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Honor Roll: Town of Guilford, Connecticut, Guilford Green

The Town of Guilford, Connecticut, is located in New Haven County. The land that became Guilford was purchased from Indian leader Wequash in 1639. It is considered the third largest collection of historic homes in New England. The Henry Whitfield House is the oldest dwelling in Connecticut and the oldest stone house in North America. It dates to 1639.

There are several war memorials on Guilford Green -- another reason for my husband and I to return to this lovely town!

Town of Guilford, Connecticut, Guilford Green, World War I Honor Roll;
personal collection

World War I

In Honor of our Men and Women
Who Served in the World War

John R. Alcorn
Murrie Alcorn
Elmer Anderson
Frank E. Barlow
David B. Beattie
John B. Beattie
Clyde G. Beckwith
Henry S. Beers
George V. Bishop
R. Walter Bishop
LeRoy L. Blake
J. Alden Blatchley
Emil Bremmer
Frederick G. Burdette
Paul L. Butler
Albert F. Calhoun
Agnes T. Carlson
Earle Chapell
Fred Chello
Gabriel A. Chello
Cecil G. Clayton
Laurence H. Clayton
Edward C. Conway
William F. Conway
George Demorest
Aime Douliett
Howard E. Dudley
Raymond A. Dudley
Robert W. Dudley
Shelton W. Dudley
Harold C. Fowler
Watson O. Goldsmith
H. Stanton Griffing
Charles R. Griswold
Ernest W. Griswold
Paul M. Griswold
F. Daniel Hackett
Alice Hanrahan
Louis Harrison
Herbert W. Herman
Dennis C. Horan
Wilber P. Hotchkiss
James R. Hubbard
John B. Hubbard
Walter T. Hubbard
William G. Hubbard
Earl F. Jacobs
E.  Eugene Jacobs, Jr.
Percy R. Jacobs
Rudolph L. Johnson
Alfred Josephson
Frederick T. Knowlton
Cleveland LeMontangue
Clifford E. Lewis
Paul W. Lucas
Bertha Miller
Earl F. Miller
Edward Miller
William J. Millest
Herbert A. Miner
Anthony J. Moleske
Bradford H. Monroe
John A. Monte
John Moran
George Neowatni
Earl D. Norton
William J. O'Neill
Burton Page
Angelo Parollo
Hazel A. Potter
Angelo Parollo
Hazel A. Potter
Ray D. Roberts
Raymond H. Rolf
Dennis Ryan
Alvah J. Ryerson
Charles R. Sanborn
Jeremiah A. Shea, Jr.
Cornelius F. Smith
Lewis A. Spencer
Leverett C. Stone
F. Leland Stowe
George D. Sullivan
George F. Sullivan
Peter H. Sullivan
James P. Sullivan
John J. Sullivan
Paul J. Sullivan
Howard J. Travers
John Robert Walker
Harry W. Weld
Ernest J. White
Harold G. Wingood
George Wise
Max R. Woodson
Antonio Woop
Frederick A. Woop

These Gave Their Lives
Frank H. Bishop
Charles F. Darrow
Herbert H. Hall
Burton M. Lee

Erected by the Citizens of Guilford

Guilford World War II Honor Roll, Guilford Green; personal collection

World War II

World War II 1941-1945

On the top of the center stone are the names and dates the names of the men who lost their lives while serving in the Armed Forces during World War II:

Peter D. Carrado
Robert J. Commeau
Pascoe C. Deaton
Nicholas J. Gervasoni
Arthur C. Hofrichter
John C. Larkin
Earl M. Lemley
Carl W. Lytle
Philip R. Mancini
Robert M. Newcomb
Edward A. Norton
Joseph P. Offredi, Jr.
John C. Rebuzzini
Donald C. Rood
Leroy W. Scranton, Jr.
James F. Spencer

On the top of the two stones on the right and left are these words.

Guilford was home to over five hundred men and women who served in every branch of the United States Armed Forces during the period of December 7, 1941, to September 11, 1945.

Our citizens warriors fought and endured in every battle on Land and sea and in the air, from Pearl Harbor to Toyko Bay in the Pacific Theater and from Northern Africa to Berlin in the European Theater.

Scores of our men were wounded in combat. Sixteen Lost their lives.

We, the citizens of Guilford, establish this memorial as a place of reflection for future generations, that they forever remember the sacrifices and services made by their forebears [sic] during the period of our history known as World War II.

The citizens of Guilford who served on the home front labored intensively in support of the war effort. Over one hundred farms produced dairy, poultry, fruits and vegetables, beef and pork products for our service personnel, our allies and Americans all across our land.

Many men and women worked the three shifts at New Departure, producing ball bearings that turned the treads of tanks, the propellers of aircraft and the intricate mechanisms of the Norden Bombsite, several Guilford foundries, such as I. S. Spencer, produced metal products for the war effort.

Older men and women served as airplane spotters and air raid wardens.

Young boys and girls scoured the fields and yards for old tires and scrap metal.

We worked as a community in unison with people all around the world to preserve democracy and the dignity of mankind.

Guilford Vietnam War Honor Roll; photograph courtesy
of Michael Herrick and the Memorial Day Foundation

Vietnam War

Each Peaceful Dawn
In This Place We Are
Reminded of These
Men Who Died for
Their Country

Stephen J. Brennan, PFC
Ara Crosby, Jr., WO
Frederick W. Dauten, Jr., MAJ

May 28, 1984
Town of Guilford, Conn.

God * Duty * Honor* Country

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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