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Honor Roll: 157 Main Street, Charlemont, Massachusetts

The Town of Charlemont is located in Franklin County, Massachusetts, located on the Deerfield River along the Mohawk Trail. It was first settled in in 1743.

On the grounds of the town hall are two honor roll memorials commemorating the service of residents of the town.

Town of Charlemont, Massachusetts, Honor Roll;
personal collection

Civil War

Honor Roll
Erected by
The Town of Charlemont
To the Memory of
The Men Who Served Their Country
1861 -- In the Civil War -- 1865

Albee, Henry M.
Avery, Francis D.
Avery, H. G.
Avery, John D.
Barnard, Edward
Bassett, Samuel
Blodgett, Joseph L.
Bissell, A. H.
Booth, William H.
Booth, Edwin W.
Buogess, Alonzo
Clark, W. W.
Childs, Albert
Crittenden, James R.
Coats, Alonzo
Coats, D.
Coats, George E.
Coats, H.
Damon, Otis
Dix, Stillman E.
Dodge, Luke E.
Dunnell, Lawsen
Edwards, Lewis R.
Edwards, P. O.
Ferris, A. K.
Field, Edwin A.
Fitzgerald, John
Gleason, A. W.
Harris, A. M.
Hathaway, Chandler
Hawks, Edwin D.
Hawks, John
Hawks, Joshua
Herks John H.

Henderson, George F.
Hewett, Rubert
Hillman, Fordyce L.
Jessey, John
Keyes, Charles L.
King, Edward R.
King, James M.
Leavitt, Edward A.
Leavitt, Joshua
Legate, J. M. J.
Lilly, Albert
Loomis, O. M.
McDonough, Thomas
Merriam, Fred W.
Merrill, Charles
Morrison, Clark E.
Murphy, Lawrence
Newstead, George H.
Norcross, A. B.
Phipps, WIlliam A.
Porter, George H.
Quinn, John P.
Quinn, William T.
Rice, L. B.
Taylor, I. B.
Taylor, Thomas A.
Upton, George R.
Veber, Elias
Veber, George H.
Wells, Alonzo
Wilder, George O.
Williams, Eros B.
Williams, John F.
Woffenden, Richard
Woffenden, Samuel

World War I

Honor Roll
This Tablet Is Erected By
The Town Of Charlemont
As a Tribute To The Men Who Served
1917 -- In The World War -- 1919

Coyne, Patrick J.*
Killed in Action

Woodward, Guy*
Died in Service

Bicknell, L. Emerson
Booth, Harold L.
Bowker, Charles A.
Bixby, Albert B.
Bouillie, Edward J.
Carrier, Harold G.
Cooper, Lawrence M.
Davison, Aldace H.
Dickinson, Carl F.
Dickinson, Clarence L.
Frary, Hubert H.
French, Horace W.
Garcon, James
Henderson, Edward C.
Hunkler, Clifford
Kambour, Theodore
Lively, Arthur, Jr.
Long, Richard L.
Lyman, Frank O.
Maynard, Earl O.

Maynard, Guy E.
Maynard, Ray W.
Nadeau, Charles C.
Niles, Frank W.
Pozzi, George
Pyfrom, Harold J.
Rhodes, Arthur
Rice, Alfred M.
Rice, Clarence A.
Rice, Hart A.
Rice, John A.
Rice, Walter W.
Robeda, Eugene R.
Steele, Earl L.
Taylor, Theron S.
Tetreault, Felix H.
Tinney, Floyd F.
Underwood, George, Jr.
Wells, John W.
Whitman, Charles B.
Wilbur, Guy E.

World War II

Honor Roll
Erected by
The Town of Charlemont
To The Memory of
The Men Who Served Their Country
1941 -- In World War II -- 1945

Angeli, Jino
Augustowski, Frank
Avery, Alton
Avery, Burton W.
Avery, Henry L., Jr.
Avery, Paul O.
Bixby, Russell
Breen, Roy H.
Burdick, Charles W.
Burnett, Norman
Burnett, William
Burrington, Horace
Burrington, Paul W.
Burt, Helen
Cetto, Anthony
Churchill, Clyde H.
Clark, Francis
Clark, Horace T.
Clark, Lawrence
Dickinson, Edgar G.
Dickinson, Richard R.
Dimick, George H.
Doyle, Martin
Farrell, Herbert
Gilbert, Gordon J.
Gilbert, Richard
Goodwin, John P.
Goodwin, Van P.
Guerin, Francis H.
Harmon, John
Healy, Winston
Henderson, Charlotte
Henderson, Kenneth W.
Henderson, Richard T.
Hicks, Varian

Hunkler, Harley
Kipp, Walter D.
Kipp, William D.
Kratt, Arthur D.
Lane, Albion F.
Lane, Craig I.
Lemay, Paul L.
Lemay, Roland I.
Libby, Alton B.
LoPresti, Vincenzo
Malcolm, Ian
Mathews, Floyd O.
Maynard, George E.
McHaffie, John W., Jr.
Moriarty, John W.
Moriarty, Ruth B.
Neary, Thomas J., Jr.*
Pierson, David T.
Pierson, Dorothy
Pike, Alfred W., Jr.
Pleshaw, Gervin
Purinton, Albert H.*
Purinton, Horace G.
Purinton, Richard G., Jr.
Shaw, Bertram F.
Springer, George
Stafford, Merlyn
Stafford, William P.
Taylor, Theron S., Jr.
Tetreault, Richard J.
Tinney, Margaret J.
Trudell, William
Turner, Arthur
Wilson, Raymond W., Jr.

*Killed in Action

Korea and Vietnam

Honoring Combat Veterans of
The Korean and Vietnam Wars


Albee, John C.
Avery, William B.
Lamore, Gilmond
Maynard, Albert E.
Noga, Henry C.
Russell, Edward P.

Tinney, Lawrence S., Jr.
Werner, Lawrence
Willard, Theodore M.
Willis, Allan C.
Wilson, J. Gilbert, Jr.


Adams, Carroll, E., Jr.
Adams, Robert A.
Albee, John C.
Avery, Kirk B.
Bigelow, Stephen P.
Clark, Donald R.
Clark, Robert F., Jr.
Coli, William M.
Cremins, John M.
Falandes, Peter M.
Fitzroy, Robert A.
Gambill, William R.
Harris, Edward R., III
Henderson, Timothy K.
Hyer, Thomas A.
Hyer, Trice D.
Kenney Fred C.
King, Edward J.

Lamore, Alven R.
Lamore, S. James
Lanoue, Peter A.
Neill, Keith F.
Purinton, Brian C.
Rice, David S.
Roberts, Harold H.
Shields, David E.
Smith, David V.
Smith, Douglas D.
Smith, Stephen A.
Stafford, William H.
Streeter, Raymond C.
Streeter, William F.
Thomson, Raymond
Tower, Lawrence G.
Zukowski, John P., Jr.

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Military Service between 1950-1999

In Memory of the Men and Women of Charlemont, Who Proudly Served in the
Armed Forces of the United States, Around the World from 1950 to 1999 A.D.

Albee, John C.
Angeli, Leo S.
Annear, Cyrus C., Jr.
Atwater, John M.
Avery, John C.
Avery, Kirk B.
Avery, Peter H.
Avery, William B.
Bellows, Cecil G., Jr.
Bliss, Verne E.
Blakeslee, Duane H.
Blakeslee, Howard E.
Brant, William B.
Breen, George H.
Breen, James D.
Breen Richard H.
Burnett, John U.
Burdick, Norman A.
Burdick, Ralph E.
Burdick, Robert C.
Cetto, Ernest C.
Cetto, Gene C.
Cetto, Paul D.
Clark, Edwin R.
Clark, Walter E.
Crowningshield, Pamela J.
Dean, Brian F.
Dean, Ronald M.
Dunlop, Leslie R., Jr.
Falandes, Andrew H.
Falandes, Peter M.
Feder, David H.
Fitzroy, Bradley A.
Fitzroy, Robert A.
Gilbert, Scott J.
Godzina, Joseph P.
Gray, Carlton L.

Harker, Mason E., Jr.
Harris, Edward R.
Hathaway, Gordon F.
Hathaway, Kenneth N.
Heist, Hilda A.
Heist, James D.
Henderson, John T.
Henderson, Timothy K.
Hyytinen, Daniel
Hyytinen, Michael R.
Jillson, Douglas R.
Jubinville, Gerald W.
King, Edward J.
Lamore, Alvin R.
Lamore, Chester J.
Lamore, Gilbert J.
Lamore, Gilmond
Lanoue, Peter A.
Lyman, Frank O., Jr.
Lyman, Stephen B.
Lynch, Mary B.
MacLean, Wallace S.
Maynard, Albert E.
Maynard, Earl O., Jr.
Maynard, John W.
Maynard, John W., Jr.
Nugent, Deric S.
Palmer, Walter C.
Parker, Sandra A.
Pecore, Merle L.
Pecore, Wayne D.
Porrovecchio, Lewis W.
Pratt, Bruce DE.
Purinton, Brian C.
Purinton, Norman
Purinton, Raymond A.

Racz, Stefan G.
Radasch, Rockwell L.
Rancourt, Sean F.
Raymond, Gary W.
Raymond, Jeffery W.
Raymond, Debra S.
Rice, Jerry R.
Rice, Peter B.
Rice, Robert L.
Sherman, Lawrence A.
Shields, David E.
Shukis, Robert C.
Shumway, Linda L.
Slaunwhite, Donald R.
Slaunwhite, Francis R.
Smith, Douglas D.
Smith, James R., Jr.
Smith, Stephen A.
Stafford, Edward R.
Stafford, William H.
Streeter, John A.
Streeter, Raymond C.
Streeter, William F.
Stetson, Francis R., III
Sumner, Keith A.
Taylor, Douglas A.
Taylor, Herbert C.
Taylor, Robert T.
Tinney, Lawrence S., Jr.
Tower, Kenneth A.
Tower, Lawrence G.
Wagner, Peter A.
Wilbur, Donald E.
Willard, Robert J.
Willard, Theodore M.
Willis, Alan C.
Willis, Gillian J.
Willis, Raymond C.
Wood, Ernest K.

Beaton, Clinton B.
Bennett, David A.
Burnett, David A.
Burnett, Richard W.
Burnett, Paul R.
Crowningshild, Dennis E.

Dickinson, Steaphen G.
Hall, Harrison A.
Jenkins, Michael E.
Jenkins, Richard J.
Lamore, Stanley J.
Lamore, William R.

Mason, David M.
Ovitt, James R.
Shaw, Johnathan R.
Tanner, Wesley D.
Werner, Daniel L.
Werner, Rebecca L.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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