Friday, February 19, 2016

New Holland Society

As I was learning about my newly discovered eight times great grandfather, Arent Van Hoeck, I looked for a lineage society for descendants of New Netherland or New Amsterdam descendants. The New Holland Society is such an organization. It was founded in 1855 in New York City and its mission is to collect and preserve documents relating to history and settlement of New Netherland. Their library is now on my list of places to go to conduct research.

New Holland Society logo

Unfortunately, it is society whose membership is only open to men. To date, I have found no comparable society for women to join. If anyone is familiar with such a society, please leave a comment below.

How I descend from Arent Isaaczen Van Hoeck (1623-between 1696 and 1697):
  • Arent Isaaczen Van Hoeck married (3) Stynie "Christina" Laurens, widow of Jan Hendricks (unknown-1682); their son,
  • Laurens "Lawrence" Van Hoeck/Van Hook (about 1670-1724)  married Johanna Hendricks Smith (1673-1747); their daughter,
  • Francinke Van Hoeck/Van Hook (1714-about 1785) married Reverend Samuel Blair (1712-1751); their daughter,
  • Mary Blair (1739-1806) married Reverend David Rice (1733-1816), their daughter,
  • Frances Blair Rice (1766-1861) married Reverend James Mitchell (1747-1841); their son,
  • Daniel Mitchell (about 1781-1860) married Sarah "Sally" Wood (1792-1864); their daughter,
  • Barbara Ann Mitchell (1841-1890) married David Fleming Beard, Sr. (1812-1878); their daughter,
  • Effie Beard (1871-1906) married Charles Edward Jennings (1843-1917); their son,
  • Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr. (1901-1961) married Alice Muir (1903-1993); their son,
  • Charles Theodore Jennings, Sr. (1931- ) married Dorothy Ailein Lange (1930-2014), their daughter,
  • Schalene Jennings is me!
Discovering a New 8 Times Great Grandfather: Arent Van Hoeck

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