Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Honor Roll: Frederick County, Maryland -- Memorial Park, Korean War Veterans Memorial

Frederick County, Maryland, was formed in 1748 from parts of Baltimore and Prince George's counties. Its northern border is the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line. No one can definitively say for whom the county was named but the most likely candidates are Frederick, Prince of Wales, or Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore. The county seat is Frederick, a town laid out in 1745 by land speculator Daniel Dulaney.

Memorial Park in downtown Frederick is bounded by West Second and North Bentz streets, Carroll Parkway and College Avenue. The park is home to several war memorials, including one for the Korean Conflict. The memorial includes the names of all the county men and women who served in that hostile action. Their names are inscribed on both the front and back of the memorial.

Korean War Veterans Memorial, Memorial Park, Frederick, Maryland;
personal collection

June 25, 1950 -- January 31, 1955

Killed in Action
George W. Ambrose
Sterling L. Ambrose
Charles Austin Brandenburg
Paul Kenneth Carty
Manville Eugene Dagenhart
Jacob Augustus Ely
Raymond Randolph Flair
Edward Ray Fisher
Samuel Oliver Frye
Albert Eugene Green
Raymond Louis Kemp, Jr.
Irvin E. Lanehart
Harvey Elmer Mathew Luby
Harold Edward Lugenbeel
Albert Lee Miss
Ira Victor Miss, Jr.
Norman Lawrence Reid
Charles Clark Roberts
Paul James Sewell
Clyde Jacob Smith
Virgil Lee Stambaugh
Norman Richard Thompson, Jr.
Robert Campbell Thomas, Jr.
Joseph Hayes Trail
Jack Dempsey Wallace
Victor Lorentz Wills

Robert W. Abraham
Grayson M. Abrecht
James F. Abrecht
Walter R. Abrecht, Jr.
William B. Abrecht
Edgar C. Adams
Frank R. Adams, Jr.
Sterling R. Adams
Hezekiah U. Albaugh
Carroll D. Albright
James H. Albright, Jr.
Cleon H. Alexander
Guy F. Alexander
James F. Alexander
Ned S. Ambrose
Ralph T. Ambrose
Shannon T. Ambrose
Charles H. Ambush
Wilson L. Anders
Robert L. Anderson, Jr.
Kenneth M. Angleberger
Calvin E. Ausherman
Donald W. Ausherman
Luray C. Ausherman
Kenneth N. Ayers
John D. Bagent
Glenn K. Baker, Jr.
Harry W. Baker
James R. Baker
Lee R. Baker
Edward L. Baltzell
Robert E. Baltzell
Robert R. Bare
Charles W. Barker
Kenneth A. Bartgis
William A. Baron
Franklin D. Baugher
Marth L. Baugher
Oscar H. Baugher
Emmett W. Beachley
Herman L. Beall
Irving L. Beall
Garland R. Beard
James T. Bell
Lewis T. Bell
Robert W. Bell
Charles W. Bentz
James B. Bentz
Gilbert A. Berry, Jr.
Stanley R. Biggus
Harry W. Biller, Jr.
George E. Biser
Herbert H. Biser
Walter H. Biser
Chester L. Blank
Ezra W. Blank
Herman W. Blickenstaff
Lauren S. Blickenstaff
Donald R. Blumenauer
Edward K. Blumenauer, Jr.
Edward L. Blumenauer
James A. Blumenauer
James O. Blumenauer
Roy C. Blumenauer
Homer A. Bolyard
Sherman P. Boone
Earl G. Bossard
William L. Boteler
Walter M. Bottcher
George R. Boward
Frederick J. Bower
Charles R. Bowers
Frederick A. Bowers
Grayson H. Bowers, Jr.
Martin L. Bowers, Jr.
Maurice E. Boyd
Donald L. Boyer
Gary H. Boyer
Robert D. Boyer
Leo M. Boyle
Patrick B. Boyle
David W. Bradshaw
John L. Bradshaw, Jr.
Joseph R. Bradshaw
Donald T. Brady
Ira F. Brandenburg
Jack R. Brandenburg
James O. Brandenburg
Dennis E. Brawner
Robert T. Bredden
Conley W. Brown
John T. Brown
Lorraine M. Brown
Paul R. Brown
Richard L. Brown
William H. Brown
George W. Bruchey
Kenneth N. Bruchey
Emmette W. Buckman
David L. Buhrman
Harold E. Buhrman
Robert L. Burchett
Carl W. Burdette
Guy P. Burdette
Stanley W. Burdette
Edward D. Burger
Helen V. Burke
Charles M. Burns
Howard G. Burrier
Clinton R. Butler
Harvey C. Butler, III
Randolph W. Butler
Donald E. Butt
Carroll G. Butts
Richard C. Buxton
Gerald A. Campbell
Joseph L. Campbell
Charles E. Carbaugh
William G. Carbaugh
Edward C. Carey, Jr.
Richard L. Carey, Jr.
John E. Carter, Jr.
Charles K. Cashour, Jr.
Robert E. Caudill
Donald R. Cecil
Henry V. Chase
Elmer G. Cheeks
Charles L. Chipley, Jr.
Joseph H. Clabaugh
Bernard E. Clem
Walter H. Clem
George T. Clevenger
Gilmore J. Click
Martin E. Clingan
Howard Cole
Louis N. Cole, III
Charles K. Comer
Douglas M. Conner
Raymond Cook Jr.
Clarence E. Cooper
John R. Cooper
Raymond L. Cooper
William L. Cornelius
Merlin R. Cornett
John A. Coulombe
Denver W. Crabbs
Donald E. Crabbs
Kenneth L. Cramer
Kenneth T. Crampton
Edgar S. Crawford, Jr.
David B. Crebbs
Harold L. Creeger
Roscoe H. Crone
William E. Crone
Melvin E. Crouse
Merle E. Crouse
Richard D. Culler
John R. Cunningham
Stanley M. Dade
Cecil W. Dagenhart
Robert E. Dailey, Jr.
Robert E. Damuth
George L. Danner, Jr.
Eugene L. Darr
Charles E. Davis
Elmer E. Davis
Glenn E. Davis
Jack L. Davis
Leonard T. Davis
William E. Davis
Kelsel W. Day, Jr.
Kenneth L. Day
Franklin J. Dayhoff
Paul A. DeGrange
Roscoe E. DeGrange, Jr.
Paul D. DeLaughter
Eugene E. Delauter
Francis L. Delauter
George N. Delauter
Paul C. Delauther
Russell E. Delauter
Thomas J. Delauter
Charles R. DeRose
Paul R. Derry
Hoyt B. DeShields, Jr.
Paul I. Devilbiss
John E. Dewees
Ray Deyton
Ray N. Dietz
Richard L. Diggs
Donald L. Dixon
Elmer L. Dixon, Jr.
Robert L. Dixon
Theodore F. Donnan
Alvin G. Donovan, Jr.
Carroll R. Dorsey
Herbert M. Dorsey
Robert L. Draper
Clyde H. Droneburg
Gene J. Droneburg
Jack W. Droneburg
Ignatius P. Dutrow
Richard S. Dutrow
Samuel D. Dutrow
Blaine E. Eader
Clifford R. Eader
Thomas R. Eader
Doris W. Egge
Carroll L. Eicholtz
Kenneth L. Eicholtz
Harry B. Eigholtz, Jr.
Edwin G. Eiker
Alice D. Eiler
Shirley T. Eiler
Robert L. Engle
George C. Eyler, Jr.
Leon A. Eyler
Leon L. Eyler
Mearl L. Eyler
Robert M. Eyler
Lucian K. Falconer, Jr.
William C. Falconer
Robert E. Fauble
Clarence V. Favorite
David F. Fawley
Albert E. Federline
Leslie H. Fellows
Robert E. Fellows
John G. Felton
James H. Ferrell
Melvin E. Filler
William H. Filler
Frederick D. Fisher
George W. Fisher
Henry E. H. Fisher
Oscar U. Fisher
Ralph V. Fisher
Maurice E. Fitz, Jr.
Richard L. B. Flanigan
Donal E. Flax
John F. Fleischman
Leon F. Flook
Arthur E. Fogle
Robert D. Fogle
Walter R. Fogle, Jr.
Kenneth F. Foland
Garland L. Forman
Paul R. Fout
Norman W. Fox
Ronald E. Fox
Thomas M. Fox
William J. Fox
Donald L. Freed
Gerald G. Freeze
Alton D. Fritz, Jr.
Charles L. Fritz
Lester W. Fritz
Kenneth W. Frushour
Lawrence E. Frushour
Richard C. Frushour
Robert C. Fry
Claude L. Fulmer
Charles E. Fultz
James W. Fultz
Bernard L. Funk
Gordon C Gambill
John L. Ganey, Jr.
John T. Garner
David S. Gaver
Donald G. Gaver
Jack L. Gaver
James E. Gaver
Merle R. Gaver
Robert F. Gearinger
Luther T. Geasey, Jr.
William C Geisbert
Arthur D. Gernand
Lawrence L. Deisler
Bruce E. Gibbons
Glenn E. Gibbons
David P. Gilroy
Josiah F. Gilroy
Kenneth A. Gladhill
Melvin H. Gladhill
William N. Gladhill
Tedd L. Godbee
Martin T. Golibart
Roy E. Goodman
Raymond L. Goodsell
Donal L. Gouker
John T. Gouker
LawrenceX. Gouker, Jr.
George E. Grank
Eileen E. Green
Leon A. Green
Roland W. Green
Sterling E. Green
William H. Green
William W. Green
Kenneth O. Greenwood
Joseph T. Griffin, Jr.
John C. Grimes
R. Kenneth Grimes
Clarence A Grimes, Sr.
Joseph M. Groff
Richard H. Grossnickle
William D. Grove
Clarence M. O. Hahn
Donald R. Hahn
John F. Hahn
Roland D. Hahn
Roland H. Hahn
Roger F. Haines
Carol F. Haller
George W. Haller, III
Claude R. Hamburg
Melvin F. Hamburg
John W. Hamilton
Max T. Hamilton
Harry I. Hamilton, Jr.
Maynard B. Hamilton, Jr.
Charles L. Hammond
William H. Hammond
John B. Hane
John F. Hann
Raymond F. Harbaugh
Oliver B. Harding, Jr.
Guy D. Hargett
Robert E. L. Hargett
Robert V. Hargett
Charles F. Harley, Jr.
Paul E. Harman
James R. Harmon
Virgil A. Harne
Hubert A. Harp, Jr.
Blair G. Harrington
James A. Harris
John R. Harris
Milton A. Harris
Wilson S. Harris
James W. Harrison
Eugene E. Harshman
Russell H. Harshman
William L. Hartsock
John T. Harwood
Maurice H. Haugh
Melvin R. Haugh
Richard E. Haugh
Keith R. Hawes
David H. Hawkins
Nelson E. Heckert
Richard Y. Heckert
Carroll L. Hedges
Charles E. Heffner
Harry E. Heffner
Paul L. Heffner
James W. Heller
Raymond L. Heller
Lawrence A. Hemp
Barrington L. Herbert
Charles C. Hewitt
Morris D. Hewitt
Franklin V. Hilderbrand
James D. Hilderbrand
William J. Hilderbrand
Kenneth T. Hill
Donald H. Hiltner
Lawrence T. Hiltner
Raymond F. Hiltner
Roy E. Hiltner
Robert P. Hilton
Cecil T. Himes
Charles W. Himes
Norman J. Himes
Carlton E. Hoar
Charles B. Hobbs, Jr.
Donald L. Hobbs
Richard A. Hobbs
Robert E. Hobbs
Amos F. Hoff, Jr.
William F. Hoff
Nevin R. Hoffman
Thomas A. Hoffman
Austin A. Holland
Joseph L. Holland
John S. Hollinger
John A Holter
George R. Hood
Robert B. Hooper
Frank Hooper, Jr.
James R. Horine
Clyde A. Horn
Delmar B. Horner
Earl W. Houck
James E. Houck, Jr.
Richard E. Houck
John F. Howard
Charles E. Hudson, Jr.
Carroll H. Huffer
Wayne E. Huffer
Robert L. Humerick
Richard C. Hutcheson
John R. Hyssong
Joseph L. Ingram
Kent R. Irish
Thomas R. Jackson
Louis C. Jacobs
Richard P. Jacobs
Mark P. Jeffers, Jr.
Charles H. Jewell
Clarence E. Jewell, Jr.
Martin L. Johnson
Charles B. Jones
Marlin E. Jones
Robert A. Jordan
Francis G. Joy
James R. Joy, Jr.
Charles M. Keefer
Michey M. Keeney
Kenneth W. Keilholtz
Thomas C. Keller
William N. Keller
Bernard E. Kelly
Glenn C. Kelly
James R. Kennedy
Richard L. Kennedy
James L. Kent
David J. Kerrigan
Harry B. Kester
Kenneth R. Keyser
Max A. Keyser
William G. Keyser
Douglas C. Kidd
Gene E. Kidd
James E. Kidwell
William K. Kimmel
Charles W. King
Glenn E. King
James A. King
Kenneth E. King
Marion F. Kline
William E. King
Gale L. Kline
Harold F. Kline
Jay D. Kline
Raymond W. Kline
Richard R. Kline
Charles E. Kline, Jr.
Allen O. Knill
George B. Kohlenberg
Earl A. Kolb, Jr.
James V. Kolb
Lawrence C. Kolb
Ernest W. Koogle
Lester C. Koogle, Jr.
Richard B. Koogle
Donald Z. Koons
Jack T. Koontz
Kenneth L. Krantz
John H. Krantz, Jr.
Carson F. Kreh
Theodore C. Kreh
William T. Kreh, Jr.
Phillip Kritsings
Kenneth L. Korrell
Paul W. Kuhn
Ben L. Lagarde
Charles Lake
William H. Lakin
Robert L. Lambdin
Robert A. Lambert
Robert O. Lambert
Charles W. Lamm
Ralph L. Lamm
Robert S. Lancaster
James P. Landis
Herman L. Lantz
David L. Layer
Samuel G. Layer
Robert L. Layman
George M. Layman, Jr.
James O. Layton, Jr.
Lester L. Leatherman
Ellis M. Leatherwood
Francis G. Lebherz
James E. Lebherz
Thomas L. Lebherz
Clifford F. H. Lee
Byron R. Lee
Charles M. Lenhart
Earl C. Lenhart
Warren T. Lenhart
William K Lenhart
Charles F. Lerch
David W. Lerch
Thomas M. Lescalleet, Jr.
Peter S. Ligocki
Roy L. Lind
Melvin L. Lindsay
Russell C. Lindsey
Fred W. Linthicum
Donald C. Linton
Kenneth L. Linton
Robert E. Linton
Roy L. Linton
Bernard A. Little, Jr.
Howard R. Lochner
Calvin L. Lockard
Richard F. Lohr
Charles L. Long
James E. Long
Ralph C. Long
Raymond A. Long
William H. Long
Robert E. Lowman
William S. Lowry, Jr.
James S. Loy
Everett E. Lucas
Raymond L. Lucas
Lloyd C. Ludy
Albert L. Luhn
Austin S. Luhn
Kenneth W. Luhn
Lester M. Luhn
Raymond L. Luhn
Arnold F. Lydard
Douglas R. Lydard
Harold L. Lydard
Glenn E. Main
James E. Main
James L. Main
John A. Main
Millard I. Main
Paul B. Main
Richard F. Main
Robert L. Main
Austin K. Mantz, Jr.
Robert P. Marend, Jr.
JamesG. Marrone
Robert L. Marsh
Frank R. Martin
Herbert F. Martin
Richard L. Marin
Chester H. Masser
Glenn E. Masser
Lawrence L. Masser
Victor E. Masser
Clarence F. May, Jr.
Donald B. May
Nelson R. May
Norman F. May
Harrison McAlpine, Jr.
William J. McCutcheon
George H. McDonnell
Daniel B. McFadyen
Francis G. McGill
Robert E. McIntosh
Lloyd F. McNulty
Charles D. Medinger
Charles R. Mercer
Paul F. Mercer
Ralph E. Metzer
Herman I. Michael, Jr.
Claude L. Miller, Jr.
Frederick W. Miller
Herman B. Miller
Jack A. Miller
Joseph T. Miller
Richard D. Miller
Robert M. Miller
Roy B. Miller
Saul Miller
William H. B. Miller
John L. Mills, Jr.
Paul E. Mills
Charles B. Miss
William D. Miss
George L. Mobley, Jr.
Richard M. Mohler
Ronald E. Mohler
William L. Mohler
Robert K. Moler
Joshua N. Monath, Jr.
Walter L. Monath
Chester E. Moore
Preston Moore, Jr.
Charles R. Morgan
David E. Morgan
Harry J. Morgan
James D. Morgan
Richard R. Morgan
Kenneth A. Morris
Francis E. Moser
John J. Moser
Warren E. Moser
Solomon J. Moss
Paul W. Mossburg
Preston E. Mossburg, Jr.
Robert L. Motter
Joseph R. Mourdy
Herbert T. Mount
Daniel C. Mulcahey
Albert S. Mulligan, Jr.
Frank T. Murphy, Jr.
Arthur V. Myers, Jr.
Bernard S. Myers
George A. Myers
Howard G. Myers
Roger G. Myers
William A. Myers
Howard S. Nash
Elijah R. Naylor
Charles C. Neal
Jack D. Neal
George A. Nelson
Orval S. Nelson
Richard A. Newman
Glenn Nikirk
Ohla C. Nikirk
Travis F. Nikirk
Emmett J. Norris
Phyllis M. Norwell
Charles K. Norwood
Howard R. Norwood
Emil R. Notnagle
Clyde W. Null, Jr.
Donald Nusbaum
Herbert E. Nusbaum
John R. Nusbaum
Richard D. Nusbaum
Roger Nusbaum
William H. Nusbaum, R.
Kenneth E. Nuse Sr.
Melvin R. Nusz
Russell E. O'Brien, Jr.
Paul R. Oden
Russell H. Oden
David B. Offutt
Frederick O. Oland
Glenn P. Oland
Raymond Oland
Richard D. Oland
Clarence R. Orndorff
Perry G. Orndorff, Jr.
Francis C. Ott
John B. Ott, Jr.
John T. Ott
Richard A. Ott
John S. Page, Jr.
Robert L. Page
Amos Palmer
Earl T. Palmer
Eugene C. Palmer
John S. Palmer
Clifton E. Payne
Thomas H. Payne, Jr.
James R. Peach
Norman P. Peach
Paul C. Peach
George C. Pearl
Emerson E. Pearrell
Owen B. Pearrell
Edgard K. Peddicord
William D. Peddicord
Dalton W. Perry
George H. Perry
Donald E. Phebus
Silas C. Phillips, Sr.
Thomas V. Pitts
George E. Plunkard
Garfield Potts
Ivan L. Potts
Albert M. Powell, Jr.
Alton C. Powell
Robert L. Proctor
Donald S. Pryor
Walter E. Pryor
William L. Pryor
Homer C. Purdham
David W. Putman
John J. Putman
Lester O. Putman
Lewis H. Putman
Franklin Raines
Charles W. Ramsburg
John D. Ramsburg
Richard M. Ray
Robert L. Reed, Jr.
James C. Reeder
William C. Reid
Harold E. Reiley
Ray S. Reiley
Robert T. Remsberg
Frank N. Renn
Robert W. Renn
Bernard C. Reynolds
Jack M. Reynolds
Charles G. Rhoads
William S. Rhoads
Edward M. Rhoderick
Norman R. Rhoderick
Robert L. Rhoderick
Robert W. Roelkey
Bernard L. Rice
Carl F. Rice
Donald W. Rice
Edward E. Rice
Edward K. Rice
Harold E. Rice
Herbert H. Rice
Jame E. Rice
John E. Rice
Melvin L. Rice
Raymond E. Rice
Richard E. Rice
Ruger R. Rice, Jr.
Claude Richardson
Austin F. Rickerd
Joseph M. Ricketts
Ernest A. Riddle, Jr.
Kermit R. Riffle
Eugene F. Rinehart
Richard W. Rinehart
Wilbert E. Rinehart
Allen B. Ripley
Donald L. Rippeon
Sherman B. Rippeon
Vernon R. Rippeon
Wilmer C. Rippeon, Jr.
Earl T. Robertson
William N. Roelkey
Elmer F. Rogers
James D. Rogers
Herbert L. Rollins
Clyde M. Roney, Jr.
Walter L. Roney
James W. Rooney
John F. Ropp
George E. Rosensteel
Charles W. Ross, IV
Frank W. Rothenhoefer, Jr.
Robert J. Rothenhoefer
John A. Routzahn
Maurice E. Routzahn, Jr.
Benjamin S. Runkles
Austin L. Rutherford
George W. Ruthvin
Marshall L. Sanders
Paul A. Sanders
Thomas W. Sanders
 Carmi W. Sayler, Jr.
Martin P. Sayler
Hall E. Saylor
Carroll L. Schildt
Harold W. Schildt
Robert P. Schildt
Nathaniel W. Schley, Jr.
Floyd C. Schroyer
Charles H. Schultz
Robert E. Schultz
Ernest T. Schwartz, Jr.
Charles V. Schultz
Gene A. Schultz
Carroll E. Selby
Walter G. Sewell
Merhle D. Shafer
Robert G. Shafer
Thomas R. Shafer
William H. Shaff
Charles L. Shaffer
Donald R. Shank
Jack L. Shank
Robert K. Shank
Jack W. Shankle
Richard C. Shankle
Richard M. Sharrer
Franklin M. Shaw
David W. Sheckells
Bentley H. Shelhorse
Randy Shelhorse, Jr.
Edward W. Shelton
Joseph E. Shewbridge
David M. Shinnick
Lawrence W. Shinnick, Jr.
Jack C. Simpson
James C. Shipley
Michael J. Shipley
Alfred P. Shockley
Donald P. Shook
Roscoe H. Shook
Kenneth P. Shorb
Robert E. Shorb
Bernard D. Shores
Curtis L. Shuff
Robert M. Sier
Charles H. Sigler
Dewey L. Sigler, Jr.
Donald Sigler
Thomas E. Sigler
Ruth R. Simmons
Sherwood R. Simons
Hiram M. Smallwood
Stewart M. Smallwood
Clarence F. Smith
Dwayne M. Smith
Floyd B. Smith
Franklin E. Smith
Frederick L. Smith
George A. Smith, Jr.
George H. Smith
Jack A. Smtih
Jesse A. Smith
John C. Smith
John W. Smith
Kenneth L. Smith
Lewis S. Smith
Milton R. Smith
Paul S. Smith
Richard C. Smith
Roger H. Smith
Ralph C. Snoots
Charles M. Snowden
Charles L. Snyder
James W. Snyder
William E. Snyder
Grayson R. Soper
Paul W. Soper
Floyd C. Spade
John C. Spahr
Charles E. Spalding
Charles E. Spangler
Clarence F. Speak, Jr.
Thomas W. Sprankle
Chester L. Springer
Stanley Spurrier
Bernard H. Staley
Charles A. Staley
Charles J. Staley
Harold M. Staley, Jr.
Ira B. Staley
Orval W. Staley
Paul R. Staley
Carol C. Staley, Jr.
John R. Stambaugh
Chalres F. Stanton
Calvin M. Staub
Johnson S. B. Steinhaus, Jr.
Chester R. Stevens
George N. Stevens, Jr.
James A. Stevens
John R. Stevens
Richard W. Stevens
Owen D. Stewart
Earl B. Stine
Charles E. Stitely
Donald L. Stitely
Harry D. Stitely
Jack E. Stitley
Victor N. Stitz
Robert W. Stockman
Charles S. Stone
James R. Stone
James R. Stonesifer
Alma D. Stottlemyer
John R. Stottlemyer
Edward L. Stouter
Donald A. Stover
Kenneth L. Strawsburg
David C. Strine
Robert L. Strine
Robert L. Stull
Everett R. Stull, Jr.
Donald W. Stultz
Harold T. Stup
George T. Stup, Jr.
Glenn F. Summers
James H. Summers
John C. Summers
Melvin L. Summers
Paul C. Sunday
Robert C. Sunday
Richard I. Sweadner
Harold M. Sweeney
John E. Sweeney
Spaulding J. Talbott, Jr.
William U. Talbott
Donald T. Taylor
Harold D. Taylor
Charles B. Tenly
Carl R. Thayer
Clayton J. Thomas
Edward P. Thomas
Elias Thomas
Horace H. Thomas
Maynard C. Thomas, Jr.
Otho M. Thomas
Alfred R. Thompson
Donald F. Thompson
Harold D. Thompson
John F. Thompson, Jr.
John L. Thompson
Joseph F. Thompson
William L. Thompson
Lanes J. Tibbs
William F. Timmerman
Louis M. Tinney
Elmer R. Titman
Charles I. Tobery
Norman E. Tobery
Robert N. Tobery
Russell W. Tobery
Edward Toms
Franklin D. Toms
Gene E. Toms
George H. Toms
Harold A. Toms
John H. Toms
Kenneth Toms
Marvin L. Toms
Oliver G. Toms
Richard M. Toms
Roland A. Toms
Norman E. Toms, Jr.
Richard C. Topper
Earl F. Tracey, Jr.
Burr W. Trail
Daniel P. Tressler
George E. Tressler
Earl F. Trimmer
Doris M. Troupe
Harold R. Trout
Gary E. Troxell
Theodore R. Troxell
Gerald L. Tucker, Jr.
Robert S. Turner, Jr.
James E. Tyeryar
Leon W. Tyler
Ronald R. VanSant
Rodney C. VanSant
William B. VanSant
Charles F. Veirtz
Calvin F. Wachter
Donald E. Wachter
Donald L. Wachter
Joseph W. Wachter
Leslie E. Wachter
Jack S. Wagerman
Paul E. Wagner
James F. Walsh
Eldridge F. Waltz
Charles I. Wantz, Jr.
David B. Wantz
James E. Wantz
Wilbur L. Wantz
Frederick I. Ward
John C. Warfield
Daniel B. Warrenfeltz
Kenneth F. Warrenfeltz
Robert L. Warrenfeltz
Joseph G. Washington, Jr.
Charles L. Waskey
Richard R. Wastler
Carl J. Waterman
William A. Watkins
Cecil A. Webb
Curtis R. Weddle, Jr.
Guy E. Weddle
James E. Weddle
John C. Weddle
Hayes J. Weedon
James T. Welty
Paul C. Welty, Jr.
William W. Wenner
Allen A. Wetzel
Carl A. Wetzel
Edward J. Wetzel
Franklin E. Wheeler
John H. Wheeler
Robert F. Wheeler
Donald L. Whipp
George F. Whipp
Robert F. Whipp
Charles W. C. Whisner, Jr.
Robert E. Whisner
Sterling H. White
Charles E. Whitmore
Robert T. Whitmore
Charles E. Whitter, Jr.
Franklin F. Wilders
Alfred A. Wiles
Allard W. Wiles
Paul O. Wiles
Paul V. Wiles
Clarence L. Willard
James V. Willard
Spencer C. Williams
James E. Wills
Wayne B. Winebrenner
Ellwood F. Wineholt
Ernest L. Wineholt
Chalres R. Winpigler
Merhle C. Wise
Charles R. Wisner
Eugene L. Wisner
James E. Wisner
John S. Wisner
Merhl W. Wisner, Jr.
Henry A. Wivell
James N. Wivell, Jr.
Joseph D. Wivell
Robert L. Wivell
Hiram A. Wolfe
John D. Wolfe
Paul A. Wolfe
Robert N. Wolfe
Lewis F. Wood
Bernard D. O. Wright
Gerald G. Wright
Orville A. Yingling
Avis A. Young
Charles W. Young
Francis B. Young
Frank R. Young, III
Glenn E. Young, Sr.
Rawley L. Young
Thomas D. Younkins
Steven Zaharoff
Chester T. Zentz, Jr.
Frank T. Zepp, Jr.
Leidy D. Zern, Jr.
Richard A. Zern
Gary C. Zimmerman
Gene A. Zimmerman
Kenneth F. Zimmerman
Maurice C. Zimmerman
Robert B. Zimmerman
Robert M. Zimmerman
William R. Zimmerman

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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  1. A lot of my family members are on this list. Most of these people are my family members.