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"Cozy" Tucker Marriages

My sister-in-law's pedigree chart has deep Georgia roots.

My sister-in-law's pedigree chart by place of birth; created using Microsoft

I first researched her Tucker family several years ago and have written about them before, even the mistakes I made and have since corrected. My sister-in-law recently took a DNA test so I have been using her matches to prove her pedigree chart. I was also able to add to the chart and correct a mistake. I had previously believed Anna Stella May was her two times great grandmother. But that was not true. Emma W. Fowler was John Irwin Tompkins first wife and mother of his children. Anna Stella May was his second wife.

The DNA test results also gave me a chance to go back and refresh and extend my previous Tucker research. My sister-in-law's father, a Tucker, died when she was 12 years old, and she lost touch with his family. DNA testing has brought her back in contact with a first cousin once removed, the daughter of her grandfather, Isiah Tucker's brother.

There are so many new sources available online now than when I first did my Tucker research. So I have been retracing the descendants of Henry Crawford Tucker, Sr., my sister-in-law's five times great grandfather and the Tucker who first came to Georgia sometime before 1790. I've traced his Georgia migrations, written of the debate about his wife, and begun working through his descendants.

While researching Henry, Sr.'s children, I've learned about first cousins once removed marrying and widowed sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws marrying. I feel like I'm back home in Virginia with my deeply rooted Colonial-era Jennings ancestors!

Marriages between Henry Crawford Tucker, Sr.' descendants; created using
Microsoft Powerpoint

John Tucker was Henry Crawford Tucker, Sr.'s eldest child; brother Elijah Tucker was his youngest. John Tucker's grandson, Jesse Tucker, married Elijah Tucker's daughter, Mary Ann Z. Tucker after her first husband died. She was 17 years older than her second husband, who was only 36 when she died.[1] Jesse then married Julia A. (Martin) Martin, who was the widow of Robert C. Martin. Robert's first wife, was also a daughter of Elijah Tucker. Are you confused yet?

The tangled roots on our extended family tree continue to weave together in the most interesting ways!

[1] The records have conflicting years of birth for Jesse/Jessie Tucker from 1840 to 1849; 1849 is the year of birth on his headstone.

Henry Crawford Tucker's Georgia Migrations
Confusing Tuckers of Wiregrass Georgia

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