Sunday, June 14, 2015

52 Ancestors #24: Memories Are My Favorite Heirlooms

Ancestor Name: Charles Theodore JENNINGS (1931- ) and Dorothy Ailein (LANGE) Jennings (1930-2014)

I've never been much of an heirloom keeper. I love beautiful things, don't get me wrong; but I like things to have a purpose or enrich my interior surroundings in some way. When my parents decided to move to an assisted living facility, they asked my brothers and me to sell their home. Mom was extremely practical and for years had been asking us to identify what we wanted. So when the time came, the few things each of us desired were easy to divide. But what my brothers and I treasure most are the memories.

Of weekend drives on the Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

My middle brother, me and my Mom at an overlook somewhere along
the Skyline Drive

Of vacations visiting family.

Mom and my middle brother visiting my aunt and uncle in Florida

Of Easter Sundays paying our respects to our deceased grandparents.

My family (before our young brother was born) on
Easter Sunday visiting the graves of my maternal
grandparents at Trinity Memorial Cemetery in
Waldorf, Maryland

Easter Sunday visiting the grave of my paternal Grandfather at National
Memorial Park in Falls Church, Virginia

Of Christmas dinners.

Christmas dinner (the children's table); photograph taken at my parents'
home in North Carolina in 1983

Of family reunions.

Lange first cousins; photograph taken on Christmas Eve at the home of my
maternal grandparents

Lange family reunion; photograph taken at my parents home in 1970

Of our baby brother joining the family.

From left to right: my middle brother, me, my Mom, and our new brother

Of our parents unswerving love for each of us. Those memories are my most treasured heirlooms and will live in my heart forever.

This is my entry for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 ancestors in 52 weeks challenge optional theme Heirloom.

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