Friday, September 18, 2015

Pure Coincidence

Pete and I are playing tourist today. This past weekend we were in Detroit, Michigan, where my husband was born and raised. We were there to visit one of his sisters and to photograph the headstones of several ancestors buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery. In preparation, I ran a report from my database of all the people buried in that cemetery. I used the cemetery's website to identify each person's burial location and entered those locations into my report.

When Pete saw the report, he asked how he was related to several people with the surname Chutorash. He thought he recognized two of them, Richard and Ronald, and said they were twins. We looked in my database and, sure enough, Richard and Ronald were twins born on 14 June 1953. Their parents were Gustave Joseph and Margaret (Remington) Chutorash, Jr. It turns out Pete went to Aquinas High School with the Chutorash boys. He brought his 1971 yearbook out and showed me their photographs.

Richard (1953-2014) and Ronald (1953-1999) Chutorash; source personal

So how are my husband and Richard and Ronald Chutorash related? Elmer and Theresia (Fishtahler) Marvin are the grand aunt and uncle of all three classmates though they share no blood relationship.

How my husband and the Chutorash twins are related

What a coincidence!

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