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Honor Roll: U.S. Route 9 and Hudson Avenue, Stockport, New York

The first European to set foot in what became the Town of Stockport was Henry Hudson and the first European settler was Abraham Staats who built a house and developed a farm in about 1660. The town was formed in 1833 from parts of Stuyvesant, Ghent and Hudson and is the smallest town (geographically) in Columbia County. It was named after the English hometown of a prominent citizen, James Wild. It is believed the town was formed to provide water sources to the many area mills.

World War I memorial, Stockport, New York; personal collection

World War I

1917 * Roll Of Honor * 1918

This Tablet Commemorates The Names
Of Those Who Served in the World War

Alvord, Harold
Barton, Charles R.
Barton, George B.
Bennett, Harold
Bogardus, Robert
Brabender, Theodore
Breizy, Everett
Brown, Thomas J.
Buckley, James
Buika, John
Bunk, Michael T.
Cazz, Vincenzo
Christman, Clarence R.
Clapper, Harry
Conine, Daniel K.
Corapi, Louis
Costa, Joseph
Coxon, Charles J.
Curtis, Donald
Curtis, George
DeFazio, Paul
Dingman, Claude
Dingman, Raymond
Dwyer, Edward C.
Eckerson, Earl B.
Edgeley, Francis R.
Eltz, Seth F.
Erickson, Harry
Evans, Ralph
Everett, Henry
Ferris, William A.
Foster, Leonard*
Foster, Raymond L.
Garrison, Claude
Gibbons, Thomas
Gordon, Joseph
Green, Fred
Haigh, Earl F.
Ham, Harry L.
Hannett, Louis
Harder, Stanley H.
Hermance, Paul
Holmes, Wilfred J.
Humphrey, Louis
Jacob, John
Jansen, Fred
Kieruzel, Leon
Kilmer, Harry
Kindbon, Hilmer
Knott, James
Margarian, Malcom G.
Malinaski, Michael W.
Manchuk, Martin F.
Marshall, Peter J.
Merritt, Ray W.
Miller, John E.
Mosier, Clifford M.
Mosier, John M.
O'Brien, Arthur
Orouri, Filippo
Patucha, Stephen
Pulver, Arthur
Pulver, Benjamin
Roosa, Edward
Rowe, Floyd W.
Sagendorph, William
Schermerhorn, Charles
Schermerhorn, Herbert
Scott, William
Shook, George
Siemaszkiewicz, Waclow
Silcock, Joseph H.
Sitzer, James
Snyder, Bernard
Souther, J. William
Stahlbush, Fred
Stehle, William
Stolp, Roy E.
Toutell, Augustus
Van Bramer, William A.
Van Buren, Harry L.
Van de Carr, Neil
Van Denburgh, Paul W.
Vatalaro, Raffaele
Yerrick, Frank G.
Zegular, Joseph C. *

Erected By The Citizens Of The Town Of Stockport

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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