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Honor Roll: Scott County, Virginia, Gate City High School

Scott County, Virginia, formed in 1814 from parts of surrounding counties, is just north Kingsport, Tennessee, and south of West Virginia. It's about as far away from where I live and still be in the same state. Gate City is the county seat and the Gate City High School, a public school, was built in 1956. On an exterior wall of the school is a plaque commemorating the service of the county men and women who served in World War I and World War II.

Scott County Honor Roll, Gate City, Virginia; courtesy of


In Memory of Those Who Made
The Supreme Sacrifice

World War I

Artrip, George Dewey
Berry, William W.
Bishop, Beverly B.
Booher, Albert T.
Calhoun, James
Coley, William T.
Collins, Moscow
Dorton, James B.
Duncan, William B.
Fletcher, Charles Claren
Flecther, Earnest A.
Gilliam, Echol L.
Hammonds, Clayton
Hensley, John E.
Innis, Henry W.
Jenkins, Luther Kelly
Jessie, Joe W.
Keys, John P.
Lambert, Connie
Lane, Herman
Lane, Samuel D.
Maddux, Elbert
McNew, James E.
Meade, Houston Lee.
Meade, John W.
Moneyhun, Ralph C.
Neely, Wilburn P.
Palmer, James Malcolm
Pendleton, Robert W.
Porter, Walter D.
Powers, Charles B.
Price, Arthur
Rhoton, Benjamin
Salyer, William H.
Wells, Clyde
Willis, William Sterling

World War II

Alvis, Burley
Atkinson, Edgar Blannem
Babb, James H.
Baker, James E.
Baldwin, Eugene F.
Bartlett, Willie Edward
Beard, Byron Franklin
Berry, Kay L.
Bishop, Houston
Bledsoe, Ray
Blevins, Earnest Garfield
Bowen, Carl E.
Bowen, Vestel R.
Carter, Arnold Lee
Carter, Robert R.
Cassell, John H.
Castle, James S.
Cowden, Claude Gilmer
Cox, John Carmack
Culberston, Fred H.
Dishner, Dual F.
Dishner, Roy G.
Dockery, Conley E.
Dorton, Bobbie
Dykes, Malcolm Kelly, Jr.
Edwards, Troy O.
Elliott, Iver Preston
Falin, Arthur V.
Fields, Clarence
Ford, Owen H.
France, Robert H.
Fraysier, Delmer V.
Frazier, Edd C.
Gardner, Rubin J.
Gilliam, Carl Fred
Gilliam, James Calvin
Gilreath, K. H.
Goins, Charles E.
Grizzle, Raymond O.
Hall, Clyde H.
Harden, Howard
Harris, Glenn C.
Hartgrove, Loranza E.
Haynes, Clinton Edward
Herron, Kenneth R.
Hillman, John Wesley
Howington, Claude S.
Hughes, John F., Jr.
Jones, Carl B.
Jones, Edgar A.
Keith, Earl L.
Lane, Carl B.
Lane, Herman Quillen
Litton, John Alexander
Luster, Cecil A.
Lyons, Ballard J.
McConnell, Paris Edward
McConnell, William F.
McConnell, Willie E.
McDavid, Lewis L.
Marshall, Arthur A.
Moore, Clarence
Morrison, Charlie Canary
Noel, Roy G.
Osborne, John Kermit
Osborne, Worley Z.
Pendleton, Emmerson R.
Ramey, Logan B.
Roller, Burley Gaines
Ross, Alva Blaine
Sandidge, Edgar Ryland
Sandidge, Vernon Walker
Scott, Carl L., Jr.
Shelton, Hubert C.
Smith, Frederick R.
Strong, Carl E.
Thompson, George F.
Upchurch, Charlie B.
Whitley, Stewart
Winegar, Ernest John
Wolfenbarger, Benjamin
Wood, Claude Clayon

Erected Nov. 11, 1950 by Scott County Post No. 65

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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