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Honor Roll: Sharon Springs Central School, Sharon Springs, New York

The Village of Sharon Springs is in the Town of Sharon, Schoharie County, New York. The village was first named New Dorlach and settled in 1780. Before that Iroquois people used to come to the area for the healing mineral waters. Sharon Springs grew into a spa town in the 19th century and at the peak of its popularity hosted some 10,000 visitors each summer including members of the Vanderbilt family and Oscar Wilde.

Sharon Springs Central School is located at 514 U.S. Rt. 20 in Sharon Springs. On the grounds of the school are three honor roll memorials commemorating those from the Town of Sharon who served in World War I and those who attended Sharon Springs Central School and lost their lives in World War II and Korea.

Honor roll memorials on the grounds of Sharon Springs Central School;
personal collection

World War I

Dedicated by the
People of the Town of Sharon
To the Veterans of the
World War in Honor of Those
Who Served and in Memory
of Those Who Died

Bevins, Birdsley
Blowers, Philo R.
Bowmaker, Ira J.
Bradley, Herbert G.
Bullock, Clayton M.
Cooney, Edward G.
Doyle, Alfred B.*
Eldredge, Alfred R.
Empie, Carlos D.
Engell, Roy
Engle, Earl D.
Engle, Jacob
Falzarino, Dominick
Fay, Theron S.
Ferro, Dominick
Foland, Lyman W.
Fonda, Forde, L.
Fraats, Emerson
Hagendorf, Otto F.
Harper, Paul S.
Harris, Leo
Hartman, Charles E.
Haverlick, John
Hoffman, John
Hyney, Fayette
Hyney, Richard K.
Hyney, Verdon W.
Ingraham, Roger W.
Ingraham, William Vaugn
Karker, Jesse
Karker, Wesley D.
Lambert, Norman W.
Lamont, Virgil J.

Lane, Alvah*
Lane, Alvin D.
LaPhan, Edward
Lehman, Carman
Linden, Robert B.
McFee, Joseph
Mereness, Fenton R.
Morrell, Earl
Neville, Homer B.
Parsons, Julius E.
Perry, Millard A.
Peters, Howard J.
Ressegieu, Arthur
Ryder, Charles D.
Seeley, Walter G.
Sharpe, Peter G.
Smith, Jonas M.
Snyder, Arthur
Snyder, George W.
Snyder, Leland
Snyder, Orlo C.
Snyder, Seward E.
Staley, Earle D.*
Susi, Joseph
Taylor, Wesley
Totten, Harry E.
Vrooman, Harry L.
Wasserman, Joseph
Wasserman, Louis
Wilson, Russell
Winnie, Stanley
Wright, Herbert D.

World War II and Korea

Left Panel

Richard A.
Class of 1947

Corpora Buttery Was a Member
of Company E, 2nd Battalion,
5th Marines, 1st Division.
His Unit Was Part of the X Corps
Assault on the Punchbowl Korea.
He was killed in Action Near Yanggu,
Korea on June 3, 1951

He Was Awarded
The Purple Heart
Combat Action Ribbon
Korean Service Medal
United Nations Service Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Korean Presidential Unit Citation
Republic of Korea
War Service Medal

Right Panel

We Honor

Sergeant Walter D. Sall
Class of 1932
Killed in an airplane crash
Near Montgomery, Alabama
December 5, 1942

Private Howard C. Slater
Killed in action in Italy
February 19, 1944

Lieutenant Andrew C. Empie
Class of 1938
Killed in action over
Lae, New Guinea
September 20, 1944

Corporal Laurence D. Stephens
Class of 1938
Died of combat wounds in Europe
October 28, 1944

Head Dead We Lie Because
We Did Not Choose
To Shame the Land
From Which We Sprung,
Life, to Be Sure
Is Nothing Much to Lose,
But Young Men Think It Is
And We Were Young
 --H. E. Houseman

Erected under the auspices of the Twentieth Century Club
Placed by Sharon Springs American Legion Post 1269

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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