Monday, June 10, 2019

Finding Sede (Wood) Dooley: Is She Sally Wood's Aunt?

Thomas Wood, my possible five times great grandfather and grandfather of Sarah "Sally" Wood, my three times great grandmother, died in 1793. Did he serve in the Revolutionary War? I used the Daughters of the American Revolution's (DAR) Genealogical Research Service (GRS) to find out.

DAR GRS Ancestor record for Thomas Wood (c1733-1793); courtesy of

Thomas Wood not only served in the Continental Army under Capt. Joseph Spencer and Capt. Rueben Lipscomb, he furnished supplies to the patriotic cause. Two DAR members joined the lineage society using Thomas Wood as their patriot ancestor. Both women descended from Thomas' daughter, Sede Wood, who married Henry Dooley.

I know that my three times great grandmother, Sarah "Sally" Wood, may have descended from a son of Thomas Wood, so this step in the research process did not break through a brick wall, but it did give me more names to research.

Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-c1884): Has Ancestry's ThruLines Broken a Brick Wall?

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