Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lillie Paulina's World Cruise

Lillie Paulina (Beard) Sherrod buried her husband in 1927 and two years later embarked on a 4-month around-the-world cruise aboard the Red Star Line's SS Belgenland.

Postcard of the SS Belgenland; courtesy of Wikipedia

I wanted to know more. Where did the ship stop? What did Lillie see and do?

I learned about how the cruise was marketed from the cruise itinerary folder for an earlier cruise available for sale on Amazon.com:

SS Belgenland 1924-25 cruise itinerary folder; courtesy of Amazon.com

Carl Kay[1] sailed on the Belgenland the year after Lillie. His printed itinerary was identical to several others I found for other years. So I assume the itinerary is the same as Lillie's.

Itinerary of the 1930-31 world cruise; courtesy of
Internet Archive.

Thirty stops and over 29,000 miles in a little over five months!

Lillie Paulina Beard was born 22 March 1870 in Bedford County, Virginia, to Charles Edward Beard and Ann Elizabeth Key, my three times great uncle and aunt. She was their youngest known child. She lived with her parents until their deaths in 1900 and 1902. She trained as a nurse and moved to Richmond where she worked as a nurse for a private family. In 1920 she lived in the home of John Mayo Sherrod and worked as a nurse in a domestic practice. Lillie and John married on 22 July 1922; they were both in their 50s. John died in 1927 and was interred in Tarboro, North Carolina, his native state. Lillie died on 22 July 1938 and was interred at Evergreen Burial Park in Roanoke, Virginia.

[1] Carl Kay maintained a diary of his cruise, which is available on Internet Archive.

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