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Honor Roll: Alexandria, Virginia, George Washington High School

There is a World War II Honor Roll for former George Washington Middle School students who lost their lives during World War II. When the school opened in 1935 it was a high school and consolidated two former schools into one. In 1971 in the wake of integration, the City of Alexandria reassigned all high school juniors and seniors to T. C. Williams and freshmen and sophomores to Francis C. Hammond and George Washington. In 1979 grades 7-9 were added to the student population and the schools became middle schools. Later, grade 6 was added.

George Washington High School World War II Honor Roll;
courtesy of Mak Bruton

World War II

George Washington High School

to the
Memory of
Those of
Our Boys Who
Served in
World War II
And Did Not
Come Back

Erected by the
Graduating Classes
1943, 1944
1945, 1946, 1947

Harlan Eugene Amandus
Alphus Eugene Arthur
Edward Ralph Barclay
Eugene A. Barry
Elmer R. Bartlett
Elwin Irving Brawner, Jr.
Robert Phillip Brawner
Frank Dudley Cahill
Donald G. Covey
Dabney M. Cruikshank
Douglas R. Drake
William Francis Deeton
George Frances DuFrane, Jr.
Charles Alvin Dunm
Ralph W. Fleming
Samuel Hobart Fleming, Jr.
Joseph M. Gay, Jr.David Lester Gillett
Robert B. Gills, Jr.
Joseph Leonard Goodrich
Charles Herbert Grimm
J. D. Guill
Robert Hatfield
Carlin G. King
Israel Kleinman
James Sinclair MacLean, Jr.
John Duvall May
Hirst Mayes
Richard McGowan
Robert Dunn McIlwrine
Samuel Haslett Meeks
John B. Myers
Archie  Baynes Norford
Milton Rand Norton, Jr.
Winfred Amos Perrson
Herbert Joseph Petrello
Edmund Hunt Roberts, Jr.
Robert Rumshin
George William Rutledge
Stewart Delaney Saffelle
Lyman Stephen Schlesser
Charles Thomas Scott
Ossie F. Snellings
Joseph Anthony Tull
Earl N. Tutt
Benjamin J. Vos, Jr.
Lifford Henry Wayland
Raymond Carlyle Wood
Charles E. Woodruff

The name have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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