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Honor Roll: Villages of Kinderhook and Valatie, New York, War Memorials

In late September my husband and I spent two weeks in New York near Albany -- he for work and me, well, I played. One day as I was exploring the countryside about 30 minutes south of our hotel, I happened upon two war memorials in the Town of Kinderhook, which is comprised of the Village of Kinderhook and the Village of Valatie.

Village of Kinderhook War Memorial

The war memorial in the Village of Kinderhook is located at the intersection of Broad and Hudson Streets.

War memorial in the Village of Kinderhook; courtesy of Wikipedia

The morning sun played absolute havoc with my desire to get a view of the entire space so I used one from Wikipedia.

World War I memorial tablet; personal collection

In Memoriam

John M. Dahm
Joseph B. Kennedy

Who died in the service of their county and in honor of

Harry G. Cole
Charles S. Collier
Everett Decker
George D. Earll
Harold Fowler
Nathan D. Garnsem
William Gillette
Frank H. Heenem
Walter J. Hill
Arthur Lafferty
Floyd H. Lafferty
James E. O'Reilly
A. Fleming Popham
Lewis C. Popham
Theodore Snyder
Adolf E. Strehler
Daniel J. Tompkins, Jr.
Harry S. Voss
Marvin L. Voss
Raymond A. Winne

Augustus W. Bauer, Jr.

In grateful recognition of their sacrifice and services. This tablet is erected by the citizens of the Village of Kinderhook

Village of Valatie War Memorials

The war memorials in Valatie are across the street from Martin H. Glynn High School on Church Street. When I arrived, one of the village employees was edging and sweeping the park. He wouldn't let me take a any photographs until the park was spotless!

Governor Martin H. Glynn Square; personal collection

World War I

World War I memorial; personal collection

Men of the Village of Valatie who proved their country's worth in the World War

Delmar Berlin*
Harry Klomps*
John McConnell*

Jesse Adriance
J. B. Agar
H. K. Avery
E. J. Beaupre
F. H. Berlin
A. Bring
E.E. Brignull
J. Brignull
F. M. Callan
Lansing Callan
M. Canny
J. E. Cochrane
Harold Cooper
E. R. Crosby
C. B. Cure
F. B. Dayton
E. Decker
Frank Devine
A. R. Dimock
W. H. Dolan
J. Dubois
Jesse Dugan
M. W. Finkle
E. Golden
Rudolph Ham
Thomas W. Ham
F. M. Harder
George Harder
I. M. Harder
Charles Hilton
C. Huyck
John Huyck
G. A. Johnson
James B. Kane
A. A. Kearney
Harold Kerr
John J. Kerr
L. Keruzel
J. J. King
Hollett Knights
Howard Knights
Edward (or Edwin) Lasher
M. . Lasher
Charles Loucks
James Loveday
John Malloy
F. T. Monamara
A. B. Mesick
Charles Mesick
W. W. Millias
M. J. Moriarity
Howard New
Rector Payne
Levi Plass
Floyd Pultz
Andrew Pulwet
P. Purcell, Jr.
F. Root, Jr.
Donald G. Rowe
Percival Rowe
F. C. Sharp
B. P. Shook
J. J. Skinkle
A. Smith
C. Smith
M. S. Smith
H. Stevenson
E. J. Stickles
P. Stickles
C. J. Swint
H. A. Taylor
E. J. Teal
D. D. Tompkins
E. Van Allen
C. Van ALlen
E. Van Buren
G. Van Buren
E. O. Van De Bogart
William Van Zandt
D. Williams
E. Willingham
J. H. Wiltse

The right is more precious than peace. We shall fight for the things we have always carried nearest the hearts. To such a task we dedicate our lives.

World War II

World War II memorial; personal collection

World War II

In honor of all who served and those from Valatie who gave their lives

Warren H. Burnett
Malcolm Cramer
Alfred A. Coons
George H. Dunham
Isaac J. Hoes
Clarence J. Johnson
Nathan Johnson
Arthur Mazal, Jr.
Sherman Mesick
Benjamin Pullen
Claude A. Rothermel
Egbert R. Studd
Fred Van Zandt
John Zimmerman

Dedicated in 1995

Korean War

Korean War tablet; personal collection

Korean War 1950-1953

Dedicated to all the men and women who served and those who died from the hostile action (including missing and captured - declared dead)

From Valatie

Clifford S. Johnson

Columbia County

Edward Aiken
William H. Doss
Donal McNaughton
Joe M. Panaro
Richard M. Powell
Anthony Nicowski
Clarence Corby, Jr.
Albert Jayo
Norman W. Schneidt

Vietnam War

Vietnam War memorial; personal collection

In honor of the Vietnam Veterans of Valatie, NY
Especially SP4 Roger J. Mazal

Who made the ultimate sacrifice
March 7, 1969

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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