Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Slaves of Samuel Kelly, Greenville County, South Carolina

My 89-year-old uncle's DNA matches are slowly but surely revealing clues to records about my seven times great grandfather Thomas Rice (1656-1711). An account of his life, written by his grandson, Rev. David Rice, stated Thomas had nine sons and three daughters. Various public trees have as many 17 children associated to him.

The following are children proven through the vestry books of baptisms in St. Peter's Parish in New Kent County, Virginia, which included the names of the parents:
  1. James Rice, baptized 4 April 1686
  2. Thomas Rice, baptized 24 June 1688
  3. Edward Rice, baptized 17 April 1690
  4. Mary Rice, baptized 15 July 1694
  5. John Rice, baptized 18 September 1698
  6. Alice Rice, baptized 29 September 1700
  7. Marcy Rice, baptized 5 July 1702
As I was researching the other ten supposed children of Thomas Rice, I came across a Maryann Rice who married Samuel Kelly. Samuel's will was probated in Greenville County, South Carolina, in 1819.

In his will he made the following bequests:

First it is my will and desire, that my beloved wife Maryann Kelly ... also one negro woman named GRACE to have and to hold during her natural life, then to return to my grandson Samuel Forrester.

It is my will and desire that my grandson Samuel Forrester shall have one negro girl named FANNY,  this girl to remain with my wife Maryann Kelly till he shall arrive at the age of twentyone years, then to have and to hold said girl to him and his heirs forever.

The will was signed by Samuel Kelly's mark on 17 February 1819 and was probated on 24 April 1819.

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