Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins' Reunion

After meeting at three funerals in less than a year, my first cousins and I decided we had to stop meeting like that and have a Cousins' Reunion. My Mom was one of nine children. In addition to my two brothers, I have 13 first cousins on the Lange side of the family -- two are double first cousins as my Mom and her sister married brothers. At lunch after Uncle Philip's funeral, we planned a June reunion at my home. Sadly we had another funeral reunion on June 7 after losing Aunt Iva.

We got together the following weekend on June 13 with several cousins, spouses and their children.  The winner for the longest trip was my cousin Joann, who flew in from Montana! I hope we've started a tradition.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of the day.

Lange first cousins

Most of the  reunion attendees (four generations); we had some escapees
between photographs!

Looking through old photographs

Sharing a laugh


Getting reacquainted


Oldest attendee

Youngest attendee


  1. I also have double first cousins. Your reunion sounds great!

    1. I do believe everyone had a great time! Several didn't come but we've decided to do it again in two years.