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Honor Roll: Town of Monterey, Massachusetts: World War I Honor Roll

The Town of Monterey, Massachusetts, was first settled by colonists in 1739 as part of Housatonic Township Number One. The town was officially incorporated in 1767 as Tyingham and came to be known as Green Woods or south Tyingham to avoid confusion with Tyingham, the other town in the township. In 1847 residents voted to name the town Monterey to commemorate the Battle of Monterey that took place earlier in the year in the Mexican-American War. The main attraction in Monterey is the Bidwell House Museum.

On the grounds of the town library is a stone with a plaque affixed which lists the names of the men from Monterey who served in what was then called the Great War and now is better known as World War I.

World War I Honor Roll, Monterey, Massachusetts; personal collection

World War I

Monterey Roll of Honor

Harold B. Benedict
John H. Bills
William C. Brett
Clarence P. Eihhorn
Charles O. Enoe
Herbert S. Enoe
John E. Everitt
George W. Everitt
Alton M. Gregory
Joseph H. Johnson
Clinton W. Keyes
George Moulthrop
Irwin H. Rogers
Harry T. Scott
Arthur D. Smith
Jared B. Thomson
A. Wallace Tryon
Delmor J. Tryon
J. Munson Twing
Sauel Wenglinsky


This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

(Names have been alphabetized by surname.)

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