Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Spanish-American War Memorial

I recently discovered my grand uncle served in the Spanish-American War.  The idea for this post came from

Spanish-American War monument at Arlington National Cemetery

The Spanish-American War Memorial consists of a column of gray granite 54 feet high quarried in Barre, Vermont. Atop the column is a bronze eagle with outstretched wings, facing west. The eagle is mounted on a granite globe, which was quarried in Quincy, Massachusetts. A band decorated with 13 starts (representing the original Thirteen Colonies) is carved in high relief on the globe. The globe stands on a square base. The base stands atop a Corinthian capital which crowns the column.

The column rests upon a tall plinth with a square cross-section. Around the top of the plinth are bronze starts 5 inches across. There are 11 stars on each of the four sides, for a total of 44 stars. A bronze tablet affixed to the front (west face) of the memorial contains the following language:

To the soldiers and sailors of the United States who gave up their lives for their country in the war of 1898-99 with Spain this monument is dedicated in sorrow, gratitude, and pride by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the name of all the women of the nation. 1902.

The plinth stands on a larger square base, which sits atop a foundation set in the earth. On each corner of the foundation is a polished black granite sphere 18 inches in diameter.

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