Slave Name Roll Project

Created: February 28, 2015

The Slave Name Roll Project celebrated its first success earlier this year. 

31 Aug 2016--Read about it on Opening Doors in Brick Walls: Releasing Jinney, Aaron, Hannah, James, Peggy, and Abby

As a way to give back to my fellow African-American genealogists, I am going through my ancestors wills and property records and posting any information about a named slave I find. If you would like to join me in the Slave Name Roll Project, simply submit a comment to this post which includes a link to your roll and I will it include on this page.

Going forward I will repost this page as a reminder on the first day of Black History Month though I'll take your links any time.

I would like to thank Cathy Meder-Dempsey of Opening Doors in Brick Walls because her post for Black History month (parts 12 and 3) gave me the idea. I would also like to thank Heather Wilkinson Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy, who generously let me steal her Honor Roll Project concept.

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African American Gateway
National Burial Database of Enslaved Americans
Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project, 1936-1938
(contains 2,300 first-person accounts and photographs)


Bitter Sweet | Linked through Slavery: a working group of bloggers who are members of the non-profit group Coming to the Table.

Digital Library on American Slavery (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Lost Friends Database advertisements of advertisements from the Southwestern Christian Advocate placed by former slaves searching for loved ones after emancipation

Slaves owned by several different people

ALABAMA -- Bibb County

Slaves of Sophia HINDS (gift deed dated 1841)

Slaves of James MOORE (gift deed dated 1841)

ALABAMA -- Blount County

Slaves of William CORNELIUS (will dated 1840)

ALABAMA -- Dallas County

Slaves of Davis McGee (inventory dated 1856)

ALABAMA -- Franklin County

Slaves of Bernard DEVAN (deed dated 1839)

Slaves of William DEVAN (deed dated 1839)

Slaves of Jerry W. THOMAS (deed dated 1839)

ALABAMA -- Greene County

Slaves of William H. RICHARDSON (inventory dated 1864)

ALABAMA -- Henry County

Slaves of Moses KIRKLAND (will dated 1847)

ALABAMA -- Lawrence County

Slaves of James W. CRAYTON (marriage contract dated 1843)

ALABAMA -- Limestone County

Slaves of Caleb EUBANK (run away slave ad dated 1819

ALABAMA -- Macon County

Slave Narratives, excerpted from Shadow of the Plantation by Charles S. Johnson

Transcription of Selected Appraisements and Slave Inventories in Wills (1832-1940)

Slaves of Barna IVEY (1795-1856) (lived in Barbour County)

ALABAMA -- Madison County

Slave of Deli GAITHER (court papers dated 1839)

Slave of Robert LANKFORD (run away slave ad dated 1835)

ALABAMA -- Mobile County

Runaway slave of Mr. COLMAN (see NORTH CAROLINA -- Guildford County)

ALABAMA -- Pickens County

Baptisms at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church (records dated 1856-1861)

Slaves of Jacob HOLLAND (gift deed dated 1844)

Slaves of Hannah ROGERS (gift deed dated 1844)

ALABAMA -- Walker County

Slave of Charels MCCLAIN (deed dated 1838)

ALABAMA -- Shelby County

Slaves of Commodore Decatur McGee (died 1855)

ARKANSAS -- Prairie County

Runaway slave of Joel HARVEY (article dated 1851)


Circuit Court petition of freedom cases (1800-1862)

Slaves of Edgar PATTERSON (runaway slave ad dated 1826)

FLORIDA -- Alachua County

Slaves of Charles DELL captured by Indians (article dated 1837)

FLORIDA -- Leon County

Slaves of Kenneth BEMBRY (legislative proceedings dated 1849)

FLORIDA -- Monroe County

Slaves listed in the 1838 census for Indian Key, Territory of Florida (1838 census)

Georgia -- Baldwin County

Slaves of John PITTS, Sr. (1819 will book)

GEORGIA -- Bryan County

Slaves of Mary (SIMMONS) MAXWELL (will dated 1770, recorded 1774)

GEORGIA -- Bulloch County

Slaves of Bridger JONES (will dated 1819)

Slaves of William WISE (will dated 1816)

GEORGIA -- Campbell County

Slaves of William WHEAT (several documents)

GEORGIA -- Chatham County

Slaves of John MONGIN (bill of sale dated 1801)

Family of Betty COACHMAN (Freedman's Bank Records (dated 1870)

Free woman of color Letitia REYNOLDS (Georgia Register of Free Persons of Color 1817-1864)

GEORGIA -- Cherokee County

Apprenticeship indenture rolls of Cherokee County, 1866-1904
(Every name listed on the 1866 rolls, and several on the 1867 rolls, were of former slaves)

Slaves of William PERKINSON (estate inventory dated 1866)

GEORGIA -- Columbia County

Slaves of Joshua STANFORD (will dated 1836)

Slaves of James TINSLEY (will dated 1814)

Slaves of Eli WHEAT (will dated 1809)

GEORGIA -- Coweta County

Slaves of Morrison BURNEY (estate papers dated 1855

Slaves of Ann THOMPSON (will dated 1849)

GEORGIA -- DeKalb County (includes Atlanta)

Slaves of William WHEAT (several documents)

GEORGIA -- Dooly County

Slaves of Martha (WIGGINS) BEMBRY (sale 1843)

Slaves of William Miles BEMBRY, Thomas BEMBRY, and David SCARBOROUGH (auction 1841)

GEORGIA -- Elbert County

Slaves of Singleton W. ALLEN (died 1856)

Slaves of Christopher CLARK (will dated 1803)

Slaves of Christopher CLARK (son of above) (inventory dated 1819)

Slaves of Bernard Carroll "Major" HEARD (will dated 1827)

Slaves of John Adams HEARD (probate dated 1829)

Slaves of James Devereaux JARRETT, MD (died 1844)

GEORGIA -- Greene County

Slaves of John SMITH (purchased slaves in 1796)

Slaves of Thomas WATTS, Jr. (will dated 1797)

GEORGIA -- Hancock County

Slaves of Littleton MAPP (1737-1804)

Slaves of William MAPP (inventory dated 1799)

GEORGIA -- Harris County

Transcription of Appraisement and Slave Inventories in Wills (1856-1857)

Slaves of John MYRICK (will dated 1833)

GEORGIA -- Houston County

Slaves of John WOODARD (estate appraisal dated 1851)

GEORGIA -- Jones County

Slaves of Davis McGHEE (will dated 1817)

Slaves of Joseph HARRISON (estate inventory dated 1828)

Slaves of John PITTS, Jr. (deceased 1853)

GEORGIA -- Liberty County
St. John Parish was one of seven parishes to form Liberty County

Slaves of Robert NICHOLS (will dated 1768)

GEORGIA -- Oglethorpe County

Slaves of Henry HILL (will dated 1829)

Slaves of Miles HILL (will dated 1845; estate appraisal dated 1852)

Slave of Samuel PATTON (will recorded 1822)

Slaves of Mary WHITSELL (will recorded 1822)

GEORGIA -- Pike County

Slaves of Laban SHORT (will dated 1794)

Slaves of Samuel SLADE (will probated 1860)

GEORGIA -- Pulaski County

Slaves of Kenneth "Cannie" BEMBRY (inventory dated 1864)

Slaves of the estate of Miles BEMBRY (court case, 1840)

GEORGIA -- Putnam County

Slaves of Handy WALLER (will dated 1860)

GEORGIA -- Taliaferro County

Slaves of Simon Charles MORRISS/MORRIS (died 1834)

GEORGIA -- Terrell County

Slave of James O. TAYLOR (will dated 1860

GEORGIA -- Walton County

Mollie (Brannon) Grant (born 1852)

GEORGIA -- Warren County

Slaves of Rev. Adam JONES (will 1826, died 1830)

GEORGIA -- Washington County

Slaves of John WILLIAMS (died 1864)

GEORGIA -- Wilkes County

Jesse MCCLANE sells slave to William E. BOREN (deed dated 1814)

Slaves of Sara (Cotton) HILL (will dated 1812)

Slaves of William JOHNSON (died c1826)

Sale of sales from Isaiah PHILLIPS to Joel PHILLIPS (dated 1791)

ILLINOIS -- Madison County

Slave of J. T. LEATH (sale deed dated 1853)

Slave of Malcolm MCCULLOM (purchase dated 1853

Slave of Joshua VAUGHN (record of indenture dated 1815)

KENTUCKY -- Adair County

Slaves of Elisha BAILEY (will dated 1841)

KENTUCKY -- Boone County

Enslaved people of Boone County database

KENTUCKY -- Daviess County

Narrative of life of former slave Rachael Stout WINSTEAD (1814-1924)

KENTUCKY -- Fayette County

Slaves of William and John SUTTON (run away slave ad dated 1799)

Slaves of Asa THOMSON (will dated 1842)

KENTUCKY -- Hardin County

Slaves of John F. Williams (will recorded in 1814)

KENTUCKY -- Jefferson County (includes Louisville)

Former slaves Hannah Blake and son, Benjamin Pitts once owned by Abraham Brannon and William Pendleton, respectively (Fredman's Bureau Claim, 1872-78)

KENTUCKY -- Muhlenberg County

Slaves of William CAMPBELL (will dated 1810)

William GRAYSON to Gabriel Young GRAYSON (deed dated 1804)

Matthew MCCLANE sells slave to John MACLEAN (deed dated 1803)

Matthew MCCLANE sells slave to William GRAYSON (deed dated 1803)

KENTUCKY -- Scott County

Slaves of Anthony HOLLAND (will probated 1799)

KENTUCKY -- Shelby County

Slaves of Presley DOGGETT (inventory and appraisal dated 1839)

KENTUCKY -- Warren County

Slaves of John PATRICK (will dated 1816)

KENTUCKY -- Washington County

Wills of peopled who lived in Washington County who owned slaves and mentioned them in their wills (Wills of Washington County, Kentucky, 1792-1858)

KENTUCKY -- Wayne County

Slaves of John ADAIR (will proved 1843)

LOUISIANA -- Statewide

Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy (includes searchable database)

LOUISIANA -- Unspecified parishes

Slaves sold by Skelton HARDGRAVE (1818)

LOUISIANA -- East Baton Rouge Parish

Students of Susan Carhart TALLMAN (pencil sketches dated 1864)

LOUISIANA -- Orleans Parish

Slaves of Celeste GARDINER (petition for emancipation dated 1863)

Sale of slaves of Antoine Marigny D'AUTERIVE (probate proceedings dated 1827)[1]

Former slaves of Joseph TARKINGTON (dated 1872)

LOUISIANA -- Saint Charles Parish

Slaves of Drausin Baltazar LABRANCHE (1815-1853)

LOUISIANA -- Saint Mary's Parish

Slaves of Henry C. DWIGHT (newspaper notice that ownership was being litigated, 1853)

Slaves of Oliver A. LOCY (estate sale dated1853)

MAINE -- York County

Slaves of Colonel William Pepperrell (died 1734)

MARYLAND -- Allegany County

Slaves and Free African Americans, Reports and Opinions from newspapers (1790-1864) (searchable)

MARYLAND -- Anne Arundel County

Slaves of William FISHER (manumission document dated 1790)

Slaves of Daniel of St. Thomas JENIFER (manumission document dated 1790)

Slave of Clement MATTINGLY (Provincial Court judgment dated 1747)

Slaves of William MATTINGLY (county deeds book dated 1747)

Slaves of Isaac SIMMONS (manumission documents dated 1790)

Slaves of Stephen STEWARD (manumission documents dated 1790)

Slaves of Jonathan WATERS (manumission documents dated 1790

MARYLAND -- Baltimore City and County

Slave of William CORBIN (tax list dated 1773)

Slaves of William CRABTREE (will dated 1747)

Slave of Jacob EPAUGH (tax list dated 1773 and inventory dated 1790)

Slaves of Athan and Ann FORD (James Walton's diary entry dated 1769)

Slaves of Thomas GILL (tax list dated 1773)

Slaves of John M. GORSUCH (will dated 1845)

Slaves of Abraham INLOES (will dated 1790)

Slaves of (maybe Dutton) ?tton LANE (tax list dated 1773)

Slave of Christopher MURRY (tax list dated 1773)

Slaves of John MURRY (tax list dated 1773)

Slaves of Ruth MURRY (tax list dated 1773)

Slaves of George REPOLD (estate inventory dated 1811)

Slaves of Metta REPOLD (will dated 1826)

Slaves of Adam SHOWER (inventory dated 1833)

Slaves of John SHOWER (also known as Johannes Schauer) (will dated 1802)

Slave of John WELLS (tax list dated 1773

MARYLAND -- Charles County

Slaves of Ignatius MATTINGLY (undated will)

Slaves of Joseph MATTINGLY (will dated 1806)

MARYLAND -- Cumberland County

Slaves and Free African Americans, Reports and Opinions from newspapers (1790-1864) (searchable)

MARYLAND -- Frederick County

Slaves of Moses CHAPLINE (will dated 1762)

Slave of Thomas WARFIELD (will dated 1855)

MARYLAND -- Prince George's County

Several named slaves listed in Prince George's County Court Records (1696-1770)

Slaves of Joseph MATTINGLY (land records dated 1787)

MARYLAND -- Saint Mary's County

Slaves of the MATTINGLY family (Father Walton's list of Easter communicants dated 1794)

Slaves of Bennett MATTINGLY (undated will)

Slave of Dorothy MATTINGLY (will dated 1774)

Slaves of Edward MATTINGLY (will dated 1778)

Slave of Elizabeth MATTINGLY (will dated 1773)

Slaves of Ignatius MATTINGLY (will dated 1807)

Slave of John MATTINGLY (undated will)

Slaves of Luke MATTINGLY (will dated 1783)

Slave of Priscilla MATTINGLY (will dated 1790)

Slaves of Robert MATTINGLY (will dated 1776)

Slave of Thomas MATTINGLY, Sr. (will dated 1774)

Slaves of Thomas MATTINGLY, Jr. (will dated 1793)

MARYLAND -- Somerset County

Slaves of Edward RIGGIN (unknown-c1813)

Slaves of Hannah (Harris) RIGGIN (c1734-c1787)

Slaves of John RIGGIN (c1680-c1740)

Slaves of John RIGGIN, Jr. (unknown-c1776)

Slaves of Teague RIGGIN II (1670-1721)

Slaves of Teague RIGGIN (unknown-c1803)

Slaves of Teague RIGGIN III (c1702-c1743)

MARYLAND -- Washington County

Slaves and Free African Americans, Reports and Opinions from newspapers (1790-1864) (searchable)

MASSACHUSETTS -- Unknown County

Slave of John Upton (slavery abolished in 1783, so before that)

MASSACHUSETTS -- Middlesex County

Former slaves listed on a Revolutionary War plaque in the Old Burying Ground in Bedford

MASSACHUSETTS -- Suffolk County

Slaves of Capt. John CODMAN (1755, slaves put to death for murder)

MISSISSIPPI -- Unspecified County

Slave of Alexander SHAW (runaway slave ad dated 1853)

MISSISSIPPI -- Harrison County

Slave of Mrs. Sarah HANNA (runaway slave reward notice dated 1842)

MISSISSIPPI -- Itawamba County

Slaves of William BARNETT (deed of gift dated 1846)

Slaves of William and J. W. W. BARNETT (bill of sale dated 1848)

Slaves of Russell O. BEENE (deed dated 1849)

Slaves of John and Nancy BENNETT (bill of sale dated 1846)

Slaves of John and Isaac BETTS (bill of sale dated 1845)

Slaves of William BLAKELEY (deed dated 1838)

Slaves of A. B. BULLARD (trust deed dated 1851)

Slaves of James CAROTHERS (trust deed dated 1847)

Slaves of Thomas M. CAROTHERS (probated dated 1862)

Slaves of Wiley Daniel CLIFTON (probated dated 1856)

Slaves of Alexander and Rachel COPELAND (gift deed dated 1848)

Slaves of Hiram CRAYTON (probate dated 1858)

Slaves of Mason and Mary CUMMINGS (deed dated 1847)

Slaves of J. A. M. DEVALL (trust deed dated 1844)

Slaves of William DOWNS (deed dated 1838)

Slaves of N. J. DUNCAN (bill of sale dated 1846)

Slaves of Elizabeth ECKFORD (bill of sale dated 1846)

Slaves of James ECKFORD (trust deed dated 1844)

Slaves of Parrot EVANS (estate appraisal dated 1860)

Slaves of W. W. GAITHER (trust deed dated 1845)

Slaves of Levi GALLOWAY (estate inventory dated 1851)

Slaves of Edward S. and J. M. GRISSOM (bill of sale dated 1848)

Slaves of E. B. HARBOUR (trust deed dated 1851)

Slaves of Samuel HENDERSON (trust deed dated 1848)

Slaves of Mortimer H. and Lucy H. HINDS (deed of gift dated 1845)

Slaves of G. W. HOWARD (trust deed 1851)

Slaves of Christopher HUSSEY (trust deed dated 1850)

Slaves of Mary JACKSON (probate dated 1854)

Slaves of Lewis JOHNSON (probate dated 1861)

Slaves of Solomon and Lewis JOHNSON (deed of gift dated 1846)

Slaves of William H. and Nancy KYLE (trust deed dated 1847)

Slaves of Eliza LAWSON (schedule of property dated 1846)

Slaves of Holland LINDSEY (deed dated 1838)

Slaves of James and Jefferson LYNN (deed of gift dated 1847)

Slaves of Azell MARCY (property sale dated 1857)

Slaves of William MCFADDIN (bill of sale dated 1845)

Slaves of Mary MCMIEN (deed dated 1835)

Slaves of Lancaster C. MCVAY (deed dated 1838)

Slaves of James MOORE (deed of gift dated 1845)

Slaves of Seaman MOORE (probate dated 1857)

Slaves of Nancy MORGAN (deed dated 1849)

Slaves of James E. MURDOCK (trust deed dated 1845)

Slaves of William PATTON (trust deed dated 1851)

Slaves of John PEACOCK (deed dated 1839)

Slaves of Laura J. PHIPPS (property schedule dated 1851)

Slaves of Elisha D. and Austin L. PREWITT (trust deed dated 1843)

Slaves of Jeptha and Helen RICHARDS (trust deed dated 1850)

Slaves of Oran A. and Sarah RICHARDSON (gift deed dated 1851)

Slaves of John C. RITCHIE (trust deed dated 1851)

Slaves of J. ROBINS (trust deeds dated 1848)

Slaves of J. H. RUFF (estate appraisal dated 1862)

Slaves of George SHUMPERT (probate dated 1853)

Slaves of Jesse SPARKS (probate dated 1859)

Slaves of J. T. STOCKTON (trust deed dated 1848)

Slaves of Swepson T. and Elizabeth M. TAYLOR (deed dated 1846)

Slaves of E. G. THOMAS (deed dated 1837)

Slaves of Rebecca F. TISDALE (property schedule dated 1851)

Slaves of John WALKER (will dated 1860)

Slaves of William WALL (trust deed dated 1851)

Slaves of S. John WARREN (will dated 1862)

Slaves of Sam L. WATT (trust deed dated 1847)

Slaves of James WHITESIDES (inventory and appraisal dated 1860)

Slaves of Martha Laura WHITESIDES (appraisal dated 1864)

Slaves of George WHITTON (deed dated 1840)

Slaves of John WREN (deed dated 1837)

Slaves of John R. and Mary WREN (bill of sale dated 1845 and 1846)

Slaves of Mary Ann WREN (schedule of property dated dated 1846)

Slaves of James G. HEARD (will dated 1811, estate sale dated 1813)

MISSISSIPPI -- Leake County

Slave purchased by John M. GILL from Claiborne CATO (sale dated 1853),344533902

Slave purchased by John M. GILL from Julius P. MARTIN (sale dated 1855),344533902

MISSISSIPPI -- Lowndes County

Slaves of Alexander and Arminda COPELAND (gift deed dated 1848)

MISSISSIPPI -- Madison County

Slaves of Washington DARDEN (died 1830)

Slaves of Hardin D. RUNNELS (will dated 1839)

MISSISSIPPI -- Pontotoc County

Slaves of John COOK (gift deed dated 1850)

Slaves of William Y. GHOLSON (deeds dated 1844, affidavits dated 1850 and 1859)

Slaves of Sarah Ann WHITTEN (gift deed dated 1850)

MISSISSIPPI -- Tippah County

Slaves of Anderson STREET (1805-1888)

MISSOURI -- Miller County

Several named slaves in Judge Jenkins' History of Miller County (Part 2)

Slaves of James Benjamin STARK (will dated 1852)

MISSOURI -- Monroe County

Slaves of Barnabas WORLAND (1777, will dated 1842)

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Unknown County

Slaves named in a 1779 petition

Slave of James GRAY of Saco Falls (run away slave ad dated 1768)

Slave of Daniel MESERVE (run away slave ad dated 1768)

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Rockingham County

Slave of James DWYER (run away slave ad dated 1757)

Slave of Benjamin FERNALD (run away slave ad dated 1764)

Slave of Bradstreet GILMAN (run away slave ad dated 1763)

Slave of John HIGHT (run away slave ad dated 1761)

Slaves of Stephen LYFORD (died 1774)

Slave of John MOODY (run away slave ad dated 1763)

Slave of William WENTWORTH (run away slave ad dated 1764)

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Strafford County

Slave of Ichabod CHESLEY (run away slave ad dated 1757)

Slave of Francis MATHES (run away slave ad dated 1763)

Slave of Daniel ROGERS (run away slave ad dated 1767)

NEW YORK -- Rochester County

Runaway slave, Grandison Boyd, pays old debt (former owner and location unknown) (dated 1855)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Unknown County

Slave of James WYNN (advertisement dated 1764)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Bertie County

Slaves of John JONES (will 1735/36, died 1736)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Bladen County

Slaves of Moses COLEMAN (will dated 1799)

Slaves of Lewis WILLIAMSON (will dated 1795)

NORTH AMERICA -- Caswell County

Slaves of Alexander Kerr (will dated 1810)

Slave of Zachariah and Elizabeth (Van Hook) JONES (will dated 1797)

Slave of Lawrence VAN HOOK (will dated 1797)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Chowan County

Slaves of John PIPKIN, Sr. (will dated 1745)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Columbus County

Slaves of Amos COLEMAN (will dated 1859)

Slaves of Luke HIGH (will dated 1845)

Slaves of Pierce GODWIN (will dated 1845)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Craven County

Slave of Shadrac COLLINS (run away slave ad dated 1798)

Slave of Joseph CRISPIN (run away slave ad dated 1798)

Slaves of Elizabeth (GRAVES) Cook HENRY (1744-1825)

Slave of Abner NEALE (run away slave ad dated 1784)

Slave of William POWELL ( run away slave ad dated 1764)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Dobbs County

Slaves of Richard CASWELL (will executed 1790)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Duplin County

Slaves of Edmund R. S. MATHIS (will dated 1783)


Slaves of John WIGGINS (will 1814)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Edgecombe County

Slave of David CLARK (will dated 1828)

Slaves of William DEW (runaway slave ad dated 1798)

Slaves of John Williams MAYO (probate case date 1844)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Franklin County

Slave owned by Major TERRELL or Mr. COLMAN (of Mobile, Alabama) (dated 1860)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Granville County

Slaves of Chesley DANIEL (c1730-1814) (owner of Tranquility Plantation)

Slaves of Judith Woodson Christian DANIEL (1738-1825)

Tranquility Planation Slaves

Slaves of Col. Edward Travis MARABLE (1768-1857) (owner of Cedarlawn Plantation)

Slaves of Reuben SMITH (will dated 1833)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Guilford County

Runaway slave from Bristol, Virginia, captured (notice dated 1860)

Slave of John BURNEY (will dated 1794)

Slaves of William BURNEY (will dated 1823)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Iredell County

Slaves of Joseph BYERS, Jr. (various documents 1808-1870)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Johnston County

Slaves of Richard PEARCE (will dated 1790)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Jones County

Slaves of Edmund and Joseph HATCH (run away ad dated 1798)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Martin County

Slaves of Miles BEMBRY (will 1832)

Slaves of Needham BRYAN (1797 will)

Slaves of David SCARBOROUGH (deed 1841)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Mecklenburg County

Slaves of Nathaniel CUNNINGHAM (will dated 1830)

Slaves of William RIVES (sale dated 1831)


Slaves of Jordan JOYNER (will dated 1838)

Slaves of Christopher TAYLOR (will dated 1808)

Slaves of Hardy TAYLOR (will dated 1809)

Slaves of Harry TAYLOR (will dated 1788)

Slaves of Rosamon TAYLOR (will dated 1827)

Slaves of Wilson TAYLOR (will dated 1827)

NORTH CAROLINA -- New Hanover County

County deed books (transfers and sales of slaves were recorded) (1734-on)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Northampton County

Slaves of Thomas PACE (died 1764 in Virginia; will made in this county)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Orange County

Slave of Richard BENNEHAM (run away slave ad dated 1784

NORTH CAROLINA -- Randolph County

Slaves of Joseph ALLRED (will probated 1856)

Slaves of David M BURNEY (estate papers dated 1834)

Slaves of Revel STAFFORD (estate papers dated 1843)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Rockingham County

Slaves of George PEAY (will probated 1804)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Rowan County

Slaves of Casper STOEHR (will dated 1808)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Rutherford County

Slave of Lewis Beard (sale occurred in 1795)

Slave of Crenshaw CAMP (will dated 1808)

Slaves of Joshua CAMP (estate documents dated 1853)

Slave of William NEVILLS (sale occurred in 1795)

Slaves of William CAMP (will proved 1855)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Surry County

Slaves of James Lovil (1862 tax list)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Tyrell County

Slaves of Robert LANIER (will dated 1744)


Slaves of William HOBBS (will dated 1788)

Slaves of Lewis LASHLEY (will dated 1815)

NORTH CAROLINA -- Wilkes County

Slaves of John GREER (will dated 1782)

PENNSYLVANIA -- Dauphin County

Advertisement for runaway slave owned by the Cornwall Iron Furnace (1796)

PENNSYLVANIA -- Westmoreland County

1782 register of all slaves and slave owners in the county in preparation for the gradual abolishment of slavery

Slaves of George WASHINGTON (letter dated 1774)


Advertisements and notices about slaves (most dated in the 1790s)

Slaves of Baltzer SPANGLER (will dated 1770)


Slaves of Josiah BRIGGS (1708-1759)

Slaves of William BRIGGS (1650-1716)

Slaves of Abial COOK (1719-1808)

Slaves of David COOK (1731-1816)

Slaves of Elizabeth (LITTLE) Cook (1683-1764)

Slaves of George COOK (1748-1808)

Slaves of John COOK (1685-1789)

Slaves of Joseph COOK (1661-1746)

Slaves of Joseph COOK (1695-1726)

Slaves of Silas COOK (1686-1725)

Slaves of Steven COOK (1656-1712)

Slaves of Thomas COOK (1697-1756)

Slaves of Thomas COOKE alias Butler (1630-1691)

Slaves of Jonathan MARSH (?-1704)

Slaves of Andrew McCORRIE (1771-1801)

Slaves of John PEARCE (1686-1754)

Slaves of Capt. Benjamin SHEFFIELD (?-1764)

Slaves of James SISSON (1690-1775)

Slaves of Thomas SISSON (will proved 1777)

Slaves of Desire SLOCUM (1734-178?)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Several Locations

Low Country Africana, South Carolina Slaveholders and Genealogy, A-M

Low Country Africana, South Carolina Slaveholders and Genealogy, N-Z

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Abbeville County

Slaves of Jeremiah STARK (will dated 1824)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Anderson County

Slaves of Robert DOWDLE, Sr. (will dated 1819)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Barnwell County

Slaves of Robert HANKINSON, and son Richard (undated information)
(This link is an index to the genealogy of the African-American Hankerson/Hankinson families of South Carolina)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Beaufort County

Slaves of James B HEYWARD, owner Fife Plantation (Freedman Bureau, Hope Plantation records 1865-68)

Slaves of William Henry HEYWARD, owner Fife Plantation (Freedman Bureau, Hope Plantation records 1865-68)

Slaves purchased by David William MONGIN (sale transaction dated 1809)

Slaves of Yemasee Plantation (transcribed by Frank O. Clarke and others)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Camden County

Slaves of Edward NIX (died 1776)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Charleston County

Slaves sold by John BRAILSFORD, Jr. (sale transaction dated 1809)

Slave of Mrs. CAMERON (slave ad dated 1853)

Slaves purchased by John Frances DeLORME from John MONGIN (of Georgia) (bill of sale dated 1801)

Former slave Phillis (Brisbane) O'NEIL (Freedman's Bank records dated 1872)

Former slave Susan (Brisbane or Crocket) GEDDES (1870 census)

Slaves of Judith Albergo SUARES (slave sale transactions 1809-1853)

Slaves of various owners (deaths reported in Charleston 6-13 Aug 1826)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Greenville County

Slaves of Samuel Kelly (will probated 1819)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Laurens County

Named slaves from various families found in deed books

Slaves of Abram BOLT (will dated 1839)

Slaves of Jesse GARRETT (will dated 1847, died 1853)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Newberry County

Slaves of Charles KING (will dated 1789)

Named slaves from  various surnames found in deed books

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Sumter County

Slave of J. T. GREEN (runaway slave ad dated 1853)

Slave of James LOWRY (runaway slave ad dated 1853)

Slave of Mr. RAMSY (runaway slave ad dated 1853

Slaves of Obadiah SPEARS (will dated 1833 recorded 1840)

Slaves of Charity STAFFORD (will proved 1840)

Slaves of Benjamin WALKER (estate inventory dated 1845; probate packet dated 1846)

Slave of William WEBB (runaway slave ad dated 1853)

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Williamsburg County

Slaves of Henry John SMITH, owner of Springbank Plantation (1807-1849)

Some slaves and former slaves were buried in a cemetery on the grounds of the Springbank Retreat in  Kingstree, South Carolina

SOUTH CAROLINA -- York County (was York District)

Slaves of Joseph JAMIESON (died 1853)

TENNESSEE -- Multiple Counties

Slavery in East Tennessee -- a guide to records and transcriptions of records with named slaves

TENNESSEE -- Blount County

Slaves of Matthew H. BOGLE (will dated 1847)

TENNESSEE -- Davidson County (includes Nashville)

Advertisement of sale of slaves by John BRYANT (sale dated 1858)

Slave of Henry Chambers (article dated 1825)

Slaves of Rev. John DILLAHUNTY (inventory dated 1816)

Slave of John EBLIN (newspaper clipping dated 1825)

Slaves of Milley EVERETT (sales dated 1858)

Slave of A. J. FORD (slave sale advertisement dated 1853)

Slave of Robert GIBSON (newspaper article dated 1935)

Slaves of William GOWER (will dated 1851 and sale dated 1860)

Slave sale by Francis HARDGRAVE (sale dated 1818)

Slaves of Francis HARDGRAVE (will dated 1827)

Slave sale by Francis HARDGRAVE (sale dated 1828)

Slaves purchased by John HARDGRAVE (sales dated 1819 and 1820)

Slave sale by William HARDING and John HARTGRAVES (sale dated 1809)

Slaves of Henrietta JACOBS (newspaper advertisement dated 1823)

Slave of John LOVELL (Mary Wray obituary dated 1911)

Slaves of William LANIER (died 1811)

Slave of George MALONE (run away slave ad dated 1825)

Slaves of William M. MILLER (sale 1856)

Slave of John NICHOLS (run away ad dated 1825)

Slave of Herbert G. WAGGENER (run away slave ad dated 1818)

TENNESSEE -- Lincoln County

Slaves of Gaius KIBBE (run away slave ad dated 1835)

TENNESSEE -- Madison County

Slaves of Skelton HARDGRAVE (or Hardgraves) (1792-1827)

TENNESSEE -- McMinn County

Slaves of Alexander CLEAGE (no dates provided)

Slaves of David CLEAGE (no dates provided)

Slaves of Samuel CLEAGE (no dates provided)

Slaves of Elijah HURST (no dates provided)

TENNESSEE -- Lincoln County

Slaves of James EDDE (will dated 1850)

TENNESSEE -- Robertson County

Slaves of Thomas STARK (will dated 1802)

TENNESSEE -- Rutherford County

Slaves of William SPAN (will dated 1843)

TENNESSEE -- Shelby County (includes Memphis)

Slaves of Mary DOGGETT (estate appraisal dated 1839)

Slave of J. T. LEATH (sale deed dated 1853)

Slave of Malcolm MCCULLOM (purchase dated 1853

TENNESSEE -- Smith County

Slaves of Lewis PIPKIN (will dated 1814)

TENNESSEE -- Sumner County

Slaves of William BENNETT (1823)

TENNESSEE -- Williamson County

Slaves of Charles and Michal (Ownings) BROWN (bill of sale dated 1817)

Slave of Robert CARUTHERS (deed dated 1842)

Slaves of James NEELY (sale notice dated 1852)

Slave of James J. SAYERS (deed dated 1842)

Slaves of William TARKINGTON (died 1833)

TENNESSEE -- Wilson County

Slaves of James WARNOCK (will dated 1804)

TEXAS -- Various Locations

Genealogy Trails -- Slave Narratives

TEXAS -- Navarro County

Slaves of William Davidson (probate file 1861)

TEXAS -- San Jacinto County

Slave children of William Rolfe KELLEY (and his slave Dinah RUSH) (1832-1922)

VIRGINIA -- Entire Commonwealth

Virginia Historical Society (database) -- Unknown No Longer

Retracing Slavery's Trail of Tears, Smithsonian Magazine, November 2015, (accessed 15 November 2015)
Fascinating article detailing the experiences of slaves purchased by infamous slave traders Franklin & Armfield; some slave names mentioned circa 1834

VIRGINIA -- Alexandria (Independent City)

Slave Manumissions in Alexandria Land Records, 1790-1863

Freedmen's Cemetery Historical and Genealogical Information

VIRGINIA -- Amherst County

Slaves of Robert Howard CASH (will dated 1772)

Slave of Powhatan Perrow JENNINGS (death registration dated 1858)

Slaves of Joseph LIVELY (died 1793)

VIRGINIA -- Augusta County

Slaves of Samuel Harnesberger (documented account of improving a well in 1849)

VIRGINIA -- Bedford County

Slaves of Adam BEARD (1725-1777)

Slaves of John BEARD (1705-1780)

Slaves of Mary (MITCHELL) BEARD (Chancery court case dated 1843)

Sold slave of Gross SCRUGGS (deposition dated 1791)

VIRGINIA -- Botetourt County

Slaves of William FLEMING (will dated 1795)

Slaves of Elizabeth (STARK) Christian (will dated 1789)

VIRGINIA -- Culpeper County

Property Tax List and Names of Slaves (1783)
Index to Property List

Slaves of Isaac SMITH (deceased 1802)

VIRGINIA -- Cumberland County

Slaves of Daniel COLEMAN (probate 1770)

Slaves of Patience COLEMAN (will dated 1771)

Slaves of William MOSS (will dated 1753, probated 1754)

Slaves of Samuel WILLIAMS (died 1801, Chancery court case 1807-35)

VIRGINIA -- Essex County

Slaves of James LANDRUM (will dated 1738)

Slaves of John TALIAFERRO (will dated 1715)

VIRGINIA -- Fairfax County

University of Nevada, Reno website for slaves owned by the descendants of George WASHINGTON

Slaves of Bushrod WASHINGTON (1815-1830)

Slaves of John Corbin and Hannah Lee WASHINGTON (1810-1811)

Slaves of John Augustine WASHINGTON ( (c1787)

Slaves of John Augustine WASHINGTON II (1832-1833)

Slaves of John Augustine WASHINGTON III (1841-1861)

VIRGINIA -- Fauquier County

Slaves of Thomas BOGGESS (will dated 1772)

Slaves of John NELSON, Sr. (will dated 1784)

VIRGINIA -- Fluvanna County

Estate inventory of William ISBELL (dated 1808)

VIRGINIA -- Franklin County

Slaves of Harvey CLAYTOR (1800-1871)

More slaves of Harvey CLAYTOR (1800-1871)
(in the comments section)

Slave of Mary (HAIRSTON) Smith and her son, Gideon SMITH, sold to Samuel SAUNDERS (Cancery case 1851-022)
Part I
Part II
Part III

Slaves of Robert HAIRSTON (father of Mary HAIRSTON Smith) (will dated 1790, Chancery case 1851-022)
Part I
Part II

Slaves of Creed LEMONS (1825-unknown)

Slaves of Elisha LYON (will dated 1787)

Slaves of Samuel SAUNDERS (Chancery case response dated 1849)

VIRGINIA -- Goochland County

Slave of Charity BALLENGER (bill of sale dated 1745)

Slave of Abigail and John FREEMAN (bill of sale dated 1745)

VIRGINIA -- Greenbrier County (see WEST VIRGINIA)

VIRGINIA -- Hanover County

Slaves of Henry H. WOOD (births 1832 through 1863)

VIRGINIA -- Harrison County

Slaves of Benjamin WOOD (will dated 1839)

VIRGINIA -- Isle of Wight County

Slaves of Ratcliff BOONE, Jr. (will dated 1795)

Slaves of Charles BROADFIELD, Sr. (documents dated 1795-1810)

Slave of Charles D. BROADFIELD (slave born 1824)

Slaves of William RAIFORD (will dated 1771)

VIRGINIA -- James City County

Slave of Andrew Estave (run away slave ad dated 1776)

Slaves of Francis THORNTON (will dated 1726)

VIRGINIA -- King George County

Slaves of Rowland THORNTON (will dated 1742)

VIRGINIA -- Loudoun County

Enslaved families and their owners, a project that cross checks slave birth records to the 1880 census

VIRGINIA -- Louisa County

Slaves of Christopher CLARK ( will dated 1741 and proved 1754)

Slaves of Chapman GORDON (will proved 1855)

VIRGINIA -- Louisa County
Slaves of Barnett MITCHELL (Chancery Court 1801-011)

VIRGINIA -- Lunenburg County

Slaves of slave traders Richard BEASLEY and William H. WOOD (1834-1845)
These slaves were purchased in Virginia and transported to the deep south where they were sold

Slaves of Jeremiah GEE (died 1857)

Slaves of Meindort (or Maindort, Mindote or Minor) DOODES (will dated 1677)

VIRGINIA -- Montgomery County

Slaves of Israel CHRISTIAN (will dated 1784)

VIRGINIA -- Nelson County

Slaves of John BAILEY (will dated 1823)

Slaves of William LYON (probate 1811)

Slaves of John Smith and Pamelia (Wills) SMITH (will dated 1825)

VIRGINIA -- City of Norfolk (was Norfolk County)

Slaves of slave traders Thomas WILLIAMS and William N. IVY (1853)
These slaves were purchased in Virginia and transported to the deep south where they were sold

VIRGINIA -- Northampton County

Slaves of Thomas PACE (died 1764 in this county; will made in Northampton County, North Carolina)

VIRGINIA -- Northumberland County

Slaves of Samuel MAPP (c1698-1744)

Slaves of Samuel WINSTEAD, Jr. (will probated 1774)

VIRGINIA -- Orange County

Slaves of Peter RUCKER (1675-1743 or 1744)

VIRGINIA -- Patrick County

Slaves of James Steptoe LANGHORNE, owner of Langdale plantation (mid 1800s)

VIRGINIA -- Petersburg (Independent City)

Slave of Mark EDWARDS (run away slave ad dated 1777)

VIRGINIA -- Pittsylvania County

Slave of Benjamin Walrond/Waldron (grant dated 1797)

VIRGINIA -- Prince George County

Slaves of Jane (BROOKE) Contee (will dated 1744)

Slaves of Alexander CONTEE (will dated 1740)

VIRGINIA -- Pulaski County

Slaves of Thomas BEMBRY (1843 sale)

Slaves of Henry HONAKER (will dated 1859)

Slaves of Sarah (Wyatt) PACK, widow of Samuel PACK (died sometime in 1860)

VIRGINIA -- Richmond (Independent City)

Runaway slave advertisements (appeared in the Richmond Daily Dispatch on 27 Feb 1862);cc=ddr;type=simple;rgn=div2;q1=blackwell;view=text;subview=detail;sort=occur;idno=ddr0411.0021.050;node=ddr0411.0021.050%3A13.5

VIRGINIA -- Rockingham County

1782 Slave Register (many owners and slaves listed)

VIRGINIA -- Stafford County

Slave of Anne (MARTIN) Watts Hubbard MacPherson, widow of Edward WATTS (will dated 1742)

Slaves of John STARK (will dated 1754)

Slaves of John HANSON (will dated 1783)

VIRGINIA -- Warwick County

Slaves owned by the Langhorne family (tax list 1783-1785)

VIRGINIA -- Washington County

Slaves of David BEATTIE (will Book 1820-1827)

Slaves of Samuel FRYAR (will Book 1820-1827)

VIRGINIA -- Westmoreland County

Slaves of Hannah (COX) Damourvell (will dated 1744)

Slaves of Vincent COX (will dated 1698)

Slaves of Samuel DAMOURVELL (will dated 1723)

Slaves of Samuel RUST (will dated 1715)

VIRGINIA -- York County

Slames of James SIMS (Sims vs. Sims, Detinue, dated 1745, and will, dated 1774)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Multiple Counties

Articles about slaves (names A-M)

Articles about slaves (names N-Z)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Boone County

Slaves of Henry S. HOPKINS (or sons, Henry H. or Mandaville), (newspaper article about a slave descendant, 1967)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Braxton County

Slaves of Robert KELLY (will dated 1849)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Fayette County

Slaves of Henry MONTGOMERY (died and estate appraisal dated 1852)

Slaves of Samuel PACK (will dated 1850, written in Fayette County, filed in Raleigh County)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Greenbrier County (was VIRGINIA)

Slaves of James H. BOWEN (will and codicils dated 1851)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Monongalia County

Slaves of Sophia COLE (will dated 1836),179688302,179688302

WEST VIRGINIA -- Monroe County

Slaves of James ALEXANDER (will proven 1814)

Slaves of Michael BICKETT (will proven 1815)

Slaves of Mathias BINSON (will proven 1809)

Slaves of Adam BOWYER (will proven 1815)

Slaves of John BYRNSIDE (will proven 1816)

Slaves of Sarah CLARK (will proven 1809)

Slaves of Betty DEW (will proven 1817)

Slaves of Peter FLESHMAN (will proven 1814)

Slaves of James GRAHAM (will proven 1813)

Slaves of William GULLETT (will proven 1805)

Slaves of John HANDLEY or HANLY (will proven 1811)

Slaves of Daniel JARRELL (will proven 1804)

Slaves of William LEACH (will proven1808)

Slaves of Thomas LEGG (will proven 1808)

Slaves of Thomas LEWIS (will proven 1805)

Slaves of William LINTON (will proven 1815)

Slaves of Archibald MCDOWELL (will proven 1813)

Slaves of Nathan MELBOURNE (will proven 1808)

Slaves of Robert NICKELL (will proven 1813)

Slaves of Thomas NICKELL, NICKLE, or NICHOLS (will proven 1807)

Slaves of Matthew PATTERSON (will proven 1808)

Slaves of William ROYALL (will proven 1814)

Slaves of Sebastian "Bosten" SHAVER or SHAWVER (will proven 1816)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Nicholas County

Slaves of Jane HAMILTON (estate inventory dated 1821

Slave of William HAMILTON (estate sale and inventory dated 1821)

Slaves of Robert KELLY (will dated 1849)

Slaves of James ROBINSON (appraisement bill of estate dated 1831)

Slaves of James SIMS (1754-1845)

Slaves of Hedgman TRIPLETT (inventory dated 1829)

WEST VIRGINIA -- Raleigh County

Slaves of Samuel PACK (will dated 1850, written in Fayette County, filed in Raleigh County)

Other Countries


Named runaway slaves 1784-1819


Names of of people of African or Asian origin listed in the Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section (dated 1539-1939)


Named runaway slaves 1700's

Named runaway slaves 1800s


Moca: Slaves of the Babilonias family (1848-1852)

[1]The location was not mentioned in the advertisement of the sale but notice of the sale was published in the Louisiana Advertiser. I have inserted the link in Orleans Parish but it could well be Lafayette Parish.


  1. I have a list of Negro births in Milam County, Texas taken from a list provided by another family member: It is not clear how I can send you an attachment. This list is on my computer not a website.

    1. Please email the list to me if you would like to contribute it to the Slave Name Roll Project. psd11719 @ gmail . com (no spaces). I'll create a blog post for it and add a link when the post is published.

  2. Inventory of George Henry Repold, 7 Dec 1811, Baltimore, Maryland:
    Names gender and ages contained in the inventory are as follows:
    Tabby f 60-70 y/o, Lucky f 57 y/o with infant, Marea f 14 y/o, Silvie f 3 y/o, Franck m 5 y/o, Stephen m 16 y/o, Tom m 20 y/o.

    Will of Metta Henrietta Repold, 22 April 1826, Baltimore, Maryland:

    "Item, it is my will and desire and I do hereby direct that all my slaves to wit, Maria, Thomas, Frank, Sylphe, Ann and Mary together with any other slaves that I may own at the time of my death be forthwith manumitted, discharged and set free immediately from and after the time of my decease, and I do hereby declare them to be so manumitted discharged and liberated from bondage, and I further direct that my Executors purchase for my servant Frank a suitable dray and Horse and give the same to him as soon after my death as may be convenient, in order to enable him the better to obtain a livelihood."

    George and his wife Metta died without children and left much of their property to their nieces Metta Henrietta Maund and Margaret Waesche and their families. Metta died 9 days after writing her will.

    1. Links didn't work for some reason.
      George's inventory:
      Metta's will:

    2. Noel, I created a post on my blog which included your information and published it today. I also updated this page to include your information. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this place to collect this information! I published some names on my blog today. I would love to have you include them.

    1. David, thank you for this contribution. This page has been updated to include a link to your blog post.

  4. Will of William Bennett 1755-1823 in Prince Edward Virginia.
    Names "one negro woman by the name of Sucking and a boy by the name of Bob"

    1. My error, Will was from Sumner Co. Tennessee

    2. Dave, since the link goes to a story on Ancestry, I will create a blog post and publish it next Friday, 10 March 2016.

  5. Caspar Stoehr left two slaves, David and a female, to wife Catherine in Rowan County, North Carolina per his will, written in 1808 and probated in 1814.

  6. The will of Cary Curry, Baldwin, GA, July 1819

    1. Pam, I've added the link to the new Slave Name Roll Project blog.

  7. Nelson County Virginia 1811 The Will of William Lyon lists 18 enslaved persons names given to his wif and children.

    1. Thank you, Wendy! I've added the link to the new Slave Name Roll Project blog.

  8. Another South Carolina post releasing names.

    1. Cheri, I've added the link to the new Slave Name Roll Project blog

  9. Lydia of Rutherford County, Bil Prayes of Rowan, Maylor of Rockingham County, and an estate sale of seven enslaved people:

    1. Cathy, I've added this link to the new dedicated blog for this project: Thank you.

  10. Estate of Dr. Henry Bourne, Elbert,GA 1852

    1. Pam I've added the link to the new Slave Name Roll Project blog.

  11. Dear Schalene,

    I do not have a blog, but I wanted to share the following information I gathered on the names of people enslaved by the Farleys of Putnam County, Georgia while I was doing research.

    1) From a probated inventory of the estate of Matthew Farley of Putnam County, Georgia, dated 1859. Source: Probate Records, 1800-1964 Etc., 1809-1964; Author: Georgia. Court of Ordinary (Putnam County); Probate Place: Putnam, Georgia. Available online here:

    One Negro man named Mark; one Negro woman named Lydia; one Negro woman named Patsy; one Negro man named Sam; one Negro woman named Liza; one Negro woman named Dorcas; one Negro man named Jacob; one Negro man named Richmond; one Negro man named Dennis; one Negro man named Henderson; one Negro man named Daniel; one Negro man named Wesley; one Negro boy named Walter[?]; one Negro woman named Harriet & child; one Negro woman named Caty[?] & children; one Negro boy named Alonzo; one Negro boy named Mat [or Nat]; one Negro boy named Lee; one Negro boy named Ransom; one Negro boy named Elbert; one Negro boy named Freeman; one Negro boy named Major; one Negro girl named Ginny; one Negro woman named Ginnette & children; one Negro man named Shadarack.

    Matthew Farley was born in 1782 in Powhatan, Virginia. The 1850 schedule of slaves for Putnam County, Georgia lists 54 enslaved people under Matthew Farley. Available online here:

    2) From a probated inventory of the estate of Arthur B. Farley of Putnam County, Ga., dated 1832. Source: Probate Records, 1800-1964 Etc., 1809-1964; Author: Georgia. Court of Ordinary (Putnam County); Probate Place: Putnam, Georgia.

    “The sales of Arthur B. Farley. Negroes. Matthew C. Farley bought Henry for $731. Wm E. Farley bought Randall[?] for $515.”

    Matthew C. Farley and William E Farley both resided in Harris County, GA where they owned a plantation.

    1. Matt, I've added this information to the Slave Name Roll Project blog: Thank you!

  12. Known Records of the Richard Smith Family Enslaved Persons
    Records – 1739 will to 1848 will
    Slaveholders – approx. 1700-1863.

    “The Descendants of Richard Smith of Northumberland County, Virginia”, written and compiled by Darryl J. Diemer, (Louisville, KY, 1995) [Diemer]

    Slaveholder: Issac Smith, 1720 -1802.
    Culpepper County, Virginia
    Born in Virginia, son of William Smith and Elizabeth Downing.
    Wife was Margaret Rucker, married in 1738. Had ten children.
    Moved to Culpepper County after the death of his father-in-law, John Rucker in 1752.
    Deed: 7/8 January 1742, St. Thomas Parish, Orange County Deed Book 7, pages 76-77.
    Issac Smith deed to John Rucker (his father-in-law)
    Deed: 1 July 1752, St. Thomas Parish, Orange County Deed Book 12, pages 117-118.
    Release of Deed by executors of John Rucker’s estate back to Issac Smith
    Will: Madison County, Virginia, Probate August 26, 1802

    Enslaved Persons: 7 named persons
    George, one Negro boy
    1739 Will, William Smith [Diemer, pg. 6]
    “bequeathed to my Son Issac Smith to him and his heirs forever” [Diemer, pg. 6]

    1742 Deed
    Issac Smith deeded to John Rucker (his father-in-law) for 600 pounds to be paid December 25, 1743, all lands and tenements and plantations together with my Negros Seaser, George, Bess and Moll, horses, cattle…” [Diemer, pg. 10]

    1752 Deed
    Deed was released by the executors of John Rucker’s estate, Susanna Rucker and Peter Rucker, “for all lands, tenements and plantations, together with al negroes, horses, cattle hogs, potts, pewter goods which Issac Smith by deed 26.October 1742 mortgaged unto John Rucker for 600 pounds.”

    Nan, a negro Woman and Moll, one Negro girl
    1739 Wills of William Smith [Diemer, pg. 6] and Elizabeth Downing Smith, [Diemer, pg. 7]

    “two Negros names Nan & Moll to my Loving Wife Eliza Smith, to her and her heirs for ever” [Diemer, pg. 6]

    I Lend unto my Son Edwin Smith my negro Woman named Nan during his natural Life and her Increase the first Child she shall bring to be for my Son Benja. Smith and his heirs forever and the rest I Lend as before to my Son Edwin during his natural Life. [Diemer, pg. 7]

    It is my Will and desire that my Negro Woman Nan and her increase after my Son Edwins decease go to my Daughter Anne to her and heirs forever Except the first Child to my Son Benjamin. [Diemer, pg. 7]

    I give and bequeath unto my Son Isaac Smith one Negro Girl named Moll to him and his heirs forever. [Diemer, pg. 7]

    It is my will and desire that the first Child raised on the Negro Moll to be for my Grand Daughter Winifred Smith to her and her heirs forever. [Diemer, pg. 7]

    1742 Deed
    Issac Smith deeded to John Rucker (his father-in-law) for 600 pounds to be paid December 25, 1743, all lands and tenements and plantations together with my Negros Seaser, George, Bess and Moll, horses, cattle… [Diemer, pg. 10]

    “and one Negro named Wiggon to during her Natural Life” [Diemer, pg. 6]

    “I give and bequeath unto my Son Benjamin Smith one Gun & one Negro named Wiggon after my Wifes decease to him and his heirs forever” [Diemer, pg. 6]

    Bess (could be two different Bess’s?)
    1739 Will
    “I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Mary Ann Bryant one Negro girl named Bess to her and her heirs forever. Diemer, pg. 6]

    1742 Deed
    Issac Smith deeded to John Rucker (his father-in-law) for 600 pounds to be paid December 25, 1743, all lands and tenements and plantations together with my Negros Seaser, George, Bess and Moll, horses, cattle…” [Diemer, pg. 10]

    1742 Deed
    Issac Smith deeded to John Rucker (his father-in-law) for 600 pounds to be paid December 25, 1743, all lands and tenements and plantations together with my Negros Seaser, George, Bess and Moll, horses, cattle…” [Diemer, pg. 10]
    1802 Will of Issac Smith’s
    “I give and bequeave to my grandson William Smith son of D. Smith one negro man by the name of Senor to him and his heirs for ever – [Diemer, pg. 13]

    1. I have added this information to the Slave Name Roll Project blog:

  13. Slaves of Joseph Allred of Montgomery/Richmond/Randolph county NC

    The names of these slaves are found in Joseph ALLRED’s estate file at N.C. State Archives in Raleigh (C.R. 81.508.1.) They were Henry, Judy, Abram, Bill (or William), Esau, Calvin, Riley, Henry, Hetty (pregnant with a child later delivered and named Elihu), Julia, Eliza, Emeline and John. Also Violet & her child were sold to Bulloch County, GA to the James B Lester household.

    See for further information on these slaves & owners.

    1. I have added this information to the project page. Thank you!

  14. I found an archived geocities page with some information on enslaved people from many different families. Here is the link.

  15. Hi Schalene, records from Screven County, Georgia.

    1. Martine, I've added the link to the new Slave Name Roll Project blog:

  16. Slaves of Nathan Harris, Greenville County, Virginia, 1793.

    1. Kelly, thanks! I've added it to the new dedicated blog for the Slave Name Roll Project: