Saturday, November 5, 2016

Honor Roll: St. Joseph's Parish World War I Memorial Plaque

St. Joseph's Slovak Roman Catholic Church, at the intersection North Laurel and West 6th Streets in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, was organized in 1882 by the Reverend Ignatius Jasovic, pioneer Slovak Catholic priest. St. Joseph's parish is the oldest Slovak Roman Catholic Parish in the Western Hemisphere. Parishioners came from Slovakia, bringing little with them in the way of material possessions, except their faith in God, and many worked in the area's anthracite coal mines.

On the grounds of the church is a statue with an honor roll plaque commemorating the service of parishioners during World War I.

St. Joseph's Parish World War Memorial; photograph courtesy of Kevin W.


Honor Roll of St. Joseph's Parish
Rev. Leo Kroner, Pastor
Killed in action

Safranko, Andrew
Slavick, John J.
Beckley, Stephen A.
Cundra, Joseph J.
Dill, J. J.
Gullick, Joseph
Hama, J. J.
Hudak, J. A.
Kaschak, J. J.
Marinko, John
Surmik, John A.
Velchko, Michael
Yurovchak, John J.
Bartek, Joseph T.
Bendick, John J.
Bellas, Joseph J.
Barovsky, Charles
Beechaj, John
Baranko, Michael
Brooks, Michael
Bozvaj, Paul
Dusik, Rudolph
Dusik, Robert
Dohanyos, Stephen
Demchik, John C.
Dobrilovsky, John
Forgach, Michael
Gasper, Michael
Hama, Michael S.
Halza, John T.

Hudak, George
Holodik, George Z.
Hanosov, George
Kaschak, Michael J.
Kaschak, Michael
Kubinshin, John
Kochik, Charles
Kolesar, George
Ludsky, Michael F.
Marinko, Joseph
Mikula, George
Michko, Michael
Markovich, Andrew
Movotny, George J.
Natafalussy, Alexander
Nitka, Joseph T.
Ondeck, Joseph
Poplak, John J.

Petrich, John
Podeshva, John
Prusak, George
Rusinko, Peter
Rybarchak, John
Stefanek, Michael
Slebodnik, John
Slivka, Joseph
Smolen, Stephen M.
Schmutzer, Joseph
Schmutzer, Charles
Schmutzer, Emil
Schmutzer, Alexander
Skurka, Michael F.
Tomko, Joseph
Tomko, George
Verchimak, John
Yurishikovic, Joseph
Zamiska, Joseph G.
Bartek, Anna, Nurse
[Erected] 1923

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.


  1. A wonderful contribution to the memorial project. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you, Janice. My husband and I really enjoy participating in the Honor Roll Project.