Monday, November 26, 2018

Did James Jennings (c1770-1838) Marry Twice?

For years all I have known about the James Jennings, son of Benjamin Jennings (c1740-1815), my four times great grandfather, is that James was mentioned in his father's will and he married Rebecca Waldron.

Snippet of the last will and testament of Benjamin Jennings, dated 27 March
1815; courtesy of

Rebecca Waldron was the sister of Anna Mariah Waldron, the wife of James' brother, John:
  • John W. Jennings married Anna Mariah Waldron on 19 January 1805 in Bedford County, Virginia
  • James Jennings married Rebecca Waldron on 8 April 1816 in Bedford County
Most researchers of the Waldron family state Rebecca (Waldron) Jennings died in 1883 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, but I have not found a document that supports the death date or location. And that death date is causing me no little confusion.

Recently, I found a 52-page pension file on Fold3 for a Mary (Hawkins) Jennings. In the application she states that her husband served as a private during the War of 1812 with Captain William Flood's Company, which was formed in Buckingham County, Virginia. The company was formed on 29 December 1813 and marched to Norfolk, Virginia, where it was organized into the 5th Virginia Militia. Soldiers in the unit were part of the defense of Norfolk during the war. They were mustered out on 11 April 1814. This is the same unit in which John W. Jennings, Sr., served during the exact same time period. So I believe the two brothers -- James and John -- served together during the War of 1812.

Mary applied for her pension in April 1878 and was approved to receive a monthly payment of $8.00 on 20 December 1878. In the application was new information if I have the correct James Jennings:
  • James married Mary Hawkins in 1831 in Lynchburg
  • Mary grew up in Bedford County
  • James and Mary had at least one daughter named Martha Jane Jennings (born in 1833)
  • James drowned in 1838 in Lynchburg
  • Mary never remarried
  • Mary died in 1884 in Lynchburg
Page 9 of Mary (Hawkins) Jennings' widow's pension
application; courtesy of

All of this fits together quite nicely except for the 1883 death date for Rebecca Waldron. If she died before 1831, I would be sure I have the service information for the correct James Jennings. Thoughts?

Fort Norfolk
John W. Jennings, Sr. (1776-1858): War of 1812 Veteran

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Last Will and Testament of Powhatan Perrow Jennings

Last April my husband and I visited the Amherst County, Virginia, courthouse and photographed several records related to my Jennings family.

Amherst County, Virginia, court house; personal collection

This is a transcription of the last will and testament of Powhatan Perrow Jennings, who was my great great grandfather. He died of dysentery on 20 August 1858.

I, Powhatan P. Jennings, being now sick but having the full possession of my mental faculties do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

In the first place I desire all my just debts to be paid.

It is my will that my estate be kept together until my youngest child shall become twenty-one years of age and managed by one of my sons as superintendent, or if my sons should not be willing to undertake the management of the estate as above directed, then the best arrangement must be made that can be to keep up my estate so that it may be kept together and managed for the mutual benefit of my wife and children and from its profits all to receive a comfortable support as the nature of the case and the means of the estate will permit.

It is my will that my younger children shall receive from my estate as good an education as my older children have received. I earnestly desire that my wife Elizabeth P. and my children shall live together in peace and harmony, but if anything should occur to render this impracticable and they should prefer to separate, I then give to my wife Elizabeth P. Jennings for and during her natural life, the Office Standem in the yard and the spring field as it is now enclosed, a negro boy named Tiny, a mare named [illegible], and a sufficiency of provisions for her support for one year.

Upon the death of my wife, the estate given to her to revert back to my estate and to be divided like the balance of my estate. In the event of my wife choosing to live to herself, in addition to the property above mentioned, I will that she shall have enough household and kitchen furniture to make her comfortable.

My executor herein after appointed is directed if deemed advisable to sell forty or fifty acres of my land at the lower end of the tract to enable him the sooner to pay all of my debts as it is my desire as soon as convenient to extricate my estate from debt so as to leave as much of its profits as possible to the comfortable support of wife and children and the education of my younger children as above directed.

If my older sons who may consent to live upon my land and aid in its cultivation and the management of my estate should desire it and it should be thought property they are to have a reasonable compensation for their labor and services but I hope they will be willing to give their aid and assistance for the common good of all and for [illegible] in the raising and educating of their younger brothers and sisters.

It is my will that when my youngest child shall arrive at the age of 21 years that my estate be then equally divided among all my children.

If my wife should die before my youngest child shall arrive at the age of 21 years, then the estate devised to him shall revert to the rest of my estate and managed as before directed. And if the division of my estate shall take place before her death, then at her death that portion which I have willed to her shall be divided like the residue.

I appoint my friend Sam M. Garland executor of my last will and testament.

Witnessed my hand and seal this 18th day of August 1858

Powhatan P. Jennings (his mark)

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in our presence who in the of each other witnessed the same:

A. C. Harrison
Hiram C. Kyle
Taliaferro Stinnett
Uriah Burley

At a Court of monthly sessions begun and held for the County of Amherst at the court house on Monday the 20th day of September 1858.

A paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Powhatan P. Jennings, deceased, was produced in court and proved by the oaths of A. C. Harrison and U. Burley, two subscribing witnesses thereto and the same was ordered to be recorded as the last will and testament of P. P. Jennings, deceased.


Sam M. Garland, Clerk

Know all men by these presents that we John W. Jennings and D. W. Jennings are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in the sum of four thousand dollars lawful money of Virginia to be paid to the said Commonwealth for the payment whereof well and truly to be made. We bind ourselves and each of us our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators jointly and severally firmly by the presents sealed with our seals and dated this 18 day April 1859 and in the 83rd year of the Commonwealth.

The condition of the above obligation is that if the above bound John W. Jennings, Administrator with the will annexed of P. P. Jennings, deceased, shall faithfully discharge the duties of his office as administrator aforesaid then this obligation to be void or else to remain in full force.

John W. Jennings (seal)
Daniel W. Jennings (seal)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A British Memorial Plaque from the Great War Finds a Home

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom, and I would like to remember the ultimate sacrifice young Joseph Barr made on 11 December 1917 when he died in Palestine during the Great War (now known as World War I.) He was born on 4 January 1897 in Blantyre, Scotland, and was inducted into the British Army on 11 May 1915. Two weeks later, he was shipped to Gallipoli. Joseph served as a private with the 1/8 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), which was part of 156th Brigade, 52nd (Lowland) Division. They were moved to Eygpt in 1916. The division fought in the battle of Romani and three battles for Gaza before taking Jerusalem. Gen. Edmund Allenby walked into the walled city on 11 December 1917 and reviewed the troops amid much fanfare on the day Joseph Barr died. Joseph Barr was 20 years old and had never married.

In 1919 the British government devised a Next of Kin Memorial Plaque, a bronze medallion approximately 4-1/2 inches in diameter inscribed with the name of someone who died serving with the British and Imperial forces during the war. The plaques were mailed to the next of kin, along with a scroll containing the King's message and a facsimile of his signature. Joseph's sister, Mary Barr, was listed in his informal will as his sole heir and would have received a Next of Kin Memorial Plaque in remembrance of her brother.

Next of Kin Memorial Plaque for Joseph Barr; photograph courtesy of
Bill McLauchlan,

Fast forward to February of this year. I received a Facebook message from the son-in-law of a gentleman named Joe Barr, who asked that I contact his father-in-law. Joe Barr lives in Inverness, Scotland, and is the grandson of a man also named Joseph Barr, who was killed in in 1914 during the Great War. He has his grandfather's Next of Kin Memorial Plaque. But a woman sent him another memorial plaque for a Joseph Barr. Her daughter had won it in primary school as a prize in a competition after lessons about World War I. She sent the plaque to Joe after her daughter's death. After researching all the men named Joseph Barr, Joe concluded this new medallion must be for the Joseph Barr who died in 1917.

Joseph found a blog post I wrote about that Joseph Barr, He Died A Long Way from Home, and wanted to send me the plaque. I was touched, but felt I was not the right person to have the medallion as I was only related to Joseph through a marriage. (He was the stepson of the mother-in-law of a second cousin twice removed.) I promised to search for a closer relative to whom he could give the memorial plaque.

Email from Joe Barr; personal collection

I discovered Joseph Barr was listed in three other public family trees besides my own and the nearest relative was the great grandson of Agnes Laird (Muir) McLauchlan (1876-1935). She was the younger sister of Joseph Barr's mother, Isabella (Muir) Barr (1871-1905). I contacted the owner of the tree and asked him if he would be interested in Next of Kin Memorial Plaque of his 1st cousin twice removed. He responded quickly and said he would be honored.

On 27 February 2018, Bill McLauchlan received the Next of Kin Memorial Plaque for his ancestor Joseph Barr, from Mr. Barr of Inverness, and that's how I was able to play a small part in reuniting medallion to its rightful family. On the day Bill received the medallion, he sent me this message:

Message from Bill McLauchlan; personal collection

In an interesting coincidence, Bill's father also served with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) during World War II. If by chance you ever find yourself in High Blantyre, Scotland, Joseph Barr's name is on the War Memorial. He was interred in the Kantara War Memorial Cemetery in Eygpt.

He Died a Long Way from Home

Friday, November 9, 2018

Honor Roll: Shepherd Park, Lake George, New York

Lake George, New York, is in Warren County and is located at the southern tip of its namesake lake in the Adirondack mountains. Today, the village is a vacation mecca, but it has a Colonial era history.

Honor Roll memorial in Shepherd Park, Lake George, New York, personal


The Veterans on this Honor Roll
have had substantial ties of
Residency and Service to the
Lake George Community

Legend of periods of military service
0 = Civil War
1 = World War 1
2 = World War 2
3 = Korean War
4 = Vietnam War
5 = Gulf Wars and other eras of service

Co-sponsored by
The Village of Lake George, Mayor Robert Blais
The Town of Lake Goerge, Supervisor Louis Tessier
2003 Centennial Committee, Chairman Peg Edwards
Lake George American Legion, Cammander Vic Lafebvre

Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 24, 2003

Civil War (0)

Alden, David
Bennett, George D.
Carter, Theophilus
Chambers, John
Eldridge, Charles H.
Ellsworth, Edward
Hammond, Homer
Hayes, John
Johnson, John
Joslin, J. C.
Lockwood, Orville H.
Martindale, John H.
McDonald, Edgar
Miller, George
Nelson, David F.
Russell, John B., Jr.
Sherman, Martin
Smith, Alfred H.
Smith, George
Taxuse, Susap
Wells, Charles
Williams, John H.

World War I (1)

Ainsworth, Claude
Ainsworth, Delbert
Baldwin, Edgar A.
Barlow, James M.
Bennett, Melvin
Bentley, Lawrence M.
Beswick, Arthur G.
Bly, Clayton
Boulia, Louis
Bowen, Harold J.
Breen, Lael
Broderick, Thomas
Brown, Alfred C.
Brown, Cue
Brown, H. A.
Brown, Leon
Caldwell, Robert K.
Caldwell, George F.
Caldwell, Philip
Chandler, Carl F.
Clark, Erwin W.
Cole, Raymond G.
Cook, Julian
Corkland, Hannibal
Cote, Loren
Cote, Leon C.
Crandall, Karl J.
Daggett, David
Dagles, Forrest
Dahl, John A.
Dalrymple, Emerson C.
Degrechie, Homer
Denton, Frederick C.
Deracker, William J.
Dier, Hilton H.
Donavan, Timothy J.
Donor, Bernard
Dunning, "Jack"
Durrin, Sherman
Earl, Jay R., Sr.
Eddy, Lee
Edmonds, William
Ellsworth, Arthur V.
Ellsworth, Harold D.
Fields, Roscoe C.
Fish, Harry E.
Flynn, Harry
Fry, Clarton
Gill, Grover D.
Garvito, Pamfilio
Hammond, Hollis H.
Hammond, Luther G.
Hawley, H. Bernard
Hawley, Stuart F.
Hill, Ralph H.
Ide, Olin
Imrie, John H.
Irish, Byron
Irish, Leland
Irish, Merritt H.
Johnson, Carl R.
Joslyn, Arthur
Kenny, Oliver
Kirkham, Arthur
Lane, Edward
Lanfair, Lawrence
Langworthy, E. Vaughn
Lefebvre, Victor F.
Mattison, Ernest
Mattison, William
McCarthy, Emmett
McCormac, Lee
McDonald, Alfred
McGowan, George
McWilliams, Butler
Moon, Maurice
Mosier, Carl G.
Murray, Herman
Norton, Frnk L.
Noyes, Kenneth C.
O'Dell, Freeman, Sr.
Parsons, Edson L.
Pepin, Romie A.
Pharmer, George C.
Pharmer, Louis C.
Pratt, Ernest
Pratt, Frederick
Pratt, Percy A.
Prosser, Frank E.
Prosser, Frank Elias
Putnam, David
Russell, Judson
Schermerhorn, Leon
Seghres, Girard J.
Smith, Edward J.
Smith, Fred S.
Smith, Henry M.
Sica, Alfred
Shepard, Lawrence H.
Stannard, Orville L.
Stires, Ernest (Rev.)
Straight, Alfred
Straight, Byron
Straight, Milo
Straight, Walter A.
Strasser, Anthony
Streeter, Leon
Sullivan, Mark R.
Taft, Jesse A.
Taylor, Alexander
Taube, A. E.
Tabe, H. O.
Tiowell, John
Tompkins, Daniel D.
Tucker, Ernest
Tuttle, Croswell
Varnum, Cassius
Vernum, Walter
Wardner, Howard
Webster, George A.
Wells, Robert A.
West, Elmer J., Jr.
West, Paul B.
Wood, Frank H.

World War II (2)

Abel, Frederick
Armstrong, Earl
Baker, Beecher
Baker, Bernard
Baker, Hollis
Bantham, Al
Barnes, Charles
Barrett, Edward A.
Barrett, Raymond J.
Bates, Louise D.
Baumgart, Alvin
Belanger, Paul
Bennett, Emmett
Bennett, Harold
Bentley, James
Bentley, Lawrence
Benton, Roger A., Jr.
Beswick, Arnold
Beswick, Clayton
Beswick, George
Beswick, W. L.
Blair, Walter, Jr.
Blanchfield, John
Bolster, James
Borroughs, Frances
Bouyea, Stewart
Bowers, Edward
Bowman, Earl
Brand, Grant
Brand, Lawrence G.
Brown, Alton Pete
Brown, Bernard
Brown, Melvin
Bruno, Robert
Bryant, George
Brynes, Ralph D.
Buever, Edward
Bull, James
Caldwell, George P.
Carey, Arthur E.
Carlson, Arthur G.
Caruso, Jerry, Sr.
Casey, Jay
Chambers, W. D.
Champagne, Gerald E.
Christensen, Andy
Clark, William
Clarke, Joseph B.
Cleveland, D. E.
Cleveland, Francis
Cleveland, Raymond
Cough, Kenneth, Jr.
Cohan, Harry J.
Cole, Ronald G.
Collins Peter E.
Combs, Edward L.
Conant, William C.
Cook, Cheney
Cooper, Dolphus
Cooper, Drurie J.
Corkland, James
Cronin, Daniel
Curley, Harry A.
Dahlstedt, Edward
Dalrymple, William
Davis, William C.
Davis, Robert F.
DeFavari, Joseph
DeGrechie, Edward
DeGrechie, Leo A.
DeSantis, Carl
Decelle, Robert
Dell, Gustave
Denton, Earl
Dickenson, Leander
Dier, Hilton H.
Dier, John
Dirk, George R.
Dixon, WalterDoty, Valney D.
Dowd, John P.
Duffy, James T.
Duffy, Thomas
Duffy, Walter
Dufour, Earl
Dunklee, Raymond
Earl, Jay, Jr.
Earl, Wayde F.
Eichen, Henry
England, George
Falis, William I.
Fish, David
Fish, Eugene
Fitzgerald, David J.
Fitzgerald, J. Richard
Flacke, Robert
Flynn, Charles
Foote, Henry
Frazier, Arnold
Frazier, Cassius
Frazier, Gilbert
Fazier, Reuben, Jr.
Fridley, William C.
Frye, Weston, Jr.
Galloway, Dennis
Garafalo, Frank
Garafalo, Ralph
Garry, Joseph
Gates Herbert H.
George, Paul
George, Robert
Gerhardt, Edward
Gertzen,  James
Goggins, Williams
Golden, Joseph
Goldston, Harry
Grant, Donald
Grank, Malcolm
Gratton, Philip R.
Green, George, Sr.
Guiles, Benjamin F.
Guiles, Charles
Gunther, Roy A.
Hall, Hibbard
Hall, Howard J.
Hammond, Reginald
Hammond, Rose
Hannula, Bentli
Harris, Gertrude
Hastings, Arthur
Hastings, Rufus
Hawley, Barnard
Hawley, Charles
Hayward, George
Henderson, William
Henry, Robert
Higgins, Albert
Higgins, Charles F.
Higgins, Francis
Higgins, Guy
Higgins, John
Higgins, Ralph
Higgins, Robert
Hill, Robert L.
Holcomb, Fred
Holden Joseph R.
Holt, James
Horn, Charles M.
Horn, Frederick W.
Horn, Harry C.
Horn, Robert
Horn, Solon G.
Horne, Charles, Jr.
Ide, James
Ingrahm, E. L.
Irish, Franklyn
Isenburg, Sherman
Jarvinen, Felix
Jarvis, Edward
Jefts, Charles
Johnson, Earl H.
Johnson, Gary
Johnson, Gordon
Johnson, Howard
Jones, Arthur J.
Jordan, Samuel
Joseph, Theodore
Judkins, Charles
Kacenas, Albert
Kacenas, Benjamin
Kiehn, Claude
Kirker, Grant, Jr.
Knight, Arthur S.
Kornhoff, Daniel
Kornhoff, Oswald
Kouba, George
Kramer, Harry A.
Kreppin, Helmut
Kurosaka, George J.
Kyser, Le Roy M.
LaFond, Benoit
LaFond, Gaston C.
LaFond, Joseph
Labrum, Charles
Lanfair, Charles
Lanfear, Robert
Lange, Gilbert H.
Langworthy, Vaughn
Laustrup, Robert
Lawless, John
Lawless, William J.
Lawrence, E. R.
Lawrence, Robert
Lawrence, Ted
Littrell, Marcell
Littrell, Marcel L.
Lloyd, Bertram
Lockhart, Howard
Lockhart, William J.
Lockwood, Alfred B.
Lumianski, Robert
Lynch, Mary C.
MacDonald, Grace
MacDonald, Howard
Mason, Kenneth
Mallory, Roy
Mathieson, Hugh
Maxam, Albert
Mazzeo, Anthony
Mazzeo, Mario
McCormac, Stephen
McCoy, Carl
McCoy, Franklin
McCoy, Raymond
McIssac, Allen
McNary, Earl
Mickle, Frederick
Montena, Wilson
Moon, Dorothy
Moon, Harold
Moon, Richard
Moon, Robert
Moon, Roy D.
Moon, Stanley
Moon Vincent
Moore, Horace H.
Morehouse, Edward
Morehouse, Louis
Morehouse, R. F.
Morehouse, William
Morey, James
Morey, Kenneth
Morris, Leo
Morrisey, Wesley
Moulton, Roy
Moynihan, Thomas
Muratori, Alexander
Nelson, C. Edward
Nelson, Ray
Nichols, Roger P.
Norton, Alva W.
Norton, Fred A.
Norton, Lester
O'Connor, James M.
O'Dell, Lester
O'Dell, Rexford
O'Dell, Robert
O'Riley, William
Osberg, Daniel
Palmer, William
Parker, Arthur J.
Parrott, James P.
Parrott, John V.
Parry, H. Vaugh
Peer, James E.
Pepin, Allen C.
Pitcairn, John F.
Plue, Allen F.
Potter, Vncent
Poutre, Mary
Pratt, Milford
Prosser, Frank E., Jr.
Prosser, Leslie
Putnam, Ashley
Radcliff, E. Murray
Ratchford, Paul V.
Riggers, Henry
Rinaldi, Dominic
Ross, Clyde
Ross, John M.
Ross, Tilman
Ross, Vincent
Ross, Winfield
Russell, Frederick
Russell, Bertnard H.
Ruef, Werner
Rothermel, John
 Russell, Judson, Jr.
Russell, Paul
Ryan, George P.
Saum, Robert W.
Schermerhorn, James A.
Schermerhorn, Warren
Schultze, Henry H.
Schussler, George
Scoville, Francis
Scoville, John H.
Scoville, Raymond
Scripter, Lawton A.
Scully, John T.
Shaw, Rlph
Shevrovich, John M.
Sica, Robert
Sica, Adolph
Sheer, Earl W.
St. Clair, Raymond
Staats, Meribah
Stafford, Joseph
Stannard, Fred E.
Stanton, Jay
Stanton, Richard E.
Stanton, Robert G.
Stanton, Willoughby, Jr.
Stevenson, Benjamin
Stires, Ernest (Rev.)
Sullivan, Leo
Syron, John
Syron, Robert T.
Taylor, Ray
Thatcher, Glenn J.
Thomas, Thaddeus C.
Thomson, Robert T.
Tompkins, Eugene
Tomkins, Daniel D., Jr.
Tompkins, Howard
Tompkins, Michael
Tripp, Harry K.
Troidl, Robert A.
Truax, Richard
Truesdale, Arnold
Tucker, Sherwin
Tyrell, Philip L.
Usher, James
Van Dusen, John
Vernum, Wilbur
Virta, Esko
Walerstein, Earl
Walerstein, Henry
Ward, Ernest
Webb, Jean
West, Elsie
West, Norman
Wheeler, Charles
Wilcox, Lee H.
Winslow, William, Jr.
Whitcomb, Donald J.
Wood, Kenneth
Wood, Nevin
Wood, Richard E.
Wood, Thomas
Wood, William
Worden, Arthur
Wright, Edward B.
Zemanek, Paul S.

Korean War (3)

Abrahams, John J.
Badman, Keith
Bailey, Ralph B.
Beaudin, George H.
Bradley, Horace
Brand, Robert
Brazier, Kenneth
Brazier, Vincent M.
Brown, Bernard
Brown, Charles Burt
Christensen, Eugene
Clauss, William T.
Cocca, Cosimo M.
Converse, Barry
Cooper, Gary
DeGroff, Lawrence
Donohue, James F.
Doster, William
Doyle, Thomas
Duell, Norman
Fish, Glynn
Flewelling, Bradford
George, Anthony
Gilman, Edward
Graff, Edward S., Jr.
Greene, George W., Jr.
Hawley, Bernard
Hollenbeck, Bruce
Horn, Guilford D.
Iannaco, Vincent
Ide, Jack
Kilmartin, Robert V.
Kouba, Edward
Kurosaka, Robert
LaFond, Eugene
LaFond, Gaston C.
LaFond, Joseph
LaFond, Paul
LaPan, Edward L.
Lefebvre, Victor M.
Lockhart, Donald G.
Malcolm, Peter
McLaughlin, Gary
Meyers, Dean
Mitchell, Michael
Nigro, Michael, Jr.
O'Leary, John
Parrott, Edward, III
Pharmer, Edgar
Potter, Preston
Potter, Vincent
Roberts, Robert
Ruef, John
Sanders, Donald E.
Sica, Robert
Spahn, Harry
Stevenson, William, Jr.
Stewart, Rose O.
Straight, Charles
Swinton, Michael
Tessier, Louis
Thomson, Frederick
Tompkins, Daniel
Untener, Robert
Wood, Frank N.
Wood, Frank, Jr.
Wood, Joyce
Wynn, Ray, Jr.
Young, Harry, Jr.

Vietnam War (4)

Baker, Monty K.
Beaudet, Clay
Beaudet, Ted
Beswick, Greg
Brand, Terry J.
Bruno, Robert E.
Brynes, John
Chryzanowski, Hank C.
Devoe, Gerald
Dow, William P.
Dufour, Garry E.
Edwards, Leslie
Ellsworth, James
Erhardt, Roger
Fish, Grant
Fitzgerald, Neil
Frewelling, Allen L.
Flynn, George
Foote, Craig
Fordyce, Clifford
Gerber, Irving W.
Goodness, Lynn
Graff, Edward S., III
Grant, David
Hayward, John
Herzog, John
Higgins, Thomas J.
Hughes, Kenneth
Judkins, Charles, Jr.
Judkins, Thomas
Kurosaka, Jan (Pepper)
Lanfear, Michael
Lefebvre, Larry P.
Littrell, Edward
Matthews, Joel R.
Massone, James J.
Merino, Daniel
Minor, Edward T.
Monroe, Wilson
Moon, Alan R.
Moon, H. Bruce
Morehouse, Edward J.
Morehouse, Richard W.
Nichols, James
Norton, Leonard
Parker, Donald J., Jr.
Parrott, James T.
Parrott, Peter G.
Parrott, Ronald K.
Parrott, Thomas B.
Petrazzuolo, Edward
Powell, James
Powell, Glen
Radcliff, Michael
Radloff, Mark
Radloff, Wayne
Ramsey, Bernard C.
Rothermel, David J.
Ryther, Maynard
Thomas, Christian G.
Thomas, Gary W.
Thomas, Gida L.
Thomas, Terry M.
Varnum, Calvin
Wood, Robert
Wynkoop, James
Wynkoop, Joseph
Young, Nancy

Gulf Wars and Post-Gulf Wars (5)

Behrmann, James D.
Bowman, Earl, Jr.
Cook, Brian
Crandall, Bryce E.
Dorman, Walter J.
Hawley, John
Hawley, Mark
Ide, Douglas
Ide, Matthew
Kandora, Michael F.
Labruzzo, Patrick
Lamb, Erick S.
Lange, Adam W.
Littrell, Shawn
Malcolm, David S.
Millington, Stephen B.
O'Brien, Timothy B.
Osborn, Benjamin D.
Petrazzuolo, William
Poole, Jeffrey M.
Poole, Joshua S.
Powell, Randy
Root, John J.
Rothermel, James C.
Rothermel, Martin G.
Salvadore, John, Jr.
Sharp, Robert J.
Shoemaker, James E.
Shoemaker, James E., Jr.
Stannard, Ed
Stannard, George M.
Vernum, Alicia
Vernum, Gary F.
Witt, Joseph
Wood, Timothy C.
Zimmer, Ithan

Unidentified Period of Conflict

Ellsworth, Edwin
Henderson, W. Reid

The names have been organized by war or period of conflict.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Honor Roll: 48-98 School Street, Schaghticoke, New York, World War I

Schaghticoke, New York, is a town in Rensselaer County. It flourished during the Industrial Revolution as a mill town.

Schaghticoke, New York, World War I Honor Roll; personal collection

In Memoriam
To those boys of
The Town of Schaghticoke
Who served their country
In the defense of civilization

1917 -- 1919

Albert C. Akin
Walter E. Barber
Clarence Barber
M. Bryan Beechroft
Samuel Bratt
George R. Bolton
Arthur Brundige
Louis Brundige
John Butler*
Silas Card*
John I. Chambers
Ralph W. Chase
H. Hamline Coleman
Charles J. Connolly
Malcolm Connolly
Eugene Coonradt
Stanley H. Cranston#
Dennis Delaney
J. D. DeVoe
Samuel W. Finch
Kerin T. Fitzpatrick
Andrew J. Gatzendorfer
Matthew Green

A. R. Gutbrodt#
Julius Hansen#
Verne V. Heimstreet
Allen R. Herrick
George Herrington
Jacob F. Herrington
Rock B. Jewell
Christian Johansen
Hans A. Johansen
James Kinisky
Thomas Kinisky
Frank Lenihan
Charles J. Lesson
Ezra J. Lesson
John A. Lesson#
Levi L. Lesson
Frank Lewis
Augustus D. Madigan*
Joseph McCabe
George McCardle
Daniel McMahon*
Frank J. O'Connor

Eugene V. Osterhout
George W. Osterhout
Arthur S. Owen
James O. Pecor
Walter G. Ralston
John J. Roberts
Robert M. Sample
Edward M. Searls
William Sipperley
Wilbur M. Simons
Charles J. Slocum
Giles E. Slocum
Frank E. Smith
Paul Speanburg*
James B. Steele
Joseph A. Stewart
C. M. Suboliff
A. J. Turner*
Francis E. Van Buren*
James F. Van Detto
Theodore S. Van Veghten

D. Leslie Van Woert
Harold C. Van Woert
Arthur Viall
Richard Viall
William M. Viall
Charles Waldron*
James J. Waldron
R. J. Walsh
Raymond Warren#
Charles J. Welch
Cyrus E. Wells
Chandler E. Whyland
George D. Wetsel
J. Allen Wiley
George B. Williams
Roscoe E. Wing
Clarence E. Wolfe
Charles A. Woods
Chester Yahn
Harry R. Yates
Ira Yates#
Albert Yattow
Walter Yattow

* Died in service

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Honor Roll: Veterans Memorial Park, Fair Haven, Vermont

Fair Haven, Vermont, is a town in Rutland County. Originally a mill town, slate began to be quarried in 1846. Some of the slate was made into writing slates used by students across the country.

Honor roll memorials in Veterans Memorial Park, Fair Haven, Vermont;
personal collection

At the foot of the flag pole is a memorial:

Veterans Memorial Park

Dedicated to those
Who have served
Their country
In time of need

"...and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sward against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." -- Isaiah 2:4

Lord, we pray
That day may soon come

World War I Honor Roll, Fair Haven, Vermont, personal

World War I

Allard, Raymond H.
Allen, Harland C.
Allen, Louis D., Jr.
Anderson, James A.
Andrus, Perley J.
Atwood, Harold C.
Beebe, Earl L.
Bowes, Thomas
Bull, Ebenezer*
Burke, Clarence
Burke, William
Bush, Walter C.
Byrnes, Francis H.
Cain, Daniel J.
Cain, William P.*
Call, Edward J.
Callahan, William
Campbell, John L.
Campbell, Thomas J.
Cantwell, William J.
Carmody, Daniel F., Jr.
Carmody, James E.
Carmody, M. Barrett
Clift, William
Coates, Merrill
Cook, Ruth
Crawley, Robert M.
Dannehy, James H.
Dannehy, John P.
Dannehy, Thomas E.
Davis, Robert O., Jr.
DePalma, Paul
Dilts, Morris E.
Dodge, Frank L.
Draper, Roscoe
Eaton, Edward E.
Edwards, Edward
Faulkenbury, Horton J.
Fenton, Olin
Flanagan, Thomas F.
Flory, Leo R.
Foley, Miles P.
Foley, THomas J.
Fumarola, Michele*
Greene, George N.*
Greene, Russell A.
Griffith, Burton
Griffith, Evan
Griffith, John H.
Griffith, John R.
Griffith, William H.*
Griffin, Wray W.
Gutterson, Philip C.
Hall, Gordon L.
Harney, John B.
Hayes, William
Hogan, William J.
Holmes, Asa A.
Hopkins, David
Hopkins Hadwin S.
Hopkins, John H.
Hopper, Walter
Howard, William H.
Howland, Clyde
Hughes, Alton
Hughes, Arthur B.
Hughes, Carlos W.
Hughes, Herbert J.
Humphrey, Charles H.
Humphrey, Lewis
Ingalls, Charles E.*
Ingleston, Merle
Jones, Arthur J.
Jones, Edwin
Jones, Elwyn I.
Jones, Evan W.
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert G.
Jones, Robert O.
Jones, William H.
Jones, William J.
Keenan, Ambrose J.
Keenan, Irenus
Keenan, Patrick
Keenan, William
Kett, Charles T.
Kett, Hilliard
Kett, Sylvester J.
Kincaid, Raymond B.
Lacombe, George
Lancaster, Parker T.
Laramie, WIlliam H.
Leamy, Alexander J.
Lerch, Harry F.
Lewis, George E.
Lewis, Lowell G.
Little, C. Russell
Little, Raymond L.
Lura, Emma
Maley, Francis W.
Maley, John P.
Maley, Martin
Maley, Michael R.
Mayhew, Andrew
Maynard, Leo L.
Maynard, Raymond H.
Metcalf, Harold S.*
Middleton, Harold J.
Minogue, Charles
Minogue, Edward A.
Minogue, M. Klein
Mitchell, Thomas
Mooney, Carl W.*
Moore, J. Carlton
Morgan, Earl
Morris, George
Murphy, Edward R.
Murphy, Robert P.
McAllister, Charles
McKenna, James E.
McNamara, Joseph A.
O'Brien, William
Owens, George
Owens, Idwal H.
Parker, Richard
Parron, George A.
Patterson, A. Tuttle
Pearson, L. Everett
Pedro, Reese
Pelkey, Joseph C.
Perry, Homer G.
Polley, Herschell L.
Preston, Clayton J.
Preston, Gordon W.*
Preston, H. Russell
Reed, Arthur
Reed Frank L.
Richards, Irving
Roberts, Alex A.
Roberts, Edward
Roberts, Gordon S.
Roberts, Hugh O.
Roberts, Lester
Roberts, Mabel
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Russell
Roberts, Thomas L.
Root, Edward A.
Root, Harold P.
Rutledge, David J., Jr.
Rutledge, Edmund M.
Ryan, Jerry
Seaton, Harrison R.
Sheldon, Harold P.
Smith, Paul L.
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Walter C.
Stockwell, Bert J.
Streeter, Harley R.*
Streeter, Harry A.
Sweeney, John C.
Thiaville, Joseph D.
Thomas, Clayton
Thompson, Gordon L.
Tomasian, Harry Der
Threehouse, Glynn R.
Trombley, Emil*
Troy, Edward P.
Vinci, Joseph*
Waite, Jasper
Waldo, George*
Walker, Franklin W.
Whitney, Charles
Williams, Allen I.
Williams, Arthur (Canadian Forces)
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, Earl
Williams, Edith
Williams, Griffith
Williams, Hermon E.
Williams, Hugh
Williams, Raymond
Williams, William H.
Wood, Arthur W.
Wood, Harold N.
Woodard, Harold H.

*Died in service

World War II Honor Roll, Fair Haven, Vermont; personal collection

World War II

Alex, Peter E.
Allard, Charles M.
Allard, Frederick T.
Allard, Wallace E.
Allen, A. Vail, Jr.
Allen, Gordon W.
Allen, Herbert K.
Amerio, Bartilo L.
Amerio, Frank L.
Amerio, John L.
Andrus, Richard I.
Andrus, Robert S.
Archer, Kenneth H.
Baker, Ralph H.
Barlow, Bernard J.
Barsalow, Dorothy A.
Barsalow, John J.
Bartholomew, Frederick E.
Bartlett, Charles A., Jr.
Beebe, John J.
Beebe, Richard H.
Beebe, Winston E.
Beebe, Daren R.
Benedict, Peter C.
Benson, Albert
Benway, Raymond C.
Berry, Harley
Bertram, Frank L.
Betts, Philip L.
Bird, Charles F.
Bishop, Adrain H.
Blackbird, Ira K.
Bonville, John F.
Boyle, Alton E.
Brown, Harold W.
Brown, Leonard
Brown, Walter J.
Bruso, Harold J.
Bruso, Ray B.
Bryant, Grosvenor E.
Bull, Harold R.
Bullis, Elaine M.
Burke, Kenneth P.
Burr, Wilbur D.
Butler, Bernard J.
Calvi, Andrew C.
Calvi, Ned S.
Campbell, Austin B.
Campbell, Delavan S.
Campbell, Franklin D.*
Campbell, John H.
Campbell, Roy B.
Canfield, Lawrence J.
Carbotti, Joseph A.
Carey, Christopher M.
Carlson, Frank E.
Casey, George E.
Casey, James B.
Chaplin, Kenneth
Chaplin, Ralph L.
Charron, Euclid P.
Carron, Simon G.
Carron, Victor J.
Colville, Alan J.
Cone, Floyd J.
Connor, Daniel F.
Corey, Elwin
Corliss, Warren G.
Crawford, Francis E.
Crawley, Donald P.
Crawley, Francis E.
Crowley, Arthur J.
Crucitti, James A.
Daley, Francis E.
Davidson, Donald K.
Dayton, Albert W.
Dayton, Charles F.
Dayton, Clarence A.
Dayton, Clifford H.
Dayton, Harry P.
Dayton, Parry
Decker, David R.
Denno, Reginald A.
De Rosia, Raymond E.
De Rosia, Ruth U.
Dewey, Leo A.
Dockum, Clifford R.
Dockum, Darwin M.
Dockum, George G.
Dockum, Horace W.
Dockum, John H.
Dockum, Kenneth L.
Donovan, Robert J.
Doran, Ambrose W.
Doran, John J.
Durfee, Bernard E.
Durfee, Carl D.
Durick, John J.
Durick, Joseph M.
Durkee, Douglas W.
Edwards, John O.*
Egan, Gerald W.
Egan, James F.
Egan, Thomas C.
Ellis, Raymon A.
Falkenbury, Seth J.
Farr, Russell H.
Farynlarz, John F.
Farynlarz, Joseph L.
Farynlarz, Julia R.
Farynlarz, Louis C.
Farynlarz, Stanley C.
Fay, Fred S.
Fish, Leslie E.
Fitzgerald, George C.
Flaherty, Daniel A.
Flory, Albert A.
Flory, Joseph W.
Foley, Burns C.
Foley, Edward J., Jr.
Foley, Francis J.
Foley, Gerald P.
Foley, Harold B.
Foley, James M.
Foley, Joseph C.
Foley, Katherine L.
Foley, Miles R.
Foley, Paul W., Jr.
Foley, Philip E.
Fowler, Robert M.
Fralish, Leona M.
Francis, Clayton
Frazier, Stephen J.
Furness, Arnold E.
Fusco, Peter S.
Galick, Eugene S.
Galick, William C.
Gallison, Gerald W.
Garvey, Harold R.*
Gates, Gordon C.
Gilbert, James A.
Gilrain, John F.
Glysson, Eugene A.
Goodrich, Curtis B.
Goodrich, Hollis V.
Gordon, Lester R.
Grace, Charles E.
Graves, Charles M.
Graves, Stanley R.
Graves, Wesley W.
Griffith, Gibson
Griffith, Robert K.
Gunther, John G.
Hall, Chester E.
Hansen, Lyle E.
Harmon, Charles E.
Harney, James F.
Hart, Leonard G.
Hart, Ray W.
Hart, Reginald C.
Havens, John R.
Hayes, Ralph B.
Hayes, Thomas E.
Hayes, Thomas M.
Hayes, William P.
Heath, Robert G.
Henning, William E.
Higgins, Lawrence W.
Holden, Nelson A.
Hopper, Nelson J.
Howard, George
Hughes, Charles L.
Hughes, Gareth V.
Hughes, Leonard O.
Hughes, Russell, Jr.
Hutchins, Leo N.
Hyde, Ira C., Jr.
Hyland, Thomas W.
Jackson, Frank
Johnson, Donald C.
Johnson, Donald G.
Johnson, Edgar W., Jr.
Johnson, Robert H.
Jones, Alun T.*
Jones, E. Kenneth
Jones, Marvin W.
Jones, Raymond M.
Jones, Robert C.
Jones, Russell T.
Jordan, Raymond T.
Juckett, Howard D.
Juckett, Raymond T.
Juckett, Robert M.
Kelly, Edward J.
Kelly, Philip E.
Kelly, Raymond F.
Kelly, Richard L.

*Died in service

Kelly, Robert J.
Kennedy, Charles J.
Kilburn, Henry I.
King, Douglas V.
King, William A.
King, Worthington E., Jr.
Kubas, Stanley A.
Koldys, Joseph S.
La Bate, Guy P.
Ladabouche, Bernard E.
La Fond, Henry M.
Lamphere, Robert E.
Laramie, Bernard J.
Laramie, Charles E.
Laramie, John W.
Laramie, Raymond F.
Laramie, Robert P.
Larkin, Katherine, E.
Levesque, Robert D.
Lewis, Kenneth
Little, Donald R.
Little, Edwin L.
Little, Stuart B.
Little, William S.
Locke, Alfred M.
Looker, George H.
Lowell, George F.
Lowell, Lawrence M.*
Lura, Adolphus O.
Lyons, Gertrude A.
MacAllister, Leonard C.
MacAllister, Mildred E.
Mackin, John J.
Magwire, Raymond B.
Mahar, Lawrence R.
Mahar, Philip E.
Mahar, Thomas D., Jr.
Mahar, William M.
Manell, Raymond F.
Manley, Harold R.
Martin, Chester
Mashak, Clare H.
Masse, Marcel J.
Maxfield, Ira N.
Maynard, Carl H.*
Maynard, Edwin E.
Maynard, Glen F.
Maynard, Harry E.
Maynard, Raymond R.
McBain, Helena S.
McCann, Bernard R.
McCann, Edward G.
McCann, John F.
McGuiness, John F.
McKeowen, Dennis W.
Meagher, Kathleen M.
Mercier, Frederick J.
Mercier, Ludrick J.
Mingo, Richard E.
Minogue, Charles L.
Minogue, Creighton F.
Minogue, John B.
Minogue, John W.
Minogue, Katherine M.
Minogue, Paul J.*
Minogue, Robert J.*
Monger, Alvah A.
Monger, Edwin O.
Montrone, Lewis L.*
Moore, Harold E.
Moore, John F.
Moore, Joseph C.
Moriarity, Francis J.
Morris, Richard
Murphy, John W.
Murphy, Thomas P.
Murray, Robert W.
Nault, Henry J.
Norton, Jotham F.
Norton, Ralph B.
Norton, Russell E.
O'Brien, Clifford W.
O'Day, Edward J.
Owen, Russell E.
Panoushek, Camillus G.
Parker, Earl
Parker, Henry
Parker, Robert H.
Parnham, Samuel W.
Parron, Edward W.
Parron, Francis J.
Parrott, Henry J.
Peck, John S., Jr.
Pelkey, John O.
Pelkey, Kenneth J.
Perry, THomas G.
Petelle, John J.
Pettis, John M.
Pockett, Lee J.
Pratt, Arthur R.
Pratt, George A.
Pritchard, Raymond J.
Prunier, Charles J.
Pushee, Edward D.
Quinlan, Joseph F.
Ramey, Leon D.
Ranney, Harold G.
Ranney, Howard M.
Ranney, Thomas W.
Reed, Beatrice B.
Reed, Earl E.
Reynolds, Robert A.
Richards, John W.
Richards, Robert S.
Richards, William M.
Richards, William Q.
Ritchie, Gordon E.
Ritchie, Robert C.
Roberts, Alfred O.
Roberts, Donald L.
Roberts, Gordon L.
Roberts, Hugh C.
Rooker, Francis L.
Rooker, Howard C.
Ruby, Anthony
Ruggiero, Augustine M.
Ruggiero, Joseph R.
Ryan, John B.
Ryan, Robert L.
Ryan, William A.
Sartwell, Orlo O.
Sartwell, Paul R.
Seward, Robert F.
Sheldon, Harmon J.
Shepard, Charles C.
Smith, Bernard J., Jr.
Smith, Bernard P.
Smith Clifton J.
Smith, Edward W.
Smith, Frederick J.
Smith, Joseph H.
Soulia, Charles R.
Stannard, Chards M.
Stannard, Edward C.
Stannard, George J., Jr.
Steele, James M.
Stevens, Robert H.
Stockwell, Bernard J.
Sullivan, Charles M.
Sullivan, George J.
Swanson, Arnold J.
Sweeney, John P.
Swift, Richard L.
Thiaville, Joseph E.
Thomas, Francis H.
Thomas, Hugh J.
Tomasi, Joseph C.
Towne, Henry
Towne, WIlliam S.
Van Guilder, Frank J.
Vinci, Agastino
Vinci, Angelo J.
Vinci, John L.
Vinci, Martin
Wakefield, Elsie A.
Wakefield, Robert E.
Walker, Charles E.
Walker, Freemont A.
Wamboldt, Gordon S.
Ward, Donald E.
Ward, Harold A.
Ward, Malcolm A.
Ward, Rollin
Waterhouse, Lindsey C.
Webster, Robert E.
Wells, Charles R.
Welsh, David H., Jr.
Westfall, Neal O.
Wheeler, Thomas G.
Williams, Emrys P.
Williams, John R.
Williams, Lloyd G.
Williams, Norman H.
Williams, Raymond M.
Williams, William S.
Wilson, Albert C., Jr.
Wilson, Morgan
Wiskoski, John L.
Wiskoski, Theoflous
Whitcomb, Franklin H.
Wood, Robert Y.
Worthen, Robert Y.
Wright, John B.
Yaskinski, William A.

*Died in service

Korea Honor Roll, Fair Haven, Vermont; personal


Adams, Ai C.
Adams, Chauncey A.
Allen, Roger V.
Altorfer, William G.
Amerio, Pasquale L.
Ames, Eustache E.
Ames, Wendell S.
Andrus, Royce A.
Barber, Harold P.
Bartlett, Charles A.
Beebe, Earl T.
Bigelow, Robert E.
Bishop, Donald C., Jr.
Bishop, Harold B.
Bosworth, Lewis P.
Briggs, Francis J.
Briggs, Paul H.
Briggs, Philip J. Jr.
Brileya, Roger L.
Brown, Andrew J.
Bruso, Leo L.
Bryant, Harry A.
Bryant, Robert W.
Bruten, William D.
Bunker, William A.
Burr, Wilbur D.
Burroughs, George R.
Campbell, Austin B.
Campbell, Roy B.
Carmody, Daniel P.
Chaplin, Helen A.
Cook, David H.
Cook, Karl S.
Corey, Richard F.
Cram, Earl H.*
Curren, Merle M.
Currier, Benjamin
Currier, Harold R.
Dayton, William J.
De Rosia, Robert L.
De Rosia, Ruth U.
Donovan, Francis E.
Dunn, Robert R.
Durling, Robert W.
Egan, Patrick J.
Eaton, WIlliam J.
Farmer, Edward G., Jr.
Finnigan, Leona F.
Fitzpatrick, Edmund J.
Fitzpatrick, Edward D.
Flaherty, Daniel A.
Foley, Donald G.
Foley, John P.
Foley, Paul W., Jr.
Forte, Guido P., Jr.
Fortier, Lewis C.
Fowler, Donald J.
Garvey, Edgar W.
Garvey, Raymond E.*
Goodrich, Robert F.
Griffith, Gibson
Haire, James F., Jr.
Hall, Byron M.
Harney, WIlliam M.
Hart, Hugh A.
Hayes, Edward J.
Heath, Bernard F.
Hughes, Charles L.
Hutchinson, Gerald R.
Johnson, Carl
Jones, Griffith M.
Jones, Marvin W.
Kennedy, Charles J.
Kewley, Edward J.
King, Donald L.
King, Raymond E.
Leamy, Bernard P.
Levesque, George C.
Little, Edwin L.
Little, Paul E.
Little, Raymond L., Jr.
Lussier, Norman A.
Lussier, Philip B.
Lyons, Glen A.
MacCormack, Francis A.
Mason, Donald W.
May, Delmar E.*
Menkens, Edward G.
Mingo, Lloyd W.
Mingo, Vernon G.
Minogue, John B.
Minogue, Joseph G.
Minogue, William E.
Morrissey, John A.
Morrissey, Thomas R.
Morrissey, Tommy
Muzzy, Gary J.
Nickerson, Elmer M
O'Brien, Paul M.
O'Dell, Martin R.
Parker, Wilbur N., Jr.
Patterson, Quinn R.
Pelky, John O.
Pockett, Francis E.
Pockette, James L., Jr.
Prescott, Kenneth L.
Proctor, Howard W.
Pushee, Donald R.
Ramey, Elmer R.
Ranney, Leroy D.
Ranney, Wayne C.
Reed, Earl E.
Reed, Harold J., Jr.
Reid, Richard N.
Roberts, George E.
Roberts, Ross L.
Ruggiero, Joseph R.
Ryan, John B., Jr.
St. John, Reuben L., Jr.
Sawyer, Robert E.
Sayers, Alvin R.
Sbardella, Dominic V.
Shaw, Robert G.
Smith, Clintob E.
Smith, Gerard A.
Soula, Charles R.
Spaulding, Jack G.
Spaulding, Warren W.*
Stannard, Heman W.
Starling, William H.
Stiles, Robert H.
Sweeney, Joseph T.
Tuttle, Wilder D.
Vaughan, Cameron P.
Ward, Robert
Wemette, Alfred J.
White, Emery S., Jr.
Whittaker, Charles P.
Wiskoski, John L.*
Wiskoski, Theoflous
Wood, Robert Y.
Wood, Wynn R.
Wright, John B.

*Died in service

Vietnam Honor Roll; Fair Haven, Vermont; personal


Abbey, Peter G.
Allen, A. Vail, III
Allen, Elliott A.
Allen, John
Altorfer, William G.
Andrus, William N.
Archer, Allen K.*
Ashton, Bruce R.
Ashton, David K.
Aungst, David W.
Baker, Randy L.
Barber, Charles L.
Bassett, John W., Jr.
Beebe, Burt J.
Beebe, J. Carl
Beebe, Richard H. Jr.
Beebe, Debra L.
Bishop, Garland S.
Brileya, Audrey A.
Brown, Steven R.
Bruce, Wayne A.
Burso, Lon R.
Bunker, James P.
Burke, Barton
Burke, John K.
Burns, Michael J.
Bushey, Joseph E.
Bushey, Mark A.
Campbell, Paul S.
Canfield, James L.
Canfield, Robert J.
Canfield, William P.
Carroll, George W. Jr.
Colville, John P.
Coppins, Edward D.
Coppins, Richard A.
Corey, Milton R.
Coro, George E., III
Crane, Frederick A., Jr.
Crawley, Ronald P.
Davis, Gerald M.
Dayton, Joseph E.
Dayton, Robert C.
Dayton, Roger A.
Delphia, Howard P.
Demag, Guy F.
De Rosia, Robert L.
Deyette, David C.
Dike, Marvin S.
Doane, Ronald E.
Dollar, Robert P.
Donaldson, Joseph L.
Doran, James J.
Durkee, Kevin S.
Ellis, Leland L.
Ellis, Ray R.
Ellis, Stephen A.
Ellis, William O., Jr.
Euber, Jesse W.
Fairbanks, Alfred L.
Fitzpatrick, Edmund J.
Fitzpatrick, Edward D.
Flaherty, Daniel A.
Flanders, Norman E.
Foley, Philip A.
Fortier, Raymond A.
Frazier, John O.
Gardner, Edwin F.
Genier, Victor C.
Gibbs, Verna M.
Glasscock, Nancy A.
Goodrich, Bradford G.
Gray, Dana J.
Gray, Michael A.
Grenier, Worghington
Hall, Roger
Havens, John G.
Heath, David C.
Helm, Jack D.
Helm, Robert G.
Hicks, Willis F., Jr.
Hitchock, Thomas R.
Hodgdon, Jeffrey C.
Howard, William J.
Hughes, Charles L.
Hughes, Jack L.
Hyde, William H., Jr.
Jones, Frederick L., II
Jones, Michael A.
Jones, Robert Cameron
Jones, Robert Creighton
Jones, Steven C.
Kelly, David F.
King, Kevin J.
King, Terry H.
Koch, Alan H.
Koscak, Ralph L.
Kruml, Stanley G.
Ladd, Allen L.
Laramie, Robert P., Jr.
Leamy, George P.
Little, Edwin L.
Lowell, Lawrence C.
Lussier, Wayne S.
Lyons, Charles R.
Manley, William E.
Marsh, David P.
Matte, David F.
Matte, Kilburn J.
McGinnis, Arthur C.
McLane, Robert B.
Miller, William G.
Minogue, John B.
Monroe, Ernest J.
Moore, Brian R.
Morris, A. Joseph, Jr.
Morris, Mary K.
Muratorri, James J.
Muratorri, Joseph J.
Muratorri, Peter P., Jr.
Murphy, Robert J.
Nolan, Patrick
Odom, Sanders, Jr.
Pajak, Lewis Albert
Palluotto, Kenny E.
Panoushek, Donald W.
Paolilio, Patricia J.
Parker, Alan R.
Parker, Donald D.
Parrott, Richard D.
Patten, James F., Jr.
Patten, Paul J.
Patten, Patrick M.
Pedro, Reese E.
Pelkey, Jon C.
Perry, Brian F.
Perry, James H.*
Perry, Thomas G., Jr.
Persons, Eric B.
Peters, Darold L.
Pettis, John L.
Pettis, Steven G.*
Pomainville, John W.
Pritchard, THomas E.
Putnam, John H.
Ramey, Brian C.
Ramey, Gary R.
Ramey, John D.
Ramey, Robert B.
Rawlings, Charles S.
Rochon, Bernard A.
Rochon, Roger L.
Rogers, Walter H.
Root, Gary W.
Schmidt, Richard
Shaw, Ralph J.
Smith, Andre J.
Smith, Jan P.
Smith, Joel W.
Southard, Wendell J.
Stacey, Gordon A., Jr.
Starling, John M.
Starling, Richard W.
Stiles, Russell J.
Sweeney, John P.
Sweeney, William P.
Thomson, John S.
Tobin, John D.
Trepanier, James A.
Van Guilder, Ronald
Vaughan, Cameron P.
Vinci, J. Martin
Vittum, Gregory R.
Vladyka, Peter M.
Walsh, Michael F.
Walsh, Michael H., Jr.
Welch, Robert C.
Welch, Thomas M.
Wells, Mary
Wetherby, Arthur R.
Wetherby, David W.
White, Emery S., III
Whitworth, William E.
Williams, David B.
Williams, Norman E., Jr.
Wilson, Dalan L.
Wood, Wilbur R.
Woodard, Robert G.
Worthen, Robert J., Jr.
Young, Robert J.

*Died in service

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Honor Roll: 157 Main Street, Charlemont, Massachusetts

The Town of Charlemont is located in Franklin County, Massachusetts, located on the Deerfield River along the Mohawk Trail. It was first settled in in 1743.

On the grounds of the town hall are two honor roll memorials commemorating the service of residents of the town.

Town of Charlemont, Massachusetts, Honor Roll;
personal collection

Civil War

Honor Roll
Erected by
The Town of Charlemont
To the Memory of
The Men Who Served Their Country
1861 -- In the Civil War -- 1865

Albee, Henry M.
Avery, Francis D.
Avery, H. G.
Avery, John D.
Barnard, Edward
Bassett, Samuel
Blodgett, Joseph L.
Bissell, A. H.
Booth, William H.
Booth, Edwin W.
Buogess, Alonzo
Clark, W. W.
Childs, Albert
Crittenden, James R.
Coats, Alonzo
Coats, D.
Coats, George E.
Coats, H.
Damon, Otis
Dix, Stillman E.
Dodge, Luke E.
Dunnell, Lawsen
Edwards, Lewis R.
Edwards, P. O.
Ferris, A. K.
Field, Edwin A.
Fitzgerald, John
Gleason, A. W.
Harris, A. M.
Hathaway, Chandler
Hawks, Edwin D.
Hawks, John
Hawks, Joshua
Herks John H.

Henderson, George F.
Hewett, Rubert
Hillman, Fordyce L.
Jessey, John
Keyes, Charles L.
King, Edward R.
King, James M.
Leavitt, Edward A.
Leavitt, Joshua
Legate, J. M. J.
Lilly, Albert
Loomis, O. M.
McDonough, Thomas
Merriam, Fred W.
Merrill, Charles
Morrison, Clark E.
Murphy, Lawrence
Newstead, George H.
Norcross, A. B.
Phipps, WIlliam A.
Porter, George H.
Quinn, John P.
Quinn, William T.
Rice, L. B.
Taylor, I. B.
Taylor, Thomas A.
Upton, George R.
Veber, Elias
Veber, George H.
Wells, Alonzo
Wilder, George O.
Williams, Eros B.
Williams, John F.
Woffenden, Richard
Woffenden, Samuel

World War I

Honor Roll
This Tablet Is Erected By
The Town Of Charlemont
As a Tribute To The Men Who Served
1917 -- In The World War -- 1919

Coyne, Patrick J.*
Killed in Action

Woodward, Guy*
Died in Service

Bicknell, L. Emerson
Booth, Harold L.
Bowker, Charles A.
Bixby, Albert B.
Bouillie, Edward J.
Carrier, Harold G.
Cooper, Lawrence M.
Davison, Aldace H.
Dickinson, Carl F.
Dickinson, Clarence L.
Frary, Hubert H.
French, Horace W.
Garcon, James
Henderson, Edward C.
Hunkler, Clifford
Kambour, Theodore
Lively, Arthur, Jr.
Long, Richard L.
Lyman, Frank O.
Maynard, Earl O.

Maynard, Guy E.
Maynard, Ray W.
Nadeau, Charles C.
Niles, Frank W.
Pozzi, George
Pyfrom, Harold J.
Rhodes, Arthur
Rice, Alfred M.
Rice, Clarence A.
Rice, Hart A.
Rice, John A.
Rice, Walter W.
Robeda, Eugene R.
Steele, Earl L.
Taylor, Theron S.
Tetreault, Felix H.
Tinney, Floyd F.
Underwood, George, Jr.
Wells, John W.
Whitman, Charles B.
Wilbur, Guy E.

World War II

Honor Roll
Erected by
The Town of Charlemont
To The Memory of
The Men Who Served Their Country
1941 -- In World War II -- 1945

Angeli, Jino
Augustowski, Frank
Avery, Alton
Avery, Burton W.
Avery, Henry L., Jr.
Avery, Paul O.
Bixby, Russell
Breen, Roy H.
Burdick, Charles W.
Burnett, Norman
Burnett, William
Burrington, Horace
Burrington, Paul W.
Burt, Helen
Cetto, Anthony
Churchill, Clyde H.
Clark, Francis
Clark, Horace T.
Clark, Lawrence
Dickinson, Edgar G.
Dickinson, Richard R.
Dimick, George H.
Doyle, Martin
Farrell, Herbert
Gilbert, Gordon J.
Gilbert, Richard
Goodwin, John P.
Goodwin, Van P.
Guerin, Francis H.
Harmon, John
Healy, Winston
Henderson, Charlotte
Henderson, Kenneth W.
Henderson, Richard T.
Hicks, Varian

Hunkler, Harley
Kipp, Walter D.
Kipp, William D.
Kratt, Arthur D.
Lane, Albion F.
Lane, Craig I.
Lemay, Paul L.
Lemay, Roland I.
Libby, Alton B.
LoPresti, Vincenzo
Malcolm, Ian
Mathews, Floyd O.
Maynard, George E.
McHaffie, John W., Jr.
Moriarty, John W.
Moriarty, Ruth B.
Neary, Thomas J., Jr.*
Pierson, David T.
Pierson, Dorothy
Pike, Alfred W., Jr.
Pleshaw, Gervin
Purinton, Albert H.*
Purinton, Horace G.
Purinton, Richard G., Jr.
Shaw, Bertram F.
Springer, George
Stafford, Merlyn
Stafford, William P.
Taylor, Theron S., Jr.
Tetreault, Richard J.
Tinney, Margaret J.
Trudell, William
Turner, Arthur
Wilson, Raymond W., Jr.

*Killed in Action

Korea and Vietnam

Honoring Combat Veterans of
The Korean and Vietnam Wars


Albee, John C.
Avery, William B.
Lamore, Gilmond
Maynard, Albert E.
Noga, Henry C.
Russell, Edward P.

Tinney, Lawrence S., Jr.
Werner, Lawrence
Willard, Theodore M.
Willis, Allan C.
Wilson, J. Gilbert, Jr.


Adams, Carroll, E., Jr.
Adams, Robert A.
Albee, John C.
Avery, Kirk B.
Bigelow, Stephen P.
Clark, Donald R.
Clark, Robert F., Jr.
Coli, William M.
Cremins, John M.
Falandes, Peter M.
Fitzroy, Robert A.
Gambill, William R.
Harris, Edward R., III
Henderson, Timothy K.
Hyer, Thomas A.
Hyer, Trice D.
Kenney Fred C.
King, Edward J.

Lamore, Alven R.
Lamore, S. James
Lanoue, Peter A.
Neill, Keith F.
Purinton, Brian C.
Rice, David S.
Roberts, Harold H.
Shields, David E.
Smith, David V.
Smith, Douglas D.
Smith, Stephen A.
Stafford, William H.
Streeter, Raymond C.
Streeter, William F.
Thomson, Raymond
Tower, Lawrence G.
Zukowski, John P., Jr.

Add caption

Military Service between 1950-1999

In Memory of the Men and Women of Charlemont, Who Proudly Served in the
Armed Forces of the United States, Around the World from 1950 to 1999 A.D.

Albee, John C.
Angeli, Leo S.
Annear, Cyrus C., Jr.
Atwater, John M.
Avery, John C.
Avery, Kirk B.
Avery, Peter H.
Avery, William B.
Bellows, Cecil G., Jr.
Bliss, Verne E.
Blakeslee, Duane H.
Blakeslee, Howard E.
Brant, William B.
Breen, George H.
Breen, James D.
Breen Richard H.
Burnett, John U.
Burdick, Norman A.
Burdick, Ralph E.
Burdick, Robert C.
Cetto, Ernest C.
Cetto, Gene C.
Cetto, Paul D.
Clark, Edwin R.
Clark, Walter E.
Crowningshield, Pamela J.
Dean, Brian F.
Dean, Ronald M.
Dunlop, Leslie R., Jr.
Falandes, Andrew H.
Falandes, Peter M.
Feder, David H.
Fitzroy, Bradley A.
Fitzroy, Robert A.
Gilbert, Scott J.
Godzina, Joseph P.
Gray, Carlton L.

Harker, Mason E., Jr.
Harris, Edward R.
Hathaway, Gordon F.
Hathaway, Kenneth N.
Heist, Hilda A.
Heist, James D.
Henderson, John T.
Henderson, Timothy K.
Hyytinen, Daniel
Hyytinen, Michael R.
Jillson, Douglas R.
Jubinville, Gerald W.
King, Edward J.
Lamore, Alvin R.
Lamore, Chester J.
Lamore, Gilbert J.
Lamore, Gilmond
Lanoue, Peter A.
Lyman, Frank O., Jr.
Lyman, Stephen B.
Lynch, Mary B.
MacLean, Wallace S.
Maynard, Albert E.
Maynard, Earl O., Jr.
Maynard, John W.
Maynard, John W., Jr.
Nugent, Deric S.
Palmer, Walter C.
Parker, Sandra A.
Pecore, Merle L.
Pecore, Wayne D.
Porrovecchio, Lewis W.
Pratt, Bruce DE.
Purinton, Brian C.
Purinton, Norman
Purinton, Raymond A.

Racz, Stefan G.
Radasch, Rockwell L.
Rancourt, Sean F.
Raymond, Gary W.
Raymond, Jeffery W.
Raymond, Debra S.
Rice, Jerry R.
Rice, Peter B.
Rice, Robert L.
Sherman, Lawrence A.
Shields, David E.
Shukis, Robert C.
Shumway, Linda L.
Slaunwhite, Donald R.
Slaunwhite, Francis R.
Smith, Douglas D.
Smith, James R., Jr.
Smith, Stephen A.
Stafford, Edward R.
Stafford, William H.
Streeter, John A.
Streeter, Raymond C.
Streeter, William F.
Stetson, Francis R., III
Sumner, Keith A.
Taylor, Douglas A.
Taylor, Herbert C.
Taylor, Robert T.
Tinney, Lawrence S., Jr.
Tower, Kenneth A.
Tower, Lawrence G.
Wagner, Peter A.
Wilbur, Donald E.
Willard, Robert J.
Willard, Theodore M.
Willis, Alan C.
Willis, Gillian J.
Willis, Raymond C.
Wood, Ernest K.

Beaton, Clinton B.
Bennett, David A.
Burnett, David A.
Burnett, Richard W.
Burnett, Paul R.
Crowningshild, Dennis E.

Dickinson, Steaphen G.
Hall, Harrison A.
Jenkins, Michael E.
Jenkins, Richard J.
Lamore, Stanley J.
Lamore, William R.

Mason, David M.
Ovitt, James R.
Shaw, Johnathan R.
Tanner, Wesley D.
Werner, Daniel L.
Werner, Rebecca L.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Honor Roll: 14 North Main Street, Town of Alburgh, Vermont

The Town of Alburgh is located in Grand Isle County, Vermont. It is the last municipality before entering Canada and going through customs at Noyan, Quebec. In 1891 the town changed the spelling of their name to Alburg at the recommendation of the U.S. Board of Geographic Names. The Board recommended that all municipality names ending in -burgh be changed to -burg for standardization. In 2006 the town changed its name back to Alburgh.

Town of Alburgh, Vertmont, World Wars Honor Roll;
personal collection


Dedicated to the Memory
Of the Men of Alburg Who
So Valiantly Gave Their
Lives for Their Country

World War I

Louis Blair
Harold Brown
Carl Creller
Fred Mitchell, Jr.

World War II

Adrian Beck
Holland Bruley
Milford Faufaw
Carlton Mitchell
Harold Mitchell
Theodore Patenaude
Howard Poquette
Joseph Saber

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Honor Roll: Au Sable Valley Memorial Park, Au Sable Forks, New York

Au Sable Forks is a hamlet in Clinton and Essex counties, New York, on the confluence of two branches of the Au Sable River which flows into Lake Champlain. It is known as an angler's paradise.

Honor Roll memorials in Au Sable Forks, New York; personal collection

World Wars Honor Roll in Au Sable Forks, New York; personal collection

This Memorial
Erected and Dedicated to
The Men of this Community
Who Gave Their Lives for the
Preservation of Freedom

World War I

Frank J. Bailey
Hugh C. Fyans
Medos A. Nelson

World War II

John A. Andrews
Charles F. Ano
Howard Broomall
Rocco L. Changelo
Jack R. Colby
Thomas Coughlin
Clifford E. Deloria
Manuel Dinelle
Kenneth H. Dustin
Cril J. Frenyea
Arthur Gero
C. Howard Hana
Gerald E. Hough
Ralph W. Lincoln
Leon C. Martin
Howard J. Mauran
Bertrand Smith
Robert L. Smith (Private)
William Straight
Dexter Thwaits, Jr.
William J. Trombley
Bernard Trumbull

Troop 54
Adirondack Council
Boy Scouts of America

Korea, Vietnam and Lebanon Honor Roll in Au Sable Forks, New York;
personal collection

Dedicated in Memory of Those Who
Gave Their Lives for Their Country


Allan Douglas
Raymond Ross
George Straight


Michael Conroy
James Saltmarsh


Scott L. Schultz

his post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Honor Roll: Stillwater, New York, World War I

The Town of Stillwater, New York, is in Saratoga County and is best known for its role in the Battle of Saratoga during the Revolutionary War. A replica of a blockhouse built during the French and Indian Wars is situated on the banks of the Hudson River and serves a museum.

Town of Stillwater, New York, World War I Honor Roll; personal collection

World War I

1917 * 1918

Erected by the War Chest of
The Town of Stillwater
To Honor Patriotic Services in
The Great World War

A. Bache
G. W. Baker
H. B. Baker
J. R. Baker
C. J. Barker
W. Barrey
A. Barthea
A. Barthiamie
L. A. Batchelder
J. L. Bennett
A. L. Berger
H. Billings
A. M. Bolinsky
Laura A. Bostwick
H. J. Bouchard
J. H. Bradley
B. H. Brightman
S. Brott
J. Brown
G. Brownell
L. E. Campbell
C. H. Carden
C. D. Case
W. F. Casey
J. Cichiewier
C. M. Clothier
F. S. Clough
R. Connolly*
J. S. Connor*
L. C. Coon
L.J. Coon
J. Corrigan
E. J. Coulsen
R. H. Coulsen
L. Cranell
T. Crounse
W. Crounse
E. Cummings
E. C. Darrow
D. DeBoice
L. DeGruchie
P. Deuridice
H. J. Dickson

J. A. Dickson
J. P. Dickson
M. G. Dickson
W. H. Dorland
E. Duffney
R. G. Dyer
A. P. Edmonds
S. Edmonds
E. E. Ellsworth
B. Evans
J. A. Farnan
T. J. Farnan
L. S. Farrington
W. E. Farrington
J. E. Fene
C. Finnigan
L. Fitch
G. E. Ford
W. Frye
A. Gainiski
F. Gaughan
J. C. Gawerecki
F. Gentus
E. N. Gilman
H. Gorman
J. E. Green
T. H. Green
J. Grindzinski
R. Hannay
R. Hastins
J. Hebert
C. G. Hewison
S. W. Hewitt
A. Hickey
F. Hiland
Katherine A. Hutton
W. Kelso
J. P. Kinisky
T. P. Kinisky
E. E. Komoroske
S. Komorski
W. Kolesink
J. Lafeauve

E. Livingston
G. Lobdell
T. F. Luther
A. Lynch
J. A. Mahar
M. A. Mahar
E. J. Mahoney
E. J. Manning*
G. H. Mather
W. F. McCarthy
M. T. Mehan
S. P. Micholonis
G. Miller*
S. Mizerewicz
J. T. Mohan
T. F. Mohan
J. Monroe
A. Morris
N. H. Muir
E. Newman
W. Newman*
A. T. Newland
E. Osborn
M. R. Pack
J. Paraskin
F. J. Petronis
M. Pliacun
J. W. Pohl
W. J. Powers
J. Price, Jr.
B. Pymansoky
H. Rose
V. Rubaltowsky
F. Ruddick
W. Sansouci
A. D. Sarle
R. W. Srle
C. Scanlon
H. Schultz
J. Sheehan
P. Sheehan
W. H. Sheridan

T. J. Shields
A. Smith
C. J. Smith
E. J. Smith
E. F. Smith
L. W. Smith
F. Smith
F. J. Smith*
T. Smith*
A. L. Smodell
J. Sodosky
H. W. Spencer
E. Spohn
F. Starks
S. Starks
O. Steele
J. Stoliker
J. Stickland
M. Sukalski
C. B. Talmadge
V. H. Taylor
H. E. Tefft
H. Van Vranken
J. Van Vranken
L. Verdick
S. Vohar
G. Waterbury*
J. H. Welch
A. T. Whalen
F. Whalen
P. Whalen
H. H. Whitlock
W. J. Whyte
M. Wienslaw
A. Wilson
W. Wixted
J. Wolchango
B. F. Wright
F. Yanch
J. P. Yanch*
S. Zapotycrny
A. Zygmuntowicz

Friday, November 2, 2018

Honor Roll: Main Street Park, Rutland, Vermont

Rutland, Vermont, is a city in and county seat of Rutland County. It was settled in the early 1800s along the banks of Otter Creek and was originally called Mill Village. It became known for its high-quality marble from quarries now in West Rutland.

Main Street Park is located at the intersection of Washington and South Main Streets. It includes several war-related memorials, including a World War I honor roll.

Rutland World War I honor roll, Main Street Park, Rutland, Vermont;
personal collection

World War I

A Tribute to
The Men and Women of Rutland
Who Served in the World War

In Memoriam

Berta Barrett
Thomas Bashaw
Nicholas Belifore
Henry T. Boldue
Harold Browon
Benjamin Carter
Frederic P. Clement, Jr.
Grant H. Cutler
John Dougherty
Albert Fresell
William H. Gleason
Frank Gorruso

Alfred Gratton
William W. Green
Earl Horton
Carmine Ienco
Harlie T. Johnson
Roland W. Johnson
Frederick P. King
Thomas E. LaFrond
Nelson E. La France
William C. Lynch
John F. McCormack
John J. Mullin

George E. Mylott
Kenneth C. Nourse
Carl W. Perkins
Walter F. Perkins
William F. Rice
Martin V. B. Rowe
Stark Smith
Robert J. Sullivan
George A. Wimerton
Lester Taylor
William Tighe
John Prout West

Place by DAR * Ann Story Chapter, 1921

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Honor Roll: Town of Claverack, New York, World Wars

The Town of Claverack, New York, is located in Columbia County and was first known as the Lower Manor of Rensselaer. In 1799 Washington Seminary was established in the town. Our 8th president, Martin Van Buren, attended the seminary, which was later renamed Claverack College. It closed in 1902.

Town of Claverack World War I and World War II Honor Roll; personal collection

World War I and II

In Honor Of
The Men and
Women of
Served their
Country in
World War I
World War II

World War I

George A. Baker
John L. Barnard
Clifford C. Best
LeRoy Best
Albert C. Bristol
Ernest R. Crego
Ralph N. Crego
Arthur V. V. Crego*
William H. P. Gardner
Carol H. Gumprecht
Raymond T. Hawver
Herbert C. Hageman
Earl H. Kittle
Henry M. Loomis
John L. Mesick
Benjamin S. Mesick
J. Van Ness Philip, Sr.
Augustus C. Porter
William E. Shaw
Claude K. Seifel
Calvin E. Stickles
Herbert M. Teator
George D. Teator
Louis B. Van DeBoe
Lester D. Van Vleck

World War II

Frederick V. Aichele
Vern H. Andrews
Albert Edward Anderson
John R. Andres
Everett W. Baker
Floyd J. Baker
Harold R. Beck
Robert N. Beebe
Richard L. Bonneson
Robert T. Bristol*
L. Elliott Bristol, Jr.
Charles Briwa, Jr.
Arthur B. Buchholz, Jr.
Edward E. Burch
Emma C. Burch
David E. Carle
W. Scott Carle, Jr.
Wendell E. Chamberlin*
Alan J. Cook
Leon F. Cook, Jr.
Madison Coons
 John F. Coster
Arthur V. Crego
Ernest R. Crego
Ralph N. Crego
Henry S. Duntz
John I. Fish
John W. Frank, Jr.*

World War II

Carol C. Greyer
Marshall L. Hallenbeck
Morton Hallenbeck, Jr.
Claude E. Hamm
Ralph A. Hamm
John C. Hawver
Lemuel H. Hawver, 2nd
Ernest Clater Hewitt*
Bernard Hewitt
Calvin J. Hickey
Eben L. Hickey
Harry Hildebrandt
Joseph Hiscox
John D. Hotaling
Clinton H. Keeler
Duane C. Keeler
Ralph A. Keeler
Calvin J. Kiel
Clifford L. Kiel
Benjamin L. Kline, Jr.
Herbert E. Kline
Earl H. Kittle, Jr.
Harry Loomis
Charles J. Lyman
Irving S. Lyman
Robert E. Lyman
Edward T. McKay
Edward P. Meredith

World War II

Norman L. Merritt
Benjamin S. Mesick
John L. Mesick, Sr.
John L. Mesick, Jr.
William M. Mesick
Benjamin S. Mesick
J. Peter Mesick
Herman H. Mesick
Kenneth H. Mynter
Allen C. Miller
Clifford L. Miller, Jr.
Armour C. Miller
David W. Miller
William J. Milligan
Gladys D. Nack
Frederick C. Ness
Donald H. Patzwahl
Otto O. Patzwahl
Frederick K. Peterson, Jr.
Richard K. Peterson*
J. Van Ness Philip, Jr.
Nicholas W. Philip
Leonard R. Pritchard
Herbert D. Pulver
Carl M. Relyea
Edwin A. Rivers
Malcom F. Rockefeller

World War II

Earl Schram, Jr.
Harold P. Sipperly
Frederick J. Stark, Jr.
James A. Starkes
Philip R. Stehr
Frederick B. Stehr
George E. Stevens
Gordon H. Stevens
Edwin L. Stichter
Charles W. Smith
James A. Swartzmiller
Anthony S. Taormina
Savern S. Taormina
Henry L. Teator*
Arthur C. Van Deusen
Charles H. Van Deusen
Harry R. Van Deusen
Joseph W. Van Deusen
Kenneth H. Van Deusen
Harold W. Van Tassel
Clifford M. Weaver
Floyd C. Weaver, Jr.
Clifford E. Whitbeck
Arthur L. Wright
Samuel C. Wright
Joseph Zitto, Jr.
Salvador Zitto

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.