peter Guenntte, Medal of Honor, 18 May 1968, Troy
Walter Schmidt, MIA, 9 June 1968, Nassau
Forrest War, 13 June 1968, Troy
William Zemanick, 13 August 1968, Poestenkill
John Overlock, MIA, 16 August 1968, Stephentown
Roger Fulkerson, 25 September 1968, Troy
Raymond Tymeson, 2 December 1968, Troy
Michael O'Connor, 9 March 1969, Troy
Paul Baker, 29 March 1969, Troy
Eugene Sheridan, 30 March 1969, Petersburg
Arthur Koneval, 31 March 1968, Rensselaer
Cornell Petteys, 1 September 1969, Troy
Anthony Steen, 13 September 1969, Troy
Charles Moore, 1 January 1970, Rensselaer
Albert Gates, 7 March 1970, East Greenbush
John Wynne, 26 March 1970, Stephentown
Lanny LaDouceur, 19 May 1970, Rensselaer
Kenneth Oliver, 12 August, 1970, East Greenbush
John Hines, 24 August 1970, Troy
Stanley Barrett, 3 October 1970, Troy
William Hammer, 13 March 1971, Nassau
Heinz Roesch, 14 September 1971, Troy

As You Gaze Upon This Silent Wall,
May You Feel the Love We Shared,
For This Is Our Legacy

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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52 Ancestors #17: Effie (Beard) Jennings (1871-1906): A Brief Life

Ancestor: Effie (Beard) Jennings, great grandmother

The first time I wrote about my great grandmother, Effie (Beard) Jennings, I titled the post, The Mother Nobody Knew, because she died when her children were still quite young, very few source documents referenced her, and my father had just learned her maiden name shortly before his health no longer permitted him to research his family tree.

A second cousin and friend emailed a photograph of Effie after reading that post.

Effie (Beard) Jennings; courtesy of Janie Darby

She was born on 1 October 1871 in Bedford County to David Fleming Beard, Sr., and his second wife, Barbara Ann Mitchell. She was their second child although her father had one or two surviving adult children from his first marriage. Dad believed Effie's middle name was Davis though I have not seen that name on any document.

Effie's father was nearly 30 years older than his second wife and he died when Effie was soon to turn seven years old. She and her three siblings grew up on their father, David's 210-acre farm with their widowed mother but I have not been able to find them in the 1870 or 1880 census. Her mother, Barbara Ann (Mitchell) Beard, died on 28 September 1890, two days before Effie's 19th birthday. After her death, Effie and her sister, "Berta," and brother, David, Jr., went to live with relatives.

In 1891 she and her other minor siblings became defendants in a bill of complaint filed with the Bedford County Chancery Court. The plaintiffs were Effie's half sister, Martha, and Martha's husband Burwell David Mitchell[1], and an E. M. Beard, who may have been a half-brother or perhaps her brother, Albert. The plainiffs sued them in order to force the sale of their father's farm so the proceeds could be distributed among his heirs. The land was eventually sold for $441.00. The final decree in the case was not filed with the court clerk until 1901.

Albert, her older brother got a job with Norfolk & Western Railway, moved to Roanoke and married. He became the administrator of his father's estate and sold off his father's personal property. The list of sales filed with the county stated the sale netted $52.00.

According, to my second cousin, her grandmother (and Effie's only daughter), found a marriage license for Effie and Charles Edward Jennings dated June 1895. In an echo of her mother's life, Effie married a widower with children who was 28 years her senior. He had recently moved from Amherst County, Virginia, to Roanoke and started a grocery business. I'm not really sure how Effie and Charles met. Perhaps she lived with her brother in Roanoke and shopped in Charles' grocery store?

In 1900 the population of the city was just over 21,000 and had grown 33% in 10 years. The cotton mills, railroads, and coal industries were major reasons for Roanoke's growth. When the census was enumerated Effie and Charles lived at 1203 -- 3rd Avenue NW. They told the census taker they were married in 1896. Four of Charles' children by his first wife lived with them and Effie had two children named Daisy and Leo. She had my grandfather, Marvin Edward, in 1901 or 1902[2]. In December 1905 she had a fourth child they named Clyde Graham Jennings. Effie died on 4 May 1906 at the age of 34 of heart disease in Roanoke. She was interred in Fair View Cemetery. Her infant son, Clyde died the following June and was buried beside his mother.

Graves of Charles, Effie and Clyde Jennings; photograph courtesy of John

By 1911 Effie's widower could no longer care for their children. Daisy was sent to live with Effie's sister, Berta (Beard) Mays; Leo was sent to live with his half-sister, Leta (Jennings) Womack in Tennessee; and Marvin was placed in the Lutheran Orphanage in Salem, Virginia. In 1913 Charles Jennings joined his son Leo in Tennessee and lived with his daughter until his death in 1917. He was interred beside his wife at Fair View Cemetery in Roanoke.

This is my entry for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. The theme for this week was "Cemetery." If not for the Find A Grave memorial and photograph, I would not know the birth or death dates of my great grandmother.

Using the Ancestral Reference Numbering System, Effie (Beard) Jennings is Ancestor number 9 on my family tree:

9 Effie Beard, born 1 October 1871 in Bedford County, Virginia, daughter of David Fleming Beard, Sr. and Barbara Ann Mitchell; died 4 May 1906 in Roanoke, Virginia; married Charles Edward Jennings about 1895 in Virginia, his second wife.

9.1 Daisy Birdelle Jennings, born 14 November 1896 in Roanoke; died 28 April 1947 in Statesville, North Carolina; married William Luckey Moore, Sr., son of Jay Luckey Moore and Jane Elisabeth Steele, on 20 September 1916 in Johnson City, Tennessee.

9.2 Leo James Jennings, born 31 October 1898 in Roanoke; died 3 October 1973 in Pacific Palisades, California; married three times: 1) Bonnie Sue Wolfe, daughter of James H. Wolfe and Mollie Jane Shell, on 27 November 1919 in Iredell County, North Carolina, 2) Kathleen O'Gorman, daughter of William and Margaret O'Gorman on 14 March 1933 in Yuma County, Arizona; and 3) Marcella G. (maiden name unknown) sometime before 1958.

4 Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., born 16 November 1901 in Roanoke; died 1 May 1961 in Arlington County, Virginia; married Alice Muir, daughter of Robert Muir and Ida Mae Riggin, on 13 May 1924 in East St. Louis, Illinois. (See Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr. (1901-1961): A Railroad Man)

9.3 Clyde Graham Jennings, born 29 December 1905 in Roanoke; died 12 June 1906 in Roanoke.

[1] Burwell David Mitchell was the brother of Effie's mother; so he was her uncle and her half brother-in-law.
[2] Marvin Edward Jennings' delayed birth certificated listed 1902 as his birth year but he used 1901 throughout his life.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thomas Albert Riggin: Spanish American War Veteran

Today is the 120th anniversary of the date on which President McKinley declared war on Spain. In commemoration of that anniversary, I am highlighting the service of Thomas Albert Riggin, my great uncle.

At the age of 21, Thomas Albert Riggin enlisted in the U.S. Army in St. Louis, Missouri. The date was 26 May 1898, one month and a day after President McKinley declared war on Spain. He was assigned to the Troop D of 2nd Cavalry. The Second Regiment of Cavalry had been organized in 1836, making the Second Dragoons the oldest continuously serving mounted regiment in the U.S. Army. At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, the regiment was quartered in New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas. They were assembled together in Chickamauga, Georgia, for the first time since the Civil War.

Troops A, C, D, and F entrained for Mobile, Alabama, and sailed to Cuba. They were assigned to Maj. Gen. William Shafter's Headquarters Troops and were the only horse-mounted regular Army troops under Shafter's command. The remainder of the regiment traveled overland to Tampa, Florida, and served as logistical support due to lack of transport ships to Cuba.

The mounted troops in Cuba fought along side Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and fought at the battles of El Caney (1 July), San Juan Hill (1 July), Aguadores (1 July), and the siege of Santiago (which began on 3 July). Teddy Roosevelt observed, "the Second Cavalrymen are everywhere. All day long you see them. All night long you hear their clattering hooves.”[1]

The Battle of San Juan Hill was the decisive battle of the short war. It was also the bloodiest and most famous. During the armistice, D Troop was responsible for feeding and policing 22,000 refugees in a town with a usual population of a few hundred. In January 1899, the entire regiment was assigned pacification duties in Cuba. They remained on the island for three years and eased access to public education and improved sanitation.

Clementine (Wells) Riggin Collins with three of her sons. Thomas Albert
Riggin is on the far left; Henry Wilburn Riggin, middle; and I believe
Lawrence Wesley Riggin is on the right. Photograph courtesy of William A.

Thomas Albert Riggin, however, was sent to Huntsville, Alabama, where he was discharged from the Army on 26 January 1899. It was noted in his file that he had been an excellent soldier.

Albert, or T. A., as he was known throughout his life was the uncle of my paternal grandmother, Alice (Muir) Jennings. He was born on 23 April 1877 in Troy, Illinois, and was one of six children of his father, John Wesley "Wes" Riggin and his second wife, Clementine Wells. His father died when he was four years old.

His mother married William Collins, a widower, who worked in the coal mines, the year before Albert enlisted. Upon his return from Cuba, he, his brother Henry and his sister Ida, my great grandmother, lived in East St. Louis, Illinois, and boarded in the home of Otto and Mary Davis. Albert worked as a grocery clerk.

On 2 November 1904, he married Triphosa "Fosie" Bowker, daughter of Richard "Dick" and Elizabeth Ann (Mallalieu) Bowker. The couple honeymooned in Iowa. Albert and Fosie had one daughter, Alberta Riggin. They lived in Collinsville, Illinois, their entire married life and Albert owned and operated a fruit and vegetable business for several years.

He and Fosie hosted several Riggin family reunions at their summer place. My grandparents attended often, driving to Illinois from Virginia. Albert died on 3 September 1952 at the Veterans Memorial Hospital in St. Louis of heart disease. His widow, Fosie, died in March 1975.

In 1972 my grandmother, father and I drove to the St. Louis area and I had the opportunity to meet "Aunt Fosie," as my grandmother called her.

[1] Golden, Chris. 2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment: History, Customs and Traditions of the "Second Dragoons," 2d Cavalry Association, page 11 (accessed on 27 Apr 2017)

Remember the Maine

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Did These Beard Brothers Die in the Civil War?

As I began researching my great great grandfather, David Fleming Beard, Sr., for the umpteenth time, I realized the fate of two of his sons by his first marriage is clouded in least to me.

David was married twice and it is the two sons he had with his first wife, Ann Dooley, I am questioning.

The wives and children of David Fleming Beard, Sr.; created using
Microsoft PowerPoint

Edward M. Beard

David's eldest known child was Edward M. Beard was born about 1843 in Bedford County, Virginia. Edward appeared in the 1850 and 1860 census with his parents and younger siblings. Those are the only records I have collected that I know belong to "my" Edward M. Beard. My questions begin with the Civil War and end with when did Edward die.

Report of Sick and Wounded; courtesy of

I have at least three possibilities for his death date:
  1. A Virginia Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917, indicated an E. M. Beard died in 1862 in Bedford County. No approximate birth year or location was included.
  2. A 14-page military file for an E. M. Beard, born in Bedford County, died on 16 June 1863 in Richmond General Hospital No. 20 of typhoid fever. One page of this record indicated his name was Edward M. Beard.
  3. A Bedford County 1901 Chancery Court file indicated an E. M Beard was a plaintiff, along with his sister and her husband, in a case initiated in 1891 when the bill of complaint was filed.
The military service file raises additional questions about why his enlistment date and location changed. Please note the name of the attorney who filed a death claim with the War Department. James F. Johnson well known to Edward's grandfather, James Harvey Beard. He was the executor of his will and James Beard entered into a contractual relationship with Mr. Johnson in order to secure his second wife's financial independence. This is a strong indication that the E. M. Beard who died in 1863 of typhoid fever was the son of David Fleming Beard.

Click image to enlarge.
Analysis of the 14-page military service file for E. M. Beard (click on the
image to enlarge); created using Microsoft Excel

Based on the three conflicting records -- 1862 death index, 1863 military service death, 1901 Chancery court case -- I thought I would find at least three men named E. M. Beard in the 1860 Bedford County census. But I did not. There were 25 men with the surname Beard but other than the Edward M. Beard, who lived with his parents, none of the other 24 look remotely like possibilities for the two men who died in 1862 and 1863.

The bill of complaint filed with the Bedford County Chancery court stipulates the relationship between the parties:

"B. D. Mitchell and Martha V., his wife[1], and E. M. Beard, complainants, respectfully represent that David F. Beard departed this life several years ago, intestate, leaving surviving him his widow. Beard had the following children to wit: Martha V. Mitchell, E. M. Beard, Effie Beard, Berta Beard, and David Beard. The last three of whom are infants[2]. At the time of his death the said David F. Beard was [illegible] and possessed of a tract of land containing 210 acres, mostly mountainous and of little value. The widow and infant children occupied this place until last September when she, the widow, died."

It seems pretty straightforward. E. M. Beard did not die in 1862 or 1863 as he was alive in 1891 when the bill of complaint was filed until you realize that one of David F. Beard's children by his second wife was not mentioned. Albert M. Beard was over 21 years of age at the time the case was initiated and had an interest in the disposition of the land.  Therefore, he should have been named in the case as plaintiff or defendant. Could it be that E. M. Beard was really Albert? If Edward and William died during the Civil War, then the order in which David Beard's child were listed in the bill of complaint was in the correct birth order if E. M. Beard was Albert M. Beard. If Edward M. Beard died in 1862 or 1863, he died unmarried and without issue, meaning he left no heirs who would have an interest in their grandfather's estate.

Albert M. Beard was assigned by the court as administrator of his father's estate in 1891 after his mother died and filed a list of sales of personal property and an administrator's account with the county clerk. 

In 1895 David Fleming Beard, Jr., asked the court to make E. M. Beard his guardian. This could be another sign that E. M. Beard in this case was Albert.

What do you think?

William H. Beard

I do not have source information for William H. Beard's death date and location. Every public tree I have seen contains a death date and location but not a single tree includes any source information. He was born about 1847 so could have joined the Confederate States Army (CSA) in 1864 or 1865.

I have found a W. H. Beard who was conscripted into the CSA on October 16, 1863. The muster card indicated he was 20 years old, making five years older than he actually was. It is possible William lied about his age. This W. H. Beard served in Company C, 6th Battalion (Tredegar's), Virginia Local Defense Troops. In September 1864 the 6th Battalion and the 2nd Infantry Battalion were consolidated. W. H. Beard was assigned to Company F, 2nd Virginia Infantry, Local Defense.

I have a note for William H. Beard, which states he died on 31 May 1865 at Point Lookout Military Prison in Maryland. However, I can find no record of his death and there is no notation of his death in the service record of W. H. Beard, which is unusual. The Saint Mary's County Historical Society began publishing the Chronicles of Saint Mary's in 1953. The publication includes information about the Civil War and the prison. I have contacted the society to learn if they have the definitive information about William's fate.

Last muster roll record for William H. Beard; courtesy

So did David Fleming Beard, Sr., lose two sons in the Civil War? One son? No sons? And if not, what happened to Edward M. and William H. Beard after the war? I would very much appreciate readers' thoughts on the next steps for my research to solve this conundrum.

[1] B. D. Mitchell was Burwell David Mitchell and Martha V., his wife, was Martha Virginia (Beard) Mitchell. Interestingly, Burwell was the older brother of Barbara Ann (Mitchell) Beard, the defendants' mother.
[2] Infants in legal terms of the day meant the children were under 21 years of age.

David Fleming Beard, Sr. (1812-1878): A Man of His Times
The Court Doth Adjudge, Order and Decree