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Nancy (Mitchell) Wilson or Nancy (Mitchell) Raines?

My father and his older brother married sisters. My aunt and uncle's children, my siblings, and I are double first cousins and share the same four grandparents. When they graciously agreed to DNA test, the company threw in the towel and merely labeled our predicted relationship as close family. But one of my double first cousins had a DNA match that the rest of us did not share. The common shared ancestor was our five times great grandfather, Robert Mitchell (1714-1799).[1]

I'm fortunate to know more about Robert Mitchell than is typical because several of his supposedly 13 children became prominent or well-known in their time, including my four times great grandfather, Rev. James Mitchell (1747-1841). However, those 13 children have caused issues in my family tree as I have Robert Mitchell and his wife, Mary Enos, with 15 children.

One of Robert Mitchell's confirmed sons, Stephen Mitchell (1749-c1806), married Katurah "Kitty" Wade and had eleven known children, the eldest being Nancy Mitchell. During a trip to the Bedford County courthouse, I found a marriage record for a Nancy Mitchell, who married a William Wilson. I assumed it was "my" Nancy Mitchell because Stephen Mitchell (father) provided the surety and she was married by Rev. James Mitchell (uncle). I could find no trace of Nancy and her husband after their marriage on 26 January 1802.

However, this new DNA match had a different marriage date and husband for Stephen Mitchell's daughter, Nancy -- a Benjamin Rains. Which husband was correct?

I renewed my search for William and Nancy (Mitchell) Wilson and Benjamin and Nancy (Mitchell) Rains and finally found a possible hint, which was a Find A Grave memorial for Nancy (Mitchell) Wilson.

The footstone of Nancy (Mitchell) Wilson's grave, indicating she was the
daughter of a Revolutionary War soldier; photograph courtesy of Marc Doty

The memorial page also included a reference to a book entitled The History of Hendricks County. On page 632 there was a biographical sketch about William Wilson and Nancy Mitchell:

William Wilson Family

"Early in the summer of 1835 William Wilson and his wife, Nancy Mitchell Wilson, and three of his married daughters, their husbands and families formed a colony of about 25 people who moved from Bedford County, Virginia, to Hendricks County, Indiana, and settled in what is now known as the White Lick neighborhood.

William Wilson and Nancy Mitchell were married on July 24, 1802, according to a certified document in the clerk's office at Bedford, Virginia. She was the daughter of Stephen and Katurah Wade Mitchell, who were married on March 18, 1783.

Nancy's father, Stephen, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was the son of Robert Mitchell of Bedford County, Virginia, as evidenced in Will Record "B" of Bedford County Records.

Stephen Mitchell enlisted on December 26, 1776, as a private in the 14th Battalion of the Continental Regulars, commanded by Capt. George Lambert, who later rose to the rank of colonel. Later, Stephen became a sergeant and was honorably discharged on December 26, 1777. Col. Lambert's unit was part of Big. Gen. Weeden's brigade, which was part of Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Green's army, which was part of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army in 1777.

William and Nancy Mitchell Wilson were parents of:
  • Katurah Wilson (b. 1804) did not come with her parents to Indiana
  • Elizabeth (b. 1806) married Stephen Hylton[2]
  • Patsy (b. 1808) married William Worrell
  • Stephen (b. 1811) married Margaret McKinzie
  • Polly (b. 1813) married Nathaniel Hylton
  • Eleander (b. 1815) married Charles Larsh
  • Celicia (b. 1817) married Isaac Nash
  • Lucinda married Isaiah Free
  • Theressa was born in 1832
  • Alexander Wilson (b. 1825)
  • John Wilson
In 1837, William Wilson purchased 80 acres of land east of the present site of the White Lick church. Three sons-in-law -- Stephen Hylton[2], husband of Elizabeth Wilson; Nathaniel Hylton, husband of Polly Wilson; and William Worrell, who married Patsy Wilson -- purchased land in the immediate vicinity.

The younger children of William and Nancy Wilson married after the family moved to Indiana. The marriage records of Hendricks County show that in 1841 Celicia Wilson and Isaac Nash were married; in 1842, Eleander Wilson and Charles Larsh were married; and in 1845, Lucinda Wilson and Isaiah Free were married.

Celicia and Isaac Nash established their home a few miles north of Brownsburg, Indiana, and reared a family of five sons and three daughters. The old homestead still remains in the possession of the Nash descendants.

Eleander and Charles Larsh moved to Marion County and Lucinda and Isaiah Free moved to Iowa.

Stephen Wilson, the only son to reach manhood, married Margaret McKinzie in 1831. Their daughter, Jane, was the last one of her family to bear the Wilson name. Her son, Thomas Legrand Harris, of Greencastle, Indiana, knows much of the family history.

In the White Lick Cemetery, which was originally the Wilson Cemetery, are gravestones recording the early deaths of many of the family. Some were victims of cholera and other diseases which swept central Indiana in 1840-1842. Two of William Wilson's sons, John and Alexander, died in 1840; Nathaniel Hylton died in 1841, Nathaniel's brother, Samuel, in 1842, leaving young widows and orphaned children. William and Nancy Wilson, William Worrell and Patsy, Samuel and Elizabeth Hylton, children and grandchildren are buried there."

While this is secondary evidence, at best, that my tree is correct, I am satisfied until my next research trip to Bedford County.

[1] Robert Mitchell is the common shared ancestor according to Ancestry.com and my paper trail. However, the common shared ancestor could be a branch of my family tree I know nothing about.

[2] Stephen Hylton is incorrect; the hustand of Elizabeth Wilson was Samuel Hylton. The article uses the incorrect name initially and then changes Elizabeth's husband's given name to Samuel later in the article. Only Samuel Hylton was interred in the White Lick Presbyterian Cemetery

Robert Mitchell, the Elder

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Worldwide Genealogy: Registering Your U.S. WWII Solider

On 11 November we in the United States celebrated Veterans Day, which was originally called Armistice Day. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed 11 November 1919 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day when he said, "To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with great gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations..." The U.S. Congress created Armistice Day as a national holiday on 4 June 1926. The name of the day of commemoration was changed to Veterans Day in 1954.

In my bi-monthly post for Worldwide Genealogy -- A Genealogical Collaboration, I detail how you can commemorate your U.S. World War II ancestor at the National World War II Memorial in Washington and the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

World War II Memorial in Washington, District of Columbia; courtesy of

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House Fire Reveals a Terrible Horror

The skies were cloudy and spitting a light rain on 12 January 1950 in Hammond, Indiana, when firemen responded to an early morning alarm on the southeast side of town. Inside a fire-swept bungalow were the bodies of four adults and two children. The deputy coroner, B. W. Tidlaw, told the press there was evidence of a murder suicide and "blood was all over the place." According to the Decatur Daily Review, Tidlaw revealed machinist Felix Samas, 33, killed himself  and apparently killed his wife, Kathryn, 26, and their two children, Felix Jr., 4, and 18-month-old Phyllis Elaine; and two roomers, Richard Norman, 23, and his bride, Shirley, 18.

Kathryn Coleman before her marriage; courtesy
of Ancestry.com member neonscarf

The bodies of Samas, his wife, and the children were found in one bedroom. The bodies of the Normans were found in a second bedroom. It was believed the murders were committed with a small caliber pistol and some butcher knives. The Normans and Mrs. Samas were stabbed and shot. In addition, Mrs. Samas had been beaten over the head and a portion of the butt of a .22-caliber pistol was found embedded in her head. The children were shot through the head.

Further investigation revealed the couple was estranged and Mrs. Samas was seeking a divorce. Felix lived Chicago and a 7-page letter written in red ink told the embittered husband's side of the story. The 13 January 1950 edition of the Terre Haute Tribune quoted from the letter in an article on page 17:

"I married my wife, Kathryn, while both of us were under the influence of liquor. She was 13...I want custody of my son, as I believe she is an unfit mother. We have a girl who is one year old. I don't want custody as I don't believe it is mine. I also want the baby and I to have a blood type to see if it is possible that I am the father....She claims I am violent, etc. -- This is for one reason only --  she thinks by having the police after me continuously I will not try to see my son, but judge gave me permission to see my son at our divorce hearing.

Terre Haute Tribune 13 January 1950 edition, page 17; courtesy of

Samas wrote that his wife had once been fined and put on probation for attacking her sister with a butcher knife. "I would like this incident brought out in court to show that my wife is the violent one and not I...I hired a housekeeper to help with the housework and Kathryn, my wife, would never take an interest in our family life any more...she liked the popularity of being the boss of the restaurant...Also I have always done the washing and the ironing."

Felix, Kathryn, Felix, Jr., and Phyllis were interred in Elmwood Cemetery in Hammond.

Felix Joseph Samas was born on 24 June 1917 to Justin Samas and Elizabeth Marie (Samas) Samas in Chicago Heights, Illinois. His parents were Lithuanian immigrants who were from the same home town in Lithuania and were probably cousins. Kathryn (Coleman) Samas was the daughter of George Coleman and Ollie May Woods and was born in Du Quin, Illinois. She and Felix married on 17 August 1941 in Cape Giradeau, Missouri. They lived in Hammond after Felix completed his Army service during World War II and owned a lunch counter-type restaurant, which Kathryn managed.

Felix Joseph Samas was the brother-in-law of first cousin twice removed, Bernice "Bea" Marie (Muir) Samas, who married Alexander Francis Samas about three years before this tragedy occurred.

The research for this story was conducted by Sarah Semple.

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Will of Alexander Kerr (1726-1813) Caswell County, North Carolina: Releasing Caty, David, James

Alexander Kerr (1726-1813) married my first cousin seven times removed, Mary Elizabeth Rice. Alexander wrote his last will and testament on 4 April 1810. The will was proved in the Caswell County, North Carolina, court in January 1814 and an inventory of his estate was conducted on 7 January of that same year.

This post is my monthly contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project.

Will Records, Caswell County, North Carolina
Repository: Caswell County Courthouse
Book F, Pages 387-388

January Court 1814

In the name of God Amen, I Alexander Kerr of the County of Caswell and State of North Carolina, being in a state of perfect health and strength both of body and mind, but taking into consideration the shortness and uncertainty of this transitory life and that it is appointed for man once to die, do constitute and ordain this my last will and testament, in manner and form following first and principally I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, who gave it me and my body I commit to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in a decent Christian burial, at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, and at the expense of my estate, and as to such worldly goods as it has pleased God to bless me in this life with, I dispose of the same in the following manner impremis,

I give and bequeath to my son John Kerr all the lands that I now own, also my negro woman CATY and her child that is now born with all her increase that she may hereafter have and my feather bed and furniture that is now at his house, and also my wearing apparel to him and his heirs or assigns forever.

Item: I leave my negro man DAVID to be appraised by three men no ways connected with my family, and for my son-in-law George Barker to take him by paying up to the praise value into the hands of my Executors within twelve months from the time he receives said Negro DAVID if it is his choice to take him on them terms, but if not, the said Negro DAVID may have the privilege of choosing which of my other two sons-in-law William Gooch or William Slade he chooses to live with. The one he chooses to live with may have him on the same conditions.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Sally Gooch my feather bed and furniture that is at her house to her or her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Spencer thirty dollars to her or her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Susannah Taylor thirty dollars to her or her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Patsy Slade my feather bed and furniture that is at her house to her or her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Frances Barker my feather bed and furniture that is at her house to her or her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath twenty dollars to be equally divided between the four daughters of my deceased daughter Molly Spencer to them their heirs or assigns forever.

Item: I leave my Negro man JAMES to be sold to the highest bidder among my own heirs, or others that he the said Negro JAMES my be willing to serve, but by no means to be sold to any man out of my family that he is not willing to serve, and the month arising from the sale of said Negro James with an addition of forty dollars to be made up out of my estate, I leave to be equally divided among the children of my deceased daughter Betsy Richey or their heirs or assigns forever.

Item: I leave all of the rest of my estate to be sold at twelve months credit to the highest bidder, and the money arising from such sale with all the rest of the money belonging to my estate to be equally divided between my son John Kerr, and the children of my deceased daughter Betsy Richey, and my daughter Sally Gooch, and my daughter Susannah Taylor, and my daughter Nancy Spencer, and my daughter Patsy Slade, and my daughter Frances Barker, to them or their heirs and assigns forever.

Lastly, I nominate and appoint my son John Kerr and my sons-in-law William Gooch and George Barker whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament to be performed, in witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this seventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten.

Signed, sealed, published and declared in presence of John Henslee and Betsey Henslee
Alexander Kerr (seal)

State of North Carolina
Caswell County January Court 1814

The execution of this will was duly proved in open court by the oaths of John Henslee and Betsey Henslee the two subscribing witnesses there to an ad on motion ordered to be recorded -- at the same time John Kerr and George Barker qualified to execute the same and letters of testamentary issued accordingly.

Test ad Murphey CL

Book F, pages 391-392, Caswell County, North Carolina

Inventory of the estate of Alexander Kerr deceased, taken 7 January 1814
-Two Negro fellows, JAMES and DAVID
-Cash on hand one hundred and sixty dollars and fifty cents
-One note on Joseph Benton for two hundred dollars bearing date 23 December 1812, due 25 December 1813 with a credit of ten dollars
-One note on Jesse Hollis for fifty dollars bearing date 1st January 1812, due 12 months after date with a credit of two dollars and fifty cents
-One note on William Clifton amount twenty dollars bearing date 1 June 1811, due two months after date with credit of two dollars paid 12th July 1812
-One note on George Barker amount fifty dollars, due on demand, bearing date 13 day of July 1812 specifying in its face to be paid without interest
-One note on William Slade amount sixty dollars bearing date 12th September 1812, due on demand
-One note on John Simmons amount fifty dollars bearing date 31st July 1813, due 1st January 1814
-One note on Robert Martin amount twelve dollars bearing date 28th May 1813, due six months after date
-One note on Wylie Yancey amount twenty dollars bearing date 1 October 1812, due one day after date
-One note on James Yancey amount twenty-six dollars
-One feather bed
-Two sheets
-One blanket
-One countersign
-One bolster
-One beadstead
-One large trunk
-One small trunk
-One saddle and bridle
-One chair
-One quart mug
-One chamber pot
-One small table

John Kerr
George Barker

State of North Carolina
Caswell County January Court 1814

The above inventory was duly returned to court on oath by the Executors and on motion ordered to be recorded.

Ad Murphey CL


Slave Name Roll Project

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Toward Died in Forward

The second wife of my three times great uncle, Robert Orr Muir, was Mary Watson Shaw (about 1846-1918). Her younger sister, Isabella, had a son named John Shaw who was born on 21 May 1870 in Lesmahagow, Scotland. Isabella was not married at the time of his birth and lived with her parents. John's grandfather was a cotton weaver and his mother worked as a farm servant. When John was eight years old, his mother married James McDonald, who was a coal miner. James Shaw, his sister and half-brother lived with his mother and step-father in Lesmahagow when the 1881 census was enumerated. When John was old enough to leave school, he joined his step-father in the coal mines.

On 14 November 1892, John arrived in New York City aboard the RMS City of Chester from Liverpool. He traveled in a second class cabin. The next year he become a naturalized citizen. When the 1900 census was taken John Shaw lived in McCalmont Township, Pennsylvania, which sits on top of the Freeport Lower coal bed. Not surprisingly, he worked as a miner. Living with John was a wife named Lizzie, who had been born in Pennsylvania to Scottish parents. They had been married about three years and had a one-year-old son named James. Lizzie had another child who was no longer alive.

Inman Line's RMS City of Chester; photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

By 1910 John Shaw and his family were living in Forward Township, Pennsylvania. It was said at the turn of the century, there was a coal mine every mile along the riverfront in the township. John likely worked for the Monongahela Consolidated Coke and Coal Company, known as The Combine. This company consolidated many independent mines under common ownership and built many coal patches in the township to provide housing for miners and their families.

Between 1900 and 1910 Lizzie had five more children but one died before the 1910 census was taken. Joining their oldest son James, were Elizabeth, George, Isabelle and Jeannetta, known as Janet.

John's wife Lizzie died on 10 February 1913 in Forward of accute dilatation of the stomach, which is the result of an enormously dilated stomach typically due to food or drink. I learned from Lizze's death certificate that her maiden name was Toward, which struck my funny bone -- a Toward died in Forward! Lizzie was 42 years old when she died leaving John with five young children ranging in ages from 14 to 4, which is certainly NOT funny.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Toward) Shaw death certificate; image courtesy of Ancestry.com

John never remarried. He continued to advance in his career from mine foreman in 1910 until 1920 when he was a superintendent of a mine in East Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. His oldest son, James, worked at the mines with him. Nellie Bonham was a servant for the family and likely looked after the cooking, cleaning, and younger children. When the 1930 census was enumerated John was 60 years and no longer worked. Two of his younger children lived with him, as well as a niece. Nellie remained with the family as a servant.

John died on 7 December 1936 at his home in the McDonald Borough of Washington County, Pennsylvania of carcinoma of the liver. He had lived in the United States 44 years and been a widower for 23 years.

John Shaw and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Toward's five living children were:
  1. James M. Shaw born 19 April 1899; died 11 June 1968; married Sara Jane McCoy
  2. Elizabeth Shaw born 26 September 1902; died 16 June 1972; married Edward Christy
  3. George Shaw born 29 May 1905; died 21 January 1975; married Bertha Novisel
  4. Isabelle Shaw born 10 February 1907; died 11 November 1985; married James William Bayley
  5. Jeannetta "Janet" Shaw born 12 May 1909; died 28 November 1987; married John Henderson

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Officer Down: William Thomas Pendergrass (1883-1940)

Margaret "Maggie" Ann Neeley, was the first cousin three times removed of my cousin's husband. When the 1900 U.S. federal census was taken in Island Creek, Kentucky, on 15 June 1900 Maggie was 18 years old and had recently married William Thomas "Tom" Pendergrass, who was a farmer. They had eleven known children between 1901 and 1925. Tom owned a farm in Owsley County.

Sometime between 1920 and 1930 Tom began working as a salesman for a flour mill but by 1940 he had joined the Owsley County Sheriff's Office and worked as a policeman. He was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man for causing a disturbance near New Hope Kentucky.

His memorial page on the Officer Down website describes his murder:

"The suspect[1] immediately opened fire on Deputy Pendergrass as he stepped from his car, striking him in the chest with a shot from a .22 caliber. Despite being mortally wounded, Deputy Pendergrass returned fire, fatally striking the suspect.

Deputy Pendergrass attempted to drive himself to seek help but succumbed to the wound approximately two miles away.

Deputy Pendergrass was survived by his wife, four sons, four daughters, and two brothers. One of his brothers served as a detective with the Detroit, Michigan, Police Department."

William Thomas Pendergrass Death Certificate; image courtesy of

He was the third Owsley County Deputy Sheriff to lose his life in the line of duty.

Tom was interred in the family cemetery in Owsley County. His son, Willard H. Pendergast, and daughters Hazel Marie (Pendergrass) Bowman and Reba Pendergrass predeceased Tom. His wife, Maggie, never remarried and died on 19 December 1973 at her home in Preble County, Ohio. She was also interred in the family cemetery.

[1] The name of the suspect was Oscar Becknell, son of John W. and Jerushia Alice (Evans) Becknell. He was 47 years old and a World War I veteran when he was killed by Deputy Sheriff Pendergrass.

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Nicola Walter (c1720-1804), the Immigrant

At our first Lange Cousins reunion held in June 2015, my Aunt Katherine asked me to look into her father's Walter family as she did not know much about him. I was able to trace this family back to the original immigrant, Nicola Walter, who was born about 1720 in what is now the Rheinland-Pfalz region of Germany. I also learned two descendants had written a book entitled Nicola Walter and His Descendants. A terrific Ancestry.com member sent me an electronic copy of the book, but it is also available on microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Here is the story of Nicola Walter's life from the aforementioned book.

"Nicola (Nicholas) Walter, with whom this history begins, was born in the Rhine Valley (Palatinate) area of Germany in about 1720. There he grew to manhood, married and began raising a family. Probably as a result of the almost complete devastation of his homeland by the Thirty Years War and the subsequent economic hardships, he decided to migrate to America. In the spring of 1751, he took passage on the ship 'Patience,' Hugh Steele, Master, at Rotterdam, Holland, together with his wife Margaret and four young sons. From Rotterdam the Patience proceeded to the port of Philadelphia, via Cowes, England, arriving after a voyage of about four months on September 9, 1751.

Advertisement for the ship Patience; image courtesy of Google

The family located originally, in the area of Goshenhoppen (now Balley), Berks County, Pennsylvania, in what was then a small German Catholic community (62 men and 55 women). The name Walter appeared a number of times in the early records of St. Paul's Church or Goshenhoppen Chapel as it was commonly known (now the Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament), which dates from 1741.

About 1758 Nicola moved his family to the rapidly growing town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The records of the period list his occupation as a 'taylor.' Nicola apparently found some measure of prosperity in Lancaster, for in 1763 he purchased a lot on King Street and in 1766 added to his land holdings by purchasing an adjoining lot. Sometime during this period (1764-1767), Nicola's wife Margaret died.

In about 1779 Nicola, his family now grown and having remarried moved with his second wife, Rosanna, to McSherrys Town, Heidelberg Township, York County, Pennsylvania, where he purchased a five acre lot (lot #6) on the north side of Main Street and built a house. McSherrys Town, at that time, was populated by many of the German immigrant families who had originally settled at Goshenhoppen. Nicola lived in McSherrys Town for the remainder of his life and taught school there, probably in the church school associated with Conewago Chapel, now the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He died on September 21, 1804 and was buried in the church graveyard.

In 1850 Conewago Chapel was enlarged in the direction of the oldest section of the graveyard. Rather than disturb the graves of those who had been laid to rest at the rear of the church in the early part of the century, the church addition was built directly over many of the older tombs. as a result, Nicola Walter, our forebearer, rests in eternal peace under the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, McSherrys Town, Pennsylvania.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; photograph by Find A Grave volunteer
Maggie Mac

Nicola's children[1]:

  1. Nicholas Walter, Jr. born about 1744, died 30 November 1816 in Baltimore, Maryland; married 1) Mary Eva Kuhn and 2) Anna Maria Weber
  2. Joseph Walter about born 1746, died 1790; married Christina
  3. Peter Walter born about 1748, died 10 October 1830 in Frederick County, Maryland; married Margaret
  4. John Walter born about 1750, murdered 21 August 1771 one mile from Elkridge, Maryland; married Elizabeth (Aunt Katherine's three times great grandfather)
  5. Maryann Walter born about 1752, date of death unknown; married Peter Will, Jr. 
  6. Lewis Walter born about 1764
It is possible he is also the father of Margaret, Magdalen, and James Walter."

[1] I have added death information and spouses from my family tree.

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Honor Roll Project Success!

In 2015 I retired and began traveling more often with my husband on his business travels. I also began participating in the Honor Roll Project developed and maintained by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy. The objective of the project is to photograph and transcribe the names on honor roll memorials across the globe, thereby making those names available to Internet search engines and available to future family historians and genealogists.

During a trip to Albany, New York, in May of this year, I photographed honor roll memorials in several New York and western Massachusetts cities, towns, and counties. I would blog about each one with the photographs and transcribed names included. After publishing each post, I tweeted a link and informed Heather about the new post.

Soon after publishing the Otis, Massachusetts, World War II honor roll, I received this reply to my tweet:

Twitter notification; personal collection

Contributing to this project has been a rewarding experience and having someone find one of their ancestors on a memorial I transcribed even more rewarding. I hope you will consider contributing as well. Paying it forward while working at something we love -- family research -- what could be better?

Thank you to all the men and women who have served in our Nation's armed forces. I am truly thankful for your service.

My contributions to the Honor Roll Project.

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Aunt Katherine's Father: Millard Aloysius Walter

Millard Aloysius Walter was born about 1900 in the City of Baltimore to William Gunza and Mary "Effie" Christina (Knott) Walter. I believe he was born after 11 June 1900 as he was not listed with his parents on that census. His parents had been married three years and his mother had not yet had children when the 1900 census was enumerated. He was their only known child. The family lived at 824 West Pratt Street and his father worked as a cigar maker, an industry in which he would continue working the remainder of his life.

824 West Pratt Street is about 10 blocks west of the Baltimore Basin, what we now call the Inner Harbor. On Sunday, 7 February 1904, a fire was spotted just northeast of where the Walter family lived. It raged out of control for two days, destroying nearly the entire business district, before over 1,200 fireman from several states extinguished it. In its aftermath 35,000 people were left unemployed and caused $150,000,000 million in damages (1904 dollars, which would equate to $3.84 billion today).

Great Baltimore fire aftermath; photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

In 1910 the family continued to live in Baltimore at 874 Columbia Avenue, which was the home of Millard's paternal grandparents, so perhaps the family had been displaced by the fire. Millard's family moved to Washington, DC, sometime during the 1910s. They lived at 820 C Street, SE. Millard's father owned a cigar shop and continued to make cigars. Millard was 21 years old when the census was enumerated and worked as a manager at a newspaper. He had completed the 8th grade before he no longer went to school.

The next year Millard lived at 1612 A Street, NE, and worked as the circulation manager for The Bulletin. He married Alva Rae Carroll, daughter of Charles Wilkerson and Emma (Barnes) Carroll during this period. On 24 June 1924 they had a daughter, Mary Emma, at the A Street address.  The tiny infant died the next day.

The family moved around a bit in Prince George's County and lived in Cottage City and Colmar Manor, before settling permanently in Clinton. During this period, Millard continued working as the circulation manager for United Publications Company, the likely owner of The Bulletin..

The family lived in Prince George's County in 1940. Millard continued working as a circulation manager for a newspaper. Millard owned his own home, which was valued at $6,000.

Millard Aloysius Walter, Sr., died in 1976. He was interred at Trinity Memorial Gardens in Waldorf, Maryland.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Honor Roll: Frederick County, Maryland -- Memorial Park, Korean War Veterans Memorial

Frederick County, Maryland, was formed in 1748 from parts of Baltimore and Prince George's counties. Its northern border is the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line. No one can definitively say for whom the county was named but the most likely candidates are Frederick, Prince of Wales, or Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore. The county seat is Frederick, a town laid out in 1745 by land speculator Daniel Dulaney.

Memorial Park in downtown Frederick is bounded by West Second and North Bentz streets, Carroll Parkway and College Avenue. The park is home to several war memorials, including one for the Korean Conflict. The memorial includes the names of all the county men and women who served in that hostile action. Their names are inscribed on both the front and back of the memorial.

Korean War Veterans Memorial, Memorial Park, Frederick, Maryland;
personal collection

June 25, 1950 -- January 31, 1955

Killed in Action
George W. Ambrose
Sterling L. Ambrose
Charles Austin Brandenburg
Paul Kenneth Carty
Manville Eugene Dagenhart
Jacob Augustus Ely
Raymond Randolph Flair
Edward Ray Fisher
Samuel Oliver Frye
Albert Eugene Green
Raymond Louis Kemp, Jr.
Irvin E. Lanehart
Harvey Elmer Mathew Luby
Harold Edward Lugenbeel
Albert Lee Miss
Ira Victor Miss, Jr.
Norman Lawrence Reid
Charles Clark Roberts
Paul James Sewell
Clyde Jacob Smith
Virgil Lee Stambaugh
Norman Richard Thompson, Jr.
Robert Campbell Thomas, Jr.
Joseph Hayes Trail
Jack Dempsey Wallace
Victor Lorentz Wills

Robert W. Abraham
Grayson M. Abrecht
James F. Abrecht
Walter R. Abrecht, Jr.
William B. Abrecht
Edgar C. Adams
Frank R. Adams, Jr.
Sterling R. Adams
Hezekiah U. Albaugh
Carroll D. Albright
James H. Albright, Jr.
Cleon H. Alexander
Guy F. Alexander
James F. Alexander
Ned S. Ambrose
Ralph T. Ambrose
Shannon T. Ambrose
Charles H. Ambush
Wilson L. Anders
Robert L. Anderson, Jr.
Kenneth M. Angleberger
Calvin E. Ausherman
Donald W. Ausherman
Luray C. Ausherman
Kenneth N. Ayers
John D. Bagent
Glenn K. Baker, Jr.
Harry W. Baker
James R. Baker
Lee R. Baker
Edward L. Baltzell
Robert E. Baltzell
Robert R. Bare
Charles W. Barker
Kenneth A. Bartgis
William A. Baron
Franklin D. Baugher
Marth L. Baugher
Oscar H. Baugher
Emmett W. Beachley
Herman L. Beall
Irving L. Beall
Garland R. Beard
James T. Bell
Lewis T. Bell
Robert W. Bell
Charles W. Bentz
James B. Bentz
Gilbert A. Berry, Jr.
Stanley R. Biggus
Harry W. Biller, Jr.
George E. Biser
Herbert H. Biser
Walter H. Biser
Chester L. Blank
Ezra W. Blank
Herman W. Blickenstaff
Lauren S. Blickenstaff
Donald R. Blumenauer
Edward K. Blumenauer, Jr.
Edward L. Blumenauer
James A. Blumenauer
James O. Blumenauer
Roy C. Blumenauer
Homer A. Bolyard
Sherman P. Boone
Earl G. Bossard
William L. Boteler
Walter M. Bottcher
George R. Boward
Frederick J. Bower
Charles R. Bowers
Frederick A. Bowers
Grayson H. Bowers, Jr.
Martin L. Bowers, Jr.
Maurice E. Boyd
Donald L. Boyer
Gary H. Boyer
Robert D. Boyer
Leo M. Boyle
Patrick B. Boyle
David W. Bradshaw
John L. Bradshaw, Jr.
Joseph R. Bradshaw
Donald T. Brady
Ira F. Brandenburg
Jack R. Brandenburg
James O. Brandenburg
Dennis E. Brawner
Robert T. Bredden
Conley W. Brown
John T. Brown
Lorraine M. Brown
Paul R. Brown
Richard L. Brown
William H. Brown
George W. Bruchey
Kenneth N. Bruchey
Emmette W. Buckman
David L. Buhrman
Harold E. Buhrman
Robert L. Burchett
Carl W. Burdette
Guy P. Burdette
Stanley W. Burdette
Edward D. Burger
Helen V. Burke
Charles M. Burns
Howard G. Burrier
Clinton R. Butler
Harvey C. Butler, III
Randolph W. Butler
Donald E. Butt
Carroll G. Butts
Richard C. Buxton
Gerald A. Campbell
Joseph L. Campbell
Charles E. Carbaugh
William G. Carbaugh
Edward C. Carey, Jr.
Richard L. Carey, Jr.
John E. Carter, Jr.
Charles K. Cashour, Jr.
Robert E. Caudill
Donald R. Cecil
Henry V. Chase
Elmer G. Cheeks
Charles L. Chipley, Jr.
Joseph H. Clabaugh
Bernard E. Clem
Walter H. Clem
George T. Clevenger
Gilmore J. Click
Martin E. Clingan
Howard Cole
Louis N. Cole, III
Charles K. Comer
Douglas M. Conner
Raymond Cook Jr.
Clarence E. Cooper
John R. Cooper
Raymond L. Cooper
William L. Cornelius
Merlin R. Cornett
John A. Coulombe
Denver W. Crabbs
Donald E. Crabbs
Kenneth L. Cramer
Kenneth T. Crampton
Edgar S. Crawford, Jr.
David B. Crebbs
Harold L. Creeger
Roscoe H. Crone
William E. Crone
Melvin E. Crouse
Merle E. Crouse
Richard D. Culler
John R. Cunningham
Stanley M. Dade
Cecil W. Dagenhart
Robert E. Dailey, Jr.
Robert E. Damuth
George L. Danner, Jr.
Eugene L. Darr
Charles E. Davis
Elmer E. Davis
Glenn E. Davis
Jack L. Davis
Leonard T. Davis
William E. Davis
Kelsel W. Day, Jr.
Kenneth L. Day
Franklin J. Dayhoff
Paul A. DeGrange
Roscoe E. DeGrange, Jr.
Paul D. DeLaughter
Eugene E. Delauter
Francis L. Delauter
George N. Delauter
Paul C. Delauther
Russell E. Delauter
Thomas J. Delauter
Charles R. DeRose
Paul R. Derry
Hoyt B. DeShields, Jr.
Paul I. Devilbiss
John E. Dewees
Ray Deyton
Ray N. Dietz
Richard L. Diggs
Donald L. Dixon
Elmer L. Dixon, Jr.
Robert L. Dixon
Theodore F. Donnan
Alvin G. Donovan, Jr.
Carroll R. Dorsey
Herbert M. Dorsey
Robert L. Draper
Clyde H. Droneburg
Gene J. Droneburg
Jack W. Droneburg
Ignatius P. Dutrow
Richard S. Dutrow
Samuel D. Dutrow
Blaine E. Eader
Clifford R. Eader
Thomas R. Eader
Doris W. Egge
Carroll L. Eicholtz
Kenneth L. Eicholtz
Harry B. Eigholtz, Jr.
Edwin G. Eiker
Alice D. Eiler
Shirley T. Eiler
Robert L. Engle
George C. Eyler, Jr.
Leon A. Eyler
Leon L. Eyler
Mearl L. Eyler
Robert M. Eyler
Lucian K. Falconer, Jr.
William C. Falconer
Robert E. Fauble
Clarence V. Favorite
David F. Fawley
Albert E. Federline
Leslie H. Fellows
Robert E. Fellows
John G. Felton
James H. Ferrell
Melvin E. Filler
William H. Filler
Frederick D. Fisher
George W. Fisher
Henry E. H. Fisher
Oscar U. Fisher
Ralph V. Fisher
Maurice E. Fitz, Jr.
Richard L. B. Flanigan
Donal E. Flax
John F. Fleischman
Leon F. Flook
Arthur E. Fogle
Robert D. Fogle
Walter R. Fogle, Jr.
Kenneth F. Foland
Garland L. Forman
Paul R. Fout
Norman W. Fox
Ronald E. Fox
Thomas M. Fox
William J. Fox
Donald L. Freed
Gerald G. Freeze
Alton D. Fritz, Jr.
Charles L. Fritz
Lester W. Fritz
Kenneth W. Frushour
Lawrence E. Frushour
Richard C. Frushour
Robert C. Fry
Claude L. Fulmer
Charles E. Fultz
James W. Fultz
Bernard L. Funk
Gordon C Gambill
John L. Ganey, Jr.
John T. Garner
David S. Gaver
Donald G. Gaver
Jack L. Gaver
James E. Gaver
Merle R. Gaver
Robert F. Gearinger
Luther T. Geasey, Jr.
William C Geisbert
Arthur D. Gernand
Lawrence L. Deisler
Bruce E. Gibbons
Glenn E. Gibbons
David P. Gilroy
Josiah F. Gilroy
Kenneth A. Gladhill
Melvin H. Gladhill
William N. Gladhill
Tedd L. Godbee
Martin T. Golibart
Roy E. Goodman
Raymond L. Goodsell
Donal L. Gouker
John T. Gouker
LawrenceX. Gouker, Jr.
George E. Grank
Eileen E. Green
Leon A. Green
Roland W. Green
Sterling E. Green
William H. Green
William W. Green
Kenneth O. Greenwood
Joseph T. Griffin, Jr.
John C. Grimes
R. Kenneth Grimes
Clarence A Grimes, Sr.
Joseph M. Groff
Richard H. Grossnickle
William D. Grove
Clarence M. O. Hahn
Donald R. Hahn
John F. Hahn
Roland D. Hahn
Roland H. Hahn
Roger F. Haines
Carol F. Haller
George W. Haller, III
Claude R. Hamburg
Melvin F. Hamburg
John W. Hamilton
Max T. Hamilton
Harry I. Hamilton, Jr.
Maynard B. Hamilton, Jr.
Charles L. Hammond
William H. Hammond
John B. Hane
John F. Hann
Raymond F. Harbaugh
Oliver B. Harding, Jr.
Guy D. Hargett
Robert E. L. Hargett
Robert V. Hargett
Charles F. Harley, Jr.
Paul E. Harman
James R. Harmon
Virgil A. Harne
Hubert A. Harp, Jr.
Blair G. Harrington
James A. Harris
John R. Harris
Milton A. Harris
Wilson S. Harris
James W. Harrison
Eugene E. Harshman
Russell H. Harshman
William L. Hartsock
John T. Harwood
Maurice H. Haugh
Melvin R. Haugh
Richard E. Haugh
Keith R. Hawes
David H. Hawkins
Nelson E. Heckert
Richard Y. Heckert
Carroll L. Hedges
Charles E. Heffner
Harry E. Heffner
Paul L. Heffner
James W. Heller
Raymond L. Heller
Lawrence A. Hemp
Barrington L. Herbert
Charles C. Hewitt
Morris D. Hewitt
Franklin V. Hilderbrand
James D. Hilderbrand
William J. Hilderbrand
Kenneth T. Hill
Donald H. Hiltner
Lawrence T. Hiltner
Raymond F. Hiltner
Roy E. Hiltner
Robert P. Hilton
Cecil T. Himes
Charles W. Himes
Norman J. Himes
Carlton E. Hoar
Charles B. Hobbs, Jr.
Donald L. Hobbs
Richard A. Hobbs
Robert E. Hobbs
Amos F. Hoff, Jr.
William F. Hoff
Nevin R. Hoffman
Thomas A. Hoffman
Austin A. Holland
Joseph L. Holland
John S. Hollinger
John A Holter
George R. Hood
Robert B. Hooper
Frank Hooper, Jr.
James R. Horine
Clyde A. Horn
Delmar B. Horner
Earl W. Houck
James E. Houck, Jr.
Richard E. Houck
John F. Howard
Charles E. Hudson, Jr.
Carroll H. Huffer
Wayne E. Huffer
Robert L. Humerick
Richard C. Hutcheson
John R. Hyssong
Joseph L. Ingram
Kent R. Irish
Thomas R. Jackson
Louis C. Jacobs
Richard P. Jacobs
Mark P. Jeffers, Jr.
Charles H. Jewell
Clarence E. Jewell, Jr.
Martin L. Johnson
Charles B. Jones
Marlin E. Jones
Robert A. Jordan
Francis G. Joy
James R. Joy, Jr.
Charles M. Keefer
Michey M. Keeney
Kenneth W. Keilholtz
Thomas C. Keller
William N. Keller
Bernard E. Kelly
Glenn C. Kelly
James R. Kennedy
Richard L. Kennedy
James L. Kent
David J. Kerrigan
Harry B. Kester
Kenneth R. Keyser
Max A. Keyser
William G. Keyser
Douglas C. Kidd
Gene E. Kidd
James E. Kidwell
William K. Kimmel
Charles W. King
Glenn E. King
James A. King
Kenneth E. King
Marion F. Kline
William E. King
Gale L. Kline
Harold F. Kline
Jay D. Kline
Raymond W. Kline
Richard R. Kline
Charles E. Kline, Jr.
Allen O. Knill
George B. Kohlenberg
Earl A. Kolb, Jr.
James V. Kolb
Lawrence C. Kolb
Ernest W. Koogle
Lester C. Koogle, Jr.
Richard B. Koogle
Donald Z. Koons
Jack T. Koontz
Kenneth L. Krantz
John H. Krantz, Jr.
Carson F. Kreh
Theodore C. Kreh
William T. Kreh, Jr.
Phillip Kritsings
Kenneth L. Korrell
Paul W. Kuhn
Ben L. Lagarde
Charles Lake
William H. Lakin
Robert L. Lambdin
Robert A. Lambert
Robert O. Lambert
Charles W. Lamm
Ralph L. Lamm
Robert S. Lancaster
James P. Landis
Herman L. Lantz
David L. Layer
Samuel G. Layer
Robert L. Layman
George M. Layman, Jr.
James O. Layton, Jr.
Lester L. Leatherman
Ellis M. Leatherwood
Francis G. Lebherz
James E. Lebherz
Thomas L. Lebherz
Clifford F. H. Lee
Byron R. Lee
Charles M. Lenhart
Earl C. Lenhart
Warren T. Lenhart
William K Lenhart
Charles F. Lerch
David W. Lerch
Thomas M. Lescalleet, Jr.
Peter S. Ligocki
Roy L. Lind
Melvin L. Lindsay
Russell C. Lindsey
Fred W. Linthicum
Donald C. Linton
Kenneth L. Linton
Robert E. Linton
Roy L. Linton
Bernard A. Little, Jr.
Howard R. Lochner
Calvin L. Lockard
Richard F. Lohr
Charles L. Long
James E. Long
Ralph C. Long
Raymond A. Long
William H. Long
Robert E. Lowman
William S. Lowry, Jr.
James S. Loy
Everett E. Lucas
Raymond L. Lucas
Lloyd C. Ludy
Albert L. Luhn
Austin S. Luhn
Kenneth W. Luhn
Lester M. Luhn
Raymond L. Luhn
Arnold F. Lydard
Douglas R. Lydard
Harold L. Lydard
Glenn E. Main
James E. Main
James L. Main
John A. Main
Millard I. Main
Paul B. Main
Richard F. Main
Robert L. Main
Austin K. Mantz, Jr.
Robert P. Marend, Jr.
JamesG. Marrone
Robert L. Marsh
Frank R. Martin
Herbert F. Martin
Richard L. Marin
Chester H. Masser
Glenn E. Masser
Lawrence L. Masser
Victor E. Masser
Clarence F. May, Jr.
Donald B. May
Nelson R. May
Norman F. May
Harrison McAlpine, Jr.
William J. McCutcheon
George H. McDonnell
Daniel B. McFadyen
Francis G. McGill
Robert E. McIntosh
Lloyd F. McNulty
Charles D. Medinger
Charles R. Mercer
Paul F. Mercer
Ralph E. Metzer
Herman I. Michael, Jr.
Claude L. Miller, Jr.
Frederick W. Miller
Herman B. Miller
Jack A. Miller
Joseph T. Miller
Richard D. Miller
Robert M. Miller
Roy B. Miller
Saul Miller
William H. B. Miller
John L. Mills, Jr.
Paul E. Mills
Charles B. Miss
William D. Miss
George L. Mobley, Jr.
Richard M. Mohler
Ronald E. Mohler
William L. Mohler
Robert K. Moler
Joshua N. Monath, Jr.
Walter L. Monath
Chester E. Moore
Preston Moore, Jr.
Charles R. Morgan
David E. Morgan
Harry J. Morgan
James D. Morgan
Richard R. Morgan
Kenneth A. Morris
Francis E. Moser
John J. Moser
Warren E. Moser
Solomon J. Moss
Paul W. Mossburg
Preston E. Mossburg, Jr.
Robert L. Motter
Joseph R. Mourdy
Herbert T. Mount
Daniel C. Mulcahey
Albert S. Mulligan, Jr.
Frank T. Murphy, Jr.
Arthur V. Myers, Jr.
Bernard S. Myers
George A. Myers
Howard G. Myers
Roger G. Myers
William A. Myers
Howard S. Nash
Elijah R. Naylor
Charles C. Neal
Jack D. Neal
George A. Nelson
Orval S. Nelson
Richard A. Newman
Glenn Nikirk
Ohla C. Nikirk
Travis F. Nikirk
Emmett J. Norris
Phyllis M. Norwell
Charles K. Norwood
Howard R. Norwood
Emil R. Notnagle
Clyde W. Null, Jr.
Donald Nusbaum
Herbert E. Nusbaum
John R. Nusbaum
Richard D. Nusbaum
Roger Nusbaum
William H. Nusbaum, R.
Kenneth E. Nuse Sr.
Melvin R. Nusz
Russell E. O'Brien, Jr.
Paul R. Oden
Russell H. Oden
David B. Offutt
Frederick O. Oland
Glenn P. Oland
Raymond Oland
Richard D. Oland
Clarence R. Orndorff
Perry G. Orndorff, Jr.
Francis C. Ott
John B. Ott, Jr.
John T. Ott
Richard A. Ott
John S. Page, Jr.
Robert L. Page
Amos Palmer
Earl T. Palmer
Eugene C. Palmer
John S. Palmer
Clifton E. Payne
Thomas H. Payne, Jr.
James R. Peach
Norman P. Peach
Paul C. Peach
George C. Pearl
Emerson E. Pearrell
Owen B. Pearrell
Edgard K. Peddicord
William D. Peddicord
Dalton W. Perry
George H. Perry
Donald E. Phebus
Silas C. Phillips, Sr.
Thomas V. Pitts
George E. Plunkard
Garfield Potts
Ivan L. Potts
Albert M. Powell, Jr.
Alton C. Powell
Robert L. Proctor
Donald S. Pryor
Walter E. Pryor
William L. Pryor
Homer C. Purdham
David W. Putman
John J. Putman
Lester O. Putman
Lewis H. Putman
Franklin Raines
Charles W. Ramsburg
John D. Ramsburg
Richard M. Ray
Robert L. Reed, Jr.
James C. Reeder
William C. Reid
Harold E. Reiley
Ray S. Reiley
Robert T. Remsberg
Frank N. Renn
Robert W. Renn
Bernard C. Reynolds
Jack M. Reynolds
Charles G. Rhoads
William S. Rhoads
Edward M. Rhoderick
Norman R. Rhoderick
Robert L. Rhoderick
Robert W. Roelkey
Bernard L. Rice
Carl F. Rice
Donald W. Rice
Edward E. Rice
Edward K. Rice
Harold E. Rice
Herbert H. Rice
Jame E. Rice
John E. Rice
Melvin L. Rice
Raymond E. Rice
Richard E. Rice
Ruger R. Rice, Jr.
Claude Richardson
Austin F. Rickerd
Joseph M. Ricketts
Ernest A. Riddle, Jr.
Kermit R. Riffle
Eugene F. Rinehart
Richard W. Rinehart
Wilbert E. Rinehart
Allen B. Ripley
Donald L. Rippeon
Sherman B. Rippeon
Vernon R. Rippeon
Wilmer C. Rippeon, Jr.
Earl T. Robertson
William N. Roelkey
Elmer F. Rogers
James D. Rogers
Herbert L. Rollins
Clyde M. Roney, Jr.
Walter L. Roney
James W. Rooney
John F. Ropp
George E. Rosensteel
Charles W. Ross, IV
Frank W. Rothenhoefer, Jr.
Robert J. Rothenhoefer
John A. Routzahn
Maurice E. Routzahn, Jr.
Benjamin S. Runkles
Austin L. Rutherford
George W. Ruthvin
Marshall L. Sanders
Paul A. Sanders
Thomas W. Sanders
 Carmi W. Sayler, Jr.
Martin P. Sayler
Hall E. Saylor
Carroll L. Schildt
Harold W. Schildt
Robert P. Schildt
Nathaniel W. Schley, Jr.
Floyd C. Schroyer
Charles H. Schultz
Robert E. Schultz
Ernest T. Schwartz, Jr.
Charles V. Schultz
Gene A. Schultz
Carroll E. Selby
Walter G. Sewell
Merhle D. Shafer
Robert G. Shafer
Thomas R. Shafer
William H. Shaff
Charles L. Shaffer
Donald R. Shank
Jack L. Shank
Robert K. Shank
Jack W. Shankle
Richard C. Shankle
Richard M. Sharrer
Franklin M. Shaw
David W. Sheckells
Bentley H. Shelhorse
Randy Shelhorse, Jr.
Edward W. Shelton
Joseph E. Shewbridge
David M. Shinnick
Lawrence W. Shinnick, Jr.
Jack C. Simpson
James C. Shipley
Michael J. Shipley
Alfred P. Shockley
Donald P. Shook
Roscoe H. Shook
Kenneth P. Shorb
Robert E. Shorb
Bernard D. Shores
Curtis L. Shuff
Robert M. Sier
Charles H. Sigler
Dewey L. Sigler, Jr.
Donald Sigler
Thomas E. Sigler
Ruth R. Simmons
Sherwood R. Simons
Hiram M. Smallwood
Stewart M. Smallwood
Clarence F. Smith
Dwayne M. Smith
Floyd B. Smith
Franklin E. Smith
Frederick L. Smith
George A. Smith, Jr.
George H. Smith
Jack A. Smtih
Jesse A. Smith
John C. Smith
John W. Smith
Kenneth L. Smith
Lewis S. Smith
Milton R. Smith
Paul S. Smith
Richard C. Smith
Roger H. Smith
Ralph C. Snoots
Charles M. Snowden
Charles L. Snyder
James W. Snyder
William E. Snyder
Grayson R. Soper
Paul W. Soper
Floyd C. Spade
John C. Spahr
Charles E. Spalding
Charles E. Spangler
Clarence F. Speak, Jr.
Thomas W. Sprankle
Chester L. Springer
Stanley Spurrier
Bernard H. Staley
Charles A. Staley
Charles J. Staley
Harold M. Staley, Jr.
Ira B. Staley
Orval W. Staley
Paul R. Staley
Carol C. Staley, Jr.
John R. Stambaugh
Chalres F. Stanton
Calvin M. Staub
Johnson S. B. Steinhaus, Jr.
Chester R. Stevens
George N. Stevens, Jr.
James A. Stevens
John R. Stevens
Richard W. Stevens
Owen D. Stewart
Earl B. Stine
Charles E. Stitely
Donald L. Stitely
Harry D. Stitely
Jack E. Stitley
Victor N. Stitz
Robert W. Stockman
Charles S. Stone
James R. Stone
James R. Stonesifer
Alma D. Stottlemyer
John R. Stottlemyer
Edward L. Stouter
Donald A. Stover
Kenneth L. Strawsburg
David C. Strine
Robert L. Strine
Robert L. Stull
Everett R. Stull, Jr.
Donald W. Stultz
Harold T. Stup
George T. Stup, Jr.
Glenn F. Summers
James H. Summers
John C. Summers
Melvin L. Summers
Paul C. Sunday
Robert C. Sunday
Richard I. Sweadner
Harold M. Sweeney
John E. Sweeney
Spaulding J. Talbott, Jr.
William U. Talbott
Donald T. Taylor
Harold D. Taylor
Charles B. Tenly
Carl R. Thayer
Clayton J. Thomas
Edward P. Thomas
Elias Thomas
Horace H. Thomas
Maynard C. Thomas, Jr.
Otho M. Thomas
Alfred R. Thompson
Donald F. Thompson
Harold D. Thompson
John F. Thompson, Jr.
John L. Thompson
Joseph F. Thompson
William L. Thompson
Lanes J. Tibbs
William F. Timmerman
Louis M. Tinney
Elmer R. Titman
Charles I. Tobery
Norman E. Tobery
Robert N. Tobery
Russell W. Tobery
Edward Toms
Franklin D. Toms
Gene E. Toms
George H. Toms
Harold A. Toms
John H. Toms
Kenneth Toms
Marvin L. Toms
Oliver G. Toms
Richard M. Toms
Roland A. Toms
Norman E. Toms, Jr.
Richard C. Topper
Earl F. Tracey, Jr.
Burr W. Trail
Daniel P. Tressler
George E. Tressler
Earl F. Trimmer
Doris M. Troupe
Harold R. Trout
Gary E. Troxell
Theodore R. Troxell
Gerald L. Tucker, Jr.
Robert S. Turner, Jr.
James E. Tyeryar
Leon W. Tyler
Ronald R. VanSant
Rodney C. VanSant
William B. VanSant
Charles F. Veirtz
Calvin F. Wachter
Donald E. Wachter
Donald L. Wachter
Joseph W. Wachter
Leslie E. Wachter
Jack S. Wagerman
Paul E. Wagner
James F. Walsh
Eldridge F. Waltz
Charles I. Wantz, Jr.
David B. Wantz
James E. Wantz
Wilbur L. Wantz
Frederick I. Ward
John C. Warfield
Daniel B. Warrenfeltz
Kenneth F. Warrenfeltz
Robert L. Warrenfeltz
Joseph G. Washington, Jr.
Charles L. Waskey
Richard R. Wastler
Carl J. Waterman
William A. Watkins
Cecil A. Webb
Curtis R. Weddle, Jr.
Guy E. Weddle
James E. Weddle
John C. Weddle
Hayes J. Weedon
James T. Welty
Paul C. Welty, Jr.
William W. Wenner
Allen A. Wetzel
Carl A. Wetzel
Edward J. Wetzel
Franklin E. Wheeler
John H. Wheeler
Robert F. Wheeler
Donald L. Whipp
George F. Whipp
Robert F. Whipp
Charles W. C. Whisner, Jr.
Robert E. Whisner
Sterling H. White
Charles E. Whitmore
Robert T. Whitmore
Charles E. Whitter, Jr.
Franklin F. Wilders
Alfred A. Wiles
Allard W. Wiles
Paul O. Wiles
Paul V. Wiles
Clarence L. Willard
James V. Willard
Spencer C. Williams
James E. Wills
Wayne B. Winebrenner
Ellwood F. Wineholt
Ernest L. Wineholt
Chalres R. Winpigler
Merhle C. Wise
Charles R. Wisner
Eugene L. Wisner
James E. Wisner
John S. Wisner
Merhl W. Wisner, Jr.
Henry A. Wivell
James N. Wivell, Jr.
Joseph D. Wivell
Robert L. Wivell
Hiram A. Wolfe
John D. Wolfe
Paul A. Wolfe
Robert N. Wolfe
Lewis F. Wood
Bernard D. O. Wright
Gerald G. Wright
Orville A. Yingling
Avis A. Young
Charles W. Young
Francis B. Young
Frank R. Young, III
Glenn E. Young, Sr.
Rawley L. Young
Thomas D. Younkins
Steven Zaharoff
Chester T. Zentz, Jr.
Frank T. Zepp, Jr.
Leidy D. Zern, Jr.
Richard A. Zern
Gary C. Zimmerman
Gene A. Zimmerman
Kenneth F. Zimmerman
Maurice C. Zimmerman
Robert B. Zimmerman
Robert M. Zimmerman
William R. Zimmerman

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Life of Jessie Speed "Donna" (McGlashan) Monnier (1912-1990)

Jessie "Donna" Speedy McGlashan was born in 10 September 1912 in Baltimore County, Maryland, to William James Jardine McGlashan, a Scot who was born in Australia, and Mary Helen Murray Speedie, who was also Scottish. After his birth William's parents returned to Scotland and he immigrated to the U.S. on 15 November 1909 aboard the S/S California which sailed from Glasgow on 6 November. He told immigration officials his ultimate destination was Philadelphia. Mary Speedie arrived in New York City on 4 October 1910 aboard the S/S Furnessia, which sailed from Glasgow on 24 September. Mary told immigration officials her destination was Baltimore County, Maryland, to meet her friend, William McGlashan. So the couple must have known each other in Scotland. I imagine a big surprise was in store for Mary after she cleared immigration. William was waiting for her in New York City and they married on the same day Mary arrived in Manhattan!

William James Jardin McGlashan and Mary Ellen (or Helen)
Murray Speedie marriage index record; image courtesy of
Family search

When the 1920 census was enumerated Donna, her parents and older brother, William, lived on 1725 Ridgeway Avenue in Chicago. Her father worked as a carpenter for a construction company. Her mother had another daughter, Grace Murray McGlashan, later that same year. Donna's brother died on 29 October 1927 at Waukegan, Illinois, and was interred at Lake Villa Cemetery in Lake Villa, Illinois.

In 1930 Donna and her family lived in Lake Villa at a home her father owned, which was valued at $12,000. I suspect William moved his family to Lake Villa sometime before 1927 when William died. Lake Villa is about 60 miles north of Chicago. Her father still worked as a carpenter in the building industry and Donna and her mother worked as laborers in a candy factory.

Ten years later Donna was married to Elmer Austin Monnier. They lived in Chicago at 1408 North Central Avenue in an apartment Elmer rented for $20 a month. Elmer worked as a laborer on a tree trimming and removal gang and Donna worked as a power machine operator. Two children lived with them, Donald Davis (10) and Darlynn Davis (2). They were enumerated as Elmer's step-son and daughter.

1408 North Central Avenue, Chicago; image courtesy of Google Maps

Donald's social security application listed his name as Donald Rae Davis, Jr. and his parents as Donna J. McGlashan and Donald R. Davis. His date of birth was listed as 20 March 1930 and this is consistent on all his records. However, Donna was enumerated in the 1930 census on 15 April 1930. You will recall Donna lived with her parents and her marital status was listed as single. So I do not know when of if she married Donald's father. Donald died on 17 November 2000.

Snippets of the 1930 census for the William McGlashan family; image
courtesy of Ancestry.com

Darlynn's obituary listed her father as Elmer Monnier, but my sister-in-law's mother says she was a half-sister. She was enumerated in 1940 as Darlynn Davis. Darlynn died on 17 September 2012.

Soon after their marriage Elmer and Donna moved back to Lake Villa, Donna's home when she was single. They had two daughters.

Elmer died on 1 February 1990 in Lake Villa and Donna died on 16 November 1990 in the same city. Both were interred at Angolan Cemetery in Lake Villa.

A big thank you to a DNA of my sister-in-law who ensured I traced the correct Mary Speedie/Speedy.

Finding Speedy -- My Sister-in-Law's Maternal Grandmother

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Honor Roll: St. Joseph's Parish World War I Memorial Plaque

St. Joseph's Slovak Roman Catholic Church, at the intersection North Laurel and West 6th Streets in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, was organized in 1882 by the Reverend Ignatius Jasovic, pioneer Slovak Catholic priest. St. Joseph's parish is the oldest Slovak Roman Catholic Parish in the Western Hemisphere. Parishioners came from Slovakia, bringing little with them in the way of material possessions, except their faith in God, and many worked in the area's anthracite coal mines.

On the grounds of the church is a statue with an honor roll plaque commemorating the service of parishioners during World War I.

St. Joseph's Parish World War Memorial; photograph courtesy of Kevin W.


Honor Roll of St. Joseph's Parish
Rev. Leo Kroner, Pastor
Killed in action

Safranko, Andrew
Slavick, John J.
Beckley, Stephen A.
Cundra, Joseph J.
Dill, J. J.
Gullick, Joseph
Hama, J. J.
Hudak, J. A.
Kaschak, J. J.
Marinko, John
Surmik, John A.
Velchko, Michael
Yurovchak, John J.
Bartek, Joseph T.
Bendick, John J.
Bellas, Joseph J.
Barovsky, Charles
Beechaj, John
Baranko, Michael
Brooks, Michael
Bozvaj, Paul
Dusik, Rudolph
Dusik, Robert
Dohanyos, Stephen
Demchik, John C.
Dobrilovsky, John
Forgach, Michael
Gasper, Michael
Hama, Michael S.
Halza, John T.

Hudak, George
Holodik, George Z.
Hanosov, George
Kaschak, Michael J.
Kaschak, Michael
Kubinshin, John
Kochik, Charles
Kolesar, George
Ludsky, Michael F.
Marinko, Joseph
Mikula, George
Michko, Michael
Markovich, Andrew
Movotny, George J.
Natafalussy, Alexander
Nitka, Joseph T.
Ondeck, Joseph
Poplak, John J.

Petrich, John
Podeshva, John
Prusak, George
Rusinko, Peter
Rybarchak, John
Stefanek, Michael
Slebodnik, John
Slivka, Joseph
Smolen, Stephen M.
Schmutzer, Joseph
Schmutzer, Charles
Schmutzer, Emil
Schmutzer, Alexander
Skurka, Michael F.
Tomko, Joseph
Tomko, George
Verchimak, John
Yurishikovic, Joseph
Zamiska, Joseph G.
Bartek, Anna, Nurse
[Erected] 1923

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Honor Roll: Hanover, Virginia, Wayside Park

Hanover County, Virginia, was created in 1719 from the area of New Kent County called St. Paul's Parish. It was named after the Elector of Hanover in Germany because King George I of Great Britan was the elector at the time. The county was developed by planters who moved from the tidewater area who had exhausted the soil there by planting only tobacco.

U.S. Route 301, a major north-south highway before the Interstate system was built runs through the county. Just off Rt. 301 north of Mechanicsville is Hanover Wayside Park, which includes picnic shelters, walking trails, playgrounds, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and the Hanover Veterans Memorial. The memorial honors military veterans killed in hostile action from World War I to the present day.

Hanover Veterans Memorial, Hanover, Virginia; personal collection

World War I

Buchanan, Levy A.
Collins, Robert F.
Duke, William L.
Fleet, William A.
Gallamore, H.
Harper, George T.
Haynes, James A.
Jenkins, Edwin T.
Melton, Lawrence J.
Mills, Guss W.
Satterwhite, Lilbon D.
Wood, S. P.

World War II

Albertson, Dale W.
Ancarrow, Dalton
Anderson, William E., Jr.
Atkinson, Mell V.
Baskett, Ashby
Binnix, John Henry, Jr.
Brooks, Walter H.
Carter, Irvin
Crenshaw, Lawrence
Harris, Herman E.
Harris, John O.
Houck, John P.
Jones, John T.
Kelley, Thomas A.
Luck, Robert W.
Lowry, Curtis A.
Mallory, Joseph C.
Markey, Harry
Maxey, William H.
Mines, Wilbert E.
Morgan, Ernest L.
Nuckels, Norman E.
Palmore, Curtis A.
Parrish, Russell C.
Peyton, Joseph
Pleasants, Karl W.
Quarles, Leroy
Robertson, Durward C.
Smith, Edwards L.
Smith, James A.
Spurlock, George E.
Tate, Irvin S.
Taylor, William I.
Trivillian, Robert P.
Walker, James M.
Warren, M. Smith
Woodson, James H.


Lucas, Marshall R.


Chartier, Raymond A.
Lewis Arthur
Lingle, Joseph M., Jr.
Monaghan, John J.
Starkes, Robert B., Jr.
Taylor, Howard F.
Vassey, George C.
Vencill, Eddie W.
Whitlock, Harry O., Jr.

Defending Freedom

Adcock, Shane T. (2006-Iraq)
Clodfelter, Kenneth E. (2000-Yemen, USS Cole)
Craig, Heathe N. (2006-Afghanistan)
Teal, John R. (2003-Iraq)
Tinnel, Jeremy L. (2007-Iraq)

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Honor Roll: Warren County, Virginia, War Memorials

On the grounds of the Warren County Courthouse in Front Royal, Virginia, are several memorials honoring the county veterans who served in our Nation's armed forces.

Warren county was formed in 1836 from Frederick and Shenandoah counties and was named for Joseph Warren, an American physician who played a leading role in Boston patriot organizations during the Revolutionary War.

Civil War memorial; personal collection

Civil War


Unveiled July 4, 1911

This monument was erected to commemorate the courage and patriotism of the men from Warren County who served honorably, in the Confederate Army.

"To those who fought and lived and to those who fought and died to those who gave much and those who gave all."

First panel


Company A, 23 Virginia Cavalry

Lieut. James Collins
Capt. Thomas Triplett (K)
Lieut. William B. Triplett


Gideon Atwood
John M. Bowman
George Brown
James B. Cameron
Erastus Compton
Jacob Cullers
James Curry
Noah Fauley
Reuben A. Finnel
Abraham Frederick
William Gordon
Patrick Henry
Augustine King
James P. Laing
Alexander Lake
William Leary
James Leeth
John Leeth
George W. Manuel
John W. Manuel
Jacob Robinson
Phil Rudacille of Jno.
Phil Rudacille of Wm.
John Sperry
Decatur Steed
James P. Triplett

Company B, 17 Virginia Infantry

Major V. M Brown, Communications, Corse's Brigade
Lieut. Col. Irving A. Buck, A.A.C. Cleburne's Div., Mardee's Corps
Lieut. Richard B. Buck
Capt. F. W. Lehew
Lieut. T. W. Petty
Lieut. William Millar Richardson (K)
Col. Thomas B. Roy, A.A.C. Mardee's Corps A.T.
Lieut W. Scott Roy
Lieut. Col. Robert H. Simpson, 17 Virginia Infantry (K)
Lieut. N. W. Snyder
Major Robert Turner, Quartermaster, Corse's Brigade
Lieut S. S. Turner
Major George A. Williams


Giles Cook, Jr.
Thomas N. Garrison
B. W. Petty
DeKalb Pipner (K)
William O. Rust
Richard Timberlake (K)


John W. Boone
Steve S. Carder (K)
George W. Grove
Gus Tyler
William B. Turner
M. S. Walter


Thomas A. Bowden
Charles A. Brown
James E. Brown
Jesse Brown
John N. Brown (K)
Elias Broy (K)
William Broy
Alvin D. Buck
Charles N. Buck
Thomas R. Campbell
John W. Chrisman (K)
Samuel C. Cooley
Edward Cooper
Leon Copp
Lebius Cornwell
Marcus D. Darr (K)
Phil C. Darr (K)
J. J. Derflinger
George Duke
Balis Earle
Charles P. Eckhart (K)
Joseph Elbon
Walton Farra
Charles W. Fox
Milton Forsyth (K)
Scott Fristoe
James W. Garrett
M. N. Garrett
James W. Gordon
Amos Grove
Frank Grubbs
James D. Hall
William Hickerson (K)
George H. Hope
Hanson Hopper
James Hopper
Joseph Keller (K)
William B. Kenner
Charles E. Lehew
Ed S. Littleton
William H. McDonald
Thomas B. McKay
H. M. Miller
Joseph W. Miller
Robert B. Mitchell
Casper Myers
James A. Oliver
Elijah Peterson
Henry S. Petty
James T. Petty
Lewis Reager (K)
Peter Reed
Romanus Rinker
Marcus Roberts (K)
Edward M. Saffell
Thomas W. Santmyers
Lewis A. Scroggin
Peyton Scroggin (K)
George W. Settle
Charles Simmons
John W. Simpson (K)
Daniel H. Spencer
Abe S. Spengler
Samuel F. Spengler (K)
Chaney J. Steed (K)
Charles B. Steed
John W. Steel (K)
Phil Stickley
Jospeh Stokes (K)
E. D. Thompson
Leonidus Triplett
Dr. James H. Turner
Samuel Watkins
Robert I. Weaver
Achillis Willey
Atwell Willey
Jacob Willey
D. N. Williams

Company D, 23 Virginia Cavalry

Lieut. Marcus C. Richardson
Capt. Marcus F. Richardson


James M. Anderson
William H. Beaty
Robert Broy
Richard Claig
Edward Colston
James Costello
John Davis
William Davison
W. C. Downing
Marke Duke
Thomas Ford
Hamilton Garrett
William R. Garrett
Alfred Kidwell
G. H. Martin
William Milburn
J. W. Miller
John Miller
H. Mills
Austin W. Mitchell
Luther G. Mitchell
W. H. Mitchell
Albert Putnam
William R. Putnam
William Ridgeway
B. F. Rinker
Enoch Robinson
Elisha Roy
William Sumption
James Schwartz
Tobias Stickley
James A. Thornhill
Gibson Vaught
Simeon Vaught
Cornelius Vincent
E. L. Wilkerson

Company D, 49 Virginia Infantry

Lieut. E. W. Boyd (K)
Lieut. John O. Brown
Lieut. Col. R. D. Funkhouser
Capt. Bailey S. Jacobs (K)
Lieut Abe Updike
Capt. J. B. Updike
Major Manley T. Wheatly, 49 Virginia Infantry


L. D. Baker
R. N. Bolen
J. B. Compton
William A. Compton
Theodore Garmong (K)
W. G. Wharton


George W. Fox
George W. Martin
W. A. McFarland


Arom Allen
John Allen
Luther D. Atwood (K)
Samuel Atwood


Second panel


Company D, 49 Virginia Infantry


William A. Beatty
John S. Barber
Joseph W. Barber
Henry Bennett
John Bennett (K)
Robert Blackwood
Kenton A. Bolen
Benjamin Brown
Henry J. Brown
James Cain
Simeon Corder (K)
Alpheus Cornwell
[illegible] Cornwell
William M. Coulter
John V. Craig (K)
Parkinson Craig
Jameson Darnell
Scott Darr
Samuel Day
John J. Eastham
Samuel P. Eschesman
James Fish
Addison Fletcher
John R. Foster
Anthony Fox
John Fox
Thomas Fox
Thomas W. Fristoe (K)
Jesse T. Funk
John Garr (K)
K. M. Garrett
Oliver Gordon (K)
DeWitt G. Gorg
William Grove (K)
George W. Hall (K)
George W. Henry
Gibson Henry
John J. Henry
John W. Henry (K)
Moses Henry
John W. Hoffman
Richard Holder
Alpheus Houch
George Hoffman (K)
Luther Jetty
John Johnson
William Jones
William Leach (K)
William Lovelace
Horace Manks (K)
Charles M. Matthews
Robert I. Matthews
W. F. Mauck
Robert McFarland
Charles E. Mills
Henry Mills
James W. Mills
Marcus Mills
Thomas M. Pomeroy (K)
J. William Ranker
John W. Ridenour
William H. Ridgeway (K)
Daniel Robinson
George W. Rudacille (K)
Isaac Rudacille
Isaac Santmyers
John B. Santmyers
Morgan Snapp
James Sealock
Joseph C. Sealock
James W. Stokes
John Stokes (K)
Richard B. Stokes
John T. Sumption
George Vaught
Richard Vincent (K)
William Vincent (K)
James H. Walker
John W. Walter
David R. Williams

Company E, 7 Virginia Cavalry

Capt. Walter Bower
Capt. Thomas R. Buck
Lieut. William Walter Buck (K)
Lieut. William Jennerly
Capt. Samuel J. Simpson
Lieut. McK. M. Wells


Edwin C. Buck
D. M. Cloud
L N. Cloud
William M. Cloud
John R. Jenkins
Pendleton Long


John Heater (K)
Thomas M. Roy
A. A. McKay


Alexander Adams
John M. Ash
Richard Bayly
G. H. Beatty
William Benn (K)
Joseph M. Bennett
Edward B. Brown (K)
J. M. Brown
J. W. Brown
James H. Brown
T. William Buck (K)
William A. Buck
William A. Churchill
Byrd Clapsaddle
M. A. Clapsaddle
Harry C. Cline
William R. Cline
C. Wythe Cook
W. Scott Cook
Robert F. Crupper
Broadus Doran
Phil Eastham
Jacob Emerson
C. A. Foster
W. L. Foster
Dr. M. L. Garrison
Casper Green
F. W. Green
Bushrod Grubbs
Nathan Grubbs
Henry Heater
Robert Helm
Charles Henry (K)
Hugh Henry
W. F. A. Houser
Marcus B. Irwin
William T. Jackson (K)
John I. Johnson (K)
Middleton Jordon
James W. Kendrick
George Knave
Henry E. Lacey
J. Rush Lacy
W. H. Mitchell
Joseph D. Neville
P. C. Neville
James W. Oliver
A. B. Parkins
John W. Peyton
James K. Putnam
Charles O. Richardson
William Robinson
William A. Rogers
Theodore Rotston (K)
Frank F. S. Steed
Shelton Steed (K)
W. T. Steed
Anthony Vaughn
George Vaughn
George Williams
Burrell Wines
Robert Wright

Company E, 12 Virginia Cavalry

Lieut. William B. Conrad
Capt. James Marshall
Lieut. Thomas Marshall (K)
Capt. Jesse McKay


Joseph D. Amiss
William Berryman
Morton A. Boyd


Edward A. Green
George McDonald
W. H. Painter


George Berryman
Thomas Berryman
Alfonso Bolen
Hayward Bolen
J. Frank Boyd
John W. Brewer
James Derflinger
John A. Derflinger
Jacob Fawley
Sidney Fox
James H. French
Robert Garrett
David Hall
Elijah Hall
Jefferson Hall
Wesley Hall
William A. Hoskins
Peter S. Hyde
Gabriel Jenkins
Peyton T. Johns
Joseph H. Johnson (K)
Patrick Kelley
George Knight
Edward Kouser
Bushrod Legg
Charles J. Maddox
Harvey Maddox
John M. Maddox
Russell B. Maddox
Travis Maddox
William B. Maddox
Jacob McKay
Robert Mills
Joseph A. Painter (K)
George Pickerell
Henry Pickerell
Robert Van. Riley
D. W. Robinson
Benjamin F. Rowzie (K)
Samuel Rucker
George Sealock
Jacob Shipe
John Strother (K)
Arthur M. Smith
John H. Smith
William Williams


Third panel


Company I [or T], 12 Virginia Cavalry

Capt. A. M. Earle, Regimental Quartermaster
Col. Thomas B. Massie, 12 Va. Cavalry
Sergeant Major Edward G. Massie
Lieut. Granville Eastham
Lieut. John R. Henry
Lieut. M. Clay [illegible]
Lieut. John W. McKay


John W. Ashby (K)
James Grubbs
Charles L. McKay
Bushrod Rust


Peter F. Cooley


C. Albert Ash
John B. Ash
Lewis Ashby (K)
Russell Ashby (K)
Jonas Baker
Elias Biggs
George H. Bowman
Samuel Breedlove
James Brown
John T. Brown
George W. Chapman
Samuel C. Cooley
Smith S. Cooley
Lewis Coverstone
A. C. Davis (K)
William H. Eastham
William M. Harrison
Edward L. Hefflybower
W. F. Holmes
Daniel M. Hoskins (K)
John W. Hoskins
Thomas M. Johnson
Thomas B. Kenner
Isaac Laing
Enoch A. Lake
John N. Lake
George Martin
Benjamin Massie
Charles McDonald (K)
Harvey McDonald (K)
Joseph C. McKay
William Moomaw
Alfred A. Oliver (K)
John B. Oliver
Robert R. Palmer
George N. Petty
John W. Powers
W. R. Putnam
George W. Reid (K)
John R. Reid
Joseph Ridgeway
Newton Ridgeway
James W. Riley
James T. Robinson
Benjamin Ruffner
Charles Russell
D. M. Santmyers
George W. Siebert
Charles Stokes
I. N. Stokes
Charles Talbert
John Talley (K)
James E. Templeman
Philetus Thornhill
J. Calvin Turner (K)
James Vermillion
James W. White
Wesley Whitmore
John W. Womack

Mosby's 43 Virginia Battalion Cavalry

J. Pollard Bowen
William B. Bowen
Henry P. Boyd
Eugene Brown
Joseph M. Carter
Z. T. Compton
Charles Conrad
W. G. Conrad
Alpheus Figgins
Charles Fish
Noah Hockman
Thornton V. Leach
B. D. Maddox (K)
Samuel McDonald
Johnson Pomeroy
Henry C. Rhodes (K)
Harrison Ritter
John Robinson
Vincent Robinson
James A. Silman
John A. Silman
James Sills
S. H. Smith
Alfred Thompson
John D. Thompson
B. Trenary
James F. Trenary
F. D. Triplett
W. S. Woodward

White's 35 Battalion Virginia Cavalry

William Brown
Marcus J. Foster
Charles B. Fristoe
Phil A. Hockman (K)
Clinton Jennings
F. N. Jennings
Benjamin F. Kilber
Charles W. Kilber
William Nail
Jacob F. Rudacille
Jacob Rudacille of J.
Thomas Rudacille
Newton Santmyers
Jack Thompson
Peter Winsboro

18 Virginia Cavalry

John R. Hammock
W. B. Henry
Milton M. Hottle
G. L. Laing
J. T. Martin
J. M. Santmyers
James Vermillion
Henry Viands

Chew's Virginia Battery

T. William Buck
George Cooper
Samuel Everly

Company A, 39 Battalion Virginia Cavalry

William V. Green
J. B. Lehew

1 Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Charles Bennett, Adj. (K)
Private Phil A. Spengler

2 Missouri Infantry

Private J. Marshall Blakemore
Private Alexander Cook
Private William Cook


Private Lewis Ashby, 6 Virginia Cavalry (K)
Capt. William H. Balthis, 21 Virginia Cavalry
Private John Barbee, 6 Virginia Cavalry (K)
Private Marcus M. Bayley, 13 Virginia Infantry
Private Thomas Beaty, 1 Virginia Cavalry
Private Alexander W. Blakemore, Morgan's Kentucky Cavalry
Private George B. Blakemore, Engineer Corps A.T.
Private James H. Blakemore, Mahone's Div. A. N. Virginia
Lieut. Richard M. Blakemore, Adj. Forrest's Battalion Artillery
Private Robert N. Blakemore, Cheatham's Div. A. T.
Capt. William T. Blakemore, A.D.C. to Gen. B. R. Johnson
Captain Samuel D. Buck, 13 Virginia Infantry
Private Beverly Cornwell, 8 Virginia Infantry
Private John Cusack, 17 Virginia Infantry
Private J. Smith Davison, Quantrell's Guerillas
Major Henry Lane, 42 Virginia Infantry (K)
Private Martin P. Marshall, Stribling's Virginia Battery
Private George W. Martin, 33 Virginia Infantry
Private Frank Ralls, Co. E, 48 Virginia Infantry
Private William H. Riley, Stribling's Virginia Battery (K)
Dr. John M. Rust, Surgeon Floyd's Div.
Private Thomas F. Showalter, 11 Virginia Cavalry
Private Innman Thompson, Carpenter's Virginia Battery
Private Thomas W. Timberlake, 2 Virginia Cavalry

[could not transcrible last column of men listed in the Miscellaneous section]


Names have been alphabetized by surname within the unit listing.

Due to the height of the monument, the age of the panels, and the sun at the time of day I photographed this memorial, some of the names may not be transcribed correctly. If you note an error, please leave a comment below with the correction. Thank you.

World War I and World War II memorial; personal


In memory of those who served in defense of their country in World War I 1917-1918 and World War II 1941-1945

World War I

Baker, Clifton D
Derflinger, Clarence F.
Hall, Granvell
Nelson, Clifton A.
Potterfield, Lester E.
Pullin, Shirley P.
Redman, Samuel C.
Reedy, Carl
Robinson, Wilber
Rosenberry, Frank O.
Richards, Neville H.
Thrush, Edgar R.
Venable, James T.

World War II

Atkins, Roxie L.
Beard, Bryan F., Jr.
Beaty, James F.
Broy, Howard N.
Ballard, John C., Jr.
Bloom, Morton I.
Cameron, Orndorff H.
Cullers, Hollie G.
Calkley, Churchill
Cassaroti, Edward F.
Corron, George W., Jr.
Cary, Francis H.
Derflinger, James R.
Derflinger, James M.
Derflinger, Floyd Lee, Jr.
Dalton, Joseph Shelton
Dulaney, James Wilford
Esteppe, David W.
Fletcher, Hunter
Fletcher, James H.
Grove, Orville D.
Gaillard, Theodore
Hollman, Samuel A., Jr.
Hoar, Glen U.
Holland, John L.
Hockman, Franklin L.
Hall, Eugene E.
Hallman, Samuel A.
Henry, Earlie F.
Henry, James O.
LIggett, Winfield
Lockhart, Harold E.
Lockhart, John F.
Lawson, Marcellous
Molden, Ashby Lee
McIntyre, William A.
Nelson, Bennie, Jr.
Petty, Thomas, M.
Pingley, William C., Jr.
Robinson, Roy M.
Roesler, Herbert S.
Soules, Charles J.
Smith, James
Shehan, John H.
Simpson, Maney O., Jr.
Smith, Charles E.
Spaven, George N., Jr.
Sealock, Warren H.
Stover, Robert White
Vaught, Jerome E.
Walker, Winifred B.
Webb, Donald C.
Wyant, Carl

Korea and Vietnam memorials; personal collection

Korea and Vietnam

Larry E. Smedley
CPL Marine Corps

Congressional Medal of Honor

Born: March 4, 1949, Warren County, VA
Died: 21 Dec 1967, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Wesley L. Fox
1st LT U.S. Marine Corps
Native of Warren County, VA

Congressional Medal of Honor

Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam, 22 February 1969
Co. A, 1st Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Marine Division


Korea (1950-1955)

Clowe, Algernon S.
Coverstone, William
Davenport, Edward
Dodson, George
Hall, Charles N.
Henry, Robert L.
Henry, William L.
Mowery Lewis D.

Viet Nam (1964-1975)

Clem, Thomas S.
Curry, Larry E.
Davis Charles William
Jenkins, Samuel C.
Johnson, Dale L.
Kidwell, Roger G.
McLemore Tilgham
Miller, Delaney E.
Pennington, Phillip E.
Powell, Donald K.
Rector, William T.
Seekford, Joseph L.
Sours, Gary
Tharpe, Samuel C.

We also express our gratitude to all the members of the armed forces who served honorably in the above conflicts.

Erected by the veterans organizations  and community minded citizens of Warren County, Virginia.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.