Sunday, January 25, 2015

Worldwide Genealogy: Keep Clicking

The Worldwide Genealogy -- A Genealogical Collaboration project is continuing in 2015. This year I will be contributing a post every other month on the 25th. Hilary Gadsby, a fellow Worldwide Genealogy contributor, wrote a great post a few months ago, Killing Them Off -- It Can Help Knock Down Those Brick Walls. I decided to try and kill off my grand uncle, Leo James Jennings. He was the only sibling of my grandfather for which I did not have a death date and that frustrated me to no end.

Sawtelle Veterans Home where Leo was admitted in 1932 for a variety
of health issues, which frankly threw off my search for a death date as he
lived until 1973. Photograph courtesy of the California Historical Society's
Digital Collection

I hope you'll click over to my post to learn how I used Hilary's advice to successfully kill off Uncle Leo...and in the process learned a lot about his second wife, Kathleen (O'Gorman) Jennings.

The Irish Wife
Newly Discovered Photographs
The Mother Nobody Knew
A Lover Not a Fighter

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