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Honor Roll: Town of East Granby, Connecticut, South Main Street & Memorial Drive

East Granby was first settled by Europeans in 1664. It was incorporated in 1858. The first copper mine in America was located in East Granby and it later became Old Newgate Prison, a Revolutionary War jail and the first state prison in the U.S. in 1790.

World War I

Town of East Granby, Connecticut, South Main Street
& Memorial Drive, World War I Honor Roll;
personal collection

East Granby
Roll of Honor
World War

Christian H. Ahrens
George H. Ahrens
Rena Ahrens
Stanley Bazyk
Charles W. Bishop
Eugene Bolden
Stanly Boultrish
Steve Brozatsky
Harry Whitehead Case
Coulter M. Cook
Richard M. Davis
Wilbert W. Denslow
John A. Eagleson
Frank Farrell*
Jesse G. Farren
Douglas Merrell Gay
Simon Gualewski
William Harris
Ralph H. Hemenway
Owen E. Johnson
Frank Kamiensky
Adam Kiniski
Michael Kleacha
Jasper LaFleur
Michael Letcher
George D. Lloyd
Frank Magoski
William Maxwell
Joseph May
Charles McCray
James R. Miller
George Molosky
Myron S. Pease, Jr.
Ernest A. Peters
John Ocinnae
James A. Sailor
Frank Schremon
Chester R. Seymour
Clarence W. Seymour
Kenneth M. Seymour
Percy M. Seymour
Herbert R. Sharp
John F. Sweeney
Asa Paul Thompson
George Winslow Tucker
Fred W. Viets
James F. Viten
Lily Watts

World War II

Town of East Granby, Connecticut, South Main Street
and Memorial Drive, World War II Honor Roll;
personal collection

East Granby
Roll of Honor
World War II

Aldrich, Howard E.
Alexander, George
Archambault, Lloyd L.
Barnes, George F.
Bartkus, Edward A.
Bartkus, Ernest F.
Bartkus, Ferdinand*
Bates, William E., Jr.*
Bazyk, David F.
Bishop, Roy
Bracket, Leland M.
Bracket, Vernon M.
Brazaitis, Frank A.
Brazaitis, Peter P.
Bruce, James L.
Burke, Louie C.
Bernell, Charles F.
Burns, James H.
Castle, Basil C.
Castle, Ernest H.
Castle, George E.
Castle, Herbert R.
Castle, Robert W.
Cheney, Alvin
Clifford, Jack
Cowles, Bertram H.
Cowles, Spencer W.
Curtis, Raymond L.
De Gray, Douglas F.
De Gray, Chester M.
De Gray, Earl H.
De Gray, Lorston B.
De Gray, Wesley J.*
De Gray, Winfield S.
Dobruck, Walter V.
Dolson, Claude V.
Doody, Thomas D.
Dorman, Irvin T.
Douglas, Robert F.
Dyjak, Joseph J.
Famms, Hilda F.
Farley, Leslie F.
Farrell, Robert H., Jr.
Faron, Bernard W.
Fontaine, Armond A., Jr.
Fontiar, Albert C.
Fox, James
Franke, Robert C.
Frick, Otto
Galbrice, Frank S.
Geilbrt, Harry P.
Goddette, Clarence N.
Hanger, Frank A.
Hill, Walter D.
Holden, Samuel J.
Hudson, Harry
Jameson, Nathaniel R.
Jensen, Herbert H.
Jock, Donald L.
Johnson, Clyde
Kaiser, Charles A.
Krips, Archie E.
Krock, Theodore L.
Lucavich, Anthony J.
Lucavich, John F.
LaFountaine, Carl
Lampson, Albert W.
Lapine, Alfred A.
La Plant, Paul H.
LaTonie, Victor
Leathem, Thomas H.
Le Mire, Alfred J.
Le Mire, Henry
Lipinski, Joseph W.*
Lipinski, Mary R.
Liss, Edward
Maurice, Joseph F.
Mayville, Bernard
McGuire, Francis M.
McGuire, John J.
McGuire, Joseph E.
McGuire, Martin B.
Merz, George E.
Mickiavich, Vincent W.
Millea, Edward D.
Miller, Daniel W.
Misiak, Albert Jr.
Misiak, Joseph A.
Modzeleski, Edward F.
Modzeleski, Henry L.
Moar, Fred T.
Mulamouzeus, George L.
Myette, William H., Jr.
Nicholson, Irving H.
Nicholson, William J., Jr.
Oksys, Alex C.
Olden, Fred A., Jr.
Olingsy, Peter
Osluno, Axel C.
Padelskas, Anthony B., Jr.
Padelskas, Joseph P.
Padelskas, Leon M.
Patch, Louis R.
Peters, Edward L.
Power, Agustin F., Jr.
Russell, George A.
Rutowicz, Stanley
Salvatore, Louis M.
Sanford, Frederick F.
Scruse, Herman L.
Scruse, Rollin
Sharris, Stanley V.
Sosneski, Walter H.
Southworth, Robert J.
Stone, Frank M.
Swanson, Stanley R.
Talbot, Everett W., Jr.
Taylor, Norman John
Tobin, Donald*
Trzcinske, Stanley
Versurah, Vincent V.
Viets, Kenneth W.
Viets, Robert L.
Viets, Sterling H.
Viets, Tomas W.
Viets, Warren A.
Wheeler, Russell L.
Wheelock, Lewis A.
Williams, Willis J.
Woodworth, Richard B.
Zera, Constantine L.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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