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Honor Roll: Town of Bloomfield, Connecticut, Town Green

The Town of Bloomfield is in Hartford County, Connecticut. Today, it is mostly a bedroom community of the City Hartford. It was originally settled by Europeans in 1660 in Wintonbury Parish. It was incorporated as the Town of Bloomfield in 1835.

Bloomfield, Connecticut, Town Green; courtesy of Wikicommons

There are several other memorials on the town green we did not photograph. The Civil War monument had these words inscribed:

The Town of Bloomfield
Dedicates this Memorial
To the 129 Men Who Signed to
Serve in the Union Army
During the Civil War 1861-1865
A Grateful Town Thanks Them
Dedicated Memorial Day
May 28, 2012

The Korean War monument had these words inscribed:

Korean War Memorial

Dedicated to the Memory of
Those Who Served for America
As Part of a United Nations
Team to Establish a
Foothold for Democracy at
The Thirty-Eighth (38th)
Parallel in Korea

Special Attention is
Given to Those Who
Gave Their Lives
While Performing Duties
For the United States
Armed Forces between
1950 and 1953

Peace Together

Bloomfield World War I Honor Roll, Town Green;
personal collection

World War I

Roll of Honor
Town of Bloomfield
World War

Harry Emanuel Johnson*
Patrick J. Lane, Jr.*
Willard Delmont Mason*

Alfred Arndt
Philip A. Auben
Raymond H. Barnard
Arthur G. Beebe
Rev. Howard W. Benedict
Harold F. Bidwell
Tudor W. Bradley
William Breining
Clifford O. Butler
Rocco Casullo
Frank Cawte
Ernest A. Christ
Harold C. Christ
Patrick Connors
Horace Cox
Prince A. Davis
Anthony DeGotis
Martin R. Dexheimer
Edward A. Dumas
Charles R. Duncan
Howard A. Filley
Luther H. C. Gibson
Joseph M. Gorton
Robert H. Guilmartin
William H. Hadden
Kenneth R. Haley
Edward A. Hansen
Frederick F. Herbek
Herman C. Hertzsch
John J. Hood, Jr.
James Jamieson
William A. Jamieson
Harry P. Johnson
Henry O. Johnson
John O. Johnson
Oliver I. Johnson
Arthur F. Joyce
Thomas H. Joyce, Jr.
John G. Kastner
Norwood H. Keeney
Waldo W. Kendall
Charles E. Kingwell
Tony Lapinski
Thomas L. Leary
William J. Loughlin
Rev. Winfield S. Manship
George Marks
Michael Murray
William E. Miller
 Arthur J. Nash
William L. Nash
Edward J. O'Connor
Frank A. Partridge
Charles E. Peniston
Leon E. Perry
Rederick E. Pinney
Gionfreddo Polo
Paul L. Putnam
Samuel J. Putnam
Hrry M. Rathbun
William Reiner
Rev. Emile P. A. Replate, M.S.
Amos L. Rhoades
Stanley L. Rooke
John H. Scudder
Alfred J. Simpson
George F. Smith
Henry A. Smith
Reginald W. Smith
Albert C. Snyder
Joseph D. Staph
Clyde R. Stickles
Martin Stukyhka
Llewellyn A. Tobie
Harry L. Traver
Joseph Trewasky
Willis J. Turner
Gilbert C. Walters
LeRoy B. Watkins
James G. White
Claude L. Williams
Owens C. Wolfe
Edna A. Woodford
Harold L. Woodford
Benjamin H. York
Herbert York
John H. York
Raymond A. York
Anthony Zack

Town of Bloomfield Vietnam War Honor Roll, Town
Green; personal collection

Vietnam War

Vietnam Veterans Monument

George C. Kosovich, Jr., 11-1-65
Edward L. Bieber, 10-23-67
Robert S. Bagnall, 1-13-68
David H. DeForge, 3-8-69
Barry Jackson, 3-18-69

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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