Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cecelia's Big Secret? recently added a new Michigan record collection, Marriage Records, 1867-1952. Several of my husband's and my ancestors lived in Michigan during that time period; so I spent several days searching for them in this new set of records. Many questions were answered, several maiden names discovered, and then I got one big surprise.

After searching for all my husband's Dagutis ancestors by first and last name, I searched on just the Dagutis surname to see what else might be there. And lo, and behold, I got my surprise. My husband's paternal grandmother, remarried after her first husband, Adam Dagutis, died in 1925. She and her youngest children had moved to Hamtramck and rented a home at 11398 St. Aubin Avenue some time between 1927 and 1929.

On 13 April 1929 widow Cecelia married Anthony Shrupskis. Both had been married before. Anthony listed his age on the license as 30 years old and Cecelia's was listed as 42. However, that was a bit optimistic since she was born in 1882 and was really 47.

Marriage license and certificate for Anthony Strupskis and Cecelia Dagutis;
courtesy of

I think my husband is still trying to wrap his brain around this new little bit of family history. I got yet another version of her maiden name and her mother's name, which was a first.

I sent the marriage record to my husband's older sister and she knew all about the second husband. According to her, he died three years after the marriage. She was surprised her brother didn't remember this. I married the wrong Dagutis!


  1. You just never know what you'll find while doing family history research. :)

  2. Nice job! Your post was mentioned in #FF

  3. I love finding the surprise second husbands. My great grandmother Celia had one too.