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Honor Roll: Old Stone Fort, Schoharie County, New York

The Village of Schoharie is located in Schoharie County, New York. It is thought to be a Native-American word for driftwood. Located in the village is the Old Stone Fort, which was originally built as a Dutch Reformed Church in 1772. In 1780 the village was attacked by a band of British loyalists and a cannonball hole is visible at the rear of the building.

On the grounds of the fort are several honor roll memorials.

Schoharie County World War I Memorial; personal collection

World War I

The World War
1917 -- 1918

In Memory of the
of Schoharie
Who Made the
Supreme Sacrifice

Howard Best
John P. Binder
Herbert Castle
Ernest Chamberlain
Victor Chapman
William Dietz
Alfred B. Doyle
Fred S. Dunckel
Lester H. France
Arnold Hutchins
Stanley L. Ingraham
Henry Karker
Wesley Karker

Alvah Lane
Harry Marcley
Harry L. Radliff
Grover G. Rich
Theron Roberts
Carl Skidmore
Ralph Sperbeck
Earl B. Staley
Fred L. Stilson
Frank B. Story
Charles Wilsey
Ralph D. Zeh

Schoharie County World War II memorial; personal collection

World War II

In Memory of the Service Men and Women of Schoharie County
Who Gave Their Lives in World War II

James C. Bailey
Harry L. Basa
James S. Bellinger
Milo Bice
Max Bonnen, Jr.
Herbert R. Briggs
James D. Burnett
Jack A. Cairns
Floyd Chamberlain, Jr.
Walter B. Clark
Roland L. Coffin
John J. Coleman
Laurence R. Coons
Richard T. Deabler
Lawrence B. Dunford
Warren C. Earles
Robert B. Eastman
Andrew C. Empie
Walter Freed
Robert Fry
Adelbert E. Gallt
Francis M. Gallup
Hulbert Kline

Robert W. Geier
Lester D. Graham
Harold D. Hayes
Robert C. Hicks
Kenneth L. Holcomb
D. Earl Johnson
G. Robert Johnson
Thomas J. Kennedy
Reuben G. Kilmer
David W. Kimmey
Kenneth Kniskern
William E. Kuhn
H. George Mais
Frederick P. Marsh
Arthur L. Matheo
William S. McMillan
Joseph F. Nolte
Jole D. Ostrander
Elmer C. Paulson
William M. Peckham
Leroy W. Pollock, Jr.
Stanley R. Pratt
Lester Radliff

Cyril Reinstatler
Frederick R. Relyea
Charles J. Rickard
Everett Roberts
Malcolm L. Roney
Howard C. Slater
Florence Smith
Kenneth B. Smith
Arthur G. Snyder
Louis Spenello
Lawrence D. Stephens
Charles E. Terpening, Jr.
Franklin W. Van Buren
Robert F. Walker
William H. Warburton, Jr.
Lynn C. Warner
Paul G. Warner
Richard S. Webb, Jr.
Quentin G. Weinkauf
Raymond F. Zehner
Julius Zinchuck
Peter P. Zitko
Walter D. Sall

Schoharie County Vietnam Veterans Memorial; personal collection


Schoharie County
Vietnam Veterans

Dedicated to Those
Who Lost Their Lives
Serving in Vietnam

All We Remember Is Your Living
Face and that We Loved You

Loren Armlin
Gregory Bauler
Raymond Brodie, Jr.
Dennis Hogenboom
James Moore, Jr.

For Being of Our Clay and Spirit

Larry Hoyt
Joseph Mears
Christopher Sigman
Martin Wright
Donald Sheehy
Harold Jones

1959 * 1975

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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