Monday, May 25, 2015

Worldwide Genealogy -- Memorial Day Weekend Traditions

I was reflecting on the oh so special way my husband and I commemorate Memorial with what is fast becoming a family tradition. Since this is my day to contribute a bi-monthly post to Worldwide Genealogy -- A Genealogical Collaboration, I hope you click over to my post and read about how we honor Memorial Day -- with family.

My brother and his wife at a restaurant in the Grove Arcade area of
downtown Asheville; photograph taken by me

2010 Asheville, North Carolina photo album

My sister-in-law, brother and husband in Newport,
Rhode Island; photograph taken by me

2011 Great New England Driving Vacation

Portion of the Medal of Honor Exhibit at the Fort Benning Infantry Museum;
photograph taken by me

2014 Southwest Georgia Tour Album

Mom's most deeply held wish was that my brothers and me would remain close after she and Dad were gone. I know that is Dad's wish, too, though he cannot verbalize it now. I think our nascent tradition is part of the glue that makes those wishes a reality. And my middle brother, who I call Saint Ted, well, he's a story for a different day.

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