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Honor Roll: Lenoir County, North Carolina, World Wars Memorial

The Lenoir County World War I and World War II Monument stands on the left front lawn of the Lenoir County Courthouse in Kinston.

Lenoir County World War I and World War II monument; personal collection

The monument is a marble structure that is placed on a raised pediment base. The center is a vertical rectangle with an eagle etched in the top with outstretched wings. Below the eagle is an inscription.

1917-19                                                                                                           1941-1945
In grateful tribute toward the living and the dead who through their valiant efforts and bitter sacrifice have made America great is this shrine so nobly dedicated.
May God grant that the liberty of mankind which only brave souls win and only vigilance can guard shall live on with greater virility to perpetuate itself for all ages to come.
The sides of the monument are plain marble panels, which are 2-1/2 feet shorter than the center panel. On the left panel are inscribed the names of the Lenoir County citizens who fought in World War I and beginning on the bottom left of the left side panel and the entire right side panel are the names of Lenoir County citizens who fought in World War II.

World War I

Alexander, Edgar P.
Alford, Jesse R.
Brown, Frank R.
Carpenter, Charles W.
Croom, John L.
Grady, John K.
Harris, Pearlie H.
Jackson, Burwell C.
Mercer, Don
Morrison, Price
Parrott, George E., Jr.
Patrick, Leland, A.
Rhodes, Gordon L.
Riggs, Clem M.
Rountree, Joseph D.
Rouse, Herbert
Simmons, Willie
Thomas, Richard L.
Turner, Arthur L.
Tyndall, Mark W.

World War II

Allen, Henry W., Jr.
Baker, Edgar
Baker, James E., Jr.
Banks, Leslie T.
Barefoot, Edward D.
Barfield, Norman L.
Barrow, Charles H.
Brown, Earl. W.
Bryan, Walter C.
Byrd, William H.
Campbell, Alan M.
Carawan, Benaga
Cherry, Guy T., Jr.
Coile, Henry G., Sr.
Collins, Edward G.
Core, Harvey E., Jr.
Cox, Lewis E.
Crawford, Zeno
Creel, Darrow R.
Cunningham, Elwood V.
Daniels, Charles A. Jr.
Daughety, David L.
Daughety, William H.
Davis, Clarence F.
Dawson, Ronald
Deans, Clarence F.
Duggins, Henry D., Jr.
Elmore, Richard
Eubanks, Ray E.
Farmer, W. Wilson
Farrior, Joe P.
Fennel, Leonard
Foss, Joshua D.
Fowel, Roy M.
Fuquay, George L.
Franks, David
Gerrans, Alfred M. Jr.
Gorham, Jennings
Gower, Waldon H.
Haddock, Albert R.
Hall, Odell
Hardison, Earl L.
Hardison, Vernon P.
Hardy Stephen P., III
Harper, Abe C.
Harrison, Gordon
Hart, Eddie
Hicks, James M.
Hill, Mark D.
Hill, Milton
Hill, Marion Ray
Holland, Ace W.
Holland, James R.
Holloman, Andrew J.
Hoskins, Richard
Howard, James S.
Hughes, Allen H.
Hunt, William H.
Hyland, Frank T.
Jenkins, Charles M.
Johnson, Arda J.
Johnson, Edward E.
Kellum, William F.
Kennedy, Headla H.
Kennedy, Joseph W.
King, Enit B.
Langston, Robert G.
Lee, Rex E.
Lawson, Cleo
Malpass, Elbert L.
Manning, Carl L.
Mewborne, Lemuel J.
Moore, Amos
Moore, Joseph L.
Moore, Leavy J.
Myers, John, W.
McDevitt, Charles W.
Newell, James T.
Newsome, J. P.
O'Neal, Joseph D.
Palm, Dale
Parish, Maylon
Pearce, James W.
Perry, Johnnie D.
Phillips, Elijah
Plymouth, Meldred L.
Porter, John L.
Price, Charles M.
Ransom, James E.
Rochelle, Liston L.
Rouse, John T.
Sanderson, Burrell W.
Sawyer, Paul
Seydel, Harry L.
Shute, J. W., Jr.
Smith, Willard
Speight, General
Stallings, Harry
Stanley, Edward E.
Suddreth, Wade
Suggs, Arvel L., Jr.
Suggs, Grady E.
Suggs, Paul W.
Sutton, Alfred
Sutton, Lee
Sutton, Owen W.
Taylor, Dan
Thompson, Robert L.
Turnage, Johnnie J.
Turner, Ralph M.
Tyndall, Thurman
Tyree, John R.
Wallace, Harry L.
Waters, Hubert R.
Webber, William H.
West, George L.
White, Furnie
Willett, Charles W.
Williams, Benjamin E.
Williams, E. Elbert
Williams, Junius H.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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