Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sarah "Sally" Wood (c1792-c1884): Has Ancestry's ThruLines Broken a Brick Wall?

Sarah "Sally" Wood (born about 1792) of Bedford County, Virginia, was my three times great grandmother and is one of my biggest brick walls. When we visited the Bedford Museum and Genealogical Society in October 2018, one of the aides pulled up Sally's marriage bond and consent note. I thought for sure it would put a crack in the wall, but, alas, no. Sally was of legal age to marry and basically gave herself permission to marry Daniel Mitchell.

Later, I was able to download Daniel's War of 1812 pension file and learned more about the couple, including specific death dates, but nothing about Sally's parents.

Several DNA matches are direct descendants of John Blagdon Wood (born about 1791) in Bedford County. I have assumed for a few years that John was a brother, though I have not been successful establishing who his parents were either. A John Wood and John B. Wood are listed in the probate files for Daniel Mitchell's father, Daniel Mitchell, Sr. So there were definitely strong connections between my Mitchell family and a Wood family, but which one?

Bedford County, Virginia Circuit Court Records: Abstracts of Will Book 6,
September 1823 - December 1827, Including Appraisements and Inventories,
Sales and Allotments, page 70; personal collection

A few weeks ago, Ancestry released a major enhancement to their DNA products. Probable common ancestors are identified even if both trees do not include the ancestor as was previously required. I have been spending most of my time using this upgrade to continue descendancy research and validation of the documents I have collected about the families in my tree.

The other part of Ancestry's DNA enhancement was the introduction of ThruLines. When I first explored ThruLines there were many issues, but yesterday there was this gem:

ThruLines for Capt. Thomas Wood IV (1737-1793). Is he Sally's grandfather?
Image courtesy of Ancestry.com

I can't wait to start researching Capt. Thomas Wood!


Daniel Mitchell, Jr. (c1786-1872): Miller, Cooper, Farmer
Daniel Mitchell, Jr. and Sarah "Sally" Wood Marriage Bond and Consent Note

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