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Honor Roll: City of Cohoes (First Ward), New York, War Memorials

The City of Cohoes, New York, is in Albany County and is called Spindle City due to its importance in the textile manufacturing during the 19th century. The city is located where the Mohawk River joins the Hudson River at Cohoes Falls.

Early illustration of Cohoes Falls by Pehr Kalm, c1772; image courtesy of

After spending a day on the Erie Canal and Mohawk River, Pete and I decided to drive to Cohoes and view the falls.

Cohoes Falls today; personal collection

As we drove through Cohoes, I noticed a small park with war memorials listing the veterans of the First Ward of Cohoes, who served our country during World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War.

Died in service to their country during World War I;
personal collection

Dedicated by the Cohoes Power & Light Corporation
November 11, 1926
To the boys of the 4th District First Ward who served their county in the 1914 -- World War -- 1918

Died in service October 1918

Briere, Alphonse*
Briere, Joseph*

Allen, Frank
Babbitt, William
Bailey, Charles
Belanger, Thomas
Berthiaume, Gaspard
Boudreau, Amos
Brandt, Frank
Bressette Charles
Brisson, Joseph
Campbell, Phillip
Conboy, Stanley
Conboy, William
Contois, Gilbert
Daley, Lester
Demarais, Telesphore
Deno, Joseph
Deno, Peter
Deschamps, Ernest
Garbeau, Romeo
Gagnon, Joseph
Gilbert, Joseph
Graves, Herbert
Hall, William
Keefe, Daniel
LaJeunnesse, Arthur
LaJeunnesse, Thaddeus
Lamora, Joseph
Lavigne, John
Lavigne, William
Lester, William
Margil, Marsel
Marsolais, Arthur
Mayell, Egbert
Mighaud, Gaspard
Morin, Albert
Murray, Peter
O'Glaid, Adelhard
O'Glaid, Thomas
Peltier, William
Plughrose, Charles
Quigley, Thomas
Rigney, James
Saddler, Henry
Semez, Armand
Sullivan, John L.
Therriet, Robert
Williams, Edward

World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1941-1945)

World War I and World War II tablets; personal collection

Ashworth, John B.
Ashworth, Leslie B.
Billargeon, Vela P.*
Barna, George
Bellrose, Bernard
Bellrose, Louis G.
Bernard, Raymond L.
Bertrand, Frank
Borden, Alfred N.
Borden, Raymond J.
Borden, Wilfred J.
Bouchard, Andrew
Bourassa, Wilfred
Bourdeau, Alcide
Bourdeau, Amos
Bourdeau, Joseph
Bourdeau, Treffley
Bourgeois, William
Bourrassa, Clarence*
Bousquiet, Fred E.
Boyus, Henry
Bradshaw, Matt
Bressette, Charles
Bressette, Wilfred E.
Brisson, George
Brooks, John
Bruneau, Charles
Bruneau, Raymond
Bruneau, Wilfred
Burns, Arthur
Burns, Leo J.
Burns, Robert P.
Burns, William J.*
Clermont, Albert J.
Collier, Arthur
Cotch, Victor
Cunningham, Edward J.
Daigneault, Alfred
Daigneault, Francis
Daigneault, George
Daigneault, Henry H.
Daigneault, William
Dalpe, Edward
Dalpe, Emile
Dalpe, Hector, Jr.
Dalpe, Leo
Dalpe, Walter
Dalpe, Wilfred
Demarais, William
Denenny, James H.*
Deno, Lloyd E.
Des Champs, Ernest F.
Des Champs, Leo J.
Des Ruisseau, Albert
Dingley, Franklin E.
Dudar, Michael
Dudar, Peter
Dupont, Earl E.
Durrant, John
Durrant, Thomas
Durocher, Eugene E.
Elliott, Charles
Erno, Raymond J.
Faniff, Donald
Flavin, Donald
Flavin, Harold
Flavin, John
Flavin, Robert
Flavin, Stanley
Fleury, Edgar
Gagnon, George
Garceau, Eugene J.
Garceau, George J.
Garceau, Henry J.
Garrett, Waren
Gaston, Richard P.*
Genest, Joseph R.
Gibbs, Alan
Gibbs, Harold
Goyette, Alfred J.
Goyette, Ernest
Granchamps, Lawrence
Grogan, Allen
Grogan, Emmett
Grogan, Kenneth
Grogan, William, Sr.
Guzek, John
Guzek, Frank
Guzek, Theodore
Gwinn, John F.
Hammell, Eugene
Helnarski, Joseph
Helnarski, Michael
Helsin, Raymond
Holmes, John B.
Huneau, Armand*
Huneau, David
Huneau, Enmond
Jadlos, Peter
Jourdanais, Thomas
Juneau, Henry H.
Juneau, Rose, WAAC
Kanser, Albert J.
Kanser, Andrew J., Jr.
Kanser, John J.
Keado, Clarence
Keado, Conrad
Keefe, Daniel C.
Kelly, Frank J.
Kennedy, Edward J.
Kennedy, Frank X.
Kennedy, William*
La Plante, Joseph A.
La Rose, Arthur L.
La Rose, Joseph

World War I and World War II tablets; personal collection

La Rose, Leo
La Valley, Alfred
Lacombe, Stephen
Langlais, Louis
Langlais, Roland
Laueunesse, Rudolph
Laueunesse, Wilfred
Lavigne, Edmond T.
Lavigne, Francis J.
Lavigne, Leonard
Lavin, Frank.
Le Blanc, George
Le Blanc, Wilfred H.
Le Calir, Arthur J.
Lefebvre, Phillip J.
Lefebvre, Raymond*
Le May, George G.
Le May, Omer G.*
Le May, Raymond
Le May, Robert
Le May, Wilfred
Lemanna, Victor
Le Que, Donald
Le Que, John
Lonczak, Edward
Lonczak, Henry M.
Lonczak, Walter
Lose, Chester
Louprette, Alfred
Louprette, Dominic
Malo, Alfred
Maloney, Francis T.
Marcil, Charles J.
Marcil, Theodore J.
Marsolais, Francis X.
Marsolais, Hubert H.
Marsolais, Roland J.
Matava, Charles
Maycook, Alfred J., Jr.
Mayo, William, Jr.
Mazur, Joseph*
McCarthy, John
McDonald, John
McGill, Grant
McGill, Jack, Sr.
McGrath, Thomas, Sr.
Minbiole, Louis J.
Morris, Edward G.
Morris, Leo A.
Morris, Peter J.
Murray, John A.
Murray, Peter A.
Nailor, William
Molan, Raymond
Molan, William
O'Day, Gerald, Sr.
O'Neil, Paul E.
Owens, Charles
Pilo, John
Plouffe, Armand
Plouffe, Edward I.
Plouff, Alfred
Plouff, Edward G.
Plouff, Henry
Primeau, Leo
Priznar, John
Proctor, Arch J.
Proctor, Lloyd
Remillard, Isidore
Richard, Ernest
Ridgewat, Harry
Rioux, Joseph
Rock, Michael
Rock, William
Roy, Bernard
Roy, James
Roy, Raymond
Sapatic, Michael
Searles, Leslie P.
Serszanowicz, M.
Shea, James, Sr.
Sheridan, John J.
Sklaryk, Joseph
Snay, Edward J., Jr.
Sidur, John
Snyder, Edward
Soulier, Francis P.
St. Onge, Urban
Staring, Charles
Staring, Robert H.
Stemsky, John
Stemsky, Michael
Stensky, Peter
Stokes, William H.
Taylor, Harry A.
Therien, Joseph L.
Thyot, Armond R.
Tokarz, John
Trudeau, John
Tunny, John
Walsh, John
Wasenko, John
Ward, William A., 3rd
White, Francis E.
White, Kenneth J.
Wright, Charles
Wrobel, Thomas F.
Zarnick, Lloyd A.
Zudnyc, John

Langlais, William
Daigneault, Leo P.
Flynn, Kenneth F.*
Frament, Paul Stanley*

Korea (1950-1953)

Korea and Vietnam tablets; personal collection

Andrews, Matthew P.
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, William
Arndt, John F., Jr.
Arndt, Charles
Beaulac, Leon
Bertrand, Charles
Bertrand, Joseph
Bertrand, Paul
Bourdeau, Robert*
Brennan, James P.
Bressette, David S.
Buchanan, Ronald
Burton, John T.
Burton, Robert F.
Carpenter, James J.
Champagne, William J.
Dingley, Joseph
Durocher, Arthur
Durocher, John G.
Farron, Peter
Farron, Ray
Farron, Robert
Fonda, Francis
Grogan, Gerald
Guzek, Anthony
Guzek, Henry
Herbert, William
Hobbs, Alton
Hogan, John S.
Jacques, Charles
Jacques, David
Janowski, Raymond
Jarusek, Donald
Keado, Vivian A.
Keegan, Frank
Keegan, Jack
Kennedy, Michael J.
Lajuenesse, Arthur
Laplante, Frank
Lavin, James
Le Blanc, Francis
Le May, Ernest*
Le May, Leo S.
Le May, Robert T.
Lecuyer, Robert J.
Lecuyer, William A.
Legnard, Matthew H.
Le Que, Jack
Le Que, WIlliam G.
Lockwood, John
Marinucci, Emmett
McCarthy, Donald
McCarthy, Edward
McCarthy, Joesph
McCarthy, Leo
McDonald, Skip
Owens, Jack
Rigney, Alan
Rigney, Robert
Rioux, George
Rioux, John
Savaria, William
St. Onge, Frank
St. Onge, Vincent
Walsh, John
Waryncia, John C.
Wysocki, John

Vietnam (1966-1975)

Arndt, Terrence D.
Aubin, Allen F.
Borden, Eugene C.
Broderick, James
Buchanan, James
Burns, David
Cepiel, Donald M.
Cepiel, Edward R.
Connelly, Brian
Craner, Robert
Dalpe, Edward, Jr.
Dingley, Martin
Doemel, John
Evans, Stafford, Jr.
Faniff, Thomas
Frazier, Timothy, Jr.*
Gaudette, Wayne
Grogan, William, Jr.
Grudecki, Tom
Heslin, Raymond W.
Hinds, David
Hinds, Kenneth
Hinds, William
Hogan, Daniel J.
Hogan, John A.
Humik, Joseph
Jadlos, Peter
Jadlos, Richard
Kehn, David J.
Killian, Charles
Kramek, Joseph L.
Le May, Raymond W., Jr.
Lockrow, Dennis, Jr.
Longtin, Alfred
Mainville, Richard
Maloney, William
Maney, James
Macil, Theodore, Jr.
Masse, Robert P.
Matava, Charles
McDonough, Brian
McDonough, Patrick
McGill, James, Jr.
Murray, Thomas J.
Myers, William D.
Nolan, Raymond C.
O'Brien, William
Rayn, Gerald
Shea, Bill
Santspree, Andrew
Santspree, Arthur
Santspree, John
Santspree, Paul
Santspree, Roy
Savaria, James
Snay, Eugene G.
Szozda, Michael
Szozda, Stephen
Wiwczar, Michael, Jr.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.


  1. There are some citizens that served and are recognized on the memorial, by the city of Cohoes that are mit listed in this blog. Can we submit names and have an update published
    The article is wonderful!

    1. Yes, absolutely I'll update the post. I'm sorry I missed the names in the first place. Please let me know the names and in which war they fought. Send the information to psd11719 @ (no spaces). Thank you for bringing this to my attention and helping me correct it.

  2. My Dad John Murphy lived on Richmond St. (not sure what ward that was). He served in the Navy during WWII.

    Judy Murphy Burns

    1. Judy, The City of Cohoes dedicated a new Veterans Memorial Park last November on Veterans Day. They moved some monuments from other locations in the city and added some new ones. There is one for World War II that includes a J.E. Murphy. Perhaps this was your father? I'll be publishing photographs and the names on May 17, 2018 as part of my Memorial Day commemoration.