Sunday, February 10, 2013

Body Mutilated, Crushed and Cut

Death certificates are pretty informative documents. You can usually find out the person's father's name, their mother's maiden name, cause of death and other wonderful details. But it's a shock to read:

       "Dead when examined. Body multilated, crushed and cut by train running over him."

Edmund Linwood Womack Death Certificate

Let me explain. Edmund Linwood Womack is my father's uncle by marriage.  He married Leta Vernon Jennings in 1906 in Roanoke, Virginia. He was a conductor on the railroad for over 30 years. He left great Aunt Leta with six children, the youngest was 14 when Edmund was killed.

I thought it was also interesting the medical examiner used a State of Tennessee form, marked out Tennessee and typed in South Carolina. Edmund did die near Spartanburg, South Carolina, but I thought it was unusual that he didn't have the correct form with him at the time. 

Edmund and Leta Womack are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, which is located in Erwin, Unicoi, Tennessee.

Evergreen Cemetery


  1. I am Edmund Linwood Womack's granddaughter. Could the author of this article send to me any vital statistics of Edmund or my grandmother Leta Vernon Jennings Womack. I have alot on their parents; but almost nothing on my own grandparents. This tragic accident was very hard on my gramma.
    Thanks, Ms Womack