Saturday, November 28, 2015

Heirlooms: Designing a Room for Heirlooms

We extensively renovated the middle section of our home in 2011 through 2013. Part of that project included modernizing a half bathroom, or powder room, near the family room and kitchen. About the time I was designing the room, Mom decided to sell their house. So I brought several much cherished items home with me, including a painting my very talented mother created, which hung for many years in the dining room of their home. I designed the powder room as a showcase for Mom's painting -- a room for heirlooms!

I actually designed this bathroom twice. The first time, a few years before the work actually started. I only got as far as a concept board, which illustrated my conceptual ideas, before losing interest or life got in the way. I can't really remember why the project never got off the ground.

Mood board with my original thoughts on designing the half bathroom;
personal collection

The wallpaper included maps of states. I still love it as it was so relevant for me. I LOVE maps and managed a team of research analysts who monitored the technology environment of state and local governments. But when I brought Mom's painting home I knew the design had to change.

Mom's painting was a copy of one her sister purchased when their family was stationed in Iran. Mom sure did love that painting. And so do I -- so much I designed a room around it. Different wallpaper, tile and granite were selected to match the colors of Mom's artwork.

Mom's painting prior to hanging; personal collection 

The room also includes two silhouettes of my husband's parents and of him as a little boy. I just love them. The one of his parents was done while on vacation at Disney Land; so you never know from where that future heirloom will come.

Silhouettes of members of the Dagutis family; personal collection

Jeanne Byran Insalaco, author of Everyone Has a Story, challenged fellow geneabloggers to write about their family heirlooms during the month of November.

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  1. I love that painting your mom did! As soon as I saw the sillouhette's, you reminded me of something, I'll not say right now. Loved your heirloom story.