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The Ogden Sisters

Silas Ogden was a Civil War veteran from Amherst County, Virginia, who married Dollie Davis on 22 October 1872. They had ten children, eight girls and two boys, all lived to adulthood according to the 1910 census. Henry operated a farm in 1880 but by 1900 he had moved his family to Lynchburg and worked as a real estate agent. The family lived at 715 Withers Street in Lynchburg, an address which no longer exists. His wife died 1 July 1901. Per the Virginia Regimental Series, he died on 9 January 1905 in Bedford County. His headstone indicates he died on 18 January. Silas and Dollie were buried at the Ogden Family Cemetery in Amherst County.

Three of those eight Ogden sisters married Jennings men. How were those men related to each other? I think a diagram would explain it better than words:

Diagram illustrating the relationship between the Jennings men who
married the Ogden sisters

You may recall from previous posts about the descendants of John William Jennings, Jr., he was my great great grand uncle, an older brother of Powhatan Perrow Jennings, my great great grandfather.

Annie Hayden Ogden

Annie was born on 14 December 1874 in Amherst County. She moved to Lynchburg with her family and married Keith Parr Jennings there on 19 November 1903. After their marriage Annie returned to Amherst County, where her husband farmed. They had five known children:
  • Dollie Louise Jennings, born 23 August 1904; died 17 July 1905
  • Langhorne Ogden Jennings, born 1 September 1907; died 3 December 1987; married Mary Louise Williams
  • Keith Parr Jennings, Jr., born 31 October 1910; died 15 April 1974; married Mary Elizabeth Sandidge
  • Silas Osborne Jennings, born 24 April 1914; died 13 May 1993; married Mrytle Bruce Sizemore
  • Margaret Jennings, born 25 April 1914; died 9 October 2003; married Charles Davis North
Silas and Margaret were twins!

Keith died on 31 December 1931 in Amherst County. Annie, on 15 November 1952 in Lynchburg. Both were interred at the Spring Hill Cemetery in Lynchburg.

Laura Bessie Ogden

Laura was born about 1877 and has proved to be something of a mystery as no one who has her in their public tree on Ancestry.com has found a record of her death, including me. She married Walter Richard Jennings, a farmer, on 26 December 1898 in Richmond and they had five known children:
  • Hollis Lee Jennings, born 23 November 1899; died 10 August 1984; married Elizabeth Denison Hawks
  • Dolly Dimple Jennings, born 17 February 1901; died 17 January 1952; married Raleigh Edward Templeton
  • Walter Richard Jennings, Jr., born 17 June 1903; died 7 April 1946; married Marjorie Josephine Houchens
  • Laura Bessie Jennings, born 4 August 1905; died 22 July 1999; married William Virgil Hall
  • Theda May Jennings, born 17 February 1907; died 12 January 1999; married Howard Montague Saunders
The last record of Laura I have been able to find is the 1900 census. She, her husband and oldest son lived in Forest, Virginia. Walter lived with his five children alone in 1910 and indicated he was a widower. So my working assumption is Laura died sometime between 1907 and 1910. Walter died on 26 June 1919 at a hospital in Lynchburg. He lived in Boonsboro at the time of his death. He was interred there but a cemetery was not listed on his death certificate.

Mary "Mamie" Louise Ogden

Mamie was born on 9 August 1885 in Amherst County and married James Wilson Jennings on 25 October 1911 at the College Hill Baptist Church in Lynchburg. Like the other Jennings husbands' of her sisters, James was a farmer. The couple raised seven children on the farm. Because two of the children may be living, I will not list them there.

From Amherst County Heritage Book; courtesy of Google Play

Mamie died on 12 October 1970 at Liberty House in Lynchburg. James died on 29 May 1978 at the Virginia Baptist home in Culpeper. Both were interred at Fort Hill Memorial Park in Lynchburg.

One of their daughters contributed a biographical sketch of the family, including this photograph for publication in the Amherst County Heritage Book published in 2000.

I wrote about Walter Richard Jennings last month as part of Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge. The post was entitled The Wife Confusion.

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