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Author of Five Books in One Volume

William B. Walter was born on 25 March 1815 in Emmitsburg, Maryland, to John William Walter and his first wife, Catherine (Dechart) Walter. He was their third child and a half brother of Aloysius Walter, Aunt Katherine's great grandfather. He was educated at Mount St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg.

William moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1844 at the age of 29. He married Euphemia C. Nettlehorst, daughter of Christian Carl and Helena (Schulte) Nettlehorst, on 5 March 1848. She had been born in the Kingdom of Hanover and immigrated to the U.S. shortly before her marriage. The couple had three known children.

In 1860 the family lived in Fort Wayne, where William taught school. His real estate was valued at $10,500 and his personal property at $1,500. By 1870 William was an attorney and his real estate was valued at $15,000 and his personal property at $5,000. He was a prominent citizen of Fort Wayne. In 1880 he worked as a real estate agent and his son, Charles was an attorney.

In 1894, William wrote a book entitled, Five Books in One Volumewhich was published by R. C. F. Rayhouser. In it William pontificated about 5 questions:
  1. The "great" school question: as intimately blended with that of Christian education, religion, and the safety of nations
  2. Political questions: Loss of patriotism, our elective franchise, corrupt and unwise legislation, party strife and party spite
  3. The direful liquor question: and the denominating influence of the liquor traffic as a source of corruption in political affairs as well as ruin to the bodies and souls of men
  4. The great labor question: idleness and prodigality the of "hard times," economy and thrift unknown, and extravagance everywhere and in all things
  5. Miscellaneous: embracing a wide range of subjects not treated under the foregoing heads.

The book contained a brief passage about William's ancestry:

"He is of German ancestry, his great great grandfather having been a Dutch Baron who emigrated to this county with Lord Baltimore and is said to have built the first house where Baltimore now stands. The old gentleman seems also to have owned lands at that place and leased them for ninety-nine years, as was the custom. There is said to be a fortune connected with these lands, but none of the heirs have avarice enough in their hearts to undertake the task of ousting the present occupants."

William B. Walter died on 15 December 1897 in Fort Wayne. He had outlived all of his children and was interred in the Catholic Cemetery in the same city. His wife died in 1903 and was interred in the same cemetery.

Children of William B. Walter and Euphemia C. Nettlehorst:
  1. Elizabeth Agnes Walter born 13 February 1849 in Indiana; never married; died 2 October 1883; interred at the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne.
  2. Mary Josephine Walter born January 1851 in Indiana; never married; died 14 February 1868; interred at the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne.
  3. Charles W. Walter born 11 July 1856 in Fort Wayne; never May A. Doyle on 18 October 1882 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, one son; died 27 February 1887; interred at the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne

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