Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slaves of John Beard (1705-1780) of Bedford County, Virginia

From time to time I will publish the names of the slaves of my ancestors so they are on the Internet and available to search engines. One day I hope they will help someone break through their slave brick wall.

John Beard was born in Bedford County, Virginia, in 1705 and died in the same county on 26 November 1780. He married Elizabeth Rutherford (1706-1787). His will was dated 20 April 1780 and proved on 24 September 1787. In it he bequeathed several named slaves:

...I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Beard my true and loving wife my negro woman named MOLL during her life and after her death I give and bequeath said wench to my grand-daughter Elizabeth Campbell.

Elizabeth Campbell was the daughter of Archibald Rutherford and John Beard's daughter, Elizabeth.

...I give and bequeath my negro boy SAM to Esabel Boze my grand-daughter

Isabelle (Rutherford) Boze was the daughter of William Rutherford and John Beard's daughter, Agnes. She married Shadrack Boze.

...and my negro boy JACOB I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter Rosannah Russel

Rosannah (Rutherford) Russel or Russell was the daughter of William Rutherford and John Beard's daughter, Agnes, and sister of Isabelle (Rutherford) Boze. She married James Russell.

...I will and bequeath also my negro girl NELL to my grand-daughter Jean Rutherford

Jean Rutherford was the daughter of William Rutherford and John Beard's daughter, Hannah Beard. She was Isabelle (Rutherford) Boze and Rosannah (Rutherford) Russell's half sister. She later married  Robert Russell.

...I likewise bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Beard my negro man DIK


  1. Schalene, so glad that my post Black History Month: The Slaves of James SIMS gave you the idea to do this post! I like the format you used. ~ Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! Your posts about James SIMS were brilliant.

  2. The descendants of these slaves will be very happy with your post. You are going to help so many finally knock down a few brick walls. Thank you.

    1. Here's hoping more people will join the project over the coming years so more information is available to descendants of former slaves.