Thursday, December 20, 2018

Philip Schuyler Country Home in Schuylerville, New York

Philip Schuyler was an American general during the Revolution and a United States Senator from New York. He lived from 1733 to 1804. Schuyler planned the defense of Albany in preparation for British General John Burgoyne's attack, though was replaced by General Horatio Gates for the actual battles. After Burgoyne's second defeat at Saratoga, the British burned Schuyler's summer estate along the Hudson River near a community originally called Saratoga.

Philip Schuyler's country home in Schuylerville, New York; personal collection

After the British surrendered Philip Schuyler hurriedly rebuilt his summer home in just a few weeks. He never liked it as much as the original house and referred to it as his "commodious box." He expanded this estate to tens of thousands of acres, as well as adding slaves, tenant farmers, a store, and mills for flour, flax and lumber. Several schooners were also built near the estate, which sailed on the Hudson.

Throughout Schuyler's life, the house received many famous visitors, including Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and Marquis de Lafayette.

Schuyler House; personal collection

It is now owned by the National Park Service and may be toured during the summer months.

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