Monday, February 20, 2017

Memoirs of Rev. David Rice: A Little Reviving in the Midst of Bondage

Continued from the Memoirs of Rev. David Rice: Secret Exercises

This is from Chapter XII of the memoirs of Rev. David Rice, which were included in An Outline of the History of the Church in the State of Kentucky, During a Period of Forty Years by Robert Hamilton Bishop and published in 1824.

During the secret exercises recorded in Chapter XI, Mr. Rice began to attend, according to his own account, more closely than ever he had done before, to the proper spirit, temper, and conduct of a minister of the gospel of Christ, as laid down in the New Testament. The result was the discovery of great deficiencies in himself, and so far as he could be a proper judge of others, great deficiencies also in the brethren in the ministry. Hence, in the year 17__, he was led to write a kind of circular letter to his brethren in Kentucky, in which the character of the apostle Paul was held up as an example for the imitation of all invested with the office of the gospel ministry. This was not without its happy effects. The great and fundamental truths of the gospel were soon more clearly held forth, and more tenderly impressed on the minds of the people. On this commenced a small revival of religion in Mr. Rice's congregation, and in several other places adjoining. A number of professors appeared to be strengthened and comforted, -- a number of hypocrites undeceived, -- and a number of sinners were made to cry out, What shall we do to be saved? The awakening and seriousness continued for several months, adding a small number to the church on every sacramental occasion, and inducing a few to give themselves up to God in the work of the ministry.

How anxious ought those, who minister in holy things to be to have their hearts right with God. What comes warm from the heart will most generally reach the beasts of others. What inducement have the christian people to pray for their ministers! As it fares with the pastor, so it likely to fare with people.

To be continued...

I am publishing a chapter of Rev. David Rice's memoirs every Monday.

Rev. David Rice (1733-1816) was my fifth great grandfather.

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