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Honor Roll: 48-98 School Street, Schaghticoke, New York, World War I

Schaghticoke, New York, is a town in Rensselaer County. It flourished during the Industrial Revolution as a mill town.

Schaghticoke, New York, World War I Honor Roll; personal collection

In Memoriam
To those boys of
The Town of Schaghticoke
Who served their country
In the defense of civilization

1917 -- 1919

Albert C. Akin
Walter E. Barber
Clarence Barber
M. Bryan Beechroft
Samuel Bratt
George R. Bolton
Arthur Brundige
Louis Brundige
John Butler*
Silas Card*
John I. Chambers
Ralph W. Chase
H. Hamline Coleman
Charles J. Connolly
Malcolm Connolly
Eugene Coonradt
Stanley H. Cranston#
Dennis Delaney
J. D. DeVoe
Samuel W. Finch
Kerin T. Fitzpatrick
Andrew J. Gatzendorfer
Matthew Green

A. R. Gutbrodt#
Julius Hansen#
Verne V. Heimstreet
Allen R. Herrick
George Herrington
Jacob F. Herrington
Rock B. Jewell
Christian Johansen
Hans A. Johansen
James Kinisky
Thomas Kinisky
Frank Lenihan
Charles J. Lesson
Ezra J. Lesson
John A. Lesson#
Levi L. Lesson
Frank Lewis
Augustus D. Madigan*
Joseph McCabe
George McCardle
Daniel McMahon*
Frank J. O'Connor

Eugene V. Osterhout
George W. Osterhout
Arthur S. Owen
James O. Pecor
Walter G. Ralston
John J. Roberts
Robert M. Sample
Edward M. Searls
William Sipperley
Wilbur M. Simons
Charles J. Slocum
Giles E. Slocum
Frank E. Smith
Paul Speanburg*
James B. Steele
Joseph A. Stewart
C. M. Suboliff
A. J. Turner*
Francis E. Van Buren*
James F. Van Detto
Theodore S. Van Veghten

D. Leslie Van Woert
Harold C. Van Woert
Arthur Viall
Richard Viall
William M. Viall
Charles Waldron*
James J. Waldron
R. J. Walsh
Raymond Warren#
Charles J. Welch
Cyrus E. Wells
Chandler E. Whyland
George D. Wetsel
J. Allen Wiley
George B. Williams
Roscoe E. Wing
Clarence E. Wolfe
Charles A. Woods
Chester Yahn
Harry R. Yates
Ira Yates#
Albert Yattow
Walter Yattow

* Died in service

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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