52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

On 29 December 2017 Amy Johnson Crow (@amyjohnsoncrow) revived 52 Ancestors for 2017 with these weekly prompts for 2018, which I rarely followed:

Courtesy of Amy Johnson Crow
  1. Start: Benjamin Jennings (c1740-1815): Beginnings and Endings
  2. Favorite Photo: Benjamin Jennings (c1740-1815): A Morgan's Rifleman
  3. Longevity: Benjamin Jennings (c1740-1815): Last Will and Testament
  4. Invite to Dinner: John W. Jennings, Sr. (1776-1858): War of 1812 Veteran
  5. In the Census: Powhatan Perrow Jennings (1812-1858): A Life Cut Short
  6. Favorite Name: Charles Edward Jennings (1843-1858): First to Leave the Farm
  7. Valentine: Charles Edward Jennings (1843-1917): Veteran of the 19th Virginia Regiment
  8. Heirloom: Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr. (1901-1961): A Railroad Man
  9. Where There's a Will: Benjamin Walrond/Waldron (bef 1761-1811): Too Many Benjamins
  10. Strong Women: Thomas Jewell (bet 1776 and 1784-c1833): Mystery Man
  11. Lucky: Henry Downs (bef 1761-1825): Recently Discovered Direct Ancestor
  12. Misfortune: John Beard (c1705-1780): A Man of Means
  13. The Old Homestead: Adam Beard (c1727-1777): Constable of Bedford County
  14. The Maiden Aunt: Samuel Beard (1750-1814): Revolutionary War Veteran
  15. Taxes: James Harvey Beard (1780-1869): A Long Live Lived
  16. Storms: David Fleming Beard (1812-1878): A Man of His Times
  17. Cemetery: Effie (Beard) Jennings (1871-1906): A Brief Life
  18. Close-up: Matthew McMullin (bef 1765-c1816): Court Cases Tell the Tale
  19. Mother's Day: Robert Mitchell (bef 1689-?): "The Immigrant"
  20. Another Language: Robert "the Elder" Mitchell (c1714-1799): A Devoted Presbyterian
  21. Military: Mary (Mitchell) Beard (c1755-1843): Another Chancery Court Success
  22. So Far Away: Daniel Mitchell, Sr. (c1750-c1821): Tavern Keeper
  23. Going to the Chapel: Daniel Mitchell, Jr. (c1786-1872): Miller, Cooper, Farmer
  24. Father's Day: Barbara Ann (Mitchell) Beard (1841-1890: Widowed Early
  25. Same Name: Richard Enos (1693-1748): Of French Huguenot Descent
  26. Black Sheep: William Bryan, Sr. (c1685-1789): From Ireland to Virginia
  27. Independence: John Bryan (c1710-1799): French-Indian War Veteran
  28. Travel: Robert Muir (c1800-1869): Coal Hewer
  29. Music: James Muir (1848-1926): Scoundrel
  30. Colorful: Robert Muir (1875-1956): Union Organizer?
  31. Oldest: Alice (Muir) Jennings (1906-1993): "Grandma Jennings"
  32. Youngest:
  33. Family Legend:
  34. Non-Population:
  35. Back to School:
On 3 January 2014 Amy Crow (@amycrow), author of the blog No Story Too Small issued a challenge to the family history and genealogy blogosphere: "have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem -- anything that focuses on one ancestor."

I decided to accept the challenge.

In late 2015 Amy announced the discontinuation of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. I published two books of my posts:


This year Amy is providing optional themes each week. I am determined to follow them.
  1. Fresh Start: And They Called It Ireland -- Peter Charles Dagutis
  2. King: Fleeing a Tsar -- William Schalin
  3. Tough Woman: Tough Life, Tough Lady -- Lela Ann (Harbert) Amsberry
  4. Closest to Your Birthday: Man Crazy -- Theodora (Morack) Knapp VanDusen Barr
  5. Plowing Through: Plowing Through (Literally!) -- Homer Bradley Bailey*
  6. So Far Away: Flung to the Far Corners of the World -- Albert Wolfe Brisk
  7. Love: What Went Wrong? -- Hazel Elizabeth (Wendell) Criger Reed
  8. Good Deeds: Apostle of Kentucky -- Rev. David Rice
  9. Close to Home: Grandma's Genealogy Notebook -- Alice (Muir) Jennings
  10. Stormy Weather: Last of the Covered Wagon: Duck and Cover -- Clarence Mern Beard
  11. Luck of the Irish: Indentured Servant to Landed Gentry -- Teague Riggin
  12. Same: Genealogist and Inspirational Author -- Jessie Beard
  13. Different: From Tragedy to Tragedy -- Elizabeth Muir (Brodie) Lively
  14. Favorite Photo: Photographs of My Great Great Grandmother -- Clementine (Wells) Riggin Collins
  15. How Do You Spell That?: A Farmer's Wife -- Alfaretta Pocahontas (Bradley) Ramey
  16. Live Long: 106th Birthday "Girls" -- Minnie Hazel (Gordon) Greenlee, Ruth Marion (Schultz) Falkenberg, and Susana Bertha Amelia (Talmon) Amsberry
  17. Prosper: First Owners of Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro -- Don Luis Peralta
  18. Where There's a Will: Professor Frederick Speece's Will -- Frederick Conrad Speece
  19. There's a Way: 1949 Road Trip -- Gustav Lange, Wilhelmina (Schalin) Lange, Dorothy Ailein (Lange) Jennings
  20. Black Sheep: The Moonshiner -- Lacy F. Hathcock
  21. Military: Died at Elmira POW Camp -- Peterson Stanfield Key
  22. Commencement: Three Generations of "Coasties" -- Herbert Paul Lange
  23. Wedding: My Wedding -- Schalene (Jennings) Dagutis
  24. Heirloom: Memories are My Favorite Heirlooms -- Charles Theodore Jennings and Dorothy Ailein (Lange) Jennings
  25. The Old Homestead: Working Land Patents and Plat Maps -- Herbert Bartist and Jane (Muir) Beck
  26. Halfway: Writing a Family History -- Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir
  27. Independent: Kidnapped by Indians -- Sarah Shipley (Mitchell) Thompson
  28. Road Trip: Last of the Covered Wagons: The Black Canyon Rim -- Clarence Mern Beard
  29. Musical: Grandpa's Bands -- Gustav Lange
  30. Challenging: Proving James Harvey Beard's Father -- James Harvey Beard
  31. Easy: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy -- William Raiford Tucker
  32. 32: The Great Great Greats -- about my known 3X Great Grandparents
  33. Defective, Dependent & Delinquent: Blind Since Birth -- Abner Beard
  34. Non-Population: John Wesley Riggin's Farm -- John Wesley Riggin
  35. School Days: Yearbooks for Personality -- Various ancestors
  36. Working for a Living: Occupations in a Coal Mine -- All my coal mining ancestors
  37. Large Family: Three Brothers Married Three Sisters -- Leroy P Jennings, John Arias Jennings, William T. Jennings
  38. Favorite Place: Describing War -- John Edward Jennings
  39. Unusual:  For the Love of the Game -- Lester Evans Willis
  40. October Birthday or Anniversary: Gone to Texas -- Leroy P Jennings (1841-1919)
  41. Colorful:  Did an Affair Lead to Murder? -- Virginia Lee (Foster) Vaden (1901-unknown)
  42. Proud: Mayor of Downey, California -- Richard Marchand Jennings, Sr.
  43. Oops: The Wife Confusion -- Walter Richard Jennings (1873-1919)  and Laura Bessie (Ogden) Jennings (c1877-between 1907 and 1910)
  44. Frightening: New Nipper Killed in the Mine -- Ethel Marie (Hakert) Austin Taylor Key (1916-1988)
  45. Pick Your Own: First KIA of the Civil War -- John Quincy Marr
  46.  Changes: Discovering My Local Family History Center -- Powhatan Perrow Jennings
  47. Sporting: Congratulations New Zealand!  -- William Archibald Strang
  48. Thankful: Almost All Together for Thanksgiving -- My family
  49. Holidays: Holiday Memories -- Schalene (Jennings) Dagutis
  50. Naughty: How Many Betties Does One Man Need? -- Benjamin Leonard Jennings
  51. Nice: Mom's Spritz Cookies -- Dorothy Ailein (Lange) Jennings 
  52. Resolution: Genealogy Resolutions -- Schalene (Jennings) Dagutis


  1. Nathaniel Tucker, Poet -- Nathaniel Tucker
  2. Verses at the Drop of a Hat -- Edith Mary Madeline (Ternes) Reynolds
  3. The "Tucker Maneuver" -- Robert Dennard Tucker
  4. Was Grandma's Grandma a Hussy? -- Margaret (Semple) Muir
  5. My Grandfather and the Orphanage -- Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr.*
  6. The Humorous William Bull -- William Bull
  7. A Lover, Not a Fighter -- Charles Edward Jennings
  8. Immigration Redux -- Robert Orr Muir Airlie
  9. Riddell Conundrum -- Robert Riddell or Oswald Dykes Riddell
  10. She Seemed Rather Extravagant and Fantastic -- Martha Lizola (Mills) Bellows Stevenson Bates
  11. A Tale of Murder -- Andrew Vernon Connett*
  12. Historic WWII Assault Rhine Crossing -- Peter Charles Dagutis
  13. How Much Tragedy Can a Woman Endure? -- Lefa Marie (Amsberry) Connett Zeller Hall
  14. I'm Sorry Great Great Grandma! -- Margaret (Semple) Muir
  15. Secret Wife of John Wilkes Booth? -- Martha Lizola (Mills) Bellows Stevenson
  16. A Wanderer Returns -- John Andrew Riggin
  17. The Mysterious "Alice B" Revealed -- Alice Barbara (Hatherly) Riggin*
  18. Biking Across Western Canada in 1930 -- William Warm
  19. Celebrating Mother's Day -- Dorothy Ailein (Lange) Jennings
  20. Streatorland -- Alexander Muir
  21. Wonder Woman -- Wilhelmina (Schalin) Lange
  22. George Washington Spoke to Him -- Samuel Beard
  23. Margaret McGhee and the Saunton Lunatic Asylum -- Margaret (Rice) McGhee
  24. A Tribute to my Father -- Charles Theodore Jennings
  25. Marriage Happy! -- Elizabeth (Morack) Semple Robertson Furlong Vann Pierce...and counting?*
  26. "Not Likely to Become an Efficient Soldier" -- James Muir
  27. Revolutionary War Soldier -- Benjamin Jennings
  28. Henry Tucker and the Georgia Secession Convention -- Henry Crawford Tucker, Jr.
  29. He Died on a Flanders Field -- Oswald Dykes Riddell Dick
  30. Disabled in World War I -- James Whyte
  31. A Savior of the USS Indianapolis Survivors -- William Graham Claytor, Jr.
  32. The Too Brief Life of Ida Mae (Riggin) Muir -- Ida Mae (Riggin) Muir
  33. An Early Feminist of the Best Kind -- May Hairston
  34. James Muir, Scoundrel -- James Muir
  35. Crossing the Line Ceremony -- Albert Paul Dagutis
  36. A Soldier Boy's Creed (Updated) -- Julius Franklin Collins
  37. Life Aboard the Alcor and Harry Lee -- Albert Paul Dagutis
  38. Uncle Joe Was Married Before! -- Joseph Genevich
  39. 1946 Pittsburgh Steelers -- Earl Loren Klapstein
  40. Sinking of the HMS Otranto -- Charles S Railey
  41. The Mother Nobody Knew -- Effie Davis (Beard) Jennings
  42. Doctor or Gold Digger? -- William Reid Rice
  43. Questions, Questions, Questions -- Robert Muir
  44. Second Bloodiest Day of the Civil War -- William Stephen Shepherd
  45. Veteran of the Spanish-American War -- Edmund Lenwood Womack
  46. Lost an Election to Abraham Lincoln -- Harry Riggin
  47. Killed During the Spring Offensive -- William Lively
  48. He Died a Long Way from Home -- Joseph Barr
  49. Killed in Vietnam -- James Lawrence Taylor
  50. Absent without Leave -- John McDermott
  51. The Irish Wife -- Kathleen (O'Gorman) Jennings
  52. Tuberculosis: Greatest Killer in History
When tweeting about the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, we use hashtag #52Ancestors.

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