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52 Ancestors #22: Daniel Mitchell, Sr. (c1750-c1821): Tavern Keeper

Ancestor: Daniel Mitchell, Sr., four times great grandfather
Haplogroup: R-M269

Daniel Mitchell was born sometime before 1765 in Bedford County, Virginia, to Robert "the Elder" Mitchell and Mary Enos. Many family trees put his birth in 1750, but he may have been confused with his first cousin, also named Daniel Mitchell, who served in the Revolutionary War, married Judith Pruitt (or Prewitt), and removed to Kentucky by 1792, and died before 15 Jul 1822 when his will was proved in Shelby County.

"My" Daniel Mitchell grew up attending the Peaks of Otter Church where his father was a ruling elder and his brother, James would later be the church's minister in 1786.

According to a RootsWeb site called The Duffy Papers, Daniel married Margaret Bryan in Rockbridge County in 1772. She was the daughter of John Bryan, II, and Mary Morrison. According to Rev. James William Shearer's book, The Shearer-Akers Family Combined with the Bryan Line, the couple kept a tavern near the Bedford county line with Rockbridge County.

Colonial era tavern scene by sketch artist Sydney King; courtesy of
National Park Service

During the Colonial Era and following the Revolutionary War, Americans drank at their meals at home but also frequented taverns if one was located nearby. Taverns provided food and drink and were frequently inns, bringing travelers and news to communities in the frontier. They were often the first permanent structures in new settlements. Often they were used as churches, courtrooms and post offices until separate buildings could be constructed. Unlike in England, tavern keepers were respected in their communities and would often become quite wealthy.

The Tavern Keepers and Brewers of Early America project on Geni described the essential role a tavern fulfilled in a community:

"The English government in the colonies encourage the proliferation of taverns and inns as a means [sic] building social cohesion, and taverns became important centers of trade and commerce. Training of the militia also center on a town's tavern and during the Revolutionary War, inns and taverns were used as command centers by both sides."

We know Daniel and Margaret's tavern was located in Bedford County because he paid taxes to the county in 1783.

In 1785 Daniel and his father provided the security for a bond which James Mitchell executed to purchase 500 acres of land from James Hylton. Daniel and James were later sued by Jeremiah Hylton, the heir of James Hylton for payment. They countersued, claiming James would be happy to pay as soon as he received clear title to the land, which he did not get from James Hylton before he died. The cases were resolved in 1809.

In 1799 Daniel's father died. In his will, written almost two decades previously, he left Daniel the 100 acres of land where Daniel lived. His father had purchased 300 acres from James Hylton and divided it among three of his sons in his will. However, he never received clear title to the land before James Hylton died. Daniel and his brother, Samuel, were executors of his father's will so they sued James Hylton's heirs to get clear title to the land. A final decree was filed in 1808 but the outcome of the suit was not included in the case file.

When the 1810 census was enumerated, there were five people who lived in Daniel's household. He and his wife were listed as over 45 years of age. Living with them were two males between 16 and 25 years of age and one female, who was between 10 and 15 years of age.

Daniel was not enumerated in the 1820 census in Bedford County. There was one man named Daniel Mitchell living in Bedford County who was listed in that census but his age was between 26 and 44 years of age. I believe this is Daniel's son, Daniel, Jr. Also, in the home of that Daniel Mitchell was a woman over 45 years of age. Perhaps she was his mother?

On 26 November 1828 Daniel's son, Stephen, filed a bill of complaint in Bedford County Chancery Court. In it, he stated that his father had been dead for some seven years and left a widow, nine children, and 133 acres, more or less, of land. If the land were divided among all the heirs, it would not be worth more than $50 nor would it afford a living to anyone. Therefore, he wanted his mother and siblings made defendants and compelled to decide whether to sell the land or not. They agreed in their answer to the bill and a commissioner was appointed to sell the land at public auction. This was accomplished and the land was sold for $316 to Stephen E. Mitchell, his son or a nephew[1]. The commissioner filed his final report in 1831.

Snippet of Chancery cause 1831-019; courtesy of Library of Virginia

When Stephen initiated suit in Chancery Court, he placed his father's death at about 1821 with the phrase "dead for some seven years." I suspect Daniel actually died before the 1820 census was enumerated, which would explain why his household was not included in the census and why a woman over 45 years of age lived in Daniel Mitchell, Jr.'s household.

On 26 July 1834 Archibald Wade and Stephen E. Mitchell filed the finale estate account with the Bedford County Court. After tallying up all the debits and credits, they determined Daniel, Sr.'s estate did not have enough assets to pay his debts.

After Daniel Sr.'s death his widow, Margaret, married Patrick Gibson, who had been allowed 2,356 pounds of tobacco for building the county courthouse for Campbell County soon after its 1782 formation.

This is my entry for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. The theme for this week was "So Far Away," which I did not follow.

Using the Ancestral Reference Numbering System, James Mitchell is Ancestor number 76 on my family tree:

76 Daniel Mitchell, Sr., was born before 1765, perhaps as early as 1750 in Lunenburg County, in the part that became Bedford County a few years later, to Robert "the Elder" Mitchell and Mary Enos. He was one of supposedly 13 children; died before or about 1821; married Margaret Bryan, daughter of John Bryan and Mary Morrison, in 1772 in Rockbridge County.

76.1 Mary "Polly" Mitchell, born 6 February 1778 in Bedford County; died 8 July 1859 in Franklin County, Virginia; married Gabriel V. Mattox on 27 August 1801 in Bedford County. She was married by her uncle, Rev. James Mitchell.

38 Daniel Mitchell, Jr., born about 1781in Virginia; died after the 1860 census was enumerated; married Sarah "Sally" Wood on 4 June 1816 in Bedford County. He was married by his uncle, Rev. James Mitchell.

76.2 James H. Mitchell, born about 1783 in Bedford County; died on an unknown date; married 1) Elizabeth Citty, daughter of Jacob Citty/Zetty and Elizabeth Runyon, on 10 February 1807 in Bedford County and 2) Elizabeth Wood on 3 October 1811 in Bedford County. The officiant for both marriages was Rev. James Mitchell.

76.3 Jesse Mitchell, born about 1787 in Virginia; died after the 1850 census was enumerated; may have married Mary "Polly" (Farris) Layne, a widow on 8 April 1813 in Bedford County. He was married by Rev. James Mitchell.

76.4 Stephen Mitchell, born 23 March 1795 in Virginia; died 29 November 1871 in Bedford County; married Sinah Elizabeth Ross, on 27 February 1816 in Bedford County.

76.5 Matilda Mitchell, born about 1797 in Virginia; died on an unknown date; married William W. Stevens on 29 December 1818 in Bedford County. She was married by Rev. James Mitchell.

76.6 Robert Mitchell, born on an unknown date; died on an unknown date; may have married Mary Hales on 11 August 1812.

76.7 Samuel Mitchell, born on an unknown date; died on an unknown date; may have married Sally Robertson on 28 January 1811.

76.8 William Mitchell, born on an unknown date; died on an unknown date.

[1] Stephen E. Mitchell (c1783-after 1860) may one of the two sons of Rev. James Mitchell, brother of Daniel, Sr.


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Edward Henkel (1923-1944): Killed During Typhoon Cobra

Edward Henkel joined the U.S. Navy in 1940 at the age of 17; he survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, though his battleship sank; and several south Pacific operations, including Wake Island, Marshall Islands, and the Marianas Islands. But Edward did not survive Typhoon Cobra[1] after Task Force 38 sailed into the center of the storm. He was reported missing on 18 December and was memorialized on the Walls of the Missing at the American Memorial Cemetery in Taguig City, Philippines -- one of the 790 Navy men who lost their lives that day.

Machinist's Mate 1st Class Edward Henkel on the Walls of the Missing at the
American Memorial Cemetery in the Philippines; courtesy of the American
Battle Monuments Commission

He was born on 8 May 1923 in Winnipeg, Canada, to Gustav Henkel and Karolina Ziprick (or Tiprik). His parents were of German heritage. His father had immigrated to Canada in 1912 from the Russian Empire, and his mother, with her parents, in 1909. When Edward was four months old, his parents immigrated to the U.S., entering the country in Noyes, Minnesota. They traveled by train to California and settled in Montebello in Los Angeles County. By 1935 they had moved to Antelope, California. Edward's father died in 1937 at the age of 45. His mother listed farming as her occupation in the 1940 census.

After three years of high school, Edward joined the U.S. Navy on 26 November 1940. I imagine he had a short training period at a naval base in California. When that was completed he was rated an able seaman and transferred on 18 January 1941 to the USS Utah (AG-16), an elderly battleship built in 1909. The ship had been turned into a radio-controlled target ship by the Navy in the 1930s and served in a training squadron.

On 14 September 1941, the USS Utah left Puget Sound and steamed for Pearl Harbor where she was to serve in her training capacity. On the night of 6 December she was moored on the west side of Ford Island opposite battleship row. During the surprise attack on the base by the Japanese, the USS Utah was hit by two torpedos and capsized. The ship was a total loss and 64 men lost their lives. There is a memorial platform at Pearl Harbor and parts of the ship are still visible today.

USS Utah (AG-16) after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; courtesy of
the U.S. Navy

Edward Henkel had been promoted to Fireman 2nd Class by the time the USS Utah arrived in Pearl Harbor. On 13 December, under emergency orders, he reported to his new duty station -- the USS Hull (DD-350), a destroyer, a type of ship often called the Greyhounds of the Sea. During World War II, they were small, fast, close-in combatants used to screen battleships and aircraft carriers or protect convoys.

During the rest of 1941 and 1942, the USS Hull participated in naval operations in Guadalcanal and New Hebrides. She operated in the Aleutian Islands during the early part of 1943 before returning to Pearl Harbor on 26 September. Three days later she left for strikes on Wake Island. The USS Hull returned to the mainland for amphibious training exercises in December, but left San Diego with Task Force 53 and sailed for the Marshall Islands.

In 1944 the ship and her men saw action at Truk before joining Admiral Lee's battleships for the assault on the Marianas Islands. With Admiral Mitscher's carrier task force the USS Hull took part in the "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot," which succeeded in sinking two Japanese aircraft carriers. She patrolled off Guam for a month in July and then returned to Seattle for repairs. By October the USS Hull was back in Pearl Harbor.

She was ordered to join a fueling group departing Pearl on 20 November 1944 in order to rendezvous with Admiral Halsey's carrier strike force in the Philippine Sea. Refueling began on 17 December but operations had to be abandoned during worsening weather conditions. Unbeknownst to Halsey, his strike force had sailed into the teeth of Typhoon Cobra.

USS Maddox (DD-731), a newer class of destroyer during Typhoon Cobra;
courtesy of the U.S. Navy

The USS Hull was caught in trough between two mountainous waves and rolled 70 degrees. Water flooded the pilot house and poured through ship via the stacks. Her commander, Lt. Commander Marks, described her final minutes, "the ship remained over on her side at an angle of 80 degrees or more as water flooded into her upper structures. I remained on the port wing of the bridge until the water flooded up to me, then I stepped off into the water as the ship rolled over on her way down."

The Navy reported Machinist's Mate 1st Class Edward Henkel as missing on 29 December 1944. On 29 March 1945 he was listed as dead in an article in The Los Angeles Times. His body was never recovered -- one of the 202 men serving on the USS Hull who were presumed to have drowned during Typhoon Cobra.

[1] Typhoon Cobra is also known as Halsey's Typhoon.

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52 Ancestors #21: Mary (Mitchell) Beard: Another Chancery Court Success

Ancestor: Mary (Beard) Mitchell, four times great grandfather
Haplogroup: N/A

Mary Mitchell was born about 1755 in Bedford County, Virginia, to Robert "the Immigrant" Mitchell and Mary Enos. Her parents had moved from Pequea, Pennsylvania, with a group of fellow Presbyterians sometime before 1748, which was the year her father first appeared in a deed book for the area that became Bedford County.

Her father was a ruling elder of the Peaks of Otter Church, which had been established in 1761. He and her future husband, Samuel Beard, signed a marriage bond on 5 September 1778.

Samuel Beard and Mary Mitchell Marriage Bond; courtesy of Alison Woodard

The Beards were one of the founding families of the church, and Samuel was one of 102 men who signed a petition asking the House of Burgesses for permission to buy slaves to support the maintenance of a full-time minister. Mary's father and John Erwine purchased over 100 acres of land for the church.

Samuel Beard had recently returned from serving as a private for two years in the company led by Captain George (or Gross) Scrugg's company. His military service included wintering at Valley Forge between 1777 and 1778.

Mary and Samuel had their first child on 26 September 1779 but that baby died the same date. Their next child, James Harvey Beard, was born on 7 September 1780.

Two weeks after the birth of their second child, Samuel was sworn in as a captain in the Bedford County Militia.  He was called into emergency service in 1781 and fought at the Battle of Guildford Courthouse. When he returned home, six more children were born, though the one born in 1789 died shortly after birth.

Mary's husband died in October 1814 and she continued to live on his plantation. She was enumerated as the head of the household in 1830, living with a free white male between 30 and 39 years of age and five enslaved people. The free white male would not have been one of her children.

On 27 January 1840, Mary applied for a Revolutionary War pension due to her husband's military service. Her application was approved later that year, granting her a widow's pension for her husband's two years of service as a private with the Continental Army. When the 1840 census was taken, Mary was listed as a Revolutionary War pensioner and was blind.

She died on 28 July 1843. At the time of her death, the estate owned four slaves held in dower. Mary's eldest son, James Harvey Beard, wanted to sell them and distribute the proceeds among the heirs. However, he had lost track of two of his mother's heirs due to their move to Missouri. Harvey filed a bill of complaint with the Bedford County Chancery Court in an effort of locate the missing heirs.

A sale was held on 23 December 1843 of the personal property included in the estate of Mary (Mitchell) Beard.

Record of the estate sale of Mary (Mitchell) Beard in the Bedford County
Will Books; courtesy of

This is my entry for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. The theme for this week was "Military," which I did not follow.

Using the Ancestral Reference Numbering System, Mary (Mitchell) Beard is Ancestor numbers 73 on my family tree:

73 Mary Mitchell born about 1755 in Bedford County, Virginia, to Robert "the Elder" Mitchell and Mary Enos; died 28 July 1843 in Bedford County; married Samuel Beard, son of Adam and Elizabeth Beard and Revolutionary War veteran, on 5 September 1778 in Bedford County.

72.1 Unnamed son, born and died on 26 September 1779 (mentioned in his mother's pension application).

36 James Harvey Beardborn 7 September 1780 in Bedford County; died in October 1869; married 1) Mary "Polly" or "Molly" McMullen/McMullin, daughter of Matthew McMullen and Margaret, maiden name unknown, on 21 June 1811 in Bedford County, and 2) Rhoda Parker, daughter of James Parker, on 24 October 1850 in Bedford County. Veteran of the War of 1812.

72.2 Elizabeth "Betsy" Beard, born 22 Jun 1782 in Bedford County; died in 1863; married Rufus Thomas on 18 May 1815 in Bedford County.

72.3 Robert Mitchell Beard, born 17 Jul 1784 in Bedford County; died 19 January 1837 in Franklin County, Virginia; married Nancy C. Webb, daughter of Theodorick Fitzgerald Webb, Sr., and Sarah Huff.

72.4 Nancy A. Beard, born 24 Jul 1786 in Bedford County; died 4 February 1864; married Mitchell Ewing, a widower previously married to Phoebe Cox, on 25 March 1805 in Bedford County.

72.5 Frances G. Beard, born about 1788 in Bedford County; died before 1850; married William Claytor Mitchell, son of Samuel Mitchell and Margaret "Peggy" Claytor.

72.6 Unnamed daughter, born and died on 9 March 1789 (mentioned in her mother's pension application).

72.7 Mary "Polly" E. Beard, born 1795 in Virginia; died 7 November 1863 in Holliday, Missouri; married Bird S. Webb, son of Theodorick Fitzgerald Webb, Sr., and Sarah Huff. Removed to Missouri after 1837.

In her pension application, Mary (Mitchell) Beard only named six children: unnamed son, Harvey, Betsy, Robert, Nancy, and unnamed daughter. However, as proved by Bedford County Chancery court case 1852-049, Mary and Samuel had two additional daughters: Frances G. (Beard) Mitchell and Mary "Polly" E. (Beard) Webb.


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Robert "the Elder" Mitchell (c1714-1799): A Devoted Presbyterian

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Honor Roll: Amherst County, Virginia, Vietnam Memorial

Amherst County, Virginia, was created in 1761 from Albemarle County, and is located in the Piedmont region of the commonwealth. In the early days the main crop was tobacco, which my Jennings ancestors raised on their farms.

Last month, during a trip to the county courthouse to photograph and transcribed documents related to my ancestors, we located this Vietnam memorial in the Town of Amherst, which is the county seat.

County of Amherst Vietnam Memorial, Amherst, Virginia;
personal collection

Vietnam War

"Acknowledging heroic acts of men and
women who have fallen in freedom's battles
through out thoughts, prayers, deeds, and 
institutions is a necessity to sustain
democracy for future generations."

Lynchburg MOPH Chapter #1067

Vietnam Memorial
All Gave Some, Some Gave All.
Gone, But Not Forgotten.

VFW Post 9877, Amherst, VA

PFC Roger L. Floyd, U.S. Army
8/11/1941 -- 11/12/1965

SP4 Raymond M. Thompson, U.S. Army
2/12/1944 -- 8/25/1966

PFC Harvey Johnson, III, U.S. Army
3/24/1947 -- 11/21/1966

SP4 Harry W. Branham, U.S. Army
2/12/1946 -- 3/18/1967

Cpl. Andrew J. Cooper, USMC
7/3/1946 -- 5/13/1967

SSGT William E. Tyree, USAF
4/17/1938 -- 6/9/1967

SP4 Donnie J. Lawhorne, U.S. Army
4/21/1949 -- 8/20/1968

PFC Curtis O. Miller, U.S. Army
3/10/1948 -- 10/2/1968

PFC Everette W. Briggs, U.S. Army
8/25/1947 -- 3/27/1969

Cpl. Ronald E. Robertson, U.S. Army
1/8/1945 -- 6/30/1969

PFC William D. Sirocco, Jr., U.S. Army
11/28/1948 -- 11/1/1969

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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Honor Roll: Town of Bolton Veterans' Memorial

The Town of Bolton was formed in 1799. It is situated in the Adirondack mountains in Warren County, along the west shore of Lake George. During the Gilded Age the shoreline of Bolton and south to Village of Lake George was called Millionaires Row as many wealthy vacationers built mansions and hotels there. Within the town Bolton Landing, a hamlet, and at the intersection of Horicon Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, in front of the Bolton Community Church is a small memorial park that contains two honor roll memorials.

Town of Bolton, New York Roll of Honor, Bolton Landing, New York;
personal collection

Duty * Honor * Country

Bolton Veterans' Memorial

Stanza Three of the Charge of the Light Brigade
Written in 1854

Cannon to the right of them,
Cannon to the left of them,
Cannon in front of them.
Volley'd and thunder'd
Storm'd at with shot and shell.
Boldly they rode and well
Into the jaws of death,
Into the mouth of hell
Rode the Six Hundred

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Lest We Forget

French and Indian War

Revolutionary War

Jonathan Barton
Jonathan Fish
John Pierce
Ruben Smith
Nathaniel Streeter
Steven Gates
Timothy Barton
Newman Hier
Eleazer Goodman
John Gates
Jonathan French
Nathaniel Gates
Daniel Nims
David Anderson
Johnathan Coolidge
Sewell Pratt
Zoeth Tucker
Moses Hawks
John Bates
James DeGrush
Nehemiah Brown
Douglas Wheeler
Francis Boon
Isaac Lyman
Sterling Warters
Zina Hitchcock
Nathan Roberts
Samuel French
Jeduthan Dickinson
Isaac L. Rice

War of 1812

Luther Dalrymple
Abel Walker
Stephen Tuttle
Pliny Pierce
Joseph Chadwick
Steven Gates
Reuben Smith
Caleb Brown
Alan Anderson
Henry Wilson

Civil War

Richard A. Watkins
William H. Davis
Elliot Burch
Horace W. Crandall
Charles F. Duell
Robert Boyd
Uriah Bennett
Alfred Cartwright
Patrick E. Hust
Lyman Skiff
Benjamin Durkee
Westley Finkle
William S. Barber
Joseph W. Davis
Sidney Fuller
Erastus E. Griffin
Charles Heath

William Baldwin
Lemuel Griffin
Eleazer Herrick
Henry C. Brown
Ruben Ladd
Amos Persons
Asaph Langworth
Alfred McDonald
Norman Lewis
Richard P. Smith
Joseph M. Wood
William Gates
Sidney B. Hayes
Harvey Merrill
Aaron G. Randall
Charles Goolah
Martin V. Dallas
Leander Walker
Lorenzo D. Tripp
David W. Bartlett
Charles C. Sexton
Lemuel Bentley
John Greely
Josephus Coon
John Wall
Otis A. Barber
John H. Peer
Peter Dudley
Jay Weaver
Eugene H. Smith
DeWitt C. Burton
Peter Martinen
Erastus Highley
Richard M. Fish
Hiram S. WIlson
Angthon Dagles
Charles Rosa
Carmi Brown
Edward J. Monroe
Rufus J. Randall
Harvey Meith
Moses Wright

William Toombs
James D. Fish
Joseph Granger
George W. Bidswell
Charles A. Fish
Austin Terry
Hiram Gates
Eugene Hall
Samuel C. Stanton
Daniel Beswick
Harmon Stevens
Isaac Bentley
Hiram H. Ross
James A. Lamb
Homer Hammond
Benjamin Baker
Rufus D. Hastins
John Seeley
Edward P. Merrill
Norman Stevens
Marshall L. Brown
Don C. Davis
Samuel Corker
James E. Sexton
Almon T. Dickinson
John Tanner
William H. Sexton
Elnathan Mudge
Hiram Hill
Almone P. Griffin
Dinnis O. Duell
Sylvenns H. Smith
James A. Barber
Francis Golana
Leroy Potter
Anson J. Monroe
William J. Griffin
Henry B. Merrill
Thomas W. Sutton
Milo P. Norton
Stephen M. Pratt
Charles Lamb
Harley E. Finkle

Willard Latham
Byron Putney
Dallas M. Vernon
George B. Green
Charles J. Fish
Judson Smith
Isaac Gates
Henry J. Truax
Daniel Moon
Arthur Finkle
Peter Bradley
John H. Tucker
Randall Fish
John N. Moore
Orville Taylor
Benjamin F. Bennett
Sidney Robinson
Samuel L. Davis
Henry Sanderson
ALonzo Davis
George A. Gergory
Joseph A. Hasings
George W. Sherman
John W. Fish
William H. Mosher
 Byron Vernam
George Norton
Selah Randall
James E. Ross
Francis Tanner
Patrick Wall
John Beswick
Solon D. Davis
Jacob Fenton
George Lane
John May
Eugene C. Merrill
Marlon Hall
Alexander Lamb
Isaac Barnett
Abial Davis
Mallory Tripp
John H. Ormsby
Job Henderson

Sewell P. Braley
Bial H. Davis
Davis Bassett
Artemus A. Hastings
Isaiah Gifford
Julius P. Sexton
Jay G. Robinson
H. Neuman
Hiram C. Vowers
John W. Potter
Johnathan Albro
William C. Duell
Martin Dickinson
William E. Lamb
Charles T. Penfield
William E. Sewell
Dennis Palmer
Clarence E. Wilson
Truman N. Thomas
Russell Streeter
Walter C. Norton
Alozo Jacson
Daniel K. Griffin
Ziba Remington
Harrison O. Shedd
Fayettte Bush
Daniel T. Hicks
Joseph F. Lovett
Thomas D. Clark
William H. Brown
Warren Emerson
Benjamin Clark
Otis Beswick
Edson Fitch
Benjamin Latham
Charles Cleveland
Franklin Ellsworth
Charles F. Brown
Montgomery Fish
Edwin B. Norton
Jesse M. Saxton
Marion C. Merrill
Patrick Heffron
Asahel Granger
Erastus D. French

Ellis Rawson
Billings J. Monroe
John H. Maxim
Joseph Heffron
Leander Sherman
Joel Brown
William Granger
Orange Remington
Joseph Tubbs
Nathan Beswick
Samuel G. Goodman
Stephen M. Pratt

Spanish-American War
Philippine-American War

Loyal Davis

Mexican-American War

Elmer F. Preston

World War I

Leroy E. Wilson
Joseph C. Frasier
Ralph B. Brown
Benton R. Wells
Owney R. Coon
Henry Finkle
John L. McElroy

George F. Perry
Vinton R. Wells
Lynn Putney
Rupert M. Gates
Arthur Finkle
Lee Eddy
Amidon Seaman
Fred R. Wells
Julius Farsier
Edgar Baldwin
George Kellogg, Jr.
Leroy Pratt
Bernard B. Baker
Walter M. Dagles
Lyle G. Hanson
Hardwin Perry
Alexander Taylor
Leigh A. Brown
Lester S. Duell
James E. French
Asa L. Hastings
Oswald W. Knauth
Edgar W. Bentley
Fred W. Granger
George J. Beers
Paul L. Boyce
Florian J. Morehouse
Percy M. Hill
William R. Krohn
Cecil A. Burch
Leslie Wade
Leonard O. Truax
Ernest C. Pratt
William Reggelman
Edward Wilson
Claude Bailey
Stanley S. Wisell
John H. Beswick
Sidney Robinson
Douglas H. Frye
Milo W. Weaver
Alan M. Seaman
Roger F. Baker
Forest L. Dagles
Victor W. Knauth
Theron Monroe
Harry Veltree

James W. McCauliff
Ray W. Swinton
Chauncy Wilcox
James McGrain
John L. Revis
Sylvester Armstrong
Hiram Tripp
George Reis
Paul S. Fosmer
Arthur G. Lamb
William Seaman
Eddie McEvoy
Dana N. Perry
Frank B. Brown
WIlliam A. Roberts
Andrew L. Smith
Abner S. Smith
Milton T. Wakley
John Neumann
Ralph H. Hill
J. Buckley Bryan
Henry U. Barber
Ray Chamberlain
Oscar G. Finkle, Jr.
Harold J. Hastings
Calvin Monroe
Melvin J. Putney
Carl J. Rising
Henry B. Smith
Arthur G. Beswick
Robert Farmer
Irving J. Smith
Arthur Lagoy
Sherman Durrin
Ernest L. WIlson
Elmer F. Preston
Warner G. Ward
William J. Taylor
James D. Smith
Earl Putney
Percy Wood
Sarah L. Taylor
Ernest V. Stires
Percy F. Pratt
Levi Norton
Byron Putney
Samuel A. Borwn
Herbert C. Granger

Earl E. Potter
Paul M. Wilcox
Charles D. Spatney
Ralph Remington
Clifford A. Pratt
Lewis J. Norton
Walter S. Wilcox
James L. Banker
 Harold P. Tabor
Clarence E. Wilson
Ernest Sherlock
Frank G. Wright
Milton Baillie
Edward S. Goodwin
Howard J. Bailey

World War II

Peter D. Kiernan, Jr.
Wilber M. Crook
Alexander G. Gabriels
James S. Neidringhaus
George A. Smith
Rashi Fein
Charles Adams
George Reis, Jr.
Edward R. McElroy
Charles A. Diehl
Harold R. Gaddy
Philbert Ainsworth
Webster Coon
Charles Degrush
Stephen F. Kost, Jr.
Stanley C. Sardinia
Isadore Breslau
Horace Finkle
Carmine Diciccio
Cassius Frasier
Lawton Scripture
Murray Duncan
Levi Norton

Chester P. Ross
David Putnam
Frank Fusick
Lyman A. Beeman
Edward J. Loftus
John R. Millward
Samuel C. Snyder
William J. Knapp
Paul Bentley
Ernest Coon
Lyle French
Larry Cohane
Burton Duell
Earl Denton
George E. Coon
Douglas Baker
Walter Fosmer
James S. Bromley
Philip A. Coon
Harry Hayes
Joseph Keating
Norman Lamb
Charles Merrill
Leslie Wade
Angelo Root
Leland Monroe
Hubert Seaman
Thomas G. Pratt
James B. Ross
Irving Sheridan
Michael Zoll
Jack Ward
Burton E. Vernum
Rachel French
Edward Bennett, II
Irwin D. Harris
Wallace E. Lamb
Herbert S. Scott
Jacob Norton
James B. Peer
Dorothy Robinson
 Robert D. Halloran
Howard Sawyer
Charles Pratt
Joseph Merin
Lewis Norton
Robert A. Truax
John F. Urtz, Jr.
Lester M. Norton
Walter O. Rehm, Jr.

Edwin Baker
Wesley Finkle
Howard Tucker
Nevin Wood
Theodore Leonbruno
Ralph Jensen
Milton French
Edward Hayes
Wilbur Laprairie
Richard Coon
John M. Pratt
Ray Robinson
Milos Spatney
Arnold Ramsay
Percy Culver
Earl Wade, Sr.
Stanley Nichols
Eugene Baker
Paul Fosmer
Carl French
David Baker
Floyd Harris
Roderick Lagoy
Earl King
Sarah Dickinson
Walter Chmura
James Bly
Roy Farmer
Morris Goldberg
Edward Lamb
Robert F. Jensen
Harry C. Bantham
Howard Caldwell
Arthur Weisenfeld
Raymond H. Smith
John F. McGilvray
Ruskin Harppinger
Leonard Busman
George Dudley
Norman West
Ashley Putnam
Peter Dudley
Jay G. Thatcher
Ellis Smith
George B. Nelson
THomas Putney
Nathan Suckman
Warren A. Reichlen
Shirley McCauliff
Alfred S. Tonnesen
Arthur Mylott

John S. McElroy
Edward Peer
John Ryder
Samuel Hoopes
Arnold Russ
Horst D. E. Nittmann
Frank A. Tonnesen
Walter E. Osbahr
Frank Salamone
William D. Hawkins
James Crowen
Clifford Cleveland
Peter C. Van Dyke
Joseph Semon
John G. Beckbissinger
Samuel S. Caldwell
Frank Haux
Peter Easchenko
Joseph Lieto
August C. Falen
Harold D. Sherman
Douglas Wilde
George L. Preison
Joseph Sedlacek
Frederick M. Ross
Edward Ormsby
Thomas Reed
Lawrence R. Sherman
Franklin H. Norton
Albert Harppinger
Alton French
John C. Walker
Lancer E. Ross
Ralph McFarland
James Russell
John Neumann
William Harppinger
Eward Boerenklau
Ruth Woolschlager
Guy Vernum
William Roden
Willard Coon
Basil Baker
Wardner French
Harold Suckman
Robert Patterson
Walter Robinson
Lewis Taylor
Philip Walker
Beverly S. Reilly
Earl West, Jr.

Clarke E. Wooley
Frieda Lavelle
George Brzostowski
Aaron B. Feigen
Henry E. Anable
Clifford Morehouse
Elton W. Ricketts
Oscar D. Swinton
Richard mcCann
Kenneth Palmer
Robert Mays
Edward Smith
William K. Bixby, II
John B. Lopreto
Leonard L. Truax. Jr.
Alfred Simo
Donald Morehouse
William Palgut
Carlton Day
James French, II
Stephan Banker
Harvey Lambeth
Robert Wilson
Roosevelt Norton
Robert I. Kingman
Donald Palmer
Frank Saidel
Alexander M. Muratori
Curtis Penfield
Albert Robinson
Charles O. Swinton
Robert E. Butler
Curtis Miller
Richard Terhune
Francis McCauliffe, Jr.
Curtis A. Truax
Eugene McGann
Edward J. Bogue
Harry Mabie
Elmer F. Preston
William B. Gates
Walter Lamb
John L. McElory
Richard Barrett, II
Carl Lamb
Wesley Huck
Philip Lamb
Wilbur Beswick
Earl Morehouse
Willard Taylor

Reuben Frasier, Jr.
Roy B. Anderson, Jr.
Emile Moosbrugger
Robert J. Raymond
Milton C. Baillie
Benjamin Lane
James B. Maranville
Donald O. Norton
Julius Blanchard
Philip Burch
Joseph Ross
Robert D. Sherman
Charles Safanda
Stanley Weller
Drusilla Swinton
Robert A. Gates
Mary F. Garlick
Andrew Bantham
Gwendolyn Baker
Donald Duell
Donald Harppinger
Rudolph Volkmann
Ralph Reichenback
Merle Smith
Domonic A. Javarone
Albert Burch
James Bentley
Henry Riggers
Reynold Andersen
Vincent D. Reille
Reginald Duccanois
Howard Farmer
James C. Lambeth
William A. Nadeau
Herbert W. Bentley
John Harrington
Donald Kipp
Harry Demetrius
Willis French
Curtis Harrington
Arnold Beswick
Charles McNulty
David Brown
Charles H. Morehouse
Robert Buckley
Kay S. Maranville
Ralph Bently
John McMahon
Milford Bentley

Raymond Cleveland
Philip Baker
Willard Pratt
Arnold Truesdale
Grant Vanderhule
Ralph Wilcox
Elaine McCauliff
Kenneth G. Baker
Donald Harrington
Lillian Baker
Fred Hildebrand
Donald P. Pratt
Harold Beswick
Robert Lamb
Philip Norton
Nicholas Benson
Norman Howell
Paul S. Eckhoff
Robert Edwards
Harold W. Brown
Sidney W. Freund
Raymond A. Ciccarelli
Harry Havron
Stanley E. Moon
Irven S. Swire
William C. Thomson
Jospeh A. Parrotta
Alfred A. Barracato
William J. Patterson
Eugene A. Shook
William M. Reichenbach
Valentine J. Kober
Robert H. Brown
Eugene E. Donohue, Jr.
Moses Sommer
Harry W. Demarest
David S. Silver
Clarence R. Place
Arthur G. McAleer
Frank P. Bergman
Donald J. Friday
John G. Hoffman, Jr.
Charles O. Baker
David G. McAneny
Richard J. Barrett

Korean War

Harry C. Bantham
Frederick M. Ross
Richard B. Swire
Donald Eysinger
Christopher Goutos
Andrew W. Pfau
Thomas E. Curri
Edward H. Pratt
Howard J. Bailey, Jr.
John Duggan
Owney Coon, Jr.
Edward H. Stewart
Rihard Ormsby
Derry Roberts
Ross S. French
Arthur H. Curren, Jr.
Edward McElroy
Richard Dodge
Frank J. Adinolfi
Kenneth M. Peters
Ruth Woolschlager
Marilyn Hill
George E. Coon
Robert Finkle
Raymond Potter
Frederick Smith
Charles J. Truax
Frank S. French
Richard M. Miner
Robert Wittneber
James D. Snyder
Robert Brickner
Milo L. Barlow
Leo Duggan
Patience Harris
Thomas L. Pratt
William Streeter
Royal C. Rogers, Jr.
Fred Monroe
Lorenzo Harrington
Robert Smith
Lewis Ross

Robert C. Barlow
Frederick Brickner
William G. Defries
Alfred Bantham
Tremper Randerson
Richard M. Gilman
Lester Benson
Walter Curren
Raymond Ryder
David A. E. Cady
Peter G. Young
Richard Russell
Rollin Jordan
Robert B. Swire
Martin P. Smith
Joseph H. Funaro
Richard C. Shipman
Forest N. Butler
Mary E. Depan
Andrew D. Haigh
Donald J. Friday
Charles H. Monroe
Charles O. Richards
Henry W. Frick
Raymond S. Oliver, Jr.
Arthur Monroe
Richard G. Freidin
Moses Sommer
Robert H. Brown
Roderick H. Owens
Robert T. Gates

Vietnam War

Vincent Posteraro
David O. Norton
William E. Steele

Bruce B. Belair
Joseph A. French
Albert L. Huck
Doug J. Koupash
Jerry H. Bromley
Donald L. Norton
James E. Strive
William Baker, Jr.
Ercole Diciccio
Stanley Pratt
Frederick N. Ormsby
Ervin Bishop
Ronald R. Alcan
Martin P. Smith
Keith W. Monroe
Gerard E. Decarli
Keith Cleveland
John Brockwell, Jr.
James J. Maroney
Paul R. Terpening
Kilburn B. French
Douglas Smith
D. Loughran Boggs
Scott P. Sherman
Joseph L. Demalta, Jr.
J. Buckley Bryan, Jr.
Michael J. Bryan
Wayne Ryder
Ralph P. Brown
David A. E. Cady
Roderick T. Legoy
Gary Eysinger
Robert Laprarie
Douglas J. Baker, Jr.
Fred W. French
Kenneth E. Persons
David O. Rehm
Bruce A. Sherman
David C. Butler
Harold French
Larry A. Curtis
Frank J. Dagles, Jr.
Terry French
John G. Hoffman
James V. Pelligrini

David Reichenbach
James T. Kneeshaw
Richard J. Mumblow
Raymond R. Curren
Robert F. urtz
Harold Butler, Jr.
George Desantis
Jerry L. French
Richard W. Huck
 Gary Frasier
John F. Neumann
Curtis A. Truax, Jr.
Donald Russell
Stanley Wissall
Charles R. Hayes
William Ryder
Carl A. Kluck
Franklin P. Fazackerley
William P. White
Jeffery Curren
Ronald Klebes
Philip W. Staats
Byron R. Wilson
Roelif Randerson
Edward H. Muench
ALlen M. Brauser
Norman Finkle
Cary T. Ryder
Lawrence N. Weaver
Donald F. Brown
Walter Chmura, Jr.
Theodore V. Merrill
John T. Randerson
John Urtz, III
Gordon French
Chester A. Dagles
David Keenan
Stanley M. Zenda
David G. Ward
James Thorsen
Robert T. Snyder
Jon B. Maranville
Robert Reichenbach
David Falen

James V. Kennedy
Bernice W. Baker
William J. Falen
Burt A. Kolar
Jeffrey B. Maranville
Thomas B. Ramsay
Roy Tonnesen
Walter O. Wurzbach
Gary P. Steves
Alan Reichenbach
Gary B. Brown
Merritt R. Cleveland
Donald W. Rhodes
Edwin Norton
Robert F. Burns
Lee P. French
Walter G. Monroe
John W. Tiger
Ross G. French
Richard Sheridan
Ellis Diciccio
John F. Urtz
Harold B. Brown
Robert H. Wubbenhorst
Douglas R. Morehouse
Arthur S. Van Dyke
Paul L. Brown
Kerry Baker
Chester B. Huck
Peter F. Bailey
Stephen M. Bickford
John A. Miller
Gilbert J. Howse, Jr.
Daniel B. Hayes
Joe Leonbruno
Burton Monroe
Joe Frasier
Timothy D. Bailey
William R. Morehouse
Donald J. Kingsley, Jr.
Joseph Pratt
Timothy K. Pratt
John K. Ryder

Frederic D. Brown
David Ross
Linwood K. Curtis
Bruce E. Busman
Thomas F. Schweickert
Fred Cleavland
Guenter Roessler
Thomas W. Oatman, Jr.
Brian M. Chmura
Ronald Peer
Thomas J. Ormsby
Arthur G. McAleer, Jr.
Dennis E. Curtis
Harold M. Caldwell
Edmund M. Scheiber, Jr.
Harold A. Heusner, Jr.
Edward J. Bartley, III
Roger A. Eberst
Ronald C. French
Paul J. Gollhofer
Joseph K9 Villanti

Craig T. Hannon
Nicholas M. Laiacona
John P. Murphy
Timothy K. Pratt
Edward J. Hodgkinson
Randall L. Sherman

John W. Hilt
James F. Terrio
Theophile P. Masterson
Henry J. Thurnau, III
Thomas A. French

Gulf War

Kimberly L. Terpening
Sarah Conerty
Randy French
Jeffrey T. Urtz
Thomas Sheridan
Patti L. Haux
Dawn A. Breault
Danna J. Norton
Brian Curren
Michael M. Snyder
Arthur Coon
Albert J. Huck
Scott R. French

25 Expeditionary Military Actions

Keven D. Sherman
Grant Sidorski
Christopher W. Steele
Alex henkel
Lori A. Simmes
Christiana R. Brown
Gregory Smith
John J. Miller
Melvin Bishop
Jason S. Pratt
David N. Breault
Laura J. Baker
Dennis Ross
Eugene E. Baker

World War I

Town of Bolton World War I Honor Roll, Bolton Landing,
New York; personal collection

In Grateful Memory of
The Men of Bolton
Who Gave Their Lives in the World War

Vinton Roger Wells
Allen Mills Seaman
George James Beers

And in Recognition of All Who Went  Forth
From this Town in the Service of
Their Country and of Humanity.

Bernard B. Baker
Roger F. Baker
 James Banker
Paul L. Boyce
Frank B. Brown
Leigh A. Brown
Cecil Burch
Ray A. Chamberlain
Owen R. Coon
Walter M. Dagles
Forest L. Dagles
Lester S. Duell
Lee Eddy
Oscar G. Finkle, Jr.
Paul S. Fosmer
James E. French
Rupert M. Gates
Herbert Granger
Fred Granger
Lyle G. Hanson
 Harold J. Hastings
Asa L. Hastings
Percy M. Hill
Ralph H. Hill
Felik W. Knauth
Victor W. Knauth
Oswald W. Knauth
William R. Krohn
Arthur G. Lamb
John L. McElroy
Edward McEvoy
Calvin P. Monroe
Florian J. Morehouse
Louis J. Norton
Levi Norton

Dana N. Perry
George F. Perry
Hadwen Perry
Earl E. Potter
Ernest Pratt
Clifford Pratt
Percy Pratt
Earl Putney
Lynn Putney
Melvin Putney
William Reggleman
Ralph Remington
Carl B. Rising
William Roberts
William Seaman
Amidon Seaman
Andrew L. Smith
Henry B. Smith
James D. Smith
Abner P. Smith
Ernest Van R. Stires
Harold P. Tabor
Alexander Taylor
Sarah L. Taylor
William Taylor, Jr.
Leonard O. Truax
Milton Wakeley
Warner G. Ward
Fred R. Wells
Paul N. Wilcox
Walter S. Wilcox
Clarence E. Wilson, Jr.
Ernest L. Wilson
Percy Wood
Frank G. Wright

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Honor Roll: Veterans Memorial Park, Cohoes, New York

Cohoes, pronounced ka-HOES, is believed to be derived from a Mohawk term Ga-ha-oose, meaning place of the falling canoe and referring to the waterfall in the Mohawk River.

The city is known as Spindle City, for the importance of textile manufacturing to its growth in the 19th Century but first came to industrial prominence as a canal town as the Erie and Champlain canals traversed the city. And it has a rich Revolutionary War history with the mansion on Van Schaick Island being the headquarters of Philip Schuyler and Horatio Gates. General George Washington visited several times during the war.

On Veterans Day 2017 a dedication ceremony was held to commemorate the refurbishment of the Cohoes Civil War Memorial, which was originally erected in 1910 in West End Park. The park was renamed by proclamation to Cohoes Veterans Memorial Park during the same ceremony and is now home to several other monuments and honor roll memorials. The park may be accessed from Columbia Street between Matsen Avenue and Walnut Street.

Civil War Monument in Veterans Memorial, Cohoes, New
York; personal collection

Cohoes Spanish-American War Honor Roll, Veterans
Memorial Park; personal collection

Spanish-American War

This memorial was relocated from Canal Square Park.

To the Men of Cohoes
Who Served their Country in the War
With Spain - The Philippine Campaign
And the China Relief Expedition


James W. Ablett
George Acenbrack
Robert G. Allen
Alfred G. Allison
John Anderson
George W. Andrew
Henry Aubin
Delphis Babbitt
Edward F. Barrett, Jr.
Peter Belrose
Harvey Bentley
Dennis Bordeau
Wilfred Bouchard
Nelson Boudreau
Archie Boupre
Francis J. Brazeil
Robert W. Brennan
James Calhoun
Henry Callahan
James Cannon
William Carey
Michael Cayan
George Chalifoux
Alfred Champagne
Frederick Chatfield
Charles N. Cole
James M. Coleman
William F. Coleman
Richard J. Coleman
Thomas C. Collin
Thomas J. Colouhoun
Michael H. Connery
Thomas J. Connery
James Costello
Parker M. Crane
James E. Cunniff
Charles H. Cunningham
Charles J. Daley
Patrick Daley
Frank Danks
Clarence Davenport
Arthur Davisnon
Frank R. Dawson
Camille Davhaw
Mathew D. Dennin
Robert V. Devlin
George F. Dickey
William Doody
Patrick Driscoll
Delor Duval
Bryan Dwyer
John J. Dwyer
Patrick J. Dyer
Charles A. Egan
Edgar A. Fero
John Finkel
James Fitzgibbons
Charles Fleming
William J. Floud
Samuel H. Foster
Frederick S. Fowler
William E. Gains
Charles S. Garrity
Frank Germain
John J. Gildea
Frederick C. Gillis
William E. Gillis
George A. Grass
John H. Greenhalgh
James M. Hadden
Joseph E. Hale
William C. Hanrahan
Frank M. Hay
James M. Healey
John Hebert
Eugene Herring
Herbert Herring
James Hickey
Albert Hilton
Daniel Hilton
John M. Hoben
Frank Holt
Leo J. Hope
James Jepson
Edward H. Jones
Daniel A. Kanalay
Patrick J. Kanalay
James A. Kelley
James Kennedy
George H. Keoughan
Frederick R. King
William King
Frank Kolb
Archie Lajoie
Thomas B. Lambert
William Lancaster
Theodore Laundry
Thomas Law
Eugene Lemaire
Felix Lepine
Frederick L. Lepper
Frank J. Levy
William G. Lind
William H. Lockwood
William Lohman
John W. Lord
Thomas Lott
John Lynch
William J. Maby
Joseph Maloney
Nathan Marsh
Thomas S. McCormick
Henry F. McDermott
John McGaffin
Patrick F. McGowan
Philip J. McGowan
Robert McKay
William J. McKee
Edward McNeary
Thomas J. McNeil
John Menard
Joseph J. Messier
Henry G. Molleur
Edward Mooney
James M. Morrill
John Mortenson
Michael Neeson
Henry W. Nicholson
John T. Nicholson
Henry T. Nolan
Cyrille Nolin
William Nolin
Nicholas J. Normile
John O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien
Michael A. O'Donnell
Edward J. O'Hearn
Frederic A. O'Melia
James O'Neil
William O'Neil
Philip J. Paradise
Harry Perrin
George N. Perry
Gay H. Phillips
George N. Phoenix
David Pierson
Prosper I. Pilotte
Frederick Plude
Richard J. Powers
Augustus Provo
Frank D. Quigley
Maurice F. Quirk
John Ratcliffe
Robert H. Ray
Alexander G. Redfern
William H.  Reeves
Archie Roberts
Alexander Robertson
Charles Roland
William Ross
Michael J. Ryan
William F. Ryan
Joseph Ruddy
Edward M. Rush
Charles H. Schmidt
Nathan D. Schoonmaker
Louis Senegal
Henry Seymour
John Skelly
Frank Smith
Henry J. Smith
Joseph Snay
Charles Spangler
Andrew J. Spiers
Alfred J. Stevenson
Edgar F. Stiles
Timothy D. Sullivan
Eugene J. Suprenany
Albert Tallman
Earl Tanner
John Thornton
Frank J. Towle
William E. Traver
Mitchell Trudeau
James Valley
Medard Verchereau
Robert Waddell
Jesse H. Walker
Edward F. Walsh
John D. Walsh
Victor J. Walters
Joseph Ward
Charles H. Waskey
Edward W. Watson
Edward J. White
Joseph White
George H. Whitney, Jr.
Edward Wickwire
Charles H. Willett

Cohoes Fifth Ward World War II Honor Roll, Veterans Memorial Park; personal

World War II

In Honor of Those From the Fifth Ward Who Served in World War II

Side A

Abdelnour, C. E.
Allyn, J.
Andrae, P. H., 3rd
Arneault, A. J.
Aubin, W. G.
Barnes, W. E.
Barr, F. A.
Baseel, A. J.
Bechard, C. E.
Bechard, M. A.
Benoit, R. E.
Bernier, E. J.
Berthiaume, E. L.
Bertrand, R. I.
Boice, G. W.
Borden, K. L.
Bourassa, A. J.
Bourassa, F. A.
Boyer, G. J.
Brackley, A. P.
Brackley, J. D.
Brassard, A. F.
Brisson, W. F.
Brown, A. B.
Bruneau, W. B.
Burke, J. C.
Burke, R. H.
Bylo, E.
Callaghan, D. C.
Callaghan, J. E.
Callaghan, R. P.
Callaghan, R. T.
Carmody, J. A.
Carpenter, A. D.
Carpenter, D. S.
Carter, R. H.
Carter, W. L.
Catalfamo, A. L.
Catalfamo, N. L.
Chabot, E. J.
Chabot, E. J.
Chaino, A.
Charbonneau, L.
Charbonneau, R.
Charron, A. G.
Cheney, R. J.
Chevalier, C. F.
Chevalier, E. J.
Chevalier, F. A.
Chevalier, T. A.
Chouinard, E. V.
Chouinard, R. A.
Clairmont, J. C.
Clark, J. F.
Clark, W. B.
Clements, G. E.
Cocca, J. J.
Coleman, J. J.
Conroy, J. C.
Cooey, P. J.
Cook, D.
Cooley, J. A.
Corbett, J. E.
Crable, J. L.
Cramer, M.
Cunniff, G.
Curley, F. J.
Curley, R. L.
Curran, R. M.
Dawkins, J. R.
Dawkins, R. F.
Delude, R.
Demers, E. F.
Demers, E. F.
Demers, J. F.
Demers, L. P.
Derocher, F. A.
Derocher, J. A.
Desautels, O. M.
Devine, L. T.
Dillon, R. J.
Dillon, W. J.
DiSisto, D. R.
Diviney, J.
Diviney, J.
Ducharme, J. B.
Ducharme, J. C.
Ellicott, J. A.
Elliott, R. L.
Ellrott, D. J.
Ezrow, L.
Fanniff, G. J.
Fanniff, J. J.
Farron, J. W.
Favreau, P. L.
Finkle, C. J.
Fitzgerald, H. J.
Ford, H. W.
Fredette, R. M.
Gagnon, D. A.
Gain, L. F.
Gallerie, H. A.
Gallerie, L. D.
Gallerie, T. J.
Garnett, J. H.
Garnett, W. F.
Genest, J.
Girard, F.
Glynn, W. H.*
Godfrey, K.
Godzik, P. J.
Golden, R. H.
Goski, J. J.
Graham, H. A.
Graham, T. E.
Green, D. W.
Green, E. H.
Guillaume, F. J.
Halacy, J. H.
Halloran, J. C.
Halloran, W. J.
Hartshorne, D. E.
Hebert, J.
Hess, B. G.
Hicks, H. T.
Higgins, C. J.
Higgins, W. T.
Hogan, J. A.
Hogan, J. F.
Holton, G. F.
Hume, R. D.
Hutchins, F. E.
Hutchins, W. J.
Jennings, E.*
Jennings, W. E.
Jette, A. H.
Johnston, G. W.
Just, E. F.
Kane, M. F.*
Kane, W. K.
Kearney, J. A.
Keefe, J. J.
Kelley, J. F.
Kelley, W. H.
Kennedy, W. C.*
Kern, H. F.
Kieley, T. B.
Kopcza, A. J.*
Kopcza, M.
Kosko, M.
Kosko, S.
Lacy, E. P.
LaDue, G.
Lagasse, H. J.
Lagasse, R. J.
LaMarche, L. P.
LaMarche, W. P.
La Mora, G. A.
Lamoureux, L. J.
Landor, A. R.
Landor, M. P.*
Larvie, A. S.
Lavoie, J. S.
Lefebvre, E. J.
Lefebvre, R. D.*
Leonard, T. F.
Liberty, R. J.
Lis, S.
Louprette, S.
Mack, N. E.
Mack, S.
MacNary, R. G.
Malone, J. J.
Mann, J. W.
Manning, W. R.
Martin, G. B.
Mazur, J. Z.*
McAteer, F. H.
McAteer, H. D.
McCarthy, J. J.
McGill, G. J.
McKane, T. F.
McKee, T. F.
Michritz, M. J.
Michritz, W. R.
Michon, J. M.
Miron, F. J.
Miron, L. J.
Molesky, J. T.
Molesky, W. P.
Moore, F.
Nazarko, E. M.
Nealand, K. F.
Nofal, H. E.
Nolan, R. C.
Nolan, W. J.
O'Connor, J. M.
O'Toole, W. S.
Patenaude, F. X.
Pearson, D.
Pearson, W. L.
Peat, L. J.
Perreault, E.
Perreault, E. J.
Perreault, F. O.
Pettigrew, J.
Potter, H. F.
Priznar, J.
Priznar, M.
Radliff, E. F.
Robinson, R. J.
Robinson, R. R.
Rock, W. J.
Rogouski, J.
Rooney, F. E.
Ruane, J. J.
Ryan, F. E.
Ryan, R. J.
Sausville, V. G.
Scensney, J. A.
Shahen, G. A.
Shahen, J. A.
Sherman, D.
Shields, J. L.
Slater, G. B.*
Slater, K. B.
Slaver, A. F.
Smith, D. M.
Smith, J.
Smith, J. M.
Smith, S. J.
Smith, W. C.
Stanczak, W. D.*
Stanko, M. P.
Stanton, F. A.
Sunkes, C. M.
Sunkes, T. F.
Suprenant, L. P.
Taylor, J. E.
Tessier, F. J.
Tessier, J. S.
Tessier, P. A.
Thibeault, C. R.
Thompson, W. P.
Tremblay, J.
Trembley, T. F.
Truax, A. C.
Vandecar, C. E.
Vanderpool, J. F.
VanDerwerken, E. G.
VanHoesen, E.
Vautrin, E. J.
Vickers, E. F.
Vickers, H. J.
Walion, M.
Walsh, J. J.
Ward, J. L.
Ward, J. R.
Wasenko, J.
Weiss, A. R.
Whalen, J. M.
Williams, E.
?eland, M. L.

Side B

Brandt, D. H.
Fazziolo, F. J.
Finkle, L. G.
Garrett, J. R.
Halloran, J. F.
Keefe, W. J.
Patenaude, E. J.
Patenaude, J. J.
Smith, W. F.
Wright, C. F.

Side C

Abdelnour, A. E.
Abdelnour, S. F.
Adey, W. E.
Alber, N.
Anderson, L. M.*
Arneault, A.
Arneault, H.
Ballard, E. J.
Barr, W. C.
Belanger, W. R.
Benoit, R. E.
Bernard, N. A.
Bertrand, F. J.
Bertrand, R. C.
Bokay, G. A.
Bonville, Rita
Bottum, E. B.
Bottum, J. R.
Boutin, C. T.
Bowdy, A. J.
Bressard, L. P.
Bressette, P. D.
Buckley, H.
Burke, J. E.
Burke, L. J.
Burke, T. J.
Campbell, E. L.
Carey, M. L.
Catalfamo, F. M.
Catalfamo, J. J.
Catalfamo, J. L.
Catalfamo, J. L.
Catman, L.A.
Cavosie, R. N.
Charbonneau, D.
Charbonneau, F.
Charbonneau, L.
Charbonneau, R.
Charett, L. E.
Charette, C. T.
Charette, R. A.
Charette, W. R.
Chevalier, A. A.
Chevalier, A. J.
Chouinard, C. J.
Ciotti, S. J.
Clairmont, E. G.
Clairmont, J.
Clark, W. B.
Clark, W. B.
Clemens, J.J.
Clements, L. B.
Cooley, J. G.
Corbett, W. C.
Cotter, J.
Couch, T. E.
Cramer, M.
Curran, W. J.
Cusack, C. G.
Dame, R. A.
Dawkins, J. G.
Demers, J. E.
Demers, J. L.
Demers, R. H.
Demio, L. J.
DeRocher, A. P.
Desormeau, K. J.
Desruisseau, A.
Dillon, J. B.
Dozois, F. R.
Dumas, H. E.
Fairfield, E. B.
Falcone, A. J.
Favreau, L. G.
Favreau, R. E.
Fazziola, F. S.
Fish, J. J.
Fitzgerald, F. J.
Fitzgerald, J. A.
Fitzgerald, J. P.
Foley, F. J.
Ford, T. E.
Forget, E. J.
Forgette, A.
Forman, W. E,
Frament, A. R.
Frament, F. W.
Frament, R. P.
Frank, M.
Fredette, L. A.
Fryer, C. F.
Gagnon, A. F.
Galarneau, J. J.
Galarneau, W. E.
Gallerie, R. A.
Gallipeo, P. J.
Garrett, J. R.
Gilbert, J. G.
Gillen, T. E.
Godfrey, F. C.
Gorman, J. T.
Gorman, J. W.
Gorman, W. E.
Gourdanais, T.
Green, E. W.
Green, H. M.
Green, J. A.
Green, K. M.
Greene, M.
Gregoire, P.
Grignon, C. H.
Grignon, G. R.
Grignon, H. W.
Grignon, N. H.
Grignon, W. H.
Grogan, H. W.
Grogan, W. J.
Guba, H.
Guba, J.
Guba, W.
Halloran, J. T.
Hartshorn, D. N.
Hayden, T. J.*
Hebert, D. T.
Higgins, J. P.
Hill, H. C.
Hines, J. W.
Hotchkins, Josephine
Hrynezuck, G.
Hume, G. W.
Jablonowski, H.
Jacobson, E. S.
Jacobson, H. V.
Jewett, K. E.
Kearney, E. J.
Kennedy, E. J.
Kennedy, F. X.
Kennedy, R. D.
Kern, W. G.
Kloc, C. S.
Kloc, E. J.
Kosko, H.
Krug, P. R.
Lackmann, C. L.
Laferriere, A. J.
Lagasse, D. J.
Lagasse, R. J.
Lamora, R. K.
Landry, F. W.
Lange, T. D.
Lanthier, H. J.
LaValle, J. V.
Lavigne, A. J.
Lavigne, L. J.
Lessard, J. J.
Lis, J. H.
Lucier, C. F.
Lynch, J. F.
Mack, P.
Mallison, J. D.
Maney, E. J.
Marion, A. J.
Marion, M.
Masun, E. J.
Mayville, A. J.
Mazurek, E.
McAteer, Irene N.
McAteer, J. P.
McCreary, E. M.
Meixell, Dorothy M.
Merril, W. G.
Merrill, W. G.
Michaud, F. J.
Michaud, H. J.
Michritz, M. J.
Miron, M. M.
Miron, W. F.
Mitchell, J. H.
Molesky, T. F.
Murphy, J. E.
Murray, E. C.
Murray, E. M.
Nadeau, E. L.
Nedelsky, M. H.
Nelson, A. C.
O'Connor, Florence M.
O'Connor, R. G.
O'Conner, R. S.
O'Connor, W. M.
Ouellette, C. M.
Pearson, Alice
Peltier, R. F.
Penders, R. J.
Perreault, L.
Perrier, H. W.
Pettigrew, R.
Pettigrew, S.
Pettigrew, W.
Pierre, K. F.
Poniewski, J. C.
Powelczak, M.
Powelczak, P.
Pouliott, D. C.
Pratt, F.
Procak, W.
Proctor, D.
Pyskadlo, M.
Quevillon, R. L.
Remillard, L. A.
Riberdy, E. G.
Rivett, H. J.
Roberts, A. J.*
Roberts, G. O. D.
Rogouski, J.
Rogouski, Wanda
Roylance, W. W.
Scanlon, T.
Schmitz, R. M.
Simmons, H. M.
Smith, C. B.
Smith, E. G.
Smith, W. J.
Stanzak, S.
Steenberg, W. B.
Sturgeon, S.
Sunkes, J. E.
Sunkes, R. J.
Suprenant, R.
Suprenant, W. J.
Taller, T. A.
Taylor, R. L.
Tessier, C. H.
Therriault, L.
Tremblay, T. J.
Trombley, R. A.
Trombley, W. J.
Truax, G.
Truax, W.
Tunney, J. F. 3rd*
Turlane, M.
Taylor, C. E.
Vega, F.
VanBuskirk, H. E.
VanSleet, R. T.
Vogel, G. J.
Votry, E. N.
Vozey, A. A.
Warzola, E. M.
Warzola, F. J.
Waterhouse, W. C.
Webb, H. W.
Welsh, W. B.
White, W. P.
Wilkins, E. F.
Wilkolski, F. J.
Wilkolski, M.
Wilkolski, W. M.
Williams, R. S.
Willis, A. J.
Wilson, B. E.
Yanch, E. S.
Yurek, W. F.
Zalek, B. S.

Side D

Carlson, A. F.
Friedel, E. A.
Gallerie, P. J.
Geleta, W.
Geleta, P
O'Brien, W. D.*
Roylance, L. D.
Scanlon, W.
VanBuskirk, J. R.
Walsh, T. E.

The above names have been alphabetized by side.

Cohoes Vietnam Honor Roll, Veterans Memorial Park;
personal collection

Vietnam War

This memorial was relocated to Veterans Memorial Park from a small lot on Columbia Street just below Pop's Pizza.

Viet-nam Memorial Park
Cohoes' Deaths Resulting from Hostile Action

S/SGT William F. Duffner, USA, 22, May 1970
LCPL Timothy J. Frazier, USMC, 6 Jun, 1968
SGT Frank J. Hutchins, USMC, 2 March 1968
PFC Thomas F. Jourdanais, Jr., USMC, 1 January 1969
HM2 Robert T. Razzano, USN, 21 Aug 1969

God's finger touched them and they slept!

The names have been alphabetized.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

A special thank you to Patrick D. McKinney of the Cohoes Veterans Memorial organization spearheaded the drive to create Veterans Memorial Park for answering my questions about the memorials so quickly and thoroughly.

Honor Roll: City of Cohoes (First Ward), New York, War Memorials

Thursday, May 17, 2018

52 Ancestors #20: Robert "the Elder" Mitchell (c1714-1799): A Devoted Presbyterian

Ancestor: Robert "the Elder" Mitchell, five times great grandfather
Haplogroup: R-M269

Robert "the Elder" Mitchell was born about 1714 in Londonderry (now Derry), Ireland, to Robert "the Immigrant" Mitchell and his wife, Mary Innes. According to David Dobson's Scots on the Chesapeake, Robert's family arrived in Philadelphia in 1723. Other sources, primarily written by grandchildren or great grandchildren, put the date of immigration closer to 1735. We know that two of Robert's brothers, Daniel and James, also sailed with their parents.

Marriage and Move to Bedford County, Virginia

Robert "the Elder" married Mary Enos in 1736 probably in New Castle County, Delaware. She was the daughter of Richard and Susannah Enos and had been baptized on 17 August 1718 at the Old Swedes Church in Newcastle County.

Under the leadership of the Caldwell family, a large contingent of Presbyterian families moved to Bedford County shortly before 1748.[1] They likely took the Great Wagon Road, perhaps when it was yet so narrow only horses could be used for travel. I believe Robert and Mary (Enos) Mitchell were members of that party. His brothers, Daniel and James, married Caldwell women. We know those brothers were in Bedford County by 1754 when Robert, Daniel and James Mitchell were ordered to work on the county roads. Perhaps they were members of the same party.

Robert "the Elder" Mitchell's family tree from Stith Thompson's book entitled
Shipley, Mitchell, and Thompson Families; courtesy of

Robert Mitchell was a founding member of the Peaks of Otter Presbyterian Church in 1761 and was a ruling elder during his lifetime. He signed a 1774 petition along with 101 other church members to the House of Burgesses, requesting permission to buy slaves to work church land in order to support a full-time minister. The congregation purchased four slaves to work land purchased by Robert Mitchell and John Erwine. We know about the land from a 1769 Chancery Court case. And from book, The Ewing Family Genealogy with Cognate Branches, we learn more about those enslaved:

"The records of Bedford County, disclose a deed, dated 28 July 1783, recorded 25 August, of which Robert Ewing was the first signer, and from its vigorous style, probably the author, conveying certain slaves or their issue to be used for supporting a regular minister, and for such other church purposes as the elders and a majority of the congregation might agree upon."

Robert's brother, Daniel Mitchell, named Robert his executor when he wrote his will on 13 Jun 1775. It was proved in October of that same year.

In 1785 Robert was the security for a bond his son, James, executed to purchased 500 acres of land.

In 1780 the Virginia Legislature passed "An act for procuring a supply of provision and other necessaries for the use of the Army." The governor was empowered to appoint commissioners in every county to carry out the terms of the legislation. Receipts, or certificates, were issued to people who provided supplies. According to the Library of Virginia's Catalog, Robert Mitchell of Bedford County was issued two public service claims certificates. He is a patriot in good standing with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and listed in Abercrombie and Slatten's Virginia Revolutionary War Public Services Claims.

Last Will and Testament

Robert wrote his will on 23 April 1781:

In the name of God, Amen. I, Robert Mitchell, of Bedford County and Province of Virginia being of perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and Testament and first my lawful debts to be discharged. To my well beloved wife, Mary, I give the plantation I now live on during her life or widowhood. At the end of either, I give it to my son, Samuel. Also to my wife, Mary, I give all my moveable estate to be disposed of at her desiration. To my son, Daniel, I give one hundred acres of land where he now lives. To Robert and Stephen, I give the remainder of the upper parcel of the tract I bought off Hylton. To Josiah Campbell, the lower half of the same tract. My wife, Daniel and Samuel, I [illegible] my executory to see to the execution of this my last will which I do declare to be my last will revoking all others by me heretofore made as witnessed my hand, twenty third day of April one thousand seven hundred and eighty one.

Robert Mitchell (signed and sealed)


John Dowdy (his mark)
James Freeman
James Davis

At a court held for Bedford County the 25th February 1799 this last will and testament of Robert Mitchell, deceased, was proved by the oath of John Dowdy and James Freeman, witnesses whose names are thereto subscribed, and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Daniel Mitchell and Samuel Mitchell, executors therein named who made oath thereto, certificate is granted them for obtaining probate thereof in due form on giving security whereupon they together with Jesse Leftwich and Stephen Preston their security entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of five hundred dollars conditioned for the said executors due and thoughtful administration of said deceased estate and performance of his will.


Ja. Steptoe, Clerk, Bedford County

An inventory of Robert "the Elder" Mitchell's estate was filed with the county court on 28 July 1800. Usually, if I read a reference to books at all in estate inventories, their titles are not mentioned. But Robert's estate inventory included several book titles, some of which I have been able to identify:
  • Isaac Watts, Horae Lyricae, Poems, Chiefly of the Lyric Kind (1709) or Psalms of David" Imitated in the Language of the New Testament and Apply'd to the Christian State and Worship (1719)
  • Isaac Watts, A Guide to Prayer (1716)
  • James Dunham's The Unsearchable Riches of Christ (1764)
  • Thomas Dyche, A New General English Dictionary (1735)
  • [Westminster] Confessions of Faith (1646)
  • David Bostwick, A Fair and Rational Vindication of the Right of Infants to the Ordinance of Baptism (1765)
Snippet of the appraisement of Robert "the Elder" Mitchell's estate
including several book titles; courtesy of

Robert "the Elder" Mitchell and his wife, Mary Enos, were said to have had 13 children yet he only mentioned five in his will. The only son not mentioned but known to be a son was Rev. James Mitchell, who at the time of his father's death was the minister at Peaks of Otter Church. The church owned land and slaves to provide for the maintenance of their minister as mentioned earlier. Perhaps this was why James was not mentioned in his father's will.

From Sketches of Virginia

Rev. William Foote described Robert "the Elder" Mitchell in Sketches of Virginia:

"...was born in the north of Ireland, but immigrated to America while yet a youth. He is reputed to have been a man of vigorous intellect and devoted piety, well instructed in religion, and a devoted and thorough Presbyterian. His wife, whose maiden name was Mary Enos, was, it seems, of Welsh extraction. She, like her husband, was an eminently pious Presbyterian. This excellent pair resided in Bedford County, for many years and were members, the husband being a ruling elder, of the church, of which their son was pastor. They both lived to a good old age. He lived to be 85; of her age I am not informed. They had 13 children, of whom not one died less than 70 years old. The Mitchel family seems to have been remarkable in former times for piety and longevity. Robert Mitchel it seems was converted while yet a boy. The immediate means of his awakening was the fact of overhearing his great-grandmother, at her secret devotions, praying for him. She was then more than 100 years old; she lived to the age of 112. We may add -- that this Robert Mitchel, tradition says, was very fond of music, and did much to promote singing in the congregation. He talked of Derry and the affairs of that noted town, and the sufferings of the Mitchel family in that famous siege. The peculiar dialect of his countrymen was marked in his speech. He was an elder worthy of double honor."

This is my entry for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. The theme for this week was "Another Language," which I did not follow.

Using the Ancestral Reference Numbering System, Robert "the Elder" Mitchell is Ancestor numbers 146 and 152 on my family tree:

146 and 152 Robert "the Elder" Mitchell born about 1714 in Derry, Ireland, to Robert "the Immigrant" Mitchell and Mary Innes; died before 25 February 1799 in Bedford County, Virginia; married Mary Enos, daughter of Richard and Susannah Enos in 1736 likely in New Castle County, Delaware. Immigrated with his parents, perhaps as early as 1723, to Philadelphia. His parents settled in Pequea, Pennsylvania. By 1748 Robert "the Elder" Mitchell, along with his brothers, Daniel and James, had removed to Bedford County. Robert and Mary (Enos) Mitchell were thought to have had 13 children.

Proved Children

146.1 Frances Mitchell born about 1742 in Pequea; died after 1820; married Benjamin Hodges Jr. 24 Aug 1783 in Bedford County (not mentioned in her father's will, but marriage bond stated he was her father).

146.2 Susannah Mitchell born in 1744 in Pequea; died in 1813; married Josiah Bedford Campbell in 1762 in Virginia; removed to Fayette County, Kentucky, in 1789 and moved to Mercer County, Kentucky, by 1800. (mentioned in father's will)

146.3 Stephen Mitchell born 29 January 1749 in Pequea; died about 1806 in Carroll County, Virginia; married Keturah "Kitty" Wade, daughter of Jeremiah Wade and Charity Ballinger, on 8 March 1783 in Bedford County. (mentioned in father's will)

76 Daniel Mitchell born before 1765 (probably about 1750) in Lunenburg County, Virginia; died before 1831; married Margaret Bryan in 1772 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. (mentioned in father's will)

146.4 Robert Harvey Mitchell born 1752 in Virginia; died in 1818 in Mercer County, Kentucky; married Mary Witt on 18 April 1799 in Bedford County. (mentioned in father's will)

146.5 Samuel Mitchell born about 1758 in Virginia; died 15 March 1835 in Bedford County, Virginia; married 1) Siner Pullen on 20 Dec 1785 in Bedford County and 2) Margaret "Peggy" Claytor, daughter of Samuel Claytor and Ann Rogers, on 6 September 1791 in Bedford County. (mentioned in father's will)

Children Proved by DNA

I have 60 DNA matches to tests I manage who share Robert "the Elder" Mitchell as the common ancestor through nine of his children:

DNA matches with Robert "the Elder" Mitchell as the common ancestor
by his children; created using Microsoft Excel

146.6 Rev. James Mitchell born 29 January 1747 in Pequea; died on 27 February 1841 in Bedford County; married Frances Blair Rice, daughter of Rev. David Rice and Mary Blair, on 19 December 1782 in Bedford County.

73 Mary Mitchell born about 1755 in Bedford County; died 28 July 1843 in Bedford County; married Samuel Beard, son of Adam and Elizabeth Beard, 5 Aug 1778 in Bedford County. (Robert Mitchell and Samuel Beard signed a marriage bond.)

146.7 Margaret Mitchell born in 1762 in Bedford County; died on an unknown date; married Adam Beard, son of Adam and Elizabeth Beard, 29 July 1790 in Bedford County.

146.8 Martha Ann Mitchell born in 1767 in Bedford County; died after 1820; married widower Samuel Claytor, son of Alvin Claytor and Sarah Rust, 25 October 1788 in Bedford County.

Unproved Children

I suspect the following two people are also children of Robert "the Elder" Mitchell and Mary Enos, but have been unable to prove them to date. If anyone has more information, please contact me.

146.9 Enos Mitchell born about 1744 in Pequea; died on an unknown date; married an unknown woman had issue; served in the Revolutionary War (per DAR application)

146.10 John Mitchell born about 1759 in Bedford County; died after 1839; married Elizabeth Hardwick, daughter of Robert Hardwick on 2 January 1784 in Bedford County.

A Word about David Mitchell (1737-1817)

Many, many, many trees list this David Mitchell as the eldest child of Robert "the Elder" Mitchell and Mary Enos. I believe this to be in error for a couple of reasons:
  1. He served in the Pennsylvania Militia nearly 30 years after his parents and siblings had removed to Virginia. He would have been the only child to have remained in Lancaster County, and he would have been left there by his parents when he was just 11 years old.
  2. His military and burial records indicated he was born in Scotland. His parents were married in 1736 in America, likely Delaware. 
[1] Robert Mitchell first appeared in the deed books of Lunenburg County, part of which became Bedford County, in 1748.

(I am not including source citations for DNA matches which prove I am descended from Robert "the Elder" Mitchell as the template provided by Evidence Explained on their blog post of 6/17/2012 requires listing the names of living people.)

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