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Honor Roll: Lexington Park, Albany, New York

The City of Albany is the capital of New York State and the county seat of Albany County. It was founded by the Dutch settlers as Beverwijck and was part of their New Netherlands colony. When the British took over the area, the settlement became known as Albany. The Dongan Charter established Albany as a city in 1686 and it is the oldest U.S. city charter still in effect. Albany was a transportation center for much of its history -- first for the fur trade, then lumber.

Lexington Park is bounded by Washington Avenue, Hawk, Elk and Eagle Streets, across Washington Avenue from the historic state capitol building. On the grounds of the park is a memorial honoring the men who were killed in Vietnam.

County Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lafayette Park,
Albany, New York; personal collection

Vietnam War

This Memorial Honoring
Our Young Men Who Were Killed in Action
In the Viet Nam War Or Who Died As
A Consequence of Wounds Sustained There
Or Who Remain Missing To This Day

May 27, 1991

Paul E. Albano
Dean B. Allen
James Joseph Angelides
Thomas James Bergin
James C. Bink, Jr.
Christos C. Bogiages
Stanley A. Brown
Charles W. Burkhart, Jr.
Robert G. Burrell
Charles Chandler
Eugene Jerome Curless, Jr.
Donald Paul Davies
John P. Dedek
Michael C. DeMarco
Bertrum A. Deso
Ralph J. Di Pace
William Fenton Ditoro
William Frank Duffner
Ralph P. DuPont, Jr.
David Sterns Easton
John C. Fiffe
Edward A. Finlay
Timothy Joseph Frazier
Jared A. Frisbie
Glenn R. Gilbert
John W. Gladney
John Joseph Gulliver
Robert W. Herbert
Ronald F. Hock
Thomas F. Jourdanais, Jr.
Henry I. Klein, Jr.
Richard Abbott Kibbey
Keith R. Knott
Clifford G. La Bombard
Lanny Guy Ladouceur
John Joseph Landor
Richard J. Leahy
Theodore R. Loeschner, Jr.
Harold Herman Lonergan
Ashton Nathaniel Loney
Michael Francis Maciutsky
Clifford B. Martin, Jr.
Kevin Joseph McArdle
Marl W. McCutchen, Jr.
Arthur Gerald McNally
William Francis McNulty
Frank Meleca
Richard L. Morse
Richard John Mosely
Danny Nye
Kevin G. O'Connell
Joseph Stanley Ott
Lewis Charles Ouellette
Robert Thomas Pazzano
James Vincent Picarzzi
Richard Rockenstyre
Thomas Kevin Ryan
Robert B. Schampier
William Michael Sebast
Donald J. Sheehy
Gerald H. Slingerland
Harold J. Slingerland, Jr.
Robert James Smith
John F. Snow
John Storelli
Anthony N. Valente
William M. Van Antwerp, Jr.
John Joseph Vennard
Samuel Willie Williams
Robert J. Winters


The names have been alphabetized.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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