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Honor Roll: Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, New York

Last December I drove to Saratoga Springs to listen to a very interesting presentation on the history of the mineral springs in the city. The springs were known to the Mohawk Indians likely for centuries. The tribe did not reveal the springs to European settlers until 1771 when they invited the Indian agent for the British crown to visit the springs when he was ill. The rest is history and Saratoga became the number one destination in the United States at one time. Today, the city is known for health (mineral water baths), history, and horses.

During the presentation, I learned there was an honor roll memorial in Congress Park. So Pete and I returned to the city to photograph it. As you enter the downtown business area traveling north on Broadway (Rt. 9), you pass Congress Park. On the park grounds is the World War Pavilion, erected in 1931 on the site of the 1882 Congress Spring Victorian Bandstand.

World War Pavilion in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, New York; personal

There are seven brass plaques mounted on stone tablets between the columns. Each plaque includes the names of the citizens of the city who served in World War I.

The center plaque. There are three to the left and three to the right of this
plaque; personal collection

Panel D: Center plaque (opposite the entrance to the pavilion)

In Memoriam
To Those Who Fought and Died in the Great World War

This Monument Is Erected by the American Legion Auxiliary,
To Adirondack Post 70, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.,
In Grateful Memory of Those Who Served Their Country and
In Fervent Appeal to God for Perpetual Peace.

Killed in Action

John Anderson, Cpl.
Lester Baldwin, Sgt.
Melville W. Cady, Sgt.
LeRoy S. Cope
Louis Dominick
John L. Downing, Sgt.
George H. Gurtler, Jr.
William Gurtler, Cpl.
Leo H. Ladds
Francis A. Nolan, Lt.
George Pappas
Israel Putnam, Maj.
Daniel F. Reagan
George T. Record
Leon R. Smith
Rowland W. Waterbury, Cpl.
J. Carl Week, Sgt.
Jerome E. Weeks
George H. Whitney
William J. Wilber
Clement P. Yates

Died in Service

William Billings
John L. Downing, Sgt.
Russel B. Jones, Sgt.
John Maxwell, Sgt.
George Myers
William J. Rougier
Harry L. Rowland, Sgt.

Killed in Action in British Service

W. Stuart McKay, Sgt.
Joseph Jones

Died on Duty in State Guard

Arthur Butterfield
Clarence Van Wagoner

Panel A: First Panel to the left of entrance to the Pavilion

Pro Patria 1917-1918 Saratogians Who Served

Michael J. Abbott, Sgt.+
Sidney H. Abbott
Thomas F. Abbott
Charles Abdalla
George Abdalla
William Abeel
Charles H. Adams+
James P. Ahearns, Sgt.
James P. Ahearn
Thomas F. Ahearn
Walter F. Ahearn+
Walter P. Ahearn+
Chester J. Allen
Herbert J. Allen
George E. Allsavor
Wilbur Ancrum
Charles M. Andress
Clarence Archer, Lt.+
Conger Archer, Sgt.+
George F. Armb, Jr.
Lorenzo V. Armb, Cpl.
Leon Armer
John E. Armstrong, Lt.+
Frank Arpey
Hidine Arpia

Peter Arpia
Lohnas D. Ashton
John F. Baer, Lt.
Clayton R. Baker
George Baker
Howard E. Baker
Everett W. Ball, Sgt.
Grant Bannister+
Edwin Barnes
Foster S. Barney
Carroll Barrett
Edward M. Barrett
Sampson K. Barrett, Lt.
Walter N. Barrett+
Joseph E. Bassett, Sgt.
Asa L. Baumes, Sgt.
Joseph F. Baumgartner
John C. Beagle
George M. Beebe
John J. Beebe
Perry L. Beebe
William G. Bennett+
Adolph Berkowitz
Harry Berkowitz, Sgt.+
Augustus F. Bertrand

Walter Bevins
Henry D. Beyer
Merton G. Bickford
John J. Biffer
Minnie Biffer, Nurse
William Billings
George W. Bird, Sgt.
William Bishop
Judson A. Blodgett
Lawrence Bootier
Louis E. Bootier
Charles A. Bowman
Charles W. Brackett, Lt.
Charles A. Bradford
Willard A. Braim, Cpl.
John E. Briggs
Michael Briggs
Hiram L. Brisbin, Lt.
Sterling L. Brisbin
G. Byron Brown, Maj.
Leon Brown
Henry L. Bryant
William J. Bryans, Sgt.
John J. Buckley
Edgar F. Bullard

Herbert F. Bullard
Fred I. Bunce, Cpl.
David J. Burke
William J. Burke+
Patrick Burns, Cpl.+
John P. Butler, Lt.
George J. Butterfield
Lester R. Calkins+
Melio Camaro
Joseph E. Carey+
William H. Carpenter
G. Howard Carragan, Lt.
Benjamin M. Carroll, Sgt.
Frank M. Carroll
Fred Carroll, Cpl.
John P. Carroll
George N. Case
Jess M. Cavanaugh, Lt.+
William P. Cavanaugh
Charles E. Chase
Edard C. Chase
Edward J. Chase, Sgt.
Jesse C. Chase
Joseph P. Cherry

John P. Cise
Harry Clancy
Phoebe J. Clothier, Nurse
Percival H. Claydon, Sgt.
Robert C. Cochrane
William A. Cochrane, Sgt.
Joseph L. Cohn, Sgt.
William L. Cohn, Sgt.
Angelo Colapietro
William Colburn
Marshall Colcord
Harry Cole
George E. Cole
Ranulf Compton, Maj.
Carl R. Comstock, Maj.
Raymond L. Connolly, Cpl.
Howard P. Cook, Sgt.
Lester R. Coon
LeRoy J. Coon
Edward K. Corey
Samuel J. Corey, Sgt.
Frederick G. Cornell
Grover C. Cote, Sgt.
Norman J. Cover
A. Brewster Cox, Capt.

Panel B: Second panel from entrance on left

Pro Patria 1917-1918 Saratogians Who Served

Alvah Crandall+
Irving Crawford
Harley B. Crippen+
Nathaniel Crost, Lt.
George T. Crumpler
William B. Crumpler
N. Swasey Crocker, Lt.
Morris Crooks
Willard L. Crooks
Joseph L. Cunningham, Sgt.+
Irving A. Curtis
James A. Curtis+
Mariana Dagostina
Spencer N. Davis, Sgt.+
Leon De Febp
Edward V. Delay, Lt.
Ralph DeMarco
Lawrence J. De Marco
Louis De Matto
Donal D. De Mott, Sgt.
Frederick E. Denton, Sgt.
Ceylon P. De Lorenzo
George Des Jardins, Sgt.
Raymond Des Jardins
Robert A. Deuel

John J. Devins, Sgt.
Paul De Vivo
Salvatore De Vivo
Ira E. Dewitt, Sgt.
Ruth A. Dias, Norse
Albert D. Dillaway, Sgt.
John E. Dingman, Cpl.
James P. Dolan
Edward Donohue
Thomas J. Donohue
Stephen H. Donovan
Thomas P. Doolady
Walter Duffy
John M. Dugan
Clarence W. Dunham, Lt.
Paul C. Dunham
Samuel J. Dunn, Lt.
Thomas Dunn, Lt.+
John H. Dunphy
Reginald W. Durant, Lt.
Lewis E. Durkee
Royal J. Dyer, Cpl.
Stephen Earl
Elvin R. Eaton, Cpl
Frederick G. Eaton, Capt.

Alexander Ecker
Spencer B. Eddy, Capt.
John W. Eddy
Lemuel P. Edes
Eugene Ellison+
Ray G. Ellsworth, Sgt.
Joseph N. Escobal
Anthony R. Etes, Cpl.+
Henry C. Faulkenbury
Charles A. Farrell
Edwin O. Farrington
J. Kendall Farrington
James C. Fennell
William J. Ferguson, Sgt.+
Joseph Ferloin
Charles Ferrara
Lester Fields
Colin G. Finley, Cpl.+
Harold D. Finley, Capt.
Raymon Finley
John J. Fitzgerald, Sgt.
Raymond Fitzgerald
Thomas J. Fitzgerald, Sgt.
William Flanagan, Capt.
Joseph M. Flannery, Lt.

Francis J. Flynn, Cpl.
J. Harry Foulkes, Lt.
Ernest J. Fountain
Augie Fowler, Sgt.+
Clarence Fregau
Abel Freeland
Kennedy Freeman
Lester Freeman
Arthur French
Richard French
Roswell Frichette
Edgar W. Fryer
Anthony Fusco
Joseph J. Gaffney
Kate A. Gaffney, Nurse
Charles N. Gailor
Joseph B. Gailor
Andrew Gallagher
Edward J. Gallagan, Cpl.
Rollin Gamby
P. John Gamby, Cpl.+
Jacob Garand
Harold Garhartt+
John P. Garland
Vincent Gentile

Roy I. Getman
Delbert Gibbons
Robert C. Giffen, Cdr.
Elmer S. Gilbert
Joseph J. Gingra, Sgt.
John Gleason
Max Goldner
Irving I. Goldsmith, Lt.
Clarence Goodale
John M. Gorman
Clinton Gower
F. Hewitt Grauley, Stg.
Irving Green
James W. Grooms, Sgt.
Harry D. Guiles, Sgt.+
Stella M. Hall, Nurse
John B. Hall, Sgt.
F. Andrew Hall, Sgt.-Maj.
George P. Hall
Seward C. Hall, Sgt.
George W. Hamell
Clarence W. Hamm
Edith Hammond, Nurse
George F. Handy
William Hannon

Panel C: Third panel from entrance on left

Pro Patria 1917-1918 Saratogians Who Served

Daniel E. Harrington
Gerald Harrington, Sgt.
G. Vail Hartwell, Maj.
Herbert F. Hastings, Jr.
Henry Hatch
Edgar L. Hawkins, Cpl.
Clifford L. Haynes
Joseph J. Hazard
William T. Hazard
Delbert B. Heaslip
Charles Helm, Cpl.
Robert Helm, Capt.
Frank Hennessey, Cpl.
James W. Hennessey, Jr., Cpl.
William S. Hennessey, Cpl.
John Heslin, Capt.
Winfield S. Hill, Lt.
Gertrude Hodgman, Nurse
William A. Hodgman, Cdr.+
Thomas J. Hogan
George B. Holden
Edward H. Holland
John Holland+
Francis Holmwood
William R. Hopkins

James Houghton, Lt.
Frank B. Howe, Lt.
Benjamin C. Howland, Cpl.
Warren R. Howland
Clarence W. Humphrey
Elliot Humphrey, Lt.
Walter R. Ingmire, Cpl.+
Andrew J. Isolda, Cpl.
William R. Isolda, Cpl.
Anthony J. Izzo, Sgt.
Clement James
Joseph A. James, Cpl.
Lewis A. James, Lt.
Wyllys James, Lt.
Alfred L. Johnson
Joseph Johns
James J. Judge
George W. Kanaly
John J. Kanaly
John M. Kavanaugh
J. Francis Kelley, Sgt.
Justin B. Kelly, Sgt.
Lewis E. Kelly, Lt.
Mathew J. Kiley, Lt.
George J. King

Harold G. King, Cpl.+
Charle S. King
Henry B. King, Sgt.
Robert A. King
Warren King+
Merral Kirkpatrick
Henry Kmen
Robert P. Knapp, Capt.
Theodore A. Knapp, Lt.
Philip Kneil
Stanislaus Krajewski, Sgt.+#
Harold S. Kuschner
Edward La May, Sgt.
Carl Lambert
Philip J. Landry, Lt.
Frank H. Lanfear
Tony La Cioppa
Charles Lang
Alexander Lavine
Carl Lavine
Samuel Lavine
John B. Ledlie, Capt.
Robert H. Ledlie, Capt.
Everett D. Lee, Sgt.+
Irving F. Lee, Cpl.+
Irving F. Lee, Cpl.

James V. Lee, Cpl.
Harold R. Lee, Sgt.
Benjamin Leigh
J. Edward Leonard, Sgt.
Howard Leonard
W. Earl Leonard
Bernadotte P. Lester
Charles W. Lester, Lt.
James W. Lester, Brig.-Gen.
Ralph W. Lester, Lt.
Sabbath Levo+
Henry C. Levens, Sgt.
Edwin C. Lewis, Sgt.
Walter A. Lindsay+
Guy Lobdell
Frank Longo
Louis Longo
Charles E. Lorman, Cpl.
Joseph H. Lorman
Henry M. Lott
George E. Loveland
John T. C. Lowe, Sgt.
Edward C. Lucas
Ernest L. Luce+

Walter L. Ludwig, Cpl.
Thomas F. Luther
Harry L. Lynch
Cornelius H. Lysett, Sgt.
John J. Lysett, Sgt.
Thomas A. Lysett+#
David W. Mabee, Lt.
Mary E. Maher, Nurse
Richard P. Maher, Sgt.
James P. Malone
Emmett P. Maloney
J. Carl Mangelsdorf
Michael J. Marks, Sgt.
Rocco Marks
Andrew T. Marra, Cpl.
Frank J. Marra
Francis A. Martin, Sgt.+
Frederick J. Martin
George S. Martin
Tony Martinel
Waldeck Masse, Sgt.+
Ofther Masse
Piertro Mastropasqua
Charles Maxwell, Capt.
Edgar S. McCall

Panel D: See above

Panel E: First panel to right of center panel (Panel D)

Pro Patria 1917-1918 Saratogians Who Served

Daniel J. McCarty, Cpl.
John N. McCarty, Sgt.
Richard H. McCarty, Jr.
Harold J. McCrea, Sgt.
George H. McDonnell
Earl J. McGirr, Sgt.
George McKenna
Carl L. McMahon, Lt.
John A. McMaster
Leon McNeal
James D. McNulty
Clarence Meehan
Thomas Meehan
Walter L. Meehan, Sgt.
Frederick J. Mellen, Cpl.
Dominick Merribelle
Harry L. Merton
Frank Miller, Cpl.
John H. Miskell
Cline Z. Miyamoto
John J. Monroe, Sgt.
Walter R. Moore, Jr.+
William H. Moran, Cpl.
James J. Moran

Craig H. More
Harold C. More+
Daniel A. Moriarty, Sgt.+
William H. Morrill
James J. Morrison
Earl C. Morris, Sgt.
Royal F. Morris
Walter F. Myers
George Naylor+
Thomas J. Neilan, Sgt.+
James Nevins
Gerald S. Nichols, Lt.
John W. Nichols, Cpl.
Richard H. Nichols
Frank M. Noonan, Lt.
Joseph A. Noonan
Edward L. Norton, Sgt.
Loyal A. Norton, Jr.
John J. O'Dea
Alfred rmsby
Frank P. O'Rourke
George P. O'Rourke
William L. O'Rourke
Clifford Ostrander
William Ostrander

Lehman L. Ovitt
Edgar W. Ovitt
John S. Page
Edwin Paine
Elbert K. Palmer, Maj.
George Palmer
Arthur J. Parmatier+
John J. Parile+
Edward H. Peeke, Sgt.
Lawrence Peets
William W. Peterson, Sgt.
Edward J. Phelan+
Percy W. Phelps
Roscoe Phelps
William M. Pierson, Lt.
Harris P. Pierson, Lt.
Pasquale Platti
Harry H. Playford
Genora F. Pompay
Henry A. Priester
Jacob S. Priester, Sgt.
Clifford Prindle
Byron S. Proper, Lt.
George J. Pulver, Lt.+
Earl Purdy

John Quinlan
Earle S. Rabe
Arthur C. Record
Charles P. Reeves
Chauncey A. Reynolds
James Rhodes, Lt.
Carl W. Robbins
Frank Rocco
James S. Roden
Harry L. Rogers
William F. Rollins
Ormonde L. Rolls, Lt.
William F. Ronan, Sgt.
William J. Ronan
Albert J. Roohan, Lt.
Frank J. Roohan
James F. Roohan, Maj.
John P. Roohan, Sgt.
Leo W. Roohan, Lt.
Valentine Roohan
William F. Roohan
Cornelius Rose
Philip J. Rose
James H. Rowe, Lt.
Ambler Rowland, Cpl.+

Howard Rowland
Irving F. Ruhle
George E. Russell, Sgt.
Gerald Salisbury
Lloyd Salisbury
Michael B. Salley, Cpl.
Pasquale Sarro
John J. Savard, Cpl.
Chester Saxton
Harvey Saxton+
Robert Saxton+
Joseph J. Scavonie
Frank Scola
Henry Schrade, Jr.
Louis H.Schwarte
Edward Scala
Gordon B. Scott
Frank Scully
Stanley Searing
Otis Senecal
Chester Seymour
Frederick W. Shafer, Jr.
Rev. Father Edwin Shearer
Richard J. Sherman, Lt.
George F. Shevlin

Panel F: Second panel to right of center panel (Panel D)

Pro Patria 1917-1918 Saratogians Who Served

Lucian Shymanski, Cpl.+
John E. Sigsby
Robert E. Sigsby
George Simmons, Cpl.+
Rosseau Simmons+
William Simmons+
John Simone
Floyd Sisler, Cpl.
Isadore Skopp
George Smaldone
Sylvester Smaldone+
Harold F. Smith, Lt.+
Harold V. Smith, Lt.
Lester H. Smith, Cpl.
Samuel J. Smith, Sgt.
W. Ray Smith
Roy J. Snyder
W. Ernst Spencer
John N. Squires
Robert B. Squires
Arnold Steadeli
John C. Stanford
Edgar D. Starbuck, Lt.
Gordon M. Stedman
Solomon Stein

Israel Steloff
Aaron R. Stern
Theron Stevens
William C. Stevens+
Alexander Stone
Frank J. Sullivan, Lt.
Gerald Sullivan
Joseph L. Sullivan
James F. Swartwout, Capt.
William J. Swartwout, Sgt.
James R. Swanick, Capt.
Jere J. Sweeney, Sgt.
Morris J. Sweeney, Cpl.
Thomas A. Sweeney, Sgt.
William P. Sweeney, Capt.
Otto Tarbox
Thomas Taylor+
Vincent Taylor+
Martin J. Tierney
William M. Tierney, Jr.+
Hiram . Todd, Maj.
Howard E. Tooley
Byron J. Towne, Sgt.
George C. Traver, Lt.
Gilbert G. Tuck

Charles H. Tyler
George Tyler
Victor J. Urouhart
Leo F. Vassiere, Sgt.
Walter Van Dorn
Joseph L. Van Ness
Richard H. Van Ness
Frederick Van Steele
Frank C. Vcella
Harold S. Vcella
Joseph Vergennes
George Viele
Robert B.Viele
Edward H. Vines, Sr., Maj.
Edward H. Vines, Jr.
Edward J. Vokes
Patrick Vokes, Cpl.+
Sheridan P. Wait
John P. Wagman, Lt.
Harry M. Walker
Edward Walsh
George C. Walsh
John H. Walsh+
William Waring, Sgt.
Lester Washburn

George Washington
Fred M. Waterbury, Maj.
J. Edward Watson
Benjamin Weibel
James J. Welch, Jr.
Robert J. Welsh
George S. Welden
Ralph H. Weller
Clarence Westfall, Sgt.
James C. West
John E. Whipple+
Almeron F. White, Sgt.+
Charles White, Sgt.
John White
Charles White, Sgt.
John White
Charles J. Whiting, Cpl.
Earl L. Wildy
Leo J. WIlkins
Alexander Williams
Charles Williams
Douglass H. Williams
John Lee Williams+
Lester R. Williamson, Cpl.
Allan C. WIlson
Harrison B. Winney
Datus Winship, Sgt.

Theodore Winship
Frank C. Woodward, Cpl.
Walter A. Woodworth
Edgar M. Woolley, Lt.
Harry C. Wright
Harry J. Wynn, Lt.
Harry J. Yeackel
James H. Young
Charles Zelikofsky
Louis Zelikofsky
Rev. Father Albert Audeck

Student Army Training Corps

Gailor N. ANibal
Wallace Barrett
Arthur D. Burdick
Howard R. Burnham
David W. Burke
James Burke
Charles W. Case
Charles M. Cogan
James A. Cogan, Jr.
Patrick Cogan

Panel G: Third panel to right of center panel (Panel D)

Pro Patria 1917-1918 Saratogians Who Served

Leo A. Connolly
Allison R. Coon
Walter F. Delay
Howard B.Dillaway
Harold Fishbough
Jame Fregelette
Fred J. Geppner
Thomas H. Gorman
Robert Green
Theodore J. Grippin
Harold Hall
Joseph T. Harrington
George Kavanaugh
Clarence B. Kilmer, Jr.
J. Elton Lodewick
J. Willard Lohnas
William H. Longley
John MacGregor
Malcolm F. Magovern
Addison Mallery
Edmund T. Mallory
Michael E. Malone
Webster M. Moriarta
John J. Muldowney

Charles D. Mullady
George H. Proper
Raymond J. Roohan
John F. Rowland
Donald W. Sherman
Brenton T. Taylor

Discharged after Service During War

William J. Abbott
Oscar B. Burt
George V. Bush
George A. Carpentier
Frederick L. Cavanaugh
Rufus Clark
Clement Clark
James P. Coleman, Cpl.
Fenton Crooks
Ernest Deyoe
E. Ladew Durant, Lt.
Paul Farone

Daniel J. Ferrara
James P. Fitzgerald, Jr.
Albert J. Flammer
Burt S. Fuller
Oscar A. Hall
Truman Harris
Carl K. Hodges
Lawrence Holland
William B. Ingmire
William C. La Batt
William P. Lannon
Charles T. Lester
Robert H. Mackay
Henry Maginn
Louis D. Martin
Roy Mellen
Fred J. Miller
William J. Moore
Joseph U. Morris
William E. Nevins, Sgt.
William H. Page
John J. Pepper
Harold E. Potter
Arthur S. Putnam

George A. Putnam
Thomas J. Quilty
George E. Rabe
Christopher Ranhofer
Louis G. Raymond
John Ronan
Robert J. Roselle
Harry J. Ruppert
Murray Shaff
Harry Smith
George T. Van Ness, Jr.
Edward H. Van Steele
Clarence Viele
Clarence W. Watson, Sgt.
Raymond J. Whipple
Harold H. Whitney
Harry J. Young, Capt.

Red Cross Overseas Service

Edna W. Brezee
Stuart M. Don, Lt.

Worden W. Kelly, Capt.
Margaret Mabee
Priscilla Rolls
James S. Woolley, Lt.

In French Service

Florence Hathorn
Elizabeth Houghton
Newman Wait
Luther A. Wait

In British Service

Herbert C. Bryans
Harry E. Chase
Michael Deacy
William J. Ferloin
Earl St. John
Harry A. Stanford
William P. Sweeny


This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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