Monday, July 29, 2019

Grandpa Lange's Violin

I wonder how many of my Lange/Jennings first cousins remember visiting Uncle Herbert and Aunt Iva at their house on Little River and seeing Grandpa Lange's violin framed and on display in their living room? I do. And I was always struck by how well Aunt Iva could incorporate cherished family heirlooms and photographs in her well designed rooms. When I saw the Grandpa's violin, it was the first time I knew he played another musical instrument besides the trumpet.

I don't know when Grandpa started playing musical instruments, but this photograph was taken in Essen, Germany, where he worked for five years -- from 1906 to 1911 -- before immigrating to Canada.

Gustav Lange, middle row third from left; personal collection

After arriving in Winnipeg, Grandpa met and married Wilhelmina Schalin. They moved to Michigan and then bought a farm in Maryland in 1919. While living there, Grandpa played in an orchestra at a movie theater during the silent picture era and played the trumpet in a marching band.

Recently, I asked my cousin, Paul, about Grandpa's violin. Paul sent me a photograph of the instrument as well as the information Aunt Iva had been able to discover about it.

Grandpa's violin; courtesy of Paul Lange

Aunt Iva said Grandpa gave Uncle Herbert the violin in the early 1960s when he and his family were visiting Grandpa at the farm in Maryland. (Grandpa died on 23 December 1963.)

Inside the violin is a label that reads: "Copy of Jacobus Stainer, Made in Germany." Also, on the backplate at the top of the body "Stainer" is stamped. Jacobus Stainer lived from 1617-1683 and his violins are very valuable but few have survived. Two were acquired by the Smithsonian. It is also known that Stainer never stamped his name on the violins he made. So it is likely this is a copy of Stainer made at a much later time period.

Two friends of Uncle Herbert and Aunt Iva's were accomplished violinists. They both played Grandpa's violin and said it had a beautiful tone.

There must be some musical talent in the Lange genes. Grandpa's younger brother, Friedrich, signed up for the army band when he was drafted into the Polish Army in the early 1920s. He had never played a musical instrument before, but thought the band would be easy duty. While in the Army he became so proficient at playing the French Horn, he played at weddings after being discharged.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Finding Capt. Thomas Wood's Daughters

Since Capt. Thomas Wood's last will and testament did not name his children, I went back to information about him on the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) website. It listed one daughter:

Sede Wood
born circa 1781 in Bedford County, Virginia
died 16 August 1824 in Adair County, Kentucky
married Henry Dooley on 7 August 1797 in Bedford County

I was able to find an abstract of their marriage in several sources:

Abstract of marriage bond for Henry Dooley and Sede Wood; courtesy of

Browsing through the Bedford County marriage bonds, I found two other daughters:

Elizabeth Wood
daughter of Thomas Wood
married Jonathan Smith on 15 March 1791 in Bedford County

Abstract of marriage bond for Jonathan Smith and Elizabeth Wood; courtesy

Pebe Wood
daughter of Thomas Wood
married Peter Purnal on 15 February 1792 in Bedford County.

Abstract of marriage bonds for Peter Purnal; courtesy of

Since Peter Purnal married again in 1793, I am assuming Pebe Wood died during their first year of marriage.

The marriage bond abstracts for Elizabeth and Pebe state they are daughters of Thomas Wood.

Other people named Wood mentioned in the abstracts:

Josiah Wood
James Wood
Jeremiah Wood

Who are they and what is their relationship to Thomas and his three known daughters?

My three times great grandmother and brick wall was Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-after 1884). So I am looking for a son of Capt. Thomas Wood. The search continues but now I have some names to research.

Last Will and Testament of Capt. Thomas Wood of Bedford County, Virginia
Finding Sede (Wood) Dooley: Is She Sally Wood's Aunt?
Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-c1884): Has Ancestry's ThruLines Broken a Brick Wall?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

River House: Selecting a Builder

"When one has finished building one's house, one suddenly realizes that in the process one has learned something that one really needed to know -- in the worst way -- before one began."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

There are literally thousands of advice articles on the Internet about how to choose a contractor for your custom home. We followed none of that advice.

TAB Premium Built Home house in Morehead City; courtesy of TAB
Premium Built Homes

Pete and I lived in two houses in Virginia and extensively remodeled both of them. We were very lucky with our contractor, Harold Leff, and worked with him on both houses starting in 1990. It was a sad day in 2017 when he removed the lockbox on the front door of our second house! We appreciated the quality of his team, his eye for detail, his creativeness, and how easy he was to work with. He wasn't going to be the cheapest contractor in town, but you get what you pay for. We wanted to find another Harold when we built our North Carolina home.

We turned the upper half of a two-story sun room into a screen porch over-
looking the treetops; personal collection
And added a foyer to the middle of the house by using the recessed front
porch; personal collection

We chose TAB Premium Built Homes because they were a member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program. The program is a network of high-quality home builders throughout the south. Builders were selected because of their commitment to great architecture and craftsmanship. We thought this might be the best way to "find another Harold."

I first contacted TAB in 2015 right after I retired and we thought we'd move to New Bern immediately -- before I got the "bright" idea to ease Pete's weekly Albany, New York, to Virginia commute by moving to New York. Andy talked me out of two house plans for very good reasons and taught me how to look at a plan with an eye to cost.

We re-engaged with TAB in 2018 and signed the contract in in early March of 2019. After our first meeting with TAB's team, Pete and I weren't sure who was interviewing who! But once we got through contract negotiations, it's been a good far.

Pete and I celebrating being in debt again; personal collection

The contract is a firm-fixed price contract with two areas of unknown costs, which was unusual for TAB. We were unable to get a price quote for site preparation due to the Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. Our contract included only an estimate. Also, our plans would have to be reviewed by a structural engineer to ensure they met or exceeded local building codes. Because we are on a river in hurricane country, there could likely be additional costs.

Next, the hurry-up-and-wait period while permits are pulled and the structural engineer weighs in on changes to meet codes. I have been busy setting up electrical, water, and sewer service to the lot.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Last Will and Testament of Capt. Thomas Wood of Bedford County, Virginia's new ThruLines indicates Thomas Wood (c1733-c1793) may be my five times great grandfather and the grandfather of Sarah "Sally" Wood (1792-1884), my three times great grandmother, who married Daniel Mitchell, Jr.  Her parents have been a longstanding brick wall.

Before exploring the DNA connections, I wanted to learn everything I could about Thomas Wood. I already knew he was Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot through two descendants of his daughter Sede Wood, who married Henry Dooley.

I also knew that he was a member of the Peaks of Otter Presbyterian Church and had signed a petition to the House of Burgesses in 1774 asking for permission to buy slaves to work church land so that it could support a full-time minister. (Just let that sink in for a minute!)

Next, I wanted to find his last will and testament, which I was able to do. It did not, however, provide any new information as his children's names are not mentioned. The will did not advance my quest to discover the parents of Sarah "Sally" (Wood) Mitchell.

Bedford County, Virginia
Will Book 2 (1788-1803)
Pages 102-103

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Wood (c1733-c17930; courtesy of

In the name of God, Amen. I Thomas Wood of Bedford County being desirous of making a Testament and I do make and ordain this -- my Last Will and Testament in form and manner following to wit

First of all I give and recommend my soul to God who gave it Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection to receive the same by the mighty power of God and as to my Temporal Estate I will first of all my Just Debts be fully discharged and paid and

Secondly I will my wife Elizabeth have her third of my Estate as the law directs and also one horse saddle and bridle and one feather bed and ten pounds in cash out of my moveable Estate. I give and Bequeath my Lands equally between my male and female children both in my moveable Estate they are equally to have and I do by these presents constitute and appoint my true and loving wife Elizabeth Wood my lawful Executrix

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Wood (c1733-c1793); courtesy of

together with John Sharp in said County

26th day of November 1773

Thomas Wood (signed and sealed)

Signed, sealed, published and pronounced before us
Thomas Best
John Stovall
Elizabeth Stovall (her mark)

This is to certify this in mentioned [?] will stands up good from the first day of my writing of my will to my wife Elizabeth and my children my witnesses

My had this 17 day of January 1781

Thomas Wood (his mark)


James King
Eliza King (her mark)
Hannah [illegible] (her mark)

At a Court held for Bedford County the 25 day of February 1793

This last will and testament of Thomas Wood, deceased, was proved by the oath of Elizabeth Leftwich late Elizabeth Stovall and the said Elizabeth Leftwich made oath that she saw John Stovall subscribe his name there to as a witness to the said will whereupon the same is ordered to be recorded and at a Court held for said County in July following the motion of Eliza Wood the Executrix therein named who made oath thereto --

Certificate is granted her for obtaining probate thereof in due form giving security whereupon she together with Henry Jeter, Thomas Logwood and George Potter her securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of two hundred pounds conditioned for said Executrix due and faithful administration of said decedent's estate and performance of his will. Liberty being reserved to John Sharp the Executor therein named to join in the probate thereof when he shall think fit --


James Steptoe, County Clerk

Finding Sede (Wood) Dooley: Is She Sally Wood's Aunt?
Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-c1884): Has Ancestry's ThruLines Broken a Brick Wall?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Finding Sede (Wood) Dooley: Is She Sally Wood's Aunt?

Thomas Wood, my possible five times great grandfather and grandfather of Sarah "Sally" Wood, my three times great grandmother, died in 1793. Did he serve in the Revolutionary War? I used the Daughters of the American Revolution's (DAR) Genealogical Research Service (GRS) to find out.

DAR GRS Ancestor record for Thomas Wood (c1733-1793); courtesy of

Thomas Wood not only served in the Continental Army under Capt. Joseph Spencer and Capt. Rueben Lipscomb, he furnished supplies to the patriotic cause. Two DAR members joined the lineage society using Thomas Wood as their patriot ancestor. Both women descended from Thomas' daughter, Sede Wood, who married Henry Dooley.

I know that my three times great grandmother, Sarah "Sally" Wood, may have descended from a son of Thomas Wood, so this step in the research process did not break through a brick wall, but it did give me more names to research.

Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-c1884): Has Ancestry's ThruLines Broken a Brick Wall?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-c1884): Has Ancestry's ThruLines Broken a Brick Wall?

Sarah "Sally" Wood (born about 1792) of Bedford County, Virginia, was my three times great grandmother and is one of my biggest brick walls. When we visited the Bedford Museum and Genealogical Society in October 2018, one of the aides pulled up Sally's marriage bond and consent note. I thought for sure it would put a crack in the wall, but, alas, no. Sally was of legal age to marry and basically gave herself permission to marry Daniel Mitchell.

Later, I was able to download Daniel's War of 1812 pension file and learned more about the couple, including specific death dates, but nothing about Sally's parents.

Several DNA matches are direct descendants of John Blagdon Wood (born about 1791) in Bedford County. I have assumed for a few years that John was a brother, though I have not been successful establishing who his parents were either. A John Wood and John B. Wood are listed in the probate files for Daniel Mitchell's father, Daniel Mitchell, Sr. So there were definitely strong connections between my Mitchell family and a Wood family, but which one?

Bedford County, Virginia Circuit Court Records: Abstracts of Will Book 6,
September 1823 - December 1827, Including Appraisements and Inventories,
Sales and Allotments, page 70; personal collection

A few weeks ago, Ancestry released a major enhancement to their DNA products. Probable common ancestors are identified even if both trees do not include the ancestor as was previously required. I have been spending most of my time using this upgrade to continue descendancy research and validation of the documents I have collected about the families in my tree.

The other part of Ancestry's DNA enhancement was the introduction of ThruLines. When I first explored ThruLines there were many issues, but yesterday there was this gem:

ThruLines for Capt. Thomas Wood IV (1737-1793). Is he Sally's grandfather?
Image courtesy of

I can't wait to start researching Capt. Thomas Wood!


Daniel Mitchell, Jr. (c1786-1872): Miller, Cooper, Farmer
Daniel Mitchell, Jr. and Sarah "Sally" Wood Marriage Bond and Consent Note

Monday, May 27, 2019

Died of Wounds in France: Raymond Lord Boone (1895-1918)

I was contacted by a gentleman who had inherited World War I dog tags which belonged to Raymond Lord Boone of New York State. He wanted my help in finding a descendant so that he could return the dog tags to a family member. Since a close relative was not found, the dog tags may be donated to the New York State Military Museum.

Raymond Lord Boone was born on 9 April 1895 to Edward and Edith (Earles) Boone. Records conflict about his place of birth. Federal census records indicate Raymond was born in New York. His military records created after his death, list New Port Richey, Florida, as his place of birth. However, his draft registration card, which was completed by a Schenectady County draft board official while meeting with Raymond, lists his place of birth as Preston Hollow, New York. I tend to think New York was his place of birth as his parents lived in Florida in the 1930s before returning to New York, according to his mother's obituary.

From at least 1900 to 1915, Raymond lived in Duanesburg, New York, with his parents and older brother Weller Earl. His father was a blacksmith.

Rt. 7 and Rt. 20 crossroads in downtown Duanesburg; courtesy of eBay 

On 27 June 1917 Raymond traveled to Schenectady to enlist in the New York National Guard. At the time he enlisted, he lived in the village of Delanson in Schenectady County, which is situated west-southwest of Duanesburg. He was assigned to the Machine Gun (MG) Company of 2nd Infantry. On 1 October 1917 the 2nd New York Infantry became the 105th New York Infantry. The regiment was strengthened by men from the 71st Regiment. It was paired with the 106th Regiment and attached to the 53rd Brigade of the 27th Division. They traveled to Camp Wadsworth near Spartanburg, South Carolina, for extensive training.

The 105th Infantry embarked for Europe from Newport News, Virginia, on 17 May 1918; and sailed aboard the Army Transport Steamer, President Grant. The last elements of the division arrived in France by late June.

Army Transport Steamer President Grant; courtesy of the Naval History and
Heritage Command

According to the New York State Museum website the, "27th division was slowly rotated into the front line in relief of the British 6th Division" on 25 July 1918. "German offensives during late March and April had driven deep salients into the allied lines near Amiens and Hazebrouck. On 31 August 1918, operations of the Ypres-Lys Offensive began in an attempt to remove the Germans from the Dickebusch/Scherpenberg area, and thus reduce the Amiens salient. This would free the Amiens-Paris railroad and safeguard allied communications. The responsibility for the assault on the 31st fell to the 53rd Brigade with the 105th regiment attacking on the left, abreast of the 106th Regiment. Over the next couple of days the 105th Regiment advanced against moderate German resistance until the entire 27th Division was relieved by the British 41st Division.

The 27th Division was transferred to the British 3rd Army on 4 September and was stationed near Doullens in a reserve position. By mid-September, the German salients had been reduced and the allied armies were finally in a position to launch their own offensive. The Somme offensive was organized and launched from 24 September to 21 October 1918 with the express purpose of piercing the Hindenburg line, a complex system of German defenses with an average depth of six to eight kilometers. On September 27th, elements of the 105th moved forward in support of an attack by the 106th Regiment. Modest gains were made, initially near Quennemont Ferme, Guillemont Ferme, and a fortified hill creatively labeled 'The Knoll,' but German counterattacks threw the two regiments back to their starting place. On 29 September, the 105th, which had been sent to the rear as a reserve advanced on The Knoll, but was checked by savage amounts of machine gun fire that rained down from the elevated German positions. On 1 October, the whole of the 27th Division was moved again, they time to Premont, where it would serve with the American 2nd Corps.

27th Infantry Division war dead on 29 Sep 1918 near Gillemont Farm; courtesy
of the Australian War Memorial

On October 17th the 105th helped spearhead an assault against the German defenses, and rapidly took a portion of the line at L'Arbe de Guise, holding it against vigorous counterattacks. The following day, the 105th attacked again, advancing to one of the main north-south German lines, which ran through Jonc de Mer Ferme before being halted by strong resistance. On 19 October the 105th advanced from their forward positions in the face of slight opposition, and easily took the main German works. The Germans, placed in an untenable position by the 105th the previous day, had been forced to withdraw. The 105th Regiment held the line until 21 October when the entire division was relieved." This series of engagements became known as the Battle of the Selle.

Raymond Lord Boone died from wounds received in action during the battle on 20 October 1918. His body was interred at the Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension in Nord, France. Busigny had been liberated by the allies in early October and over the next two months the 12th, 37th and 48th Casualty Clearing Stations operated in town. The cemetery extension was begun October until February 1919. After the armistice, the cemetery extension was enlarged when Plots II-VII were used for graves of soldiers killed in a wide area between Cambrai and Guise. Boone was interred in Grave No. 6, Plot 2, No. 623. His remains were eventually moved to Arlington National Cemetery.

Private Raymond Lord Boone's headstone at
Arlington National Cemetery; courtesy of Find A
Grave volunteer Doc Wilson

A memorial plaque mounted on a stone honoring the ultimate sacrifice made by Raymond L. Boone and four other men was erected in the Mariaville, New York, Cemetery where Raymond's brother, Weller Earl, and his wife, Janet S. (Gahagan) Boone, were interred. Mariaville is a hamlet in Schenetady County and was named after a small, nearby lake.

Memorial stone honoring Raymond Lord Boone at the
Mariaville Cemetery; courtesy of Find A Grave volunteer
Thomas Dunne

In Honor of
1st Class Private
Raymond L. Boone
Machine Gun Co., 105th Infantry
27th Division, U.S.A.

Killed at the
Battle of Laselle River
St. Souplet, France
October 20th 1918, Aged 23 Years

Erected by the Citizens of
In Grateful Recognition
Of His Services
To His Country and to Humanity

Honor Roll

Robert L. Gullings
Stephen Brown
Orson J. Smith
Frank Jeffers

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Honor Roll: City of Amsterdam, New York, World War I

Amsterdam is a small city in Montgomery County, New York. There is a large honor roll at 456 Guy Park Road.

City of Amsterdam Honor Roll, Amsterdam, New York; personal collection

In Memoriam
Amsterdam World War I Veterans

Abeling, Frederick L.
Adams, Alfred J.
Agnew, Harold
Aiken, John Patrick
Akin, David Sanford
Albrecht, Louis
Alexander, Lawrence A.
Allen, Lee M.
Altorio, Louis
Anderson, Archibald D.
Austin, Henry
Baier Jr., Charles J.
Baldine, Peter
Baldwin, Russell C.
Barkhuff, Harold C.
Barnell, Charles
Barrone, Frank
Bates, Charles N.
Bergen, James T.
Bianchi, Louis
Biscotti, Anthony
Bishop, Clifton H.
Blinsinger, Stephen C.
Boerner, George A.
Bonomo, Michael
Bostwick, John B.
Bradt, Guy E.
Brayman, Harold
Brown, Elmer
Brown, John L.
Brown, T. Forrest
Bucci, Charles
Bufo, Arthur
Burba, John J.
Bursese, Dominick
Cady, William J.
Calahan, Leo A.
Campbell, Louis N.
Capel, Peter
Carbonelli, Michael M.
Carero, Dr. Anton
Carney, Thomas J.
Carp, Stanley J.
Carretta, Joseph
Carretta, William
Carriola, Louis
Carriola, Peter
Casolini, Louis
Cassetta, Nicholas
Casteso, Antonio
Cavaliere, Nicholas
Cerini, Michael
Charles II, William B.
Checca, Cisberto
Christman, George E.
Christman, Henry O.
Clark, Theodore M.
Coessens, Matthew
Collins, John T.
Colson, John E.
Colts, Charles
Condello, Anthony
Constantino, Anthony
Constantino, John
Coratti, Agostino
Corcoran, James J.
Cosentino, Anthony
Costello, Dominick
Covey, Floyd R.
Crawford, Walter
Cross, Thomas J.
Curran, John P.
D'Arienzo, Anthony
D'Arienzo, Frank
Dashell, Edwin A.
Davis, Perry K.
Decatur, Beecher E.
Della Posta, Frank
Desorbo, Alexander
Destefano, Frank
Devine, James T.
Dilello, Sylvester
Diovisalvi, Michael
Disibio, Michael
Dixon, Clarence A.
Donlon, Hugh P.
Duncovich, Frank
Ehmke, Ernest W.
Fabozzi, Nicholas
Fallova, Pasquale
Falso, Sabatino
Famia, Frank
Famularo, Joseph
Febbie, Alexander
Felton, Anthony
Ferdico, Joseph
Ferrari, Augusto
Filiberto, Anthony
Firth, William F.
Follett, Edgar S.
Fontana, Frank
Frank, Horace
Frascatore, Ben
Fratangelo, Michael
French, John M.
Frenz, William
Friello, Giacomo
Frisch, Walter C.
Furman, Andrew
Fusco, Frank
Gage, Leland H.
Galietta, James
Gambardella, Vincenzo
Gardinier, Edgar W.
Gargiulo, John
Gentile, Peter
Gielily, Joseph
Giell, John Hooper
Gillis, James W.
Glasier, Benjamin L.
Goodman, Leland A.
Gordon, Harold
Gray, Harold C.
Greco, Anthony
Greco, John
Greco, Quirino
Greene, William T.
Guarino, Joseph
Habla, Charles
Harrison, Robert J.
Hawkins, Dana
Hickok, Arthur D.
Hopkins, James W.
Hout, John William
Howlan, Frank A.
Hughes, Thomas
Hughes, John
Hughes, Clarence J.
Hughes, Edward W.
Iacono, Anthony
Jiombottisti, John
Johnson, Chester L.
Johnson, Raymond
Juchli, Dr. Rene Hardy
Kane, James A.
Kaufman, Edward E.
Kaupelis, Joseph
Kearney, Bernard J.
Kelly, Russell L.
Kelly, William E.
Kennedy, Peter F.
Kerbelis, Michael
Key Jr., Frank
Kinney, Edward R.
Kinum, William G.
Knight, Chandler S.
Kobieszewski, Felix
Konetchy, Teddy
Kowalski, Joseph
Kromforth, Herman F.
Kruger Jr., Emil
Krupzack, Albert J.
Lagreca, John
Leonard, William F.
Liddle II, John
Litynski, Albert L.
Litynski, John
Logan, Raymond D.
Lombardi, Annunziato
Lombardi, Dr. N. T.
Louri, Joseph
Luciano, William
Ludwick, Raymond O.
MacDonald, Daniel
MacHalls, Harry
Mahoney, Joseph E.
Maloney, Veronica RN
Mantone, James
Marcellino, Thomas
Marcinkiewicz, George

Amsterdam World War I Veterans

Marinelli, Thomas
Markes, Fred
Markes, Robert
Maroney, William B.
Marro, Joseph
Martini, Vitaliani
Martuscello, Frank
Martuscello, Joseph
Mason, Dominick
Masto, Emil
Mau, Leonard P.
Mazur, Joseph
McCarthy, James A.
McGahan, Thomas E.
McGuigan, Thomas A.
McGuigan, William P.
McKittrick, William B.
McQuade, John
Meola, Nicholas
Merry, John H.
Michalczak, John
Miller, Harold F.
Minisci, Damiano
Montano, Carl
Morabito, John
Morrell, Nicholas
Morrell, Ralph
Morrison, Elmer H. 
Morrow, Joseph
Mulford, Charles
Munn, Alois I.
Nelson, Samuel V.
Newland, Charles
Nicholas, Martin W.
Nicholas, William F.
Nichols, Desmond F.
Nichols, Lawrence F.
Nichols, RaymondV.
Niemczyk, John J.
Olander, Stephen
Orapello, Joseph
Ormsby, E. Harrison
Orth, William J.

Pabis, Theodore
Pagliaro, Ralph
Palamyra, Martin
Palmatier, Clarence E.
Palmer, Thomas
Palumbo, Louis
Pantalone, Louis
Papa, Ensilo
Pepe, James
Pepe, Samuel
Perillo, Angelo
Peters, Clarence
Peters, Edward W.
Peters, Peter
Petruccione, Angelo
Pettingill, Lillian
Pettiti, Albert
Phillips, Nilus P.
Phoenix, Ernest T.
Piazza, Dominick
Pilchen, George A.
Pingitore, Frank
Politano Jr., Frank
Politano, Pasquale C.
Pompi, Vincent
Powers, William J.
Provenzano, Salvatore
Putman, Harry D.
Quackenbush, James P.
Quiri, Robert
Quist, Frederick H.
Reed, Samuel J.
Reiff, William C.
Reisler, Clarence P.
Richards, Henry G.
Rippepi, Joseph
Robertiello, Felix
Robusto, Vito P.
Rock, Andrew
Rogers, Frank M. S.
Rogers, Joseph V.
Rogers, Kenneth S.
Rogers, Peter J.
Romiti, Vincenzo
Rose, Ralph

Ruck, Louis E.
Ryderowicz, Frank
Sagarese, John
Sagarese, Joseph
Salamack, Barney
Salce, Antonio
Salvatore, Michael
Salvatore, Joseph
Sandusky, Frank
Sandy, Anthony L.
Sapia, Joseph
Sapone, Anthony
Araceni, Nicholas
Saullo, Raffaele
Savoy, Fred
Schotte, Henry F.
Schultz, Ivan F.
Schwem, Fred
Seabury, Raymond B.
Selby, Ralph T.
Shelly, William
Shuttleworth, Howard
Shuttleworth, Wright
Simiele, Carmine
Simiele, Michael
Slater, Harold
Small, George
Small, James
Smeallie, James Donald
Smeallie, John Morris
Smith, Bert C.
Smith Frederick H.
Smith, Merrill D.
Smith, Victor P.
Smith, Willard R.
Sochin, Alexander
Soodal, Albert
Sparagno, Antonio
Stanley, Francis
Starke, Edward E.
Starke, William H.
Stellato, Anthony
Stevens, William E.
Stewart, William A.
Stolarczyk, Alexander

Stover, Charles
Strack, William B.
Swart, Clarence J.
Swart, James H.
Symeolon, John P.
Tallman, Edwin
Tambasco, Frank S.
Tambucci, Joseph
Tarmey, John J.
Taylor, Ray
Terwilleger, Orville
Tesiero, Bartley
Tesiero, John
Tesiero, Thomas R.
Thackrah Jr., Benjamin
Tomasello, Anthony J.
Topping, John
Topping, Thomas
Traver, Louis F.
Turner, Thomas
Ulrich, Alfred
Uncher, Henry
Vanderhoof, William D.
Vecchiarelli, Nicholas
Vigliotti, Gennaro
Visconti, Anthony
Ward, Joseph T.
Waterman, Frederick H.
Webb, William
Weineger, Frank
Weyl, Robert C.
Whitney, Harry D.
Whitney, Wilbur S.
Wiencek, Pietro
Wilson, John
Winkel, Anthony
Wright, Edmund G.
Wszolek, John A.
Wszolek, Joseph
Wyzykowski, William
Wyzyomirski, John J.
Yazum, Frank
Zaro, Anthony
Zierak, Stephen A.
Zigmont, Stanislaw
Zotti, Nicholas
Zumbolo, Frank
Zysik, Teophil J.

World War Veterans
Who Have Died Since Nov 11, 1918

Emil Ahnert
Joseph F. Aiken
Herman Aldi
Henry Antonucci
William Bazilauskas
Cuthbert Beard
Vincent Boscaino
Joseph Brown
George Bussing
Anthony Castellessi
W. Ceternarowski
Clarence B. Cleveland
Vincent Czelkiewicz
Vincenzo DeLorenzo
Wilbur Dennis
John Di Blase
Vincenzo DiGiuseppe
William Donato
Carmine Doti
Francis E. Dwyer
Joseph Dylong
E. Earl
Peter Falla
Dr. Lew H. Finch
Bernard Fineran
Florence Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
Harry Fitzgerlad
James H. Fitzgerlad
Charles F. Foss
Lewis C. Frank
George Gagen
George Gagne
Charles Gagne, Jr.
George A. Geiger
Thomas Gill
James F. Gilligan
Salvatore Giuffre
Felix Gizelbach
Fred Glamm, Jr.
John Gledhill
Alvin C. Goetz
James Goodwin
George Gourlay
Marcello Greco
John H. Green
Guiseppe Guisto
Michael Hamill
Raymond Hammond
Herbert L. Hart
Stephen Heiser
Frank Hovemeyer
Donato Juilano
Alfred M. Kaupelis
Joseph Kelly
Thomas Kelly
Raymond M. Kilbourn
Allen Kimball
Bessie Kimball, RN
Walter Klingbeil
John Korona
Wlachaw Kozemiewski
William Lansing
Anthony Lombardi
John Lyons
Dominick Manginelli
J. Maz
Wesley McNeill
Joseph Michalowski
Everard Miner
Robert Moore
Ralph I. Patterson
Warren Prell
Joseph Richards
Frank G. Rogers
Louis W. Rowe
Frank Rzesos
John Sagatis
Carl Salmon, Sr.
John Salvatore
Phillip San Fillippo
Frank Scheckton
C. Schwenm
Lewis W. Sharp, Sr.
David Siegenthaler
Ernesto Spediacci
Cornadino Sprone
Felix Stephens
George Stevens
Paolo Tavarelli
William C. Tonko
John Trzaskos
Joseph Turo
Lawrence Valley
Frank Voight
Frank Volpe
Judson T. Wells
Howard Whyland
Alex Wienskowsky
Albert Wojcik
Peter Wojcik
Frank Wormer

The names on the above plaque were alphabetized by surname.

World War Veterans
Who Have Died Since Nov. 11.1918

Fred Arendt
Earl Ayers
Joseph Bazaar
George Bremer
Frank L. Bush
Joseph Chimick
Edward J. Conrad
Joseph A. Coyle
Augustus Crotte
Thomas T. Dugan
Marcellus Duncovich
William J. Dwyer
James Faurot
Patrick J. Fitzgibbons
Joseph Fufford
John H. Gagen, Jr.
Kenneth Gates
Angelo Gaugiello
Albert Geiger
Nelson Gibeau
Charles Giuffre
James E. Going
Daniel Greco
Guiseppe Greco
Marin J. Green
Raymond F. Green
Henry E. Greene
Elmer Gottschalk
John Eller Groat
Richard J. Guinlan
Robert Albert Hall
John Hanson
Wilbur T. Harnish
William J. Harrison
Harold P. Harrower
Robert L. Hart
Clarence E. Hartig
Ellsworth G. Hayner
William E. Heffernan
William L. Hendricks
William Herman
Howard F. R. Hill
Almon P. Hotaling
Herman W. Karker
William Kaufman
George Keizik
Anthony Keriker
Felix Kilbert
John King
Frank Kosik
Stanislaus Krupowski
John Jordon
Willard LaBahn
Michael F. Lape
William LaRowe
Andrew H. Larson
Raymond Liddane
Felix Logan
Harold M. Logan
Maurice Lynch, Jr.
Samuel Mailloux
Mariano Mastrianni
John McCleary
Robert F. McCune
Mikola J. Mikruta
Arthur J. Mitchell
Charles Morozas
Joseph E. Morrell
William Mournighan
John A. Mullarkey
Francis Mullen
Stanley Nelson
Edmund J. Nolan
Thomas O'Brien
Arsilo Papa
Homer F. Pirie
Charles Plodziszewski
Edward Quinn
Emmett Radford
Grover Rich
Charles E. Riding
Ervin Rivenburgh
Theron A. Roberts
John R. Romano
Floyd Schultz
Leon H. Seigle
James J. Sheridan
Jacob G. Siegenthaler
David L. Sochin
Lauren H. Stevens
Jeremiah Sullivan
Aniello Tambasco
Phillip A. Tuger
Leon G. Van Leuven
Arthur Wagner
James J. Wallerius
Ernest C. Wheener
John J. White
Dr. Josef E. Windiol
Joseph J. Yund

The names on the above plaque were alphabetized by surname.

World War Veterans
Who Have Died Since Nov, 1918

Dr. Henry B. Allen
Joseph A. Anderson
John P. Andrzejewski
Stanley E. Andrzejewski
John J. Ardison
Leland Baker
Harvey Barnett
Thomas Beams
Ralph Bell
Lewis M. Billington
George Blocker
Andrew Bonczyk
Harry Borwhat
Louis Broszeit
Harold Brower
Chauncey N. Brown
Cady S. Buckley
Frank Burger
Dr. John J. Burke
Walter Burkhardt
John J. Bush
Lauren M. Burtt
Milo Caldaroni
John A. Carney
Harvey Chase
John J. Coles
George Connelly
Wellesy Cooper
Marco Copasso
Joseph Cowalski
Frank H. Christman
John R. Cross
John E. Cutin
William Dehart
Thomas Devine
William Dodds
Albert Ernest
Peter Falla
Bernard Fineran
Florence Fitzgerald
Harry Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
James Fraser
Robert Fraser
James J. Frazier
Harold Fredericks
Charles Gagne, Jr.
George Gagne
James Goodwin
John H. Green
Michael Hamill
Herbert L. Hart
Frank Hawkes
Thomas A. Hennessey
Arthur W. Hoefs, Sr.
Edward J. Hogan
Raymond J. Hohs
Edward Hovemeyer
George Hughes
Munson Irving
Zachariah Jacoby
Alfred Jeudes
David Kaiser
Bazaar J. Kelly
Joseph Kelly
Edward Klappmier
Michael Kleopfel
Frank J. Kirschner
Charles Knack
Simon Le Roy
Joseph Levi
Frederick Long
John Lyons
William McClumphia
B. E. McFarland
Lawrence McGrath
John T. Moore
John J. Morris
Charles Newman
Dr. Elmer H. Ormsby
Raymond Quackenbush
Arthur Radley
John Ray
George Reals
John Redpath
Harry Rhods
Frank Rucinski
Bernard Sherman
John Simpson
Ralph Smyth
Orrie P. Spaller
Andrew Stankes
Oman Stanton
Harry Stevens
Richard Strack
Wesley Thompson
Charles H. Vollmer
Bernard Wasserman
Arthur Weaver
Judson Wells
Alden A. Wickham
Joseph Wojcik
Oscar Wood
William Wormer
Stanly Zawalinski
Frank Zitzka

The names on the above plaque were alphabetized by surname.

World War Veterans
Who Have Died Since Nov 11, 1918

Leslie Ardison
Joseph Artikuski
Frank Battenfield
Harold Bennison
Dr. James Bernhard
Joseph Biernack
Harold Bogart
Felix Bolger
Andrew Bonczyk
William Bonczyk
Arthur Bonville
John Bottisti
William Brinkman
Clifford Burns
Walter Butler
Stanley Cerwicz
James S. Clary
Edward Conniffe
Alphonse Costello
James M. Costello
John J. Costello
George Cook
William Dantini
John Del Vecchio
Lawrence Delli Venri
Peter Droney
Stanislaw Drzal
Thomas Dwyer
Joe Dylong
Kowalski Kartanas
George P. Kizik
Stanley Kochman
Franciszek Kowalik
Stanislaus Krupowski
John Kryszcak
Konstanaty Kryszczak
George Langley
Joseph Latvis
Marcellus Lavally
Grzegorz Levandowski
Guiseppe Lombardi
Walter Masten
Frank Mason
John McBride
Edgar Mentor
Vincent Micilulis
William A. Morgan
Steve Moroz
Michael Motyl
Edward Murphy 
Michael Murphy
Edward Musolff
Grzegorz Myslowski
Bernard Nowokowski
John Nowokowski
Patrick O'Brien
Stanley Olander
Ignacy Orlowski
Matthew Palaikis
Adam Pianowski
Chester Plodzyk
Raymond Quackenbush
Aloysius Quinn
Stanislaw Raczynski
Stanley Raczynski
Frank Radford
William Radford
Joseph Ralia
John Reilly
Joseph Rieley
Noel Robert
Frank Rokita
Cyril Romelski
Nicholas Ross
Raymond Sager
Frank Sardynski
Adelbert Sauter
Earl Schenck
Alexander Serve
Andrew Slater
Michael Smith
Fred Snowden
Stanley Srzalowski
Bernard Stanley
Edward Stanley
James Stanley
Stanley Strazalkowski
Thomas Sullivan
Michael Szyzmanski
Ignacy Troche
Andrej Walek
James Waller
John J. Walsh
W. Wierzkowski
Stephen Wilgos
W. Wojcik
James Wood
Edward Yazum
Walter Yund
Louis Zannella
Peter Zukas

The names on the above plaque were alphabetized by surname.

In the Year 1925
By the
Citizens of Amsterdam, N.Y.
In Memory of
Those Who Served in the World War
1914 -- 1918

Let Us Serve Our Country in Peace
As they Did in War

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Honor Roll: Prattsville, New York, World War I

Prattsville, New York, is a town in Greene County. It was first settled around 1763 and was originally called Schoharie Kill. In 1824 it was named after Zadock Pratt, a congressman and prominent citizen who built the largest tannery in the world at that time. The tannery made Prattsville a major town in upstate New York.

World War I Honor Roll, Prattsville, New York;
personal collection


Charles W. Bouton
Herbert M. Carman
Weldon W. Conine
Frank W. Dunham
Claude M. Fowler
John D. Groves
Peter M. Hanley
David Holland
Harvey F. Ives
Norman E. Kenney
Charles M. Madden
Ennist R. Newbury
Albert N. O'Hara
Thomas J. O'Hara*
Fred G. Plank
Everett J. Proper
Horace E. Proper
Louis E. Robbe
Clemence F. Rose
Lyle A. Sutton
Florence L. Traver
Ahira B. Truesdell
Wilem Vinegarek
Ernest R. Weld

*Died in service 11 February 1919

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Honor Roll: Blenheim, New York

Blenheim is a town in Schoharie County, New York. The town was named after a land patent, which was itself named after the Battle of Blenheim. The town had one of the world's longest wooden single-span covered bridges, which was built in 1855. It was destroyed by flooding caused by tropical storm Irene in 2011. The bridge is currently being rebuilt.

Blenheim, New York honor roll (side A); personal collection


Revolutionary War

Granby, Richard
Hager, Henry
Hager, Jacob
Hager, Henry
Mattice, Johannes H.
Patchin, Freegift
Patchin, Isaac
Shafer, George

War of 1812

Bartholomew, Philip
Hager, Daniel
Mattice, Conrad
Parslow, Henry
Pierce, Silas
Shafer, George

Muster Roll (after War of 1812)

Butte, Samuel H. (Butts)
Clapper, Sylvester
Ellerson, Ramson
Hager, Daniel
Hawley, Ebenezer W.
Kingsley, William
Laymon, Isaac
Martin, Freegift
Morse, Jacob
Parsons, Abel
Patchin, Charles J. E.
Roe, Orson
Stevens, Ozias
Street, John
Stryker, John B.
Voorhees, Peter S.

Military Roll (1853)

Badgley, Joseph
Baker, Lewis R.
Canniff, Addison R.
Carl, John
Efner, Joseph P.
Faro, Thomas
Granby, William H.
Harvey, Isaac
Kingsley, Edwin
Laniagaro, John
Martin, William J.
Mayham, Jay
Mayham, Thomas
Morehouse, Alonzo C.
Perry, John, Jr.
Pierce, Eletus
Putney, Lorenso D.
Shafer, Abram
Shafer, Richard
Shafer, William
Snyder, William H.

Civil War

Badgley, John
Barry, Jeremiah
Bartholemew, William
Burton, David W.
Burton, James
Champlin, George W.
Champlin, Stanton
Chatterton, Philo
Cleveland, Ferrand
Conklin, John
Curtis, Orrin B.
Decker, Charles L.
Decker, Lorenzo
Ham, George
Hyser, Jacob
Hyser, Peter
Judd, Lyman
Keyser, Peter
Kniskern, Harrison
Kniskern, Hiram
Kniskern, James
Kniskern, Washington
Lloyd, Goerge
Mattice, Christopher
Mattice, Paul
McKee, Joseph
Parslow, Alonzo
Parslow, Henry
Partridge, Rufus
Richmond, Melvin
Rickard, Joseph H.
Sagendorf, Andrew
Shafer, Edmund
Stoker, Charles M.
Thorne, Charles
Veley, Robert
Vroman, John B.
Vroman, John W.
Vrooman, Adelbert
Warner, Alvah
West, John
White, Daniel
Williams, John
Wiltey, Charles
Winnie, Lafayette

World War I

Bergh, William K.
Chapman, Linwood R.
Fancher, Byron
Fancher, Donovan
Fancher, Ernest
Fancher, Gordon
Haner, Fred
Keyser, Seymour S.
Kling, Anna
Mattice, Virgil
Putnam, Dudley
Sitzer, Louis V.
Smith, Clay F.
Sours, Burr (Souer)
Sours, Levi (Souer)
Vorman, Jay

World War II

Carter, Philip J.
Chase, Harold
Chase, Harry
Cornell, Lyndon B.
Cottone, Cassandra
Craft, Frank
Decker, Claude
Decker, Clifton

Blenheim, New York honor roll (side B); personal collection


World War II (continued)

Decker, Walter
Ericson, Arthur
Feathers, Clarence
Fuller, Barnett
Fuller, Thelma
Grippin, William E.
Harra, Francis W.
Holcomb, Kenneth
Keyser, Fred
Lawrence, Alfred
Lawson, Clarence J.
Majoris, Steve J.
Mattice, Clarence
Mattice, Henry
Miller, Ray
Moore, E. Patrick
Moxham, Kenneth
Petersen, Robert W.
Rogers, Donald
Shaffer, Robert
Shelmandine, Robert J.
Sinel, Clare F.
Spurles, Herbert
Stoughton, Robert
Sutton, Asahel
Van Wormer, Harold
Veley, Howard
Veley, Lester
Vrooman, Otto
Wallace, Harry, Jr.
Warner, Harold
Warner, Volney
Wilkens, Stephen G.
Wilson Randolph

Military Service (after World War II)

Brehm, Don D.
Miller, Carl
Miller, Francis
Moxham, Eugene
Van Wormer, Harry G.

Korean War

Caulkins, William T.
Diamond, Leonard
Falcone, George T.
Haverly, Byron D.
Keith, George C.
Latourrett, William
Mattice, Franklin
Miller, Russell
Noxon, Donald R.
Porter, Norman E.
Ristau, Pete
Vrooman, Donald A.
Warner, James

Military Service (after Korean War)

Beers, Gary
Decker, Katherine
Dolker, John
Drebitko, Everett
Gately, James E.
Haverly, Fred
Haverly, George
Huneke, Frederick
Huneke, Richard
Keith, Hartford
Mattice, Burton J.
Miller, James P.
Miller, Marvin G.
Miller, Merle E.
Paradowski, Rudolph E.
Rossi, Peter T.
Russell, Wayne G.
Vradenburg, Doreen

Military Service (1960-1975 Vietnam)

Becker, Kenneth P.
Ellison, (Malone), Robe
Ericson, George H.
Ericson, Richard C.
Ferdinandi, Edwin L.
Ferdinandi, Italo J.
Ferris, Donald W.
Fuller, Joseph H.
Fuller, Kevin R.
Giesin, Peter
Hasey, Leroy W.
Ingraham, Carlton L.
Janneck, Roland G.
King, Ralph L.
Mace, Donald R.
Mattice, Clarence J.
Mattice, Thomas E.
McKenney/Scholl, John
Miller, Francis F.
Miller, James P.
Miller, Robert C.
Moore, Ernest P., Jr.
Popier, Jeffery A.*
Rogers, Richard J.
Rossi, Robert L.
Ryder, Michael L.*
Shaffer, Edwin R.
Speenburg, Donald P.
Speenburg, Larry A.
Torres, Wilfredo R.
Vroman, Adelbert
Vroman, Richard
Warner, George J.
Zeh, Michael I.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Honor Roll: Fulton, New York

Fulton is a town in Schoharie County, New York in the historic Schoharie Valley, which was colonized in the early 18th century.

Fulton, New York honor roll; personal collection

Town of Fulton Veteran's Honor Roll

Revolutionary War

Timothy Murphy

War of 1812

Noah Dibble

Civil War

William W. Armlin
Loren T. Atanton
William Henry Baker
Daniel Bartholomew
Albert Becker
Alonzo Bouck
Malchi Coons
William Crasper 
Lewis B. Ham 
Leopold Hussong 
Legrand Jones 
Abram Keyser 
James Kniskern 
Thomas Mann 
Ira Slater
Monroe Teller
John Watson
John West
Michael Wood
John S. York

Spanish-American War

William Rice 

World War I

Anna King Baldwin
Floyd Case
C. Victor Chapman *
Merrell Clapper
Arthur Ingraham*
Stanley Ingraham*
Howard Luther*
William Morness
Minard Swart
Edward Van Voris
Harold VanWormer
Harry G. VanWormer
Cornelius White
Reuben Whitmore
Doug J. Wood

World War II

Rodney Ammons
Leland Anthony 
Floyd Baker 
Henry Barber
E. Baumgart 
Walter E. Beadling, Jr. 
Jack K. Benjamin
Russel S. Bergh 
Robert Bohringer
J. D. Burnett*
Thomas Burton 
Edward Champagne
Duane Clapper
Gerald Clapper
Bernard Cooper
Claude Dibble
John Dorens 
Gerardo Dunham, Sr. 
Rodney Flint 
Kenneth Foland
Robert E. Foland
William Fonda 
Adolph Gabrielson
Francis Gleason
Albert Hajduczki 
Duane Hamm 
Lillian Haviland 
Harold Herman
Alton Holliday
Sidney Houck, Jr. 
Frank James
Thomas James
Frank Keyser
Robert Keyser
Edward Killmeier
Clinton "Toby" King
Frank Lacko, Sr. 
Karl Lang, Jr.
Clarence Mabey
John Malonis
Howard Mann
Frank Marek
Stanley Marek
William Marek
Clyde F. Marion
Gerald Marlitt*
Henry Marshall
Ford V. Mattice
Willard F. McDonnell
John McGiver
F. G. McGovern
James McMurray
William Mickle
Ralph D. Miller
Virginia Moore
W. Arthur Nelson
Grover Noxon
Albert O'Neill
J. D. Ostrander*
Millard Palmer
Willard Palmer
Armand Papin
Walter J. Parkes
H. Pemberton
L. Pemberton
Martin G. Perue
Millard Perue
Donald Pickett
Loyal Ream
Albert Redling
Charles Redling
Harry C. Riker
James Rivenburg
Linson "Bucky" Rivenburg
Owen Safford
Rudolph Schmidt, Jr.
Harvey Schrom
Robert Schweigard
Robert Shaul
Pater Stannard
Harold Thorington
Alex Vanderburgh
Alphonse Villecco
Joseph Warner
Volney Warner
Joseph Wayman
Walter Wayman
Coral White

Cold War

Daniel Hotaling
Robert L. Posson

Korean War

Ronald Barbic
Fred Clapper, Jr. 
Lawrence Dibble 
Paul Mayer
David J. Paterson
David Rhinehart
Roger W. Rhinehart
James Rivenburg
George Spencer 

Vietnam War

Franklin W. Adams
Clayton Ash
Brian Bouck 
John T. Bouck
John W. Bouck
William H. Bouck
Thomas Brodie
James R. Brown
Richard Conner
Thomas Dunn 
Larry English 
Arnold Gray
Richard Hamm 
Gerald Hooper 
Edwin Jorgensen 
Moses King
Ralph Leland King
Wayne Z. King
Peter Koopman 
Barbara Miller
Dorothy Miller
John Miller
Lee Miller
William A. Nelson
Anthony Risco, Jr.
George Sherwood
Peter Shulman
Christopher "Kit" Sigman*
Philip Skowfoe, Jr.
Joseph Talerico
Christie Van Valkenburgh
Leroy Van Valkenburgh
Billy Joe Watson
Ronald Yager 
Michael Zeh

Persian Gulf War

Jeff Almy
David Ingraham
Donald Ingraham
Peter Lucas
Glen P. Nelson 
Nathan Wood 

Iraq War

Michael Robert

Unknown Wars

Francis X. Abbott
James Armlin
Morelle Armlin*
Philip Armlin
Robert Armlin
Ronald Armlin
Ronald Armlin
Victor Armlin
Robert Arnott
Joyce Beadling
Orion J. Beadling
Mary L. Beadling Peterson
Walter E. Beadling, Sr.
Paul Becker
Kenneth Birsen
John H. Bouck
Peter Bouck
Lauren P. Boyle
Robert Britton
Christopher R. Brown
Edwin Brown
Erwin Brown
Norman R. Brown
Joseph M. Cassella
Basil Cerola
Ronald Cittadini
Sylvester Cole
Leon Collins
Trevor Coons
Kevin W. Cummings
William Cummings
Corwin Earl Denny
Victor Dibble
James M. Doyle
Lewis Elred
Glen English
Frederick Erben, Jr.
Robert Felter
Richard Filaski
Donald Foland
Gerald "Skip" Foland
Victor Foland
Burdette J. Gates
Stephen Giesin
Walter Goodfellow
Kevin J. Harmon
John Harrigan
Paul Hartwich
Richard P. Hartwich
Kenneth Helijas
Alfred Hotaling
Clifton LaVerne Hubbard
William Hunt
William Jaycox
Larry A. Johnson
John Kahrs
Charles P. Keller
Wallace J. Kramek
Henry J. Larson
Marlene Lawyer
William D. Lawyer
Robert Lawyer, Sr.
Joshua Louch
Tracy Marlow
Donald Marshall
John Maxwell
Joseph McGovern
William McGovern
Richard C. McInerney
Howard McMullen
Lawrence McMullen
Robert Miller
William Miller
James Morgan
Joseph E. Moore, Jr.
Scott P. Nelson
H. O'Neill, Jr.
Mark S. Olig
Michael Patterson
Rafael Perez
Richard Piperi
Walter Riker
Donald Rivenburg
Harold Rivenburg
Kenneth Roe
Richard E. Rowlinson, Sr.
Juergen Saborowski
Clark Rhinehart
Charles Schrom
Richard D. Scorzelli
John Serrie, Jr.
Jerry Shaul
Zachary Shaul
Jay Shaver
Jeffrey S. Shelly
Milton K. Spangenberg
Carmen St. George
Frank Stark
Edward Strella
Smith Tanner
Francis Tatten
Herbert Trombley
Horace Trombley
Lawrence Sweeney, Jr.
George VonGlahn
Graydon M. Vought, Jr.
George Walker
Robert Waters
George Watson
John K. Youmans
Jeremiah Zeh


Clayton Adams
Philip Bartholomew
Alfred Bergen
Stephan Blount
Helen Champagne
Theodore Dauley
Melissa Dibble
James Fancer
Karl Grom
Lester Hadsell
Roger Hamm
Lance Hartwich
Gunner H. Haskin
Jacob Henness
Walter Hotaling
Otis Lawyer
Justin Marshall
Franco Mazetti
Hugh McGovern
William Shaver
Orson Spickerman
John Stanton
Robert Stanton
William Stanton
Craig E. Witt
Ivan J. Beadling
Wayne Ellis
Martin W. Foland
Nelson W. Foland
Roy Johnson
Otis R. Lawyer

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Honor Roll: Addison, Vermont, 4970 VT Route 22A

The Town of Addison, Vermont, in Addison County, was chartered in 1761 and named for poet, Joseph Addison.

Town of Addison honor roll; personal collection


Victory * Remembers * Peace

Her Heroes

1771 -- Revolutionary War -- 1778

Adams, Benjamin
Barber, John
Bartlett, Ichabod
Champion, Daniel
Everest, Benjamin
Everest, Zadock
Finney, Herman
Norton, Benjamin
Parkhill, Nathaniel
Post, Jacob
Seeger, Gideon
Smith, Amos
Spencer, Joseph
Squire, Daniel
Squire, Eli
Strong, John
Stron, John Capt.
Vallance, David
Ward, John
Willmarth, Asa
Whitney, David
Woodford, Timothy

1812 -- War with England -- 1814

Clark, Lyman
Fisher, George
Harris, John
Kingsland, Edmund
Norton, Harry
Pond, Samuel
Post, David H.
Smith, Russell
Willmarth, Abel
Willmarth, Asa
Willmarth, George

1861 -- Civil War -- 1865

Adams, Edrick
Adams, John I.
Arno, Joseph*
Bachman, Samuel
Barrow, Dustin
Barrow, Martin
Barrow, Peter
Berges, Peter
Bogor, Joseph Jr.
Bostwick, Homer
Bovia, Joseph*
Bowers, Brazilla
Bowers, Cyrus
Briggs, Elmer Jr.
Bucklin, Charles M.
Casey, Edward
Clark, David W.
Clark, Myron A.*
Clark, Warren D.
Connor, James
Converse, George W.
Crowley, James*
Dachno, Antoine
Dallison, James W.
Davis, Lewis
Day, Davis L.
Day, George
Dayton, Albion
Dobbin, George H.
Dushon, Edward
Eaton, Solon
Elmer, Chester L.
Elmer, Henry
Elmer, William F.
Everest, Ira
Everest, Milo
Fifield, Hiram M.
Finegan, Patrick
Fuller, Alec*
Fuller, Joseph
Fuller, William*
Goodale, Cyrus
Goodale, Rollin G.
Gordon, Oliver
Harris, Asa W.
Harris, Fayette
Heath, Ira G.*
Holcomb, George A.
Huestis, Henry B.
Hurd, Walter J.*
King, Frank
Knights, Sidney
Laddy, William
Laptad, Henry
McEvila, James
McKenzie, Edwin
Merrill, William H.
Miller, Joseph Jr.
Mitchell, Charles
Moorby, William
Morgan, James
Mumblo, Augustus
Murray, Delos
Murray, Louis
Naylor, Joseph
Norton, Abel L.
Norton, Covil*
Norton, William
Ormsbee, John E.
Palmer, Henry G.
Pasno, Frank
Pecue, Joseph
Purdon, Thomas
Riley, Charles*
Ruin, Patrick
Smith, Daniel*
Smith, Luman
Smith, Royal
Sprigg, Charles
St. Clair, Levi*
St. John, David
Strong, John A.
Tatro, Louis*
Taylor, Milford H.
Todd, John F.
Turney, John
Vanderhoof, John L.*
Vanderhoof, Oliver S.
Waldron, George
Whitford Russell C.
Wilcox, Thomas A.

1917 -- World War -- 1918

Adams, George B.*
Aines, Greydon C.*
Allis, Carlton
Baker, Dor*
Blacklock, William H.
Brickey, Wilfred
Burrett, Basil G.
Cheeseman, Lewis
Cheeseman, Henry K.
Clark, Stanley S.
Craine, Harold A.
Devino, John F.
Duqueth, Howard C.
Fisher, Benjamin C.
Gough, George
Harte, Joseph
Harte, Thomas P.
Hurd, George A.
Hurd, William J.
La Mour, Joseph C.
McElvila, John A.
Norton, Benjamin R.
Norton, Cyrus A.
Norton, Raymond J.
Nuttall, Fred
Plummer, Clarence
St. John, Henry
Sheldon, Rupert
Smith, J. Bushnell
Watson, Mark S.
Watson, Richard
Willmarth, Chauncy E.
Wright, Grant


Blake, Frank
Clark, Erwin W.

This tablet erected by the Patriotic League of Addison
And the Rhoda Ferrand Chapter DAR 1922

Town of Addison honor roll; personal collection


Dedicated to the men and women
Who served their country
From Addison, Vermont

World War II

Andrews, Bernard P.
Bacon, Elwood R.
Braudette, Leonard J.
Bigelow, Elmer
Blow, Stanley
Briggs, Alfred D.
Briggs, Donald J.
Briggs, Henry F.
Burgey, James E.
Carpenter, Thomas M.
Carpenter, Alva L.*
Carr, Maxwell F.
Cawley, Thomas A.
Choiniere, John B.
Clark, Warren H.
Davis, Okley C.
Dubois, Philip R.
Fleming, Francis E.
Fleming, Ernest A.
Forand, Claudette
Forand, Leonard P.
Kirby, Bernard E.
Kirby, Lloyd A.
Langaway, John E.
LaRose, Looyd H.
Latterell, Kenneth L.*
Lattrell, Arnold F.
Lattrell, Robert M.
Loomis, Edward B.
McEvila, William M.
Mulliss, Frank O.
Mulliss, Harold S.
Nuttall, Arthur L.
Nuttall, Doris L.
Reed, Thomas W.
Senesac, Marcel A.
Slinn, James R.
Slinn, Hobart
Slinn, Otis W.
Slinn, Jerome A.
Smith, Robert W.
Tatro, John G.
Warner, George L.
Winters, Ervin, R.

Korean War

Charlerois, Richard G.
Clark, Donald B.
Clark, Hugh S.
Devino, Edward C.
Griffith, Roger W.
Slinn, Grant Z.

National Defense

Benedict, Clarence E.
Benedict, Elizabeth A.
Bissonette, Richard E.
Bodette, Raymond H. Jr.
Campbell, John C
Clark, Erwin A.
Cote, Marc A.
Derrick, Raymond
Derrick, Lester A.
Easter, John R.
Easter, Norman E.
Fisher, John W.
Gevry, Leo R.
Grant, Benjamin F.
Grennon, Charles B.
Guy, Douglas L.
Hanna, James H. Jr.
Jackson, Russell W.
Jackson, Earl
Jackson, William
Jerome, Robert H.
Lafleche, Aurele J.
Lafleche, Rejean J.
Lafleche, Rheal J.
Misek, Roy F.
Warner, Edward

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

How did Pearl Meet Charles?

William Norborne Pattie was born on 11 May 1905 in Roanoke, Virginia, to Otho Thomas Pattie and Garnett Pearl Wade. His father worked for Norfolk & Western as a machinist. William apprenticed for the railroad and also became a machinist like his father.

He married Eunice Virginia Cromer, daughter of Frank Lewis Cromer and Alice Inez Powell, about 1925 or 1926. They had a daughter, Norma Jean Pattie, on 29 June 1926 in Roanoke. Eunice died two months later on 6 August 1926 of a postnatal infection.

Otho Thomas Pattie, William's father died in 1927. His daughter, Norma Jean, lived with her widowed grandmother, Pearl.

William married Ruby Pauline Smith about 1927 or 1928 and they had two children. 

His mother, Pearl, also married again to Charles Stewart (or Stuart) Powell, who was 20 years older than her and a widower. They married sometime between 1930 and 1933 when Charles died of pneumonia. Charles' daughter from his first marriage was the informant for the personal information on his death certificate. She indicated he was a widower. However, the 1932 Roanoke city directory listed Pearl as the wife of Charles S Powell at 549 Day Avenue, SW, which was Pearl's home when her first husband was alive. Her headstone listed her name as Pearl Pattie Powell and her death certificate stated Charles S. Powell had been her husband before his death.

So how exactly did Pearl and Charles meet before their brief marriage?  

While researching this family group, a few names seemed familiar. By investigating the spouses of William and his mother, Pearl -- the Cromer and Powell families -- I learned Charles Stewart Powell (Pearl's second husband) was the maternal grandfather of Eunice Virginia Cromer (William's first wife).

Do you suppose Charles and Pearl met though his granddaughter and her son?

Relationship between the Cromer, Pattie and Powell families; created using
Microsoft Powerpoint

This is why I enjoy researching my collateral ancestors so much. The connections and relationships to others provide more context about the lives of our direct ancestors.


Garnett Pearl (Wade) Pattie Powell, who went by Pearl, was third cousin twice removed. She desended from my four times great grandfather as follows: Daniel Mitchell, Sr. >> Matilda (Mitchell) Stevens (or Stephens) >> Elizabeth J. (Stevens) Wade >> Garnett Pearl (Wade) Pattie Powell.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Charles W Lawson (1893-1922): Killed in a Mine Explosion

Charles "Charlie" W. Lawson married Mary Frances Crockett on 31 August 1921 in McDowell County, West Virginia. He was 28 years old at the time of their marriage and she was 16. Charles worked as a coal miner and a few weeks before their first anniversary, he was killed by dynamite in a mining accident in Coalwood, a town in McDowell County.

It was a tragic story, but sadly not all that unusual as mining was one of the most dangerous occupations in the country at the time.

And then I found this article about Charlie in the Charlotte Observer:

From The Charlotte Observer, 12 August 1922, page 12


Tragedy Seems to Have Followed Two Generations of the Lawson Family, of Mount Airy

MOUNT AIRY, Aug. 10 -- The remains of Charlie Lawson arrived here Monday night and were carried to his former home in Virginia Tuesday for interment. The young man was killed in a mine explosion in Coalwood, W. Va. His death calls to mind the sad tragedy of the Lawson family, several years ago, about Christmas time, the elder Lawson, father of Charles, disappeared from his home and after an absence of a few weeks suspicion took form that there had been foul play. A search was made and the body found buried in a field near the home, the field had been plowed to cover signs of the grave. The father was a heavy drinker and was cruel to his wife when under the influence of liquor and the boy was tried for murdering his father. He was sentenced to 18 years in the penitentiary. About a year ago he was pardoned and went to West Virginia where he married. The people in the neighborhood petitioned the governor for his pardon, some feeling that he was not guilty, and if guilty there was great provocation.

Charlie's father was William Swanson Lawson and according to his death certificate, he was last seen on 23 December 1913. The cause of his death was a fractured skull and lacerated brain caused by murder. An article in the 19 January 1914 edition of The Robesonian stated that Charlie, aged 20, and his brother, Samuel, 17, confessed but said the murder was in defense of their mother.

Charles likely served 7 years in the state penitentiary before he was pardoned in 1921.

His wife, Mary Frances (Crockett) Lawson was pregnant at the time of his death and gave birth to a daughter, Naovea Claire, on 11 March 1923.

She married my third cousin twice removed, Theodore Roosevelt Barrett[1], in July 1926. They had four children together before Mary Frances died on 15 January 1936, at the age of 30, of puerperal sepsis, a postpartum infection following the birth of their youngest child.

Theodore married Mary Frances' sister, Marjorie Claire (Crockett) Jarrett, a widow, on 19 July 1939 in Buchanan County, Virginia.


[1] Theodore Roosevelt Barrett descended from our most recent common ancestor as follows: Benjamin Waldron >> Thomas Waldron >> Augustus Spotts Waldron >> Mary Jane (Waldron) Barrett. Waldron was most often spelled Walrond before the Civil War.